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  1、As the proverb says…

  2、It goes without saying tan…

  3、Generally speaking…

  4、It is quite clear than because…

  5、It is often said that …

  6、 Many people often ask such question:“…?”

  7、More and more people have come to realize…

  8、There is no doubt that…

  9、Some people believe that…

  10、These days we are often told that, but is this really the case?

  11、One great man said that…

  12、Recently the issue of… has been brought to public attention.

  13、In the past several years there has been…

  14、Now it is commonly held that… but I doubt whether…

  15、Currently there is a widespread concern that…

  16、Now people in growing number are coming to realize that…

  17、There is a general discussion today about the issue of …

  18、Faced with…, quite a few people argue that…, but other people conceive differently.

  19、No invention has received as much praise and criticism as the Internet.

  20、From the above discussion, we can conclude that the advantages of bicycle far oueigh the disadvantages, and it will still play an important role in modern society.


  1、My little daughter Marry, began to adapt herself to campus life after entering college for three months.

  2、Many drivers think it necessary that the government should lay down stricter traffic rules.

  3、Depending on what you are looking form you have to judge for yourself, how relevant the material to you.

  4、The millions of calculations involved, had they been done by hand, would have lost all practical value by the time they were finished.

  5、It was imperative that the secretary get these documents prepared before Tuesday.

  6、No matter how frequently performed,the works of Beethoven always attract large audiences.

  7、To minimize the possibility of theft, install a good alarm system.

  8、I don’t think it is wise of you to show off your greater knowledge in front of the director,for it may offend him.

  9、With repeated hacker’s attack on your system, we came to realized the necessity of hiring a computer security expert.

  10、Your work is good on the whole, but there is still room for improvement.

  11、The sun gives off light and warmth, which makes it possible for plants to grow.

  12、The father thought he could talk his daughter into changing her mind.

  13、Nowadays advertising fees of new products are out of proportion to the cost of production.

  14、Few people dont complain about the tedium of their jobs, but they will feel more bored if they do not work.

  15、Henry has prepared a party for his girl friend, only to be told that she could not come by then.

  16、The chief reason for the population growth is more a fall in death rate than a rise in birth rate.

  17、Ture friendship foresees the needs of others rather than proclaims of ones own.

  18、although I liked the appearance of the house, what really made me decide to buy it was the beautiful view through the window。

  19、The government was accused of failure to fulfill its promise to improve urban traffic conditions.

  20、only in this way could we adapt ourselves to the society quickly after we graduate.


  1、During the meeting,hardly had he begun to speak when the audience interrupted him.

  2、surrounded by the police, the kidnappers had no choices but to surrender on the spot.

  3、The concerned mother thrilled at the news of his sons having been admitted to the university.

  4、The lecture was so boring that the students couldnt help yawning.

  5、I‘ll be very grateful if you could be kind enough to give me a ride to school.

  6、Unless you sign a contract with the insurance company for your goods, you are not entitled to a repayment for the goods damaged in delivery.

  7、It is reported that local health organization was established 25 years ago when Dr.Mark became its first president.

  8、Mrs.Smith shut the window lest the noise outside (should) interfere with her sons sleep.

  9、The new mayor was charged with failure to fulfill his promise to decrease the inflation rate.

  10、When confronted with such question, my mind goes blank,and I can hardly remember my won date of birth.

  11、What upset me was not what he said but the way he said it.

  12、This piece of writing is more like a news report than a short story.

  13、The court ruling deprive him of his political right.

  14、Human behavior is mostly a product of learning, while animal behavior depends mostly on instinct.

  15、The growth of part-time and flexible working patterns, and of training and retraining schemes, enables more women to take full advantages of employment opportunities.

  16、The likely reactions of the market needs considering carefully before action are token.

  17、He made such a contribution to the university that they named one of the buildings after him.

  18、He wasn’t asked to take on the chairmanship of the society, being considering insufficiently popular with all members.

  19、Americans eat twice more protein than they actually need every day。

  29、When you speak English, your pronunciation should be correct, otherwise you can’t make yourself understood.

  30、No sooner had I lit the candle than it was put out.


  1、Most substances contract when they are cold, so their density is higher in solid than in liquid.

  2、A survey shows that many old people have the desire to continue their studies in university.

  3、Look at your own talents and abilities, and then make up your mind to pursue what you love most.

  4、Children are in a period of rapid physical development, lack of physical exercise may have a serious impact on their future life.

  5、It's important for people who have thought about something meaningful to take time to learn a new technology.

  6、Most people don't succeed because they never learn the art of failure.

  7、Nowadays, there is an increasing tendency for fathers or mothers to stay at home and take care of their children rather than return to work early.

  8、Thousands of people have to spend more energy and time learning new technologies and knowledge so that they can maintain their advantage in the job market.

  9、When asked what kind of school they would like to send their children to, many parents think they would choose boarding school instead of day school.

  10、It is generally believed that it is impossible for colleges and universities to teach their students all the knowledge when they graduate.

  11、No man or woman is worth your tears, and the one who is, won't make you cry.

  12、When other children are playing, it's hard to imagine a student concentrating on textbooks.

  13、In cities, the number of private cars should be controlled and the number of buses should be increased.

  14、Because of the higher tuition fees, most ordinary families can't afford to send their children to boarding schools.

  15、At the same time, there are still many people who hold the traditional view that day schools play an extremely important role in children's learning.

  16、In a word, we should attach importance to this problem and try our best to help them spend their initial campus life smoothly.

  17、We should try our best to help strangers, but also learn to protect ourselves from harm.

  18、Nowadays, more and more people realize the importance of legal education. In order to maintain social order, we should all receive legal education.

  19、Acids are pounds that, when dissolved in water, have a strong odor and corrosiveness to metals, and can turn certain blue vegetable dyes red.

  20、I think, first of all, we should see what problems students may encounter on campus.

  21、Meanwhile, the number of people who own private cars has increased rapidly in recent years.

  22、If a man wants to reach the top of a mountain, just sitting at the foot of the mountain and daydreaming will not take him there.

  23、Moreover, living in school can save a lot of time on the way to and from school and home every day, which will enable them to spend more time and energy on their studies.

  24、Nowadays, more and more people are beginning to believe that learning new technologies and knowledge can directly help them get jobs or promotion opportunities.

  25、Therefore, the money earned from part-time work will strongly support students to continue their study life.

  26、Although bicycle has many obvious advantages, it also has its problems.

  27、First of all, schools should provide more services to help freshmen adapt to the new life as soon as possible.

  28、According to a recent survey, more and more people express a strong desire to take another job or work overtime to earn more money to support their families.

  29、The use of bicycles contributes to people's health and greatly eases traffic congestion.

  30、However, this idea is being questioned by more and more experts who point out that it is unhealthy for children to stay at home with their parents all the time.