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  I read the book "good family style in the new era", and I know a lot of stories about family style, family rules and family instructions. For example, Huang yezhen treats people with kindness, Pang Fuying inherits his family with filial piety, Zeng Zi kills pigs for honesty All of these have set a very good example for us, and the good name will be handed down forever.

  Although I don't know what the family style is, my parents make me understand a lot with their actions.

  Once, the Chinese teacher asked to buy a collection book to take notes in class. In the supermarket, my mother told me to buy a hard shell one, so it's not easy to break it when I put it in the bag. I look around, I look around, my eyes flash, and I see a beautiful and exquisite book with a beautiful shell. I said happily to my mother, "I want this, mom?" Mother looked at the price and frowned and said, "this is so expensive. Please take this." I read my mother's notebook. It's so ugly. There are square squares everywhere. The color is either grey green or grey. It's ugly. "I don't want this. It's ugly." I am very unhappy to say. "We don't have to be good-looking when we buy books. We need to be practical. We need to save money." After listening to my mother, I bought this book reluctantly.

  It turns out that my family style is thrifty. I hope that my family style can be passed down from generation to generation. Family style is a positive energy. We should be strict with ourselves all the time and carry forward the national spirit from each family.






  Thrift is a virtue of the Chinese nation. As a new generation of primary school students, we should know how to be thrifty and be a good thrifty student.

  But now the living conditions have improved and we are all rich. We children living in sugar water don't understand the meaning of thrift. The schoolbags and stationery of the students have been changed one by one. Pencils and erasers are dropped on the ground and never picked up. There are a lot of toys to show off. I used to be such a child, but one thing changed me.

  In the first grade, the parents of the students took turns on duty. Once, my mother picked up a dozen pencils and erasers when she was on duty. On the way home, my mother asked me, "why don't you pick up your pencils and erasers when they are gone?" I said indifferently, "it's not expensive anyway. If it falls, it will fall!"! What are you doing with it? " After hearing this, my mother was very angry and said to me with a long heart: "a pencil is not expensive, but do you know how many poor children can't afford a pencil to go to school? And you are so wasteful and don't cherish what you have. "

  When I got home, my mother showed me some information about poor children and the story of thrift. After reading it, I deeply realized the importance of thrift. Since then, I will always remind myself to be diligent and thrifty. When the pencil and eraser are gone, I will pick them up. When I use up my homework book at school, I will take it home to make an calculus book. The same toy will not buy a second one. I want to donate the pocket money I saved to the poor children who can't afford to go to school.

  Frugality is not only a virtue, but also a responsibility. Let's start from a small age, starting from saving a piece of paper, a pen, a piece of rubber, little things, and form a good habit of frugality.







  Ninety three percent of the world's water is salt water and cannot be drunk. Fresh water only accounts for seven percent, while drinking water only accounts for eight percent. Five billion people in the world depend on drinking only 0.8% of the fresh water. Look, how valuable the water is!

  How do we get the tap water we use every day? Don't think running water is all right. It was the worker uncle of the waterworks who introduced the river water or groundwater into the factory, put the water in the sedimentation tank, added the medicine for disinfection and sterilization, and removed the harmful and impurities. In this way, many pipes were buried underground. These pipes are connected one by one. They are the result of the hard work of many workers in Waterworks day and night. When we turn on the tap, we should think of how many workers' uncles' hard work are contained in the water!

  Students, we are the little masters of the country. We should form a good idea and good habit of saving water from childhood. No matter in or out of school, we should pay attention to water conservation to avoid waste of water resources, do not let the tap drip, try to make rational and recycling use of water resources. We should be a good child who saves water with practical actions.