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  Directions: Suppose the student union of your university is organizing an online discussion on interpersonal relationships. You are towrite an essay on ways to maintain a warm and friendly relationship with your classmates and on the benefits of such a relationship.You will have 30 minutes for the task. You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words.



  good relationships

  Among college students, there is a heated debate over wheth-er they should build good relationships with their classmates.As for me, such a practice brings considerable benefits.

  To begin with, building good relationships with classmates can lead to a more positive and supportive learning environment.Students who feel connected to their peers are more likely to participate in class and feel comfortable asking questions.Moreover, good relationships with classmates can lead to net-working opportunitjes and potential career connections in thefuture. Last, strong relationships with classmates can help reduce stress and anxiety associated with college life.

  Overall, to improve the effectiveness of building good relation-ships with classmates, universities can provide more opportu-nities for students to interact outside of the classroom. This can include social events, clubs, and extracurricular activities.Additionally, universities can provide resources for students to develop their interpersonal skills and learn how to build and maintain relationships.






  Suppose the student union of your university is organizing an online discussion on college students doing community service. You are towrite an essay on its benefits and the service you can provide to the community.You will have 30 minutes for the task. You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words.



  community service

  Among college students, there is a heated debate over wheth-er they should do community service. As for me, such a prac-tice brings considerable benefits.

  To begin with, community service provides students with anopportunity to give back to their community and make a posi-tive impact on society. Moreover, it helps students develop im-portant skils such as leadership, communication, and team-work. It can also enhance a student s resume and increase their chances of getting employed after graduation.

  Overal, to improve the effectiveness of college students doing community service, universities can provide more resources for students to find meaningful and relevant community ser-vice opportunities. Additionally, universities can offer incen-tives such as academic credit or scholarships for students who participate in community service. It is also important for uni-versities to educate students on the importance of community service and encourage a culture of volunteerism on campus.






  Suppose your university is conducting a survey to collect students’ opinions of online classes. You are towrite a response to the survey about their advantages and disadvantages, and what improvements can be made.You will have 30 minutes for the task. You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words.



  Online learning has become an option because it provides flexible learning opportunities. This method has ensured that students do not get left behind on their academic study, however, some problems have also emerged during the course.

  Since online learning lacks interaction compared with face-to-face teaching, it requires more attention and concentration. Sometimes, students find it so demanding to keep concentrated, and finally turn to some irrelevant online resources instead of academic study. To make sure that they stay tuned, some monitoring software can be ordered to download to ensure they are not browsing other websites while taking online courses. The increasing time students spending in digital devices also pose problems to their health. Thus, schools should encourage their students to do regular exercises such as stretches and eye massages during the break, and some guiding handbooks can be a good start.

  The advance of technology should not come with the cost of loosing its original purpose, so does remote study. So we should do our utmost in doing away its possible detriments to the young.






  In recent years, to get a certificate Why does this craze appear?

  To begin with, it is the employment pressure that forces college students to get more certificates. With the admission expansion of colleges, a lot more graduates have to face the fierce competition in the job market. How can one make himself more competitive? More certificates at hand, maybe. Furthermore, diploma and certificates are still vital standards by which a good many employers measure a person’s ability. In order to increase the qualifications for a job, the students compel themselves to run from one exam to another.

  From my point of view, we should be more rational when it comes to certificates, since certificates do not necessarily prove one’s ability. Being crazy in getting certificates blindly is nothing but wasting time. To conclude, we should focus on improving our ability but not getting a certificate of no practical value.





  Frustration is unavoidable in life. Faced with frustration, some people are defeated while others conquer it and succeed. In the long history of human beings, many people have set a good example for us.

  Strong-minded person cannot be defeated by frustration. It is frustration that will breed success. Zhang Haidi is a case in point. Disabled as she is, she obtained the master degree in Philosophy and acquired four foreign languages. As far as we know, Edison had made experiments for eight thousand times on more than seven thousand kinds of materials before the electric light was invented. As the old saying goes, our greatest glory consists not in falling, but in rising every time we fall.

  All in all, when the unexpected frustration comes, we must set up the courage to conquer it. Furthermore, we should learn from our failures so that we steer ourselves through failures next time and embark on the road to success.





  In recent years, there are people in expanding numbers who have participated in the test for civil servants. Millions of students choose civil servant as their most ideal occupation after graduation. And among them, the high-educated, like masters and doctors, take quite a large percentage. The craze in civil servant test has attracted widespread attention.

  The following fundamental causes can account for this kind of craze. First and foremost, nowadays college students face great employment pressure. Civil servant, as one of the most stable professions in today’s China, becomes their preferable choice. Moreover, recently, the welfare and salary of civil servants have been improved greatly, which undoubtedly attracts many people. Last but not least, the high social position of civil servants is a crucial factor drawing many people to take part in the civil servant test.

  In my opinion, this craze in civil servant test will continue in the following years. However, from the long run, it does not do good to the development of our nation. If most high quality talents gather in the government departments, it might lead to a waste of resources. Accordingly, both the individuals and the government should have a more objective recognition of the civil servant test craze.





  Years of reform and opening up to the outside world have witnessed an increasing popularity of telephones in China. Telephones have entered ordinary households as a daily necessity. In many public places telephone service is available. More people are equipped with cellular phones and beepers.

  Telephones reach out to users for their advantages, Dial-and talk operation makes common folks have access to them. Compared with letter writing, telegraphy and other means of communications , making phone call is easy and interactive(互动的). In case of emergency, urgent message can be sent out immediately.

  Telephones are indispensable to communication between people. As a clear path of communications, making phone calls connects people when they are apart. Telephone lines not only convey information but also glue all relationships. With this convenient tool of modern communication, people may be out of sight, but never out of mind.


  电话因其优势而向用户伸出援手,拨号和通话操作使普通人能够使用它们。与写信、电报和其他通信手段相比,打电话更简单、更具互动性(互动的). 如遇紧急情况,可立即发出紧急信息。



  A recent survey, carried out by a Beijing-based information company, has shown that two thirds of the Chinese college students today favor the idea of saving money for later use, whereas quite many others deem it much better to use tomorrow’s money today.

  Personally, I side with the former. Firstly, saving money can relieve one’s anxiety in case of accidents, disease or other mishaps. As we all know, when one faces such tragedies as fir damage or fatal disease, one would need a large amount of money to survive such difficulties. Secondly, saving money can give one a sense of fulfillment. Since most people work hard every day, they will be quiet happy and satisfied with his “achievement” when they find they have accumulated a large deposit in the bank. Thirdly, saving money allows one to give a helping hand to others. With money available at the moment, one can offer badly needed help to those in temporary difficulty, say, those who are suffering from flood, famine, a car accident, or things like that. Yet taking a loan from a bank is often too costly. Thus, the timely help will be rewarded with gratitude.

  A dependable friendship will eventually be fostered. To sum up, saving money does have many advantages. Indeed, it is an important aspect of the Chinese conception of virtue. Therefore, let’s start saving money from today on.





  Online Games!

  As a product of modern computer and the Internet, online games have become very popular among college students. Many students have enjoyed great pleasure and satisfaction from these games. But as we see, some students lacking self-discipline are too much indulged in these games so that their health and academic performances are affected. This phenomenon has caused much worry from the teachers and parents.

  However, some others argue that online games are not always harmful. They can train the ability of youngsters to respond to things quickly. Moreover, they can stimulate their imagination and their interest in computer science. More importantly, it does bring college students much pleasure and release their pressure greatly.

  From my point of view, online games are a wonderful entertainment if you play them in a clever way. When they interfere too much with your study, it is better for you to give them up at once. But if you have enough self-control over them, you can certainly obtain real pleasure and benefit a lot from them.






  The Most Impressive Course in My College.

  When it comes to a course that leaves the deepest impression in university, different people stand on different grounds. As for me, the most impressive course in college is “Appreciation of English Movies”, which I like best. I prefer this curriculum to others owing to the following factors.

  On one hand, the professor in charge of this course has impressed me most because she is not only knowledgeable but also patient. More importantly, it is this respectable teacher who spurs my interest to English harder and broadens my horizon as well. Until now, what she said in the class often occurs to my mind. On the other hand, there are many discussions in the classroom when we have lessons. We are allowed to talk freely about a movie, the topic ranging from the theme of a film to its casting. So, during the talk, we become increasingly open-minded. And undoubtedly a brain open to everything carries great importance to study, work and life.

  Generally speaking, the course on appreciating English films has impressed me most for it is not only instructive but also entertaining. And therefore, I suggest that more similar courses should be offered in the university.






  China has the history of more than 5,000 years and we are so proud of the profound culture. Every year, we are so looking forward to spending the holiday during the traditional festivals. They are the important part of Chinese traditional culture. But for young people, the meaning of these festival is fading away.

  When young people are asked about the meaning of traditional festival, some of them have no idea. For example, some young people believe that Mid-autumn Festival is to in honor of the ancestors, or it is a day to eat mooncake. Actually, most festivals have been advocated by the commercial ads, and they show people to buy more products to spend the festivals happily. Some ads try to implant people the wrong idea about the meaning of festival, just to attract more customers.

  The loss meaning of traditional festivals brings the negative side to the preserve of traditional culture. The mass media should advocate the essence of the festivals, so as to let the young generation learn more about our culture and be proud of it.





  Today the crime rate in soe cities of our country is rising. Many citizens often complain about the thefts and robberies that have taken palce in the areas they live in and appeal to the governments at all levels to take effective measures to reduce the crime rate.

  Faced with criminals,some people are so frightened that they shamelessly give up the fight and other people turn a blind eye to them.However,some people are brave enough,to risk their lives to fight the criminals.Their fearless actions prevented the criminals from doing evils,saved the victims,and protected the public properties.

  To reduce the crime rate,we all the people should first receive a law education.Criminals must be severely punished.Meanwhile we should set up a foundation to reward those who fight criminals.It is also important to call on people to learn from those heroes and encourage more people to stand up to crime.





  The earth is the mother of mankind, the survival of mankind cannot leave her. Earth has taken a knock. How can we stand? He said my house on the west side of the river! Previously, the stream on the bottom, there are a lot of fish, shrimp swimming freely in it, all day live a carefree life, the river is full of vitality. At that time I like to play there. Now, because of the big cities site random discharge of sewage, and people are constantly littering. Disappeared, the vibrant river became a smelly sewage river, I dont like it!

  Nowadays, many wild animals become a plate of food. Without these lovely animals, our life will become special boring. Rose up in the morning, cant hear the birds chirping and crisp sound, that is bad!

  Patches of forest became less factories. The lawn into a wasteland, beautiful grassland into desert. Why is this? This is because people caused by deforestation.

  Human survival depends on the environment, the environment depends on human protection. Do humans have that moment didnt wake up until the end of the earth? I call on: to protect the environment! We act together.






  earthquakes may take place anywhere on the earths surface. during all earth quake, the vibrations make the earths surface tremble, and even crack open. houses fall, people are lilled or injured and sometimes whole cities are destroyed.

  can we do something to protect ourselves against earthquakes? can we take precau tionary measures? we can. scientists have made investigation on earthquakes. they have made maps showing the "earthquake belts". in areas along these belts, earthquakes are likely to occur. in these areas we can build special houses to resist earthquake shocks and protect ourselves.

  in the future, scientists will be able to predict eactly when and where earthquakes will take place. then they will be able to tell people to take precautionary measures. thus lives can he saved and damage can be lessened.





  When looking for a job, you will most likely have a job interview first. This seems to be in fashion now. Through the interview the interviewer and the interviewee can talk face to face, which provides a way for them to know each other better.

  On the one hand, the interviewer can introduce the main aspects of the job opening to the interviewee, such as the specific requirements for the job, the working conditions, and the wages and benefits the interviewee will get.

  On the other hand, the interviewee also has a chance to give the employer a good impression. He can talk with confidence and show the interviewer how well he is educated and how good his working ability is. And it will be better if he emphasizes that this is the very job he wants and he3 won’t cast an eye on any other jobs. The interviewer will most probably be moved.

  Through the job interview, people who look for a job will have a better chance of getting a good one and those who need people to do a job will have a better chance of finding someone that is qualified.






  We should take good care of the environment, protect the nature.

  The earth is the only place we live, is our home. We cant because at that time the interests and her dishes in our hands. Now the earth is in danger, forest fewer and fewer birds, beautiful natural environment is missing, Bridges oxygen to feed the fish in the river without artificial is about to turn over the pool. Now more dust storms, epidemic, fatigue life of people ended almost disappeared, all kinds of cancer eating away at the us one after another of the earths people.

  Back to the old people say the water bridge the somebody else, charactizing a fine spring day, how nice. Now you are "small garden path alone wandering" thats impossible.

  Have seen such a report: the Japanese popular a kind of "pain pain disease", no root, for passive house got the disease will be walked into the underworld. At that time, Japan was the panic in the medical community, chasing the SuoYuan, chase ever discover Japanese like to eat fish, the fish love to eat garbage pollution, garbage pollution is Japanese poured into Japan into the sea. From this story, we dont speak Japanese, but should get some enlightenment, the deterioration of environment is referred to in a long-term accumulation, is also caused by everyone involved. Blessing is everyone to leave, a curse is everyone leave, this isnt a person. So take good care of the environment, everyone duty, protect the natural, leave the offspring.

  Now I am going to call for everybody, we each member of the earths, let us act now! Good care environment, protect the natural, leave f offspring!







  We all know that if we dont protect the environment, all the resources on the planet will dry up. If the environment is not protected, people will die. If the environment is not protected, it will not only be human, but the earth will also gradually die out. The earth we live in is so beautiful, so lovely, and so easily broken. We often can see some of this lens: a walk tall whams law enforcement officers, "pei" phlegmy spit on the ground of the clean; A middle-aged man smokes and walks for a while and throws his unextinguished cigarette on the ground. I have seen a picture of a father walking in a hurry while his son is drinking a yoghurt. The son asks his father, where is the bottle? Father said to throw it away. The son added, "the teacher said, you cant throw anything away! the father said impatiently, oh dear, what a special case! "And he threw the bottle at the side of the road. People tend to throw things in a litter box, where they dont want to walk a few steps and throw things in the trash. If everyone threw a litter, the earth would become a sea of garbage.

  In another shot, a mother bought a Popsicle for the child and threw the torn piece of paper on one side. The children see, picked up, not far from ready to throw into the trash can, but at this moment, the mother hurried up, take off the paper of the childs hand, said: "quick to throw away, dirty!" The same is true of the citizen of the earth, why is there such a great contrast! If everyone picks up the garbage around us, how beautiful and clean our planet will be! Do people who destroy the environment have to wait for the environment to be "vulnerable" to their destruction before they can continue to protect the environment?

  Schoolmates, let us act, pick up the rubbish at the foot, throw in the trash can, let our earth mother reappear the former glory! Lets create a clean home together.





  Campus activities have been organized in many universities and colleges.These activities range from academie to recreational, such as academic reports, speech contests, poet’s club, painting clubs, singing and dancing groups, etc.

  These activities provide students with two major advantages. First of all, they play a positive role in improving students’ studies. Due to their heavy schedules, students are often buried in textbooks and seldom expose themselves to a colorful life. But the various activities provide opportunities for them to relax themselves and enrich their minds. In addition, the activities also serve students living in the "ivory tower" more chances to get in touch with society. From these activities, the participants have to leave the classroom and get to know the society.

  All these offer an important means for students to broaden their horizons. By participating in campus activities, they have fulfilled university life and in turn help campus activities to grow and flourish.





  Everyone expects to succeed in whatever he/she does. Unfortunately no one is always successful in all his / her life, not even such great people as Marx, Madam Currie and Einstein. Different people hold different attitudes towards failure. Some people become discouraged and are even defeated by failure, while some other people learn lessons from, failure and continue their efforts.

  There is no denying that failure is a bad thing, but "Bad things can turn to good things." It all depends on how we deal with it. If we are pessimistic, we will lose heart. If we are optimistic, we will see hope. I really have sympathy for those who, being badly hurt by failure, lose self confidence and confidence in life. However, I have even greater admiration for those who, being stimulated by failure, go on straight forward to achieve success.

  I believe in the saying "Failure is the mother of success." If I fail, I will try again, If I fail again. I will try and try again.





  With the rapidly developing of the society ,culture have changed greatly.In the city, no one can escape from the fast pace.And as a result, the traditional culture are believed becoming lost. However ,why the traditional culture are becoming lost?First, we eat the popularized fast food and enjoy the popularized "fast food" culture. Since we get used to such fast things that many traditional things have been ignored.Second, we have brought up many other cultures,those culture are more popular than our owe culture for the young people ,they interest in the other cultures because those cultures are new things and the youngs are curious about new things .And young people stand for the future culture So many people believe that the traditional culture will gradually be lost.

  To some traditional cultures that are on decline, we have taken active measures to conserve them. Experts have come up with proper advice on protecting such cultures. Many volunteers have dedicated themselves to studying them. First and foremost,more and more people have discerned the importance of the traditional culture. Therefore, we are sure that our efforts will lead to a brilliant future.

  If a culture wants to gain an eternal life, it should change itself to cater to the people in its age. So does our traditional culture. Traditional cultures adhering to modern means appear rigorous. For example, we make CDs for classic music so that it can not only meet modern needs but also spread further and more successfully in the modern world. The appearance of traditional culture changes, but the essence will never change and will be well accepted.





  Since the big country has been found at October 1st of 1949, the Peoples Republic of China has gone through a history of 62 years. Looking back at the 62 years, especially in recent 30 years, we have made many great achievements in different fields. And China has been the second largest economy in the world in 2010. And as a Chinese, I am so proud of our mother country.

  However, on the other hand, we also have been losing many other good things such as beautiful environment and traditional culture when the GDP has increased quickly. And we also know that the traditional culture is the soul of an ancient nation. It is the most important thing. But we Chinese seem to ignore this. And that many things happened in this year like to remind us to be awake of this phenomenon. The accident of our high speed trains had taken many peoples lives away in July. And that the 2-years-old girl had been hurt to die while 18 passers should to save her.

  And in my opinion, the culture and civilization are so important that we cant lose them. However the economy and technology have been developed, we will have nothing when we lost the important things. As a student, I have no idea that what should I do. And I just want to say, we must develop our traditional culture but not to abandon them.





  The human race has entered a completely new stage in its history,along with the advance of the society and the increaceingly rapid economic globalization and urbanization, which resulted in the phenomenon that we are accustomed to living a very fast rhythm lifestyle,ignoring the Chinese traditional culture. It is universally acknowledged that Chinese culture has a history of more than two thousand years, which once had great influence on the world, such as Japan, South Korea and other Asian and European countries. As one of the four ancient civilizations,China creates many splendid cultures,such as the four ancient Chinese inventions,which benefited human society in the history. Although China risks copying the Western lifestyles worst aspects, especially of unhealthy eating and drinking,Which once gave rise to many problems.Fortunately,Chinese begin to realize the importance of Chinese traditional culture.Such examples might be given easily,Chinese traditional culture was added into our CET4 and CET6 ,which help us get hold of it better. All in all,Chinese traditional culture accompanies our growth all the time,which has already deeply rooted in our daily lives.As a Chinese,What we ought to do is to transmitte Chinese traditional culture from generation to generation.Only with these efforts adopted can we ensure that Chinese traditional culture will be leaded to a brilliant future.



  Im glad that you will come to Beijing soon. There are many places of interest where you can experience the traditional Chinese culture in Beijing, but Id like to take you to Nanluoguxiang.

  First, we can take a walk along the lanes in Hutong to feel the architectural style of the old buildings like Siheyuan and local peoples way of life. Besides, you can have a talk with the residents to know more about the history about Hutong. Whats more, we can try all kinds of local foods on the way. And you can buy some paper cuttings as gifts for your friends. When we feel tired, its a good choice for us to go to a tea house. There, we can taste all kinds of Chinese tea and get a lot of knowledge about tea. Most importantly, we can watch Peking Opera while drinking tea, which is a typical art to reflect Beijing humanities features.

  As for the reason why we go there, I think it can make you better experience traditional Chinese tea culture, the food culture and the characteristics of the old residence in Beijing.

  Im looking forward to your coming.