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  1. My PE teacher often teachers us how to play ________football.

  A . a B. an C. / D. the

  1.解析:答案C,考察冠词用法,难度较低。play+球类,表示打(踢)球,此时没有定冠词the。而play+the+西洋乐器,表示演奏…,此时需要定冠词the,如play the piano

  2. ---Hi, Jack. Is this your new bike? ---No, _________is over there. It’s a parent from my uncle.

  A . Mine B. Yours C. Hers D. His

  2.解析:答案A,本题考察代词用法,难度较低。mine我的,属于名词性物主代词。名词性物主代词,可以指代上文指代的人或物,相当于形容词性物主代词+名词。本题mine相当于my new bike。


  3. Steven, go to bed now. You should________before six tomorrow, or you will miss the plane.

  A . get off B. get up C. get on D. get along

  3.解析:答案B,考察动词短语辨析,难度较低。get off下车/船get on上车/船get up起立、起床

  get along进展。

  ★★拓展:get on/along (well)with与…相处(很好)

  it与get on/get off连用时,it放在on/off之后,而不是get与on/off之间,例:

  The bus is coming, let’s get on it车来了,让我们上车吧.

  4. During the May Day holiday, we stayed in a mountain village with ______trees around.

  A . thousand of B. thousand C. thousands D. thousands of


  等用法:①前有确切数字修饰时,通常不加s,也不与of搭配。例:3 hundred books.

  ②前没有确切数字时,可以加s,但必须与of搭配.例:hundreds of pens成千上万只笔。

  ★注:20xx淮安市中考考察的是hundreds of用法

  5. We _________wait until the traffic light turns green when we cross the road.

  A . must B. can C. need D. may


  ★★拓展:①对于must引导的一般疑问句,肯定回答依旧用must,否定用needn’t/don’t have to

  例:---Must I leave now?

  ---Yes you must/No, you needn’t/don’t have to


  例:---May I smoke here? ---No, you mustn’t/can’t

  6. --Jenny, shall we watch the movie Fast & Farious 7 this weekend?

  ---It sounds _______! I can’t wait to see it!


  A . strange B. bad C. great D. awful

  7. I was writing a diary ______ my brother was watching TV yesterday evening.

  A . before B. after C. until D. while



  例:I like Maths, while my brother ,while my sister likes English

  8. ---Mr. Smith, _______ is the new bridge? --- Oh, let me see! It’s about 800 metres.

  A . how old B. how long C. how much D. how often



  how many多少,询问数量。

  how much多少、多么,询问数量、价格或表示程度。

  how old多大,询问年龄。

  how often询问频率。

  how far多远,询问路程。

  how long多长、多久。

  ★拓展:询问路程只能是how far不能是how long。

  9. Helen is friendly and she always has a smile _____ her face.

  A . on B. with C. at D. for


  10. Her son _____ the army for two months. She misses him very much.

  A . has joined B. has been in C. joined D. was in


  leave --- be away borrow --- keep buy --- have

  begin/start --- be on, die --- be dead finish --- be over

  join --- be in+组织机构/ be a member of+组织机构open --- be open

  fall ill/asleep --- be ill/asleep get up---be up

  catch a cold /virus--- have a cold/virus get to/ arrive/reach /come/go --- be there

  become --- be leave --- be away( from) close---be closed


  11. ---Is there _____in today’s newspaper? ---- Yes, quite a lot.

  A . anything interesting B. something interesting

  C. interesting anything D. interesting something



  指人不定代词:somebody(someone)/anybody(anyone)/everyboday(everyone)/nobody(no one)


  There is something wrong with my bike


  Everything is impossible


  ---The story is so amazing! It's the most interesting storyI’ve ever read.

  ---But I'm afraid it won't be liked by everybody

  12. --- What are you doing? ---I’m reading the book ______you lent me last week.

  A . what B. who C. when D. that

  12.解析:答案D,难度中等,考察定语从句用法。先行词the book是物,题目中做lend宾语,因此用that。


  13. ---I don’t know Kate’s address. Do you know____? ---Sorry, I don’t know, either.

  A . why she lives there B. why does she live there

  C. where she lives D. where does she live

  13.解析:答案C,难度中等,考察宾语从句。宾语从句通常采用陈述句语序,故排除B、D。由题干:I don’t know Kate’s address可知答案C。

  14. I still like those good old songs. I often listened to _______myself in my spare time.

  A . enjoy B. enjoying C. to enjoy D. enjoyed

  14.解析:答案C,本题考察非谓语动词与定语从句,难度较大。分析本题句子结构为:主语为I,谓语动词是like,宾语these good old songs,因此句子主干部分就是:I still like these good old songs。而I often listened to做先行词songs后置定语,songs做介词to的宾语,因此省略了关系代词that。本题to enoy myself in my spare time属于不定式做目的状语。也就是:I still like these good old songs (I often listened to) to enoy myself in my spare time


  ①The problem we pay attention to has been solved (solve) already

  ②He does all his work he can to help (help)the poor

  ③The life in the countryside we were used to__has changed___ (change) greatly already


  15.---All the people of Huai’an need to work together to make our city more beautiful.

  ---That’s it . __________.

  A . Practice makes perfect B. Manyhands make light work.

  C. When in Rome, do as the Romans do D. A friend in need is a friend indeed.



  I still remember my kindergarten(幼儿园)teacher, Mrs, White. She looked just like Snow White, 16 she had the same bright eyes and short dark hair.

  We used to 17 a lot . And I would show what I wrote to Mrs. White for correction(批改). She would look at my writing and see many mistakes in it. But she 18 made any red correction and she always gave a star. I was feeling 19 of my writing each time I got a star. But it 20 my mother. So one day, when she met Mrs. White at a parent-teacher meeting. Mum asked her why she never corrected my 21 and why she never said no to her child.

  Mrs. White said, “The children are just beginning to get 22 about using words. Spelling and grammar can wait. We can’t 23 that interest with a red pen.” As it was a long time ago, my mother could only remember the main idea of 24 Mrs. White said about my writing. However, I grew up learning to use words with loving care and 25 like that.

  If Mrs. White had used her red pen more often, I 26 wouldn’t be telling you about this now, Whenever I look back on those encouraging 27 from Mrs.White, I feel they just look 28 real ones in the night sky-bright, shiny, and guiding me on my way somewhere. I do believe she was such a 29 teacher, who tried to use a red pen less to keep the joy, wonder and excitement in a child’s 30 .

  Thanks to Mrs. White, I have no fear about writing. Also, I’m not afraid of any mistake in my life!

  16 .A . because B. though C. if D. but

  17. A .run B. cry C. write D. speak

  18. A .always B. never C. often D. sometimes

  19. A .lonely B. tired C. helpless D. proud

  20. A .protected B. worried C. pleased D. attracted

  21. A .spirits B. designs C. mistakes D. messages

  22 .A .nervous B. excited C. afraid D. bored

  23. A .stop B. keep C. save D. show

  24. A . that B. when C. which D. what

  25. A .sadness B. fear C. confidence D. pains

  26. A .probably B. gently C. hardly D. luckily

  27. A . dreams B. stars C. gifts D. pens

  28. A . at B. through C. for D. like

  29. A . careless B. strict C. wonderful D. common

  30. A . mind B. hand C. arms D. eyes


  本篇完形填空是一篇记叙文,讲述作者在幼儿园阶段在老师Mrs White帮助下,逐渐纠正写作错误,从而不再畏惧写作,也对人生过程中表现出无畏的心态,文章突出“感恩”这一主题。

  16.解析:答案A,考察连词,难度较低。由she had the same bright eyes and short dark hair可知


  17.解析:答案C,推断题,考察动词,难度较小。由and I would show what I wrote to Mrs.White及文章最后一段I have no fear about writing可知答案。

  18.解析:答案B,推断题,考察副词,难度较小。由上文she would look at my writing and see many mistakes in it及本句but可知答案。



  21.解析:答案C,推断题,考察名词,难度较小。由上文she would look at my writing and see many mistakes in it


  22.解析:答案B,考察形容词,推断题,难度较大。Mrs White认为学生刚刚对写作有所兴趣,拼写及语法错误可以等等。

  23.解析:答案A,推断题,难度中等。Mrs White认为红笔的批改可能会对学生写作兴趣有阻碍作用。

  24.解析:答案D,语法题,难度较大。of后面引导的介词性宾语从句。当宾语从句缺少主语、宾语或表语时通常采用what。本题said后缺乏宾语,也就是say sth about…结构。

  25.解析:答案C,考察名词,推断题,难度中等。由文章最后一段I have no fear about writing可知答案是confidence。

  26.解析:答案A,考察副词,难度中等。句意:如果当初Mrs White用红笔批改错误,也许我就不会写这篇文章了。

  27.解析:答案B,考察名词,难度中等。句意:无论何时,当我Mrs White给出的对我具有很大的鼓舞作用的starship时,他们就像夜晚天空中闪闪发光的真正的星星一样。


  29.解析:答案C,考察形容词,难度中等。根据上下文可以推断出Mrs White的品格的wonderful

  30.解析:答案A,考察名词,难度较低。Keep….in mind牢记….。



  One Sunday evening, it was quite dark when old Stanley went for his walk. He was walking along the sidewalk, Suddenly, he saw a white car coming around the corner at high speed. It was going too fast and crashed into a red car in the street where he was walking. He rushed up to the cars to see if anyone was hurt and needed help.

  The two drivers were arguing.

  “You came around the corner too fast,” one man said.

  “No!” said the driver of the white car, “That’s not true! Your car was parked in a wrong place.”

  Stanley listened to their argument and then said the white car driver was wrong to drive too fast. The driver of red car asked Stanley to prove he was right in court(法庭). Stanley gave the driver his name and telephone number.

  Next Thursday morning, Stanley was asked to go to the court. The lawyer(律师) for the driver of the white car asked him a lot of questions about what he had seen. Then he asked Stanley how old he was.

  “I’m eighty-two,” answered Stanley.

  “Do you usually wear glasses ?” asked the lawyer.

  “Yes, I do,” answered Stanley.

  “Were you wearing them on the night of the accident?” the lawyer asked.

  “No,” replied Stanley.

  Then the lawyer said, “Why should the court believe you? You are eighty-two years old, you were not wearing your glasses, and it was dark. How far can you see in the dark?”

  Stanley thought about it for a minute. “Well,” he said, “when it’s dark, I can see the moon. How far is that?”

  31.The car accident happened ___________.

  A .one Sunday morning B. next Thursday morning

  C. one Sunday evening D. next Thursday evening

  32.The cause of the accident is that ______.

  A .the red car was going too slowly B. the white car was going too fast

  C. the drivers were sleepy D. Stanley was in their way

  33. Stanley was asked to go to the court because _________.

  A .he wanted to make money B. he promised to be a witness

  C. he was a lawyer D. he was badly hurt in the accident

  34.Maybe the red car driver contacted Stanley by ______.

  A . writing a letter to him B. sending an email to him

  C. paying a visit to him D. making a phone call to him

  35. We can learn from the story that ________.

  A .Stanley was a clever and humorous man B. Stanley wore glasses when the accident happened

  C. the lawyer thought that Stanley could see clearly D. Stanley was not able to see the moon



  31.解析:答案C,细节题,难度较小。答案文章开头one Sunday evening可知答案。






  Foods that are well known to you may not be familiar to people from different places around the world. Tourists and travelers often get to try some unfamiliar food. That is part of the fun of traveling. Here are four people’s experiences with foreign food.

  David King is a Chinese student in France. “I never had cheese or even milk before I came to France. Cows are seldom seen in my part of China. So there is no milk or milk products. I drank some milk when I first arrived in France. I hated it! I tried cheese, too, but I didn’t like it. I love ice cream, though that’s made from milk.”

  Birgit is from Sweden. She traveled to Australia on vocation. “I was in a restaurant that was special in fish. I heard some other people order flake, so I ordered some, too. It was delicious! Later, I learned that flakes is an Australian name for shark. Now, whenever I see a new food, I try it on purpose. You know why? I remember how much I enjoyed flake.”

  Chandra is a dentist in Texas. She is from India. “ I’m afraid to try new foods because maybe there is beef in them. I’m a Hindu(印度教信徒)and my religion(信仰) stops me from eating meat from the cow. That’s why I can’t eat hamburgers or noodles with meatballs.”

  Nathan is from the United States. He taught for a year in China. “My friend gave me some 100-year-old eggs to eat. I didn’t like their appearance at all. The eggs were green inside, but my friends said the color was normal. Chinese people put something on fresh eggs. Then they put them in the earth for three months. So the eggs weren’t really very old. Even so, I didn’t want to touch them.”

  36. David King is a student in France and he comes from________.

  A .China B. Sweden C .India D. America

  37.Birgit ordered _____in a restaurant during her vocation in Australia.

  A . cheese B. eggs C . hamburgers D. flake

  38.Chandra is afraid to try new foods because_________.

  A .she can’t eat food with beef B. she doesn’t like their appearance

  C .she doesn’t like foreign food D. she doesn’t need any food at all

  39.Nathan worked as _______ in China for a year.

  A . a worker B. a dentist C .a teacher D. a student

  40.The passage tells us that ___________.

  A .David King often drinks milk B. flake and shark are the same fish

  C .a Hindu eats meat from the cow D. the egg is put in the earth for a hundred years



  36.解析:答案A,细节题,难度较小。由David King is a Chinese student in France可知答案。

  37.解析:答案D,细节题,难度较小。由I heard some other people order flake, so I ordered some, too


  38.解析:答案A,推断题,难度中等。由My religion stops me from eating meat from the cow可知答案。

  39.解析:答案C,细节题,难度较小。由He taught for a year in China可知答案。

  40.解析:答案B,细节题,难度中等。由later, I learned that flake is an Australia name for shark可知本题答案。


  Monarch butterflies from eastern Canada make the most amazing journey in the insect world. Each year, this butterfly travels about 3000miles to its winter home in central Mexico(墨西哥). How can it fly so far? And why does it make this long and dangerous trip? Scientists still don’t have an answer.

  For many years, people in Mexico wondered where the orange-and-black butterflies came from every winter. Then, in 1937, a scientist started to follow and study the butterflies. For the next 20 years, he discovered that one butterfly started its journey in Canada. Four months later, it arrived in Mexico.

  The length of the butterflies find their way back to the same place? Another amazing thing is that the butterflies always return to the same area in central Mexico.

  How do the butterflies find their way back to the same place? This is an interesting question because only every fourth generation(代)makes the trip south. In other words, the butterfly that travels to Mexico this year is the great-great-grandchild of the butterfly that traveled there last year.

  Each year, four generations of a Monarch butterfly family are born. Each generation of the family has a very different life. The first generation is born in the south in late April. It slowly moves north, reproduces(繁衍), and then dies. On the trip north,two more generations are born, reproduce, and die. Each of these generations of butterflies is born. This generation has a much longer life. It lives for about eight months. This generation of butterflies makes the amazing journey back to the winter home of its great-great-grandparents. The butterflies spend the winter there, and in the spring they reproduce and then die. Their offspring will be the first generation of the next circle of life.

  Today, people are still studying the Monarch butterfly. But they are not clear about everything.

  41.The best title of the passage can be ________.

  A .Family of Monarch butterflies B. Mystery of Monarch butterflies

  C .Monarch butterflies’ birthplace D .Monarch butterflies’ winter home

  42.It took the scientist ______ to find out that monarch butterflies came from Canada.

  A . 20 years B. four months C .five weeks D .eight months

  43.We know that the _____ generation of Monarch butterflies travel back to central Mexico.

  A .first B. second C .third D .fourth

  44.The underlined word “offspring” in the passage is closest in meaning to______.

  A . seasons B. butterflies C .children D .parents

  45.Which statement is true according to the text?

  A .Monarch butterflies spend winter in eastern Canada.

  B .The four generations have the same length of life.

  C .Some generations die on the way north to Canada.

  D .Scientists are clear about everything of the butterflies




  42.解析:答案A,细节题,难度较低。由文章第二段的for the next 20 years可知答案。

  43.解析:答案D,推断题,难度较大。由第四段中the butterfly that travels to Mexico this year is the great-great-grandchild可知今年迁徙到墨西哥的是玄孙辈,也就是第四代蝴蝶。


  45.答案C,细节题,难度中等。由文章最后一段第三排:on the trip north, two generations are born,reproduce and then die可知答案。



  lead to, fall behind, once a month, take care of , terrible, on business, closed, chopsticks, the most expensive

  1. Simon works hard all the time so he won’t ________.

  2. This is ________watch in the shop. I can’t afford it.

  3. Amy goes to the reading club________.

  4. It’s our duty to _______our parents when they are old.

  5. A __________earthquake hit Nepal on April 25,20xx and many people gave a helping hand.

  6. My father has gone to Hongkong __________. He will stay there for two weeks.

  7. The local government _____ the factories which caused water pollution in that area.

  8. Those western students in our school try to use ________when they have meals.



  1.fall behind 2.the most expensive 3.once a month 4.take care of

  5.terrible 6.on business 7.closed 8.chopsticks


  9. Please don’t go _________(swim) on your own. It’s too dangerous.

  10. The office worker __________(catch) the early bus to work every day.

  11. Emily’s mother didn’t allow her to watch her favorite programme Running Man and it made her ________(happy).

  12.Miss Green advised us to decorate a card for each other with those __________(leaf).

  13.Little Edison is clever enough to learn paper-cutting by _________(he).

  14.It’s important for us to use natural resources ________-(wise).

  15.Peter and his wife live on the ____________(seven) floor and they go up and down by lift.


  9.解析:答案swimming,难度较低。 go+V-ing形式,表示去做….。

  10.解析:答案catches,难度较低。由every day可知采用一般现在时。


  I found the door closed when I got home


  13.解析:答案himself,难度较低。teach oneself = learn…by oneself自学。





  ③其他e结尾,直接加ly。如:polite---politely wise---wisely




  _____________, we went back home ____________after school.


  You _________not stay up late, so you can ________.


  This afternoon we will have a lesson about American _________. Don’t class.


  Would you please _______ the TV? I want to know the __________ for tomorrow.


  The girl enjoys ________, but she prefers to draw pictures.


  1.解析:答案As usual; on foot。难度较低,初一下学期内容。

  2.解析:答案had better; keep(stay) fit/healty,难度较低。had better (not) do最好(不)做…。

  3.解析:答案country music; be late for,难度较低

  4.解析:答案turn on; weather report,难度中等。考察:Would you please do….?结构

  5.解析:答案neither singing nor dancing,难度较大。neither….nor既不….也不…。注意句式对称



  Ma Yun became one of the richest men in China when his company Alibaba went on the stock(股票)market last year with a value of around 140 billion-the largest public offering in history. Here are some stories about him on the way to success.

  Ma made his first trip to the a US in 1995 and used the Internet for the first time. After searching for “beer”, he saw that no results came up about China. Then he searched for “China” and still saw no results. He decided to set up a Chinese website--the seed for Alibaba was sown(播种).

  Ma said he was refused many times in his life. He failed the College Entrance Examination in China three times and few companies offered him jobs, including one at KFC. And he was refused by the famous Harvard University 10 times.

  It was difficult to learn English when Ma was a teenager because of limited resources. However, he found that he could learn English well by giving tourists free guides around his hometown Hangzhou. And he kept it for nine years. Ma said that tourists opened up a new world for him because everything they said and did was so different from what he had been taught at school and by his parents.

  Ma’s hero is Forest Gump who never gives up. When he made a speech about his success at Davos(达沃斯论坛)in 20xx,Ma said, “Life is like a box of chocolates because you never know what you are going to get.”


  21. When did Ma Yun make his first trip to the US.

  22. How many times was Ma Yun refused by Harvard University?

  23. How did Ma Yun learn English well when he was a teenager?

  24. Did Ma Yun make a speech at Davos in 20xx?

  25. Why does Ma Yun consider Forest Gump as his hero?


  本篇阅读介绍阿里巴巴创始人马云的成功故事,突出“where there is a will, there is a way”这一主题,


  21.解析:答案In 1995,细节题,第二段第一句可知答案。

  22.解析:答案10/Ten times,细节题,第三段最后一句可知答案。

  23.解析:答案By giving tourists free guides around his hometown Hangzhou.细节题,第四段第二排可知答案。

  24.解析:答案Yes, he did.细节题,文章最后一段一、二排可知答案

  25.解析:答案Because he never gives up,细节题,最后一段第一句可知答案。


  Many companies today hold meetings to discuss their new plans. As people are paying more attention to the environment problems, more companies are looking for ways to reduce their bad influence on the environment. Many of them achieve this by using web meeting.

  Web meeting is a technology that allows people to communicate better over the Internet. It’s an easy way of hosting and attending a meeting. Participants(与会者) don’t have to leave the office. Each of them will receive an invitation with the meeting time and date on it. When the meeting is ready to begin, they must sit before their computers.

  With web meeting, all participants can attend the meeting at their own desks. They don’t need to drive a car to travel to and from the meeting. As a result, no fuel(燃料) is used and less time is taken up in attending a web meeting.

  Materials for the meeting are simply e-mailed to all the participants before it begins. Then participants can just read them on the screen. For the company, this not only saves the use of paper but also greatly reduces the mailing cost.

  As a meeting hall is not used, the only power for a web meeting is the power that is used by the computers. Besides, organized don’t have to pay for food or accommodation(住宿)for the participants. All this means that less energy is used.

  In a word, web meeting is a cheaper, greener, and more friendly way of hosting and attending a meeting. Companies that hold web meetings are willing to work hard for a better environment. So they can more easily find their working partners who have the same green ideas. In return, they develop good relationship with other companies and improve their business.


  26.Many companies are looking for ways to _____ on the environment, because people are paying more attention to the _____.

  27.Web meeting is an easy way to ______the meeting. Participants just sit before their computers instead of ___the office.

  28.The use of paper______and the ______is greatly reduced by e-mailing meeting materials.

  29.Power is only used by the computers because there is no need for a_____. Besides, organizers needn’t ____on food and accommodation for the participants.

  30. If they have the same_____, it’s _____for companies to find their working partners.


  本篇阅读介绍网络视讯会议这一新生事物的特点,对应初二下学期最后一课greener world这一主题。

  26.解析:答案reduce their bad influence/effect ; the environment problems。细节题,文章第一段可知答案。

  27.解析:答案host and attend,leaving替代题,难度中等。a/the way of doing = a/the way to doing,做…的方法。由第二段第二排及第三排don’t have to leave the office可知答案。

  28.解析:答案is saved, mailing cost,替代题,难度中等。由第四段This not only saves the use of paper but also greatly reduces the mailing cost可知答案。

  29.解析:答案hall, spend。细节及替代题,难度中等。由倒数第二段第一句及第二排可知第一空答案。Pay sth for…=spend sth on。

  30.解析:答案green ideas,easier,细节及替代题,难度较大。由最后一段so they can more easily find their working partners who have the same green ideas可知答案。副词+动词=it’s+形容词+to do。如:I luckily passed the exam = It was lucky for me to pass the exam

  ★链接高中:take up占据、占用。 In return作为回报。


  在生活中,人们常用有一些快乐需要分享,烦恼需要倾诉,这时就需要一个好的倾听者。请以Be a good listener为题写一篇短文,内容必须包括以下要点:





  Be a good listener

  I strongly believe it is important to be a good listener.




  范文:I strongly believe it is important to be a good listener.

  I used to feel stressed before the exam.However, I kept it to myself,as a result, I felt

  worried and couldn’t pay attention to what the teacher said in class. One day, after

  I bravely told it to my close friend, I felt that relaxed.

  Being a good listener plays an important role in communication. Parents should listen to their children, so they will understand them better and trust(信任) each other. Teachers should also listen to their students so that(以便于) they can increase their understanding and improve relationships. Students should listen to their classmates, then their friendship will be increased and they will help each other.

  In a word, good listening can really make us get closer to each other.


  一.1-5 CABDA. 6-10 CDBAB 11-15 ADCCB

  二.16-20 ACBDB 21-25 CBADC 26-30 ABDCA

  三31-35 CBBDA 36-40 ADACB 41-45 BADCC


  1.fall behind 2.the most expensive 3.once a month

  4.take care of 5.terrible 6.on business 7.closed 8.chopsticks

  9.swimming 10.catches 11.unhappy 12.leave 13.himself

  14.wisely 15.seventh/7th


  1.As usual; on foot

  2.had better; keep(stay) fit/healthy

  3.country music; be late for

  4.turn on; weather report

  5.neither singing nor dancing neither.nor



  21.In 1995,

  22.10/Ten times,

  23.By giving tourists free guides around his hometown Hangzhou.

  24.Yes, he did.

  25.Because he never gives up


  26.reduce their bad influence/effect the environment problems。

  27.host and attend,leaving

  28.is saved, mailing cost

  29.hall, spend

  30.green ideas,easier