高一 Festivals 习题及答案

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高一 Festivals 精选习题及答案

  一. 单项选择

  ( ) 1. Did you say that Miss Green is coming to see me? It's strange. I've never____ her before.

  A. heard for    B. heard of

  C. heard    D. hear from

  ( ) 2. ____ had to work hard for ten years ____.

  A. Both they; because the necklace is missing

  B. They both; became of the necklace was gone

  C. Both of they; because the necklace is lost

  D. Both of them; because of the lost necklace

  ( ) 3. Those pupils ____ the disabled classmates for six years.

  A. kept helped    B. keep on to help

  C. kept on helping   D. kept on helped

  ( ) 4. The poor girl has neither shoes nor skirt. That's why she ____ stay at home.

  A. must  B. has to  C. should  D. ought to

  ( ) 5. He ____to drive a car ____ the end of last year.

  A. learned; at   B. learned; by

  C. had learned; in   D. had learned; on

  ( ) 6. ____ new books have been given away since the Hope Organization was founded.

  A. Many of    B. The major of

  C. A majority    D. A great many

  ( ) 7. Her mother ____ her stories patiently every evening when she was a little girl.

  A. was used to tell   B. is used to telling

  C. used to tell   D. used to telling

  ( ) 8.--Is there a flight to London this evening?

  --There ____ be. I'll phone the airport and find it out.

  A. must  B. would  C. might  D. can

  ( ) 9. The girl was too young to ____ easily.

  A. take in B. be taken in C. take up D. be taken up

  ( ) 10. ____ I got to the reading-room, I found that he ____ there.

  A. At every time; read B. Each time; reads

  C. At each time; would read D. Each time; was reading

  ( ) 11. The written examination, all students are tested on the same question, was ____ known until the 19th century.

  A. which; probable   B. where; possible

  C. in that; not probably   D. where; probably not

  ( ) 12.--Tom seems to have discovered all about the event.

  -- ____.

  A. So he did  B. So do he

  B. So he has  D. So has he

  ( ) 13. Compared with China, the population of America is ____.

  A. /; much smaller   B. those of; the smallest

  C. that; much smaller   D. one ; just as small as

  ( ) 14. Buying insurance is ____ by which people can protect ____ from large losses.

  A. a way; other   B. a means; themselves

  C. methods; us   D. a purpose; everyone

  ( ) 15. Thanks ____ your help, we finally ____ enough persons to do the work.

  A. for; made   B. with; got

  C. to; got   D. to; had

  二. 完形填空

  Fire can destroy many things. It is 16 to everyone, but it is useful. We cannot live 17 fires. In other words, fire is both friend and enemy of us. This depends on whether we use it 18 or not.

  To the people who live in the forest area, fire is 19 dangerous. It is 20 most of their houses are made 21 wood, which can easily 22 fire. Especially in winter, the air is dry. And the wind is often 23 .If one of the houses is 24 fire, the wind will 25 the fire to the neighboring houses quickly, and it will soon 26 all over the area. If this happens 27, it may not be too bad. But if it happens at night, the situation will be worse than one can 28, for most people are 29 _ and many of them can not 30 in time. If they can, they will just leave all the things 31 because they cannot nm quickly if they bring anything with them. Some people even do not know 32 is going on and they may die in their 33 with all their property(财产).

  We should do our best to 34 the breakout of fire. It is mostly 35 by people's carelessness. Therefore, not only the people of the forest areas but everyone should be careful in using fire.

  ( ) 16. A. important B. dangerous C. safe  D. necessary

  ( ) 17. Pt. with  B. having  C. on  D. without

  ( ) 18. A. wisely B. widely  C. freely  D. carefully

  ( ) 19. A. really  B. especially C. particularly D. actually

  ( ) 20. A. that  B. why  C. because  D. Because of

  ( ) 21. A. of  B. from  C. up of  D. into

  ( ) 22. A. make  B. grasp  C. lead  D. catch

  ( ) 23. A. cold  B. strong  C. freezing  D. gentle

  ( ) 24. A. in B. on C. with  D. at

  ( ) 25. A. flow  B. push  C. spread  D. blow

  ( ) 26. A. spread  B. cross  C. pass  D. go

  ( ) 27. A. in the evening B. at night C. in the daytime D. on Sunday

  ( ) 28. A. think  B. imagine  C. understand D. expect

  ( ) 29. A. awake  B. working  C. dead  D. asleep

  ( ) 30. A. run away B. flee from  C. get up  D. broke away

  ( ) 31. A. before  B. ahead  C. behind  D. back

  ( ) 32. A. anything B. which  C. that  D. what

  ( ) 33. A. houses  B. dreams  C. beds  D. families

  ( ) 34. A. help  B. develop  C. prevent ' D. keep

  ( ) 35. A. caused  B. made  C. produced  D. taken

  三. 阅读理解


  How many coins have you got in your pocket right now? Three? Two? Or one?

  With a phonecard you can make up to 200 calls without any change at all.

  1. What do you do with it?

  Go to a telephone box marked "Phoneeard". Put in your card, make your call and when you've finished, a screen tells you bow much is left on your card.

  It costs no extra for the cards, and the calls cost 10 p per milt(每单位时间), the same as any other payphone call.

  You can buy them in units of 10, 20, 40, 100 or 200.

  2. Now appearing in a shop near you.

  Near each Cardphone place you'll find a shop where you can buy one. They're at bus, train and city tube(地铁) stations.

  At many universities, hospitals and clubs, restaurants and gas stations on the highway and shopping centers.

  At airports and seaports.

  3. No more broken payphones

  Most broken payphones are like that because they've been vandalized(破坏了的). There are no coins in Cardphone to excite thieves' interest in it. So you're not probably to find a vandalized one.

  Get a phonecard yourself and try it out. Or get a bigger wallet.

  ( ) 36. The passage is most probably ___

  A. a warning    B. a note

  C. all advertisement   D. an announcement

  ( ) 37. There are three sections in the passage. Which section do you think is about why phonecards are good?

  A. Section I B. Section 2  C. Section 3  D. None

  ( ) 38. According to the information you get from the passage, how' much dose a card with 40 units cost?

  A. 4 pounds. B. 40 pounds C. 400 pounds D. 100 pounds

  ( ) 39. The last sentence "Or get a bigger wallet." means" ____ "

  A. Phonecards and cheap

  B. You cannot use all payphones

  C. lltieves will not break eardphones

  D. People do not like carrying much money


  Although commercial movers have been around for thousands of years, existing even in the days of man's earliest societies, there have always been heads of families who thought they could do the job better or for one reason or another preferred not to entrust(交托) their personal belonging to any commercial operation.

  Today, millions of Americans move their family goods, using their own or a borrowed truck for the job. This operation can work very well if one has the strength, equipment, and knowledge to do the job-- pins enough insurance(保险) to cover any difficulty that may appear. The suggestions for a do-it -your- self move are relatively new:

  ﹡Plan the move well ahead of time

  ﹡Make sure that the required truck will be able to be got at the time needed and that it is in good and safe working order and properly licensed

  ﹡Get proper materials for packing and furniture protection

  ﹡Line up necessary aid for the day of the move

  ﹡Buy enough insurance for protection of family goods and the truck used

  ﹡Keep changeable in the weather and other surprises

  ﹡Don't expect the entire operation to be an easy job. The expert who makes the job look easy has experience and abilities the average person lacks.

  ( ) 40. Which of the following is mentioned as a good reason for moving yourself rather than hiring a moving company?

  A. You have safe feeling about your possessions.

  B. You build up friendships among those who help you.

  C. You get practice driving a truck with a heavy load.

  D. You save money on insurance.

  ( ) 41. From the passage, we can see that a do-it -yourself move __

  A. is what the Americans like to do

  B. is often done by those who can not afford a commercial move

  C. is not a job that everybody can do

  D. can only be done by those who have had special training courses

  ( ) 42. In the passage, the advice offered to the do-it-yourselfer includes the suggestion to

  A. pick a moving date and remain firm no matter what may happen

  B. move during the winter to avoid the fall hurricane season and the spring rains

  C. ask experts for advice before the operation

  D. make certain there are enough helpers able to get on the day of the move


  Wherever he appears, people will get shocked at the sight of him--a black colossus(巨人) or an iron tower.

  At 2.16 metres and 138 kilograms, he wears shoes size 57 that are like two boats. His hands me as large as two cattail leaf fans. He always shakes hands carefully and gently with the others for he is afraid his great strength may hurt them. He smiles gently so that his resonant voice won' t frighten them. He even begins his chatting with shyness.

  Shark O' Neiil,22, has become a new NBA(美国职业篮球协会) famous player and is a rising superstar or a "Black Horse". Now he has signed a 7-year contract valuing 40 million with the Orando Magics. In addition, he will get another huge amount of 30 million from the advertisements all over the world. The NBA experts think he' ll be a billionare(亿万富翁) at the age of 25, the highest record of its kind.

  Shark O'Neill's mother is busy with answering and handing almost 1000 letters a day which come mainly from his fans, while his father, Phillip is in charge of O'Neill's business management. Phillip who himself was an excellent basketball player before trained his son to be a world famous player. It is his father who pushed O'Neill to the brilliant throne(宝座) of NBA. O'Neill succeed. He is another superstar after Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson of NBA.

  ( ) 43. The people who see O'Neill will get shocked because __

  A. he shakes hands gently with others B. he speaks with shyness

  C. he is very black   D. he is like an iron tower

  ( ) 44. In the story "Black Horse" means __

  A. a black player   B. a black NBA player

  C. a black American   D. A rising superstar

  ( ) 45. In the next seven years. Shark O'Neill will get_ dollars.

  A. 30 million    B.40 million

  C. 70 million    D. one billion

  ( ) 46. Which of he following is not true?

  A. Shark O'Neill is thought to be a billionare in three years.

  B. Phillip did a lot for O' Neill’s honour today.

  C. Shark O'Neill gets a lot of money from his fans.

  D. Shark O'Neill is a black American.


  In the north of Scotland there is a lake called Loch Ness. It is the biggest lake in Britain. It is over thirty kilometres long and in places nearly 300 meters deep. It is cold and dark and not many people went there until after 1930. Then a road was made around the lake. Holiday makers began to use the road, and this was when the stories began.

  Someone said that he had seen a monster (巨人) in the lake. He said it was twelve meters long. It had a long neck and a small head. Then someone else said he had seen it. Others said the same thing and in 1933 a London doctor took a photo. It looked like a monster with a long neck and a thick body but the photo was not dear. The newspapers printed the picture and called it the Loch Ness monster, or "Nessie".

  Then the argument began. Some people, however, were certain there was something living in the lake. Others said there was nothing there.

  In 1961, a lot of people joined together to make a real effort to see and photograph the monster if there was one! Several times people thought they saw something but after ten years there was still no real proof.

  Later underwater television cameras were used, but no one found any real proof. However, they did find something interesting: a huge underwater cave. It was big enough to be home of a monster, but of course, this was not a proof.

  In 1975, however, some American scientists formed a search group. They used an underwater camera. It took pictures every seventy seconds. Some of the pictures seemed to show a red-brown creature. Its body was about four meters long and had a very ugly head on the end of a four meter neck. Many people then began to believe in the monster. But even today we can not be certain.

  ( ) 47. Before 1930, ____.

  A. few people went to Loch Ness Lake B. many people had been there

  C. nobody went to the lake  D. nobody knew about the lake

  ( ) 48. What did the monster look like?

  A. It looked like a horse.

  B. It was a creature with a long neck and a small head.

  C. It looked beautiful.

  D. It was tiny and pretty.

  ( ) 49. Who first took a photo of the monster?

  A. An American   B. A television camera

  C. A holiday-maker   D. A doctor from London

  ( ) 50. A search group formed by some American scientists.

  A. found the monster itself

  B. found a huge cave under water

  C. believed that there wasn't any monster at all

  D. took some pictures which seemed to show a monster


  People usually celebrate special occasions by preparing special food. Families may prepare traditional dinners for holidays such as New Year's and Thanksgiving. Birthdays and other special days are often times for baking special cakes. Even celebrations famous only in small areas, such as memorial days for a place or event, can be a time for proud cooks to show off the food that they make the best. Sometimes this food may seem a little strange to the rest of us.

  Weddings are celebrations where food is often an important part of the ceremony or party. Of course, the kinds of food prepared for weddings are different all around the world. One kind of food enjoyed at weddings in the Middle East and some parts of North Africa by members of the Bedouin tribe is roasted camel. This food is not easy to prepare, but when people want to go all out for the wedding, they ask the whole tribe to help with the effort. Tribe members first cook an egg mixture which they then put inside cooked fish. These fish are then put inside several cooked chickens. The chickens then get put in- to roasted sheep. Usually one or two sheep will be enough to fill one roasted camel. One roasted camel serves 20 to 30 people, so this dish may be enjoyed by the entire tribe at the wedding.

  Chocolate chip cookies may not seem like a very special food, but organizers of the yearly festival which celebrates the city's birth in Ripon, Wisconsin made one cookie that was very special. On July 11, 1992, festival organizers attempted to bake the largest chocolate chip cookie in the world. It took the organizers months of planning and experimentation before they thought up a way to bake the cookie on a large, slowly turning tray. The recipe which the bakers used called for one and a half tons of raw cookie dough, made up of a ~ of flour, sugar, eggs, and milk. They also mixed four million chocolate chips into the dough. The tray itself was 10 meters (34 feet) across the middle, and it rotated so that one art of the cookie passed over a low flame that did not move. The cookie took two and a half hours to bake. Organizers of the festival then cut up the cookie and served it to 8,163 people at the festival.

  ( ) 51. What two holidays are mentioned in the passage?

  A. Christmas and New Year’s  B. Thanksgiving and Christmas

  C. New Year's and Thanksgiving  D. weddings and anniversary

  ( ) 52. Who makes roasted camel?

  A. Americans    B. festival organizers

  C. Bedouins    D. Europeans

  ( ) 53. How many different cream are used when preparing roasted camel?

  A. one    B. three

  C. two    D. four

  ( ) 54. What did the festival organizers use to cook the largest chocolate chip cookie in the world?

  A. a giant oven   B. a rotating tray

  C. a large fire    D. a restaurant

  ( ) 55. Who ate the largest chocolate chip cookie in the world?

  A. the festival organizers   B. the festival winner

  C. the people at the festival  D. no one

  四. 短文该错

  A man stole one of David's cow. David went with a policeman get back 56.____

  the cow, but the man would not give the cow to David. He said that it was his own cow.

  David put all of his hands over the eyes of the cow and 57. ____

  said the man. "If this is your cow, you must tell us which eye is blind." 58.____

  "In the right eye!" the man thought. David took his 59.____

  hands from the right eye of the cow and showed the 60.____

  policeman to that the cow was not blind in the right eye. 61.____

  "Oh, I have made a mistake," said the man,

  "He is blind in the left eye."

  David then took his hand from the eye of the cow.

  It was not blind in the left eye, too. 62.____

  "I have made a mistake, "said the man. 63.____

  "Yes", said the policeman, "and we know that the cow does not belong to

  you. You must return it to David." 64.____

  How do you think of the funny story? 65.____



  1-5 BDCBA 6-10 DCCBD 11-15 DCCBC


  16-20 BDDCC 21-25 ADBBD 26-30 ACBDA 31-35 DCCBC


  36-40 CCADA 41-45 CDDDC 46-50 CABDD 51-55 CCDBC


  56 get–to get 57 all—both 58 said—said to 59 thought—said

  60 hands-hand 61 去掉to 62 too –either 63 a –anther 64 right 65 How-What

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