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  Dear xxx,

  Since a very young age I have always enjoyed caring for people and I feel agreat sense of achievement helping people. Biology and Chemistry have alwaysbeen two of my strongest and most enjoyable subjects throughout my academicstudies. My interest in the chemistry of life has lead to me deciding that Iwish to pursue a degree in the Pharmacy discipline.

  From my A level work I have gained many key skills which will be beneficialto a career in Pharmacy. Two of the strongest skills that I have been able todevelop are my organisation and communication skills which are essential forPharmacists. Throughout my AS Biology I was able to improve upon mycommunication skills as I had to deliver a presentation about data for which Ihad independently recorded on the field trip in Oxford. I enjoy the applicationof logical scientific thinking and knowledge of natural laws to analyse andsolve problems occurring in Pharmacy.

  As a Pharmacist you do require some skills in mathematics. Maths A levelhas provided me with the knowledge in analysing and solving problems and fromthis I have gained sharp numerical skills. With Maths, I am able to calculatethe accurate dosage of the drug which is required for the patient in relation tohospital pharmacy.

  A levels required a lot of independent work compared to my previouseducational years, hence I have learnt to organise myself efficiently. This hashelped me to set feasible revision timetables and meet the tight schedules thatwere presented to me during my A levels. Consequently this has lead to a greatimprovement in my organisational skills. I believe that these skills areessential and will aid me to become a successful Pharmacy universitystudent.

  I am currently gaining work experience in my local dentist, which I enjoythoroughly and I am gaining a wonderful insight to the world of Dentistry. Icompleted two successful weeks of work experience at MG Rover in Longbridgewhich was very beneficial to me as I was able to improve my communication skillsand learn more about the so called "new world". During this time I was involvedin a variety of tasks, which included producing a problem resolution actionreport relating to an investigation I was involved with.

  I attended and completed the 'Challenge of Management' course whichdevelops key skills such as communication, planning, problem solving andresponsibility, I feel these skills are important and have guided and helped mein my academic studies to-date and will further assist me to become a productiveand efficient Pharmacy university student.

  I have completed 6 weeks community service at Grestone Primary School.

  This also allowed me to develop my personal traits, as I have always beenkeen to help others.

  Many positive comments were made on my appearance, punctuality, attitudeand professional relationships with children.

  In my time at Handsworth Grammar School I have assisted at Open Days,Parents' Evenings and 11+ Examinations. My main priorities were showing visitorsand potential students around the school to make sure each occasion was runsmoothly. I have been awarded certificates of gratitude for such events. I havebenefited a great deal from such responsibilities as they have helped me improveupon the quality of my teamwork skills immensely. In addition to this I havealso been supporting the Duty Team on Wednesdays, where I have to supervisestudents coming in to school. This has helped me widen my communication skillsamongst both younger and older students. All of these key skills have enabled meto attain high academic grades constantly throughout my school life thus I havebeen awarded numerous certificates for achievement.

  Outside of school I have many interests which include attending a snookerclub once a week as I have an interest in the sport, which also helps to improvemy concentration skills. I am currently a member of my leisure centre, which Iuse regularly due to my passion in keeping fit and healthy. I particularly enjoysports such as football and badminton. In addition I have been involved intaking part in Punjabi lessons in my local library. As a result of taking partof this I have achieved a certificate for supplementary education attendancecertificate.

  I am a reliable, determined and enthusiastic person who will relish theopportunity to study pharmacy if I am given the opportunity.

  Yours sincerely,


















  Due to the comprehensiveness of China’s “reform and open” policies, economics plays an increasingly important role in the development of its global position. Though more and more companies built, management of companies cannot catch up with the development of the companies. Management is a burgeoning field in China, so I hope I can acquire more modern knowledge on management in England.

  The roots of my strong interest in business can be traced back to my childhood. My father was among the first of China’s new breed of modern entrepreneurs. As a young girl, it was inspirational hearing about his business ventures, and meeting the varied and interesting circle of entrepreneurs. My mother was also involved in business as an accountant, helping him with simple calculations. And so it was early in my life that I hoped I, also, would someday be able to enter the realm of business.

  With the time of growing up, I preferred reading books to satisfy my curiosity. I never ceased to contemplate over the questions I encountered. Subjects on business and management became a special fascination to me and my knowledge of psychology as well as interest in this field was increasing rapidly.

  As a high school student in China, I had to concentrate on the College Entrance Examination (CEE), even so, books not related to the exams were never excluded from my life. Unfortunately when sitting in the exam in June, 2001, I was so nervous that I didn’t score well in the CEE exam. I enrolled in the department of Computer Science in Zhejiang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Any attempt to persuade myself to focus on my major turned out to be a failure at the beginning of my college life. After several terms, I realized that I would never be interested in being a programmer or an engineer. At that moment, I lost my direction and objectives.

  My persistence in reading saved me from the dark situation. As a matter of fact, I enjoyed reading the books included Encyclopedia American, and some books about management by Peter F.Drucker. I began to notice something interesting: Why some companies can produce more than others? Why some company can sell more than others? Why some companies can build up but others cannot when facing the same difficulties?

  With the questions in my mind, I started to read many relevant books. I was lucky to read the book “Jack: Straight from the Gut”by Jack Welch, in Which John A. Byrne makes a clear illustration that the management is important for a company. When I was a junior, I ran a bookshop by myself near my school. I should manage not only the finance in the shop but also the employees in my shop even made some strategies to enlarge the business in my shop to hold on the run the shop. From this, my interpersonal skills and the capacity in business has been greatly developed, definitely I was increasingly interested in what I was doing. By December, 2003, I had finally determined to take business management as my career instead of IT. To accumulate more relevant knowledge, I strived to gain more practical work experience in some big companies.

  Fortunately, as a senior, I began by conducting an internship in the Architecture Company in Zhejiang Province. Over six months, I worked as an assistant of the manager to harmonize the relationship between the different departments in this company and to draft some management system, which broadened my perspective of management conditions and business performance in different industries. The experience showed me that management is much more important than that of I thought in big companies. After graduation, I continued my work in this company. In May, 2005, the company offered me an opportunity to participate in an training program held by a famous management school. Through in-depth discussions with teachers and students in the classes, they all encouraged me to pursue my future career in management field because of my intellectual ability and the brand new ideas I mentioned.

  During the short period of training, I realized that pursuing a higher degree in management is a wise choice for me now. Lancaster, with its excellence in management, represents the perfect fit for my needs. In your challenging environment, I can build the required foundation of knowledge related to management to achieve my goals. I am firmly convinced that your admission will be my first step of success. With this in mind, I hereby submit my application, and await your favorable reply.






  带着这些问题,我开始阅读许多相关书籍。我很幸运地读了杰克·韦尔奇(Jack Welch)的《杰克:直来直去》一书,其中约翰·A·伯恩(John A.Byrne)清楚地说明了管理对公司的重要性。大三的时候,我在学校附近自己开了一家书店。我不仅要管理店内的财务,还要管理店内的员工,甚至制定一些策略来扩大店内的业务,以维持店内的运营。由此,我的人际交往能力和商业能力得到了极大的发展,我对自己所做的事情越来越感兴趣。到2003年12月,我终于决定把商业管理作为我的职业而不是IT。为了积累更多的相关知识,我努力在一些大公司获得更多的实际工作经验。




  I am planning to pursue graduate studies towards a Ph.D. degree at your school of engineering starting from the fall of 2008.

  My interest in the building structure can be traced back to my success in high school years, when I excelled my fellow classmates in physics and geometry. This not only fired off my interest in structural design but also helped to lay solid groundwork for my undergraduate studies in civil engineering, which heavily involved mechanics in physics and solid geometry.

  With excellent scores in the compulsory national university entrance examination, I won acceptance in 1991 into the Nanjing Polytech University, one of China’s top 10 engineering schools, particularly well-known for its structural engineering. For five years at this university, I received strict and thorough training in areas such as building structures, building materials. Soil mechanics and foundation, concrete and masonry structures, construction, steel structure and earthquake resistant structure. I also took every opportunity to participate in co-po work and projects commissioned by construction and design companies.

  Opportunities abound for civil engineers and civil engineering students in China, which now houses the world’s fastest growing major economy. At every year’s job fair held on the campus of the Polytech University, more than 200 positions compete for 60-odd graduating students. Under such circumstances, undergraduate students in their fifth year are also in high demand for internship at various construction companies and design institutes. Virtually every student gets a full workload immediately upon starting the internship and assumes considerable responsibilities soon afterwards.

  The Western station project in Nanjing consisted of the mail hall (70,000 square meters), south wing building group (40,000 square meters) and north wing building group (35,000 square meters). My task was to assist in the design of a shopping centre in the south wing which had 16,000 square meters. I independently accomplished a quarter of the design for the whole building, mainly responsible for the foundation design, calculation and drawing of steel distribution of beam, floor, columns and concrete piles. I cherished this opportunity to apply the knowledge I had learned in the classroom to the real world problems and I worked with my utmost dedication.

  I, however, soon found out that, even in this monumental project, design techniques applied in many cases left much to be desired. When treating the wind load, the earthquake force and the effect of frozen soil, historical data and intelligent estimates were used in place of accurate measuring. This phenomenon made me determined to improve my knowledge and skills in a graduate program that can teach sophisticated know-how, such as yours.

  It regrettably turned out that the design of the mail hall was seriously flawed, which drew intense media attention nationwide. The structure sank two meters after completion. As experts continue to help the court determine who is responsible, I myself have been awed by this drama and kept researching it ever since it became known.

  My tentative explanation, submitted to take into account the underground water’s power of buoyancy, even though the structure base was put below the waterbed. The structure floated until enough load was mounted. The proper construction method therefore should have involved artificial precipitation until the completion of structure.

  Upon graduation in 1996, I joined the Nanjing Biggest Co., one of the four largest construction companies in China, and immediately took on management duties as an assistant manger at the construction site. I have supervised steel engineering, concrete engineering and platform engineering for there twenty-three story buildings in the Nanjing DD residential area, a total of 60,000 square meters in apartments. In this capacity, I was compelled to learn management skills which had never been taught in the classroom. Although construction management is not what I foresee to be a lifetime pursuit, I executed my duty meticulously and creatively. I became the first construction site manager in the company to conduct experiments comparing box-weir maintenance and the traditional manual watering method. By using box-weir method, weak concrete and cracks in the concrete were eliminated. Through these important, albeit small, steps of improvement, I have derived immense satisfaction.

  My vigorous academic training and exposure to intricate design problems and complex construction management issues has stood me in good stead professionally compared to my peers. My plan to further my career through advanced studies stems from self-confidence in my academic calibre and also a strong desire to solve design and construction problems encountered at work. I have researched your program based on the materials I have available to me and decided that advanced studies under your seasoned guidance will be a shortcut for me to reach my goal. I request that you give my application for admission and financial support favourable consideration.












  Dear Sir or Madam,

  I am with great pleasure to submit this personal statement in support of my application for continuing my university education in your esteemed university and wish you could give my application a positive and favorable assessment.

  Currently, I am a junior student in International College of Hubei Normal University majoring in Accounting. Thus, I have obtained great knowledge about business for the past three years. Depending on that, I have determined to pursue a Bachelor degree at your distinguished university. There are there reasons leading to me choose business, the most important reason is that I am very interested in business. In my opinion, handling good business is the same as successful work of art. That’s an exciting thing. The second reason is that I have already learnt it for three years, so I want to broaden my knowledge about business which will benefit my future life. The third reason is that I want to become a successful business lady which is my dream all the time.

  To be honesty, I am an average student but I have diligent and strong confident heart. I believe that a good attitude can change bad situation. So I am always keeping a positive attitude on my life. I never ever give up any chance of promoting my study. During my three years in Hubei Normal University,I never fail a class and always do my best for assignment. However,in my mind, social activity is as the same important as class study. In my spare time, I took part in student union and took charge of minister in arts department. Our well-organized activities attracted many students to practice themselves. Last summer, I joined the Work and Travel Programme to be a staff in an American company for three months. I made good use of that chance to improve my oral English and tasted western culture. I think I can understand and adapt to a foreign culture in a short period.

  I firmly believe that anyone could acquire success by their right way and fighting. This is one of the reasons why I want to go abroad. What’s more, I want to taste and accept some western education. I hope that I can learn more differences between Chinese and British university education and widen my horizon. Furthermore,as we know, UK is a very modern country. It owns the most advanced education system and top universities in the world. And graceful school environments deeply attract me. By the way, if I can learn in your university I would cherish and appreciate this chance. In the future, I also mean to apply Master’s Degree in UK. But after that, I will go back to my country and look for a job related to business.

  I really want to own a colorful campus life in your school, further develop my overall capabilities including organizational ability, teamwork spirit etc. I believe I can adapt to a foreign life and acquire best degree. With all the above mentioned, in terms of my understanding of business and my enthusiasm for it, I hope that I can be up to the standard of the admission requirements in your university. I believe that my strong interest in this subject. last, my positive attitude and comprehensive ability will facilitate my successful completion of the proposed program. Thank you for your time!

  Sincerely yours,

  Wanbin Xu


  Dear Professor,

  I am greatly grateful that you can spare some time to read my letter. I am a Chinese undergraduate from __, which is one of the top 10 universities in China, and I will graduate in 2009. After that, I want to continue my education by pursuing a master degree in France.

  I am now in the department of __. My primary interest is in international commerce, and I notice that ESSEC is on top of that field, so I decide to exert myself to get in. Your research in “cross-cultural relationship marketing”, especially your publications on business of China as well as Southeast Asia, are of particular interest to me. And I would like to deal with business between Europe and China in my career. That's why I seek entry to your theme. During my university years, I am used to working in a team environment. For example, I was administrative vice minister in Student Union, and organized and schemed activities along with competitions in university. For my excellent job, I gained the scholarship for entertainment and physical education activities. After passing College English Tests 4&6, I turned to learn French last year and I got a score of 463 in TCF. I am preparing for IELTS currently, and if GMAT is necessary for applying master degree in ESSEC, I shall take the test after the IELTS test.

  With so much admiration and enthusiasm, I hope I would have the opportunity to work under your supervision. If admitted, I am able to continue working along the lines of your present research.

  Thanks for your kindness and consideration.

  Yours sincerely,