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  Questions 1-7

  . Read these sentences and the share prices below.

  . Which stock market does each sentence(1-7) describe?

  . For each sentence mark one letter (A ,B ,C or D) on your Answer Sheet.


  The index went up more than one thousand.

  Answer A

  1. The share prices were influenced by the improvement of the two countries


  2. Over the week ,turnover rose by T $ 5. 83bn.

  3. Many people went to buy capitalization stocks.

  4. In the beginning many foreign shareholders buy blue chips at high prices.

  5. Price was lower after shareholders sold stocks in industrials to make profit.

  6. On Thursday price dropped and then rose again.

  7. The falling of composite index rose by 1. 3 per cent on the week.

  A. Bangkok rose 2 per cent on the day and 3.4 per cent over the week as buyers moved in to large market capitalization stocks. The SET index rose 27.55 to 1,383.57 in turnover of Bt 8.5 bn, down from Thursday s Bt 10bn.

  B. Taipei was pulled lower by late profit-taking in industrials after Thursday s rebound ,and the weighted index fell 45.59 to 5,806.77, or 1.7 per cent, over the week. Turnover rose to T $41.51 bn from T $ 35. 78bn.

  C. Manila opened strongly on foreign buying of blue chips but dipped at the close as profits were taken. The composite index fell 10.07 to 2 ,907. 00 , 1.3 per cent higher on the week

  D. Hong Kong finished a mixed day slightly lower ,sapped by profit-taking on confirmation of US renewal of China s MFN trade status and concerns over the lower domestic property market. The Hang Seng index fell 11.58 to close at 9,470.13, 1.7 per cent lower on the week.


  Questions 8-12

  . Read this letter to the editor of The Economist.

  . Choose the best sentence from the list A-I to fill each of the blanks.

  . For each blank (8-12) mark one letter (A-I) on your Answer Sheet.

  . Do not mar4 any letter twice.

  . One answerhas been given as an example.


  You state on February 13th that New Mexico has few natural resources ,... ...example...... In 1991 New Mexico ranked fourth in the United States in production of natural gas , seventh in oil and tenth in non-fuel minerals ... ...8... ... Non-fuel minerals contributed about $ 1 billion and coal $ 509 million.

  Taxes from production of fuels and minerals, and lease payments on state lands have been set aside by legislative acts to endow two permanent funds worth about $ 5. 65 billion, ...... 9 ...... In addition, during fiscal year 1991 , payments to New Mexico from taxes on federal lands were S 108 million ,all earmarked for public education.

  ...... 10 ...... About $566 million came from taxes and permanent-fund earnings attributable to oil and gas production. ......11 ...... Tourism is an important industry in New Mexico, yet its economic impact on the public sector is dwarfed by that of mineral production.

  New Mexico came through the recent recession in much better shape than most other states. It does not have a deficit. ... ... 12... ... States that rely primarily on a sales tax or on an income tax have big problems during economic downturns. Income growth per head in New Mexico averaged 6. 1/00 in the year to October 1992-one of the fastest growth rates in the United States.

  Charles Chapin

  Example :C

  A. It has a broadly based tax structure an important point.

  B. In 1992 it produced more oil than Colorado and Kansas combined.

  C. However, the extractive mineral industry in New Mexico is one of the state s strongest economic forces.

  D. During fiscal year 1992 New Mexico raised permanent funds worth about $6.1 billion.

  E. The combined value of oil and gas production was $ 2. 8 billion.

  F. Some 16, 000 employees work in the extractive industries and their wages are among the highest of any major industry.

  G. The $39 million earned by these funds in 1991 was used to finance education and other public services.

  H. Only S 25 million came from agricultural taxes.

  I. New Mexico s extractive mineral industries contribute about a third of the state s $ 1. 9 billion general-fund income in fiscal year 1991.


  Questions 13-20

  . Read this letter about Compensation Trade ,and answer the following questions.

  Ministry of Foreign Trade 19th January , 1 993

  Xi Changan Street

  Beijing , China

  Dear Sirs,

  This letter is in regard to the window glass business between our firm and the China National Light industrial Products Import & Export Corporation, Daren Branch and the Daren Window Glass Factory.

  1. Our two sides sincerely worked in the past and the window glass business has already been done successfully. However, the quantity of products doesn t meet our requirements. This company wants to develop the trade and business further in this line. We now expect to begin working with all the other branches and window glass factories on the same basis ,i. e. compensation trade.

  2. For the U. S. A. market, we require very large quantities of small cut sizes. Therefore, we are asking your prompt assistance to help us out in expanding glass-cutting business. We would highly appreciate it if you take this matter into consideration. We are certain that ,with your prompt cooperation, our purchases of Chinese window glass for sale in the U. S. A. market will very quickly increase to a large and substantial volume. With the establishment of diplomatic relations between our two countries ,the time is now right for a very quick and large increase in trade between us.

  3. For your information, we are doing everything possible to cooperate in achieving our mutual goal of making the window glass business a very large one. We have offered to purchase various equipment for your Dairen factory which will increase its products, improve quality and raise its efficiency. We have offered to accept payment for this machiner

  y in the form of buy-back of glass. We have also cooperated with the factory in making suggestions for better efficient packing and containerization. The factory has been very cooperative and receptive to our ideas. As we want to begin our business with the other branches too ,we plan to offer the same suggestions and proposals to purchase machinery for them.

  4. From this letter, you can see that we are very sincere in our desire for a long-term relationship between our two countries and our firm and the various branches of the China National Light industrial Products Import and Export Corporation, Window Glass Departments .

  During our next visit to China, we will discuss the appointment of our firm as the exclusive agent for Chinese Window Glass in the U. S. A. market. Since we have discussed this question in the past ,we expect that the official appointment of our firm as the exclusive agent will be made during our next trip.

  Thank you for your prompt attention to the above. Best regards.

  Sincerely yours ,

  Norman Goldstein

  Associates , INC

  Questions 13-16

  . For questions 13-16 ,choose the correct title for each paragraph from the box below.

  . For each paragraph(1-4) mark one letter (A-G) on your Answer Sheet.

  . Do not mark any letter twice.

  13. Paragraph 1.......... .

  14. Paragraph 2..........

  15. Paragraph 3. .........

  16. Paragraph 4..... . . .. .

  A Our hope for a long-term relationship

  B Our successful cooperation in the past

  C The diplomatic relations between our two countries

  D Our wish to increase the quantity of products

  E Our need of help in glass-cutting

  F Our goal to make the window glass business large

  G Improvement of equipment in Chinese factories

  Questions l7-20

  . Using the information in the test ,complete each sentence 17-20 ,with a phrase from the list below (A-G).

  . For each sentence(17-20) mark one letter (A-G) on your Answer Sheet.

  . Do not mark any lette

  r twice.

  17. When we visit your country again next time ,we hope you 11. . . . . .

  18. On the basis of compensation trade ,we are going to. . . . . .

  19. In order to enlarge our window glass business, we re doing our best to. . . . . .

  20. To other branches that have business with us, we ll. . . . . .

  A take this problem into consideration.

  B develop and expand the trade and business further.

  C make our company the sole agent in China.

  D offer to buy equipment for them.

  E accept payment for this equipment.

  F start cooperation with other branches and factories.

  G cooperate with you and realize our common dream.


  Questions 21-35

  . Read this advertisement a hat Fidelily Emerging Markets.

  . Choose the best word to fil1 each gap.

  . For each question (21 -35) mark one letter (A ,B,C or D) on your Answer Sheet.

  . One answer has been given as an example.

  The dynamic developing economies of the world are ripe with potential. Not only have they ... ...example... ... extraordinary levels of ... ... 21 ... ... , but we believe this looks set continue , backed by ... ... 22 ... ... inflows of foreign investment. Fidelity Emerging Mark, Fund is ... ..23... ... to help you capitalize on this promising outlook.

  The ......24... ... to real success in Emerging Markets is research and resources, of Fidelity s foremost ...... 25 ...... As the world s largest ..... 26 ...... investment management organization , we can draw upon a (n) ... ... 27 .. ... network of offices covering developing economies across Asia ,Latin America and Europe.

  This local presence means we can ...... 28...... a hands-on approach ,searching out a capitalizing on investment ... ...29... ... as soon as they come to light. As a result, Fidelity I become one of the world s ...... 30...... names in emerging stockmarkets : where we ......31...... manage 5pounds billion ?

  So act now to ......32...... out more about theFidelity Emerging Markets Fund ---and get the potential of these dynamic markets teamed with the strength of the Fidelity organization. For more ... ... 33 ... , call us , free of ... ... 34 ... ... , from any of the countries below. If you ... ...35... `.. elsewhere ,please use the UK number or post or fax the coupon.


  A. denied B. climbed C. demonstrated D. mentioned

  Answer: C

  21. A. growth B. decrease C. height D. diminish

  22. A. slow B. increasing C. reducing D. fast

  23. A. thought B. designed C. considered D. supposed

  24. A. road B. method C. reason D. key

  25. A. words B. slogans C. ways D. strengths

  26. A. independent B. wealthy C. prosperous D. national

  27. A. intensive B. thick C. narrow D. extensive

  28. A. move B. apply C. reply D. demand

  29. A. situations B. disadvantages C. opportunities D. conditions

  30. A. few B. many C. honourable D. leading

  31. A. currently B. formerly C. recently D. likely

  32. A. look B. discover C. find D. learn

  33. A. news B. data C. information D. knowledge

  34. A. money B. pay C. fee D. charge

  35. A. live B. wait C. talk D. sleep


  Section A

  Questions 36-40

  . Read this text about car sales in the world.

  . In most of the lines (36 -40) there is one extra word which does not fit in. One or two lines, however, are Correct.

  . If the Line is correct, put a tick (√ ) in the space on your Answer Sheet.

  . If there is an extra word in the line, write that word in the space on your Answer Sheet.

  Example :

  While new car sales in Japan are predicted to rise up by. . . up. . .

  5 per cent next year, 1990 s record of 5.1 million won t be exceeded. . . √. . .


  36. New car sales fell down last year to a six-year low, but demand

  37. is forecast to begin a sustained period of growth in 1994 and

  38. rose to record levels through out the second half years of the 1990s

  39. The short-term recoveryis being driven chiefly by a strong rise in the demand

  40. in North America ,where new car sales are forecast to increase

  by 11 percent to 10. 46 million this year ,as well by the continuing

  expansion of demand in the Asia-Pacific region.


  Section B

  Questions 41-45.

  . The following is a business contract.

  . In each line there is one wrong word.

  . For each numbered line (41 - 45) write the correct word in the space on your Answer Sheet.

  Example :

  We have to hold you responsibility for the loss we ve been made to sustain. . . responsible. . .

  This serves to authorize the Chairman of the F. T. Arbitration Commission to

  41. appoint an arbitrator on behave of this corporation to settle the dispute

  42. existed between the plaintiff and the defendant ,concerning the defendant s.

  43. failure to meet their oblige under contracts concluded for the supply of

  44. 8,000 metric tons of Aluminium ingots. Should the defendant failing to

  45. appoint an arbitrator with in the time specific by the F. T. Arbitration .

  Commission ,this corporation would have an arbitrator appointed for

  the defendant.



  Question 46

  You work for a company which is going to buy a set of equipment from China. You are asked to translate a lot of specifications and instructions within four months, which is impossible. Therefor you decide to advertise for two experienced translators as soon as possible.

  . Write a short note to Mr. Max Remington ,the Public Relation s manager. Ask for an advertisement for two translators.

  . Explain the reason.

  . Mention your urgency.

  . Write 30-40 words on your Answer Sheet.


  Question 47

  You work in the Market Survey institute. After careful research ,you receive four charts.

  Read the following charts which show , the trend of consumer confidence, real hourly wages, employment and credit development. The years are given ,while the other numbers are not presented. But the lines in the charts clearly show , the directions of development.

  . Use the information in the charts to write a report (about 100- 120 words) analyzing the reason why the consumer confidence increases.

  . Write on your Answer Sheet.



  Questions 1-12

  . You will hear three telephone conversations.

  . Write down one word or number in the numbered spaces on the forms below.

  Message One. Questions 1-4


  Visiting City: Barcelona

  Main Features:

  1. The Old City: old buildings

  2. (1) ...... beautiful, magnificent

  3. several (2)... ...

  restaurants food is cheap(3) ......

  4. Staying Hotel (4) ......

  Message Two Questions 5-8

  Hiring Registration

  Date : 5th Jan. Time : 10:30

  Name of the customer : Kate (5). . .

  Contact No : (6). . .

  Service Details :

  l. An appartment near (7). . . street ,with air-conditioner and heating system .

  2. Rent :on more than (8). . . a month ,including water and gas

  3. Renting Period: about 1.5 years from February

  Message Three. Questions 9- 12

  Telephone Message

  Date : 1st April Time : 9:45

  Item : buying (9). . .

  Purpose : 10 for meeting room, (10) . . . for the office

  Total money: (11)...

  Deadline for purchasing : before ( 12). . . ,April


  Questions 13-22

  Section One

  Questions 13-17

  . You will hear five short pieces.

  . For each piece decide where the speaker is.

  . Write one letter (A-H) next to the number of the piece.

  . You will hear the five pieces twice.

  13. . . . . . . .

  14. . . . . . . .

  15. . . . . . . .

  16. . . . . . . .

  17. . . . . . . .


  A on the plane

  B at the bank

  C at the airport

  D at the office

  E at the theatre

  F at the hotel

  G at the customs

  H on the bus

  Section Two

  Questions 18- 22

  . You wt71 hear another five short pieces.

  . For each piece decide what the speaker is going to do next.

  . Write one letter (A-H) next to the number of the piece.

  . You will hear the five pieces twice.

  18. . . . . . . . . .

  19. . . . . . . . . .

  20. . . . . . . . . .

  21. . . . . . . . . .

  22. . . . . . . . . .

  Next actions

  A to stop smoking

  B to fall into sleep

  C to leave a company

  D to mail a parcel

  E to go shopping

  F to go to the beach

  G to resign from the office

  H to find a motel


  Questions 23-30

  . you will hear a report presented by a journalist from Tokyo. He talks about the difficult situations met by Japanese chemical groups. He gives some important figures of four biggest chemical groups in Japan.

  . you have to complete the sentences (23-30) by choosing the correct answer.

  . Mark one letter (A ,B or C).

  23. The crisis met by Japanese chemical groups is caused by, one of the reasons.

  A over capacity

  B high prices

  C high cost

  24. The productions manufactured by Asahi Chemical, Japan s largest poly tyrene manufacturer take up of the market.

  A 12%

  B 25%

  C 26.6

  25.________ is Japan s biggest plastics group.

  A Mitsubishi Kasei

  B Mitsubishi petrochemical

  C Mitsui Petrochemical industries

  26. On Oct. 1st, Mitsubishi Petrochemical is going to merge with.

  A Kawasaki plant

  B Mitsui petrochemical

  C Mitsubishi Kasei

  27. The dividend of remains the same as in last year.

  A Mitsubishi Petrochemical

  B Mitsui petrochemical industries and Shin-Etsu

  C Sumitomo Chemical

  28. chemical group is not explained in detail in this report.

  A Shin-Etsu

  B Mitsubishi Kasei

  C Mitsui petrochemical

  29. chemical group has the highest per share according to the report.

  A Mitsubishi Petrochemical

  B Shin-Etsu

  C Mitsui Petrochemical Industries

  30. is going to open a new plant.

  A Shin-Etsu

  B Mitsui Petrochemical

  C Mitsubishi Petrochemical


  一. 阅读部分


  1. D 2. B 3. A 4. C 5. B 6. B 7. C


  8. E 9. G 10. I 11. F 12. A


  13. D 14. E 15. G 16. A 17. C 18. F 19. G 20. D


  21. A 22. B 23.D 24. D 25. D 26.A 27.D 28. B 29.C

  30. D 31. A 32.C 33. C 34. D 35.A


  Section A

  36. down是多余,应删掉.

  37. 没有多余的词

  38. years是多余,应删掉.

  39. the 是多余,应删掉.

  40. 没有多余的词.

  Section B

  41. behalve应改为behalf

  42. exist应改为existing

  43. oblige应改为obligations

  44. failing应改为fail

  45. specific 应改为specified



  Question 46

  (Sample for reference)

  Dear Mr. Max Remington ,

  As our company is purchasing a set of equipment ,a lot of materials -have to be translated, which is impossible to do within four months. Could you advertise for two experienced translators in the newspapers? It is urgent.


  Question 47

  (Sample for reference)

  Near the end of 1994, people suddenly become rich , buying a lot of things. We have received the report that the real hourly wages of workers become even less ,so they do not have enough money to buy so many things. Although the employment is rising towards the end of 1994 ,the growth is very slow. Therefore ,not many people find jobs to earn enough money to buy goods. Then where does the big consumer confidence come from? We have discovered that people overspend with various credit cards ,buying goods. And they are not worried about returning the borrowed money. This it is our turn to be concerned about this kind of consumer confidence.


  1. Cathedral 2. museums 3. special

  4. Barcelona 5. Murphy 6. 55322788

  7. Sunny 8. 120pounds 9. coffee sets

  10. 2 11. 96pounds 12. 10th

  13. F 14. H 15. B

  16. E 17. C 18. F

  19. A 20. E 21.Hh

  22. D 23. A 24. B

  25. B 26. C 27. B

  Part One. Questions 1 to12.

  Message One. Questions 1 to 4.

  F1 : Good morning ,Garble Travel Agency. Can I help you?

  M1 :Yes , please. I d like to have some information about the city of Barcelona. I have 5 days holiday.

  F1 : Well, there are lots of places to visit in Barcelona. You could go to the Old City, which is the real Barcelona of many centuries ago. I think you d enjoy it.

  M1 : So there are many old buildings in the Old City?

  F1 : Yes ,and these old buildings are quite w6ll-preserved. And there s a cathedral near the Old City. It s very magniF1cent.

  M1 : I ve heard about it. Any place else?

  F1 : Well ,there re also several very interesting museums and a lot of good restaurants

  M1 : If I go to Barcelona ,where could I stay? Have you any suggestion?

  F1 : Well ,you d better stay at the Barcelona Hotel ,which is near the Old City. The food there is cheap and special as well.

  Message Two. Questions 5-8.

  M1 : Good morning. Can I help you?

  F1 : Oh, yes. I want to rent an apartment. My name is Kate Murphy.

  M1 : Is it K-A-T-E,M-U-R-P-H-Y.

  F1 : Yes , that s right.

  M1 : Then what kind of apartment do you prefer?

  F1 : Well ,l want to live near Sunny Street.

  M1 : Sunny Street ,right. Anything else?

  F1 : The rent should not be more than 120pounds a month ,including water and gas. I d like an air conditioner and heating system.

  M1 : How long are you going to rent it?

  F1 : About a year and a half, from February.

  M1 : Do you have the contact number?

  F1 : It s 55322788

  M1 : OK! As soon as I find an apartment I will call you.

  F1 : Thank you. I m looking forward to your answer.

  Message Three. Questions 9 to 12.

  F1 : Yes ,Mr. Wilson. Chris speaking.

  M1 : Hello ,Chris. Could you buy some china for our meeting room?

  F1 : How much money do you want to spend?

  M1 : Er , f80 `for 10 coffee sets. What do you think.

  Fl : I ll manage. I suggest we buy two more sets for our office.

  M1 : Let s see... OK ! I agree. 12 coffee sets with 96pounds.

  F1 : When do you want them?

  M1 : Before the 10th of April. By the way ,I want to look at the sample beforehand.

  F1 : OK! I will select some samples for you.

  M1 : Thank you. Bye.

  F1 : Bye-bye , Mr. Wilson.

  Part Two. Questions 13-22.

  Section One.

  Questions 13-17.

  Question Thirteen

  A couple called today and they said they couldn t arrive tonight.

  You re lucky to find this vacancy. This is a busy time of the year. Please fill out this registration card and be sure to list your car s license number.

  Question Fourteen

  There s no charger for transfers if you have paid your fares already. Would somebody

  give this young boy a hand? He s handicapped. I think you ll have to move over and let the young boy take this seat. Squeeze through!

  Question Fifteen

  Please sign your name on the check and don t forget the date. Then give me the check

  and your driver s license. I ll give it to you in fifties. If you want to transfer your money from your savings account to the check account ,you have to fill out these slips as well.

  Question Sixteen

  My name is Dan Sloan. I paid for two tickets by credit card by telephone about two weeks ago on June 2nd ,I remember. I hope they re good seats. They re about halfway up the first balcony.

  Question Seventeen

  It s too bad that our flight is delayed for an hour. Our plane is supposed to leave at 9:10,but now it s already 10: 00. Let s go to Gate 2 and wait for the check-in. I m a little nervous. I am flying for the first time.

  Section Two.

  Questions 18-22...

  Question Eighteen

  I vote against visiting the mountains and riding horses. I was thrown from a horse last year. I vote that we go to the seashore. We could go swimming in the sea or take long walks along the beach and collect seashells.

  Question Nineteen

  Cigarettes will do no good to your health. And it s medically proven that they can cause lung cancer and a lot of other diseases. If you feel run-down without them ,I ll give you a prescription which will help you sleep.

  Question Twenty

  The Gamble Department Store has just opened a new shop near St. Maria Street. In the advertisement ,they re going to have a big celebration for the grand opening and the first one thousand customers can get free T-shirts. I want to get one.

  Question Twenty-one

  Eleven hours on the road is long enough for anyone, especially in this hot weather. I m anxious to get back to the family house. But I don t think we should overdo it. Let s rest for a while ,shall we?

  Question Twenty-two

  In the package ,there s a beautiful glass necklace. It s a birthday gift for my husband s sister who s living in Lincolnshire. I packed it very carefully, so I m sure it won t break on the way. But still I want to insure it for f25 just in case.

  Part Three.

  Questions 23-30.

  By Paul Abraham in Tokyo

  Results from Japan s largest petrochemicals companies for the year to March 3lst reflect the crisis facing a sector plagued by sluggish domestic demand ,over capacity ,plunging prices and the appreciation of the yen.

  News of the sector s cire trading position follow this week s decision by Showa Denko to sell its polystyrene business.

  The company, a marginal manufacturer, sold its 30, 000 tones a year Kawasaki plant to Asahi Chemical, Japan s largest polystyrene manufacturer with capacity of about 333, 000 tones a year, equivalent to about 25 per cent of the market. The move was the latest in a series of alliances and mergers as the troubled industry restructures.

  Mitsubishi Petrochemical , the country s biggest plastics group , reported a loss of Y8,39bn ( $ 80m) compared with pre-tax profits last year of Y8.25bn. The group made an operating loss of Y13.8bn,the first since 1982. The poor result came despites cost-cutting measures, lower raw material prices ,and Y4bn worth of profits from equity sales.

  Turnover fell 12.2 per cent from Y372bn to Y326bn, as prices and volumes declined. Earnings per share, which reached Y52. 5 in 1991 , fell to a loss per share of Y9.44. The group, which is scheduled to merge with Mitsubishi Kasei on October 1st ,cut its dividend from Y8 per share to Y4.

  Mitsubishi Kasei s pre-tax profits fell 76. 8 per cent from Y9.3bn last year to Y2.2bn. The group reported its first operating loss in 40 years at Y467m, and only managed to post positive pre-tax results by selling Y15. 7bn worth of equities. Turnover fell 1.8 per cent ,the fourth yearly decline ,to Y696bn. The dividend was halved to Y3 per share.

  Mr. Morihisa Takano ,managing director, said the newly merged group would generate pre-tax profits of Y10bn on sales of Y855 bn during the year to March 1995.

  He predicted petrochemicals prices would bottom out during the summer. No decision had been made about the dividend ,but the new company could pass it during the current year, he Pre-tax profits at Mitsui Petrochemical industries, Japan s biggest polyethylene maker, plunged 75 per cent from Y9bn to Y2. 26bn on sales down 9. 3 per cent at Y272bn. The company blamed poor demand for the slump which offset the benefits of cost-cutting measures. The dividend is unchanged at Y6 per share. The group forecast pre-tax profits for the current year marginally up at Y3bn on turnover of Y276bn.

  Shin-Etsu, one of Japan s biggest makers of polyvinyl chloride , reported profits down 26.1 per cent from Y17. 6bn to Y13bn. Sales increased 0. 2 per cent from Y275bn to Y276bn. Net profits fell 26. 6 per cent to Y7.08bn, or Y21.85 per share.

  The group maintained the final dividend at Y3.75, making the full-year pay out Y7.5 per share. Shin-Etsu forecast pre-tax profits for the current year of Y15.5bn on sales of Y277bn.

  The outlook for the petrochemicals industry remains bleak. The imbalance between supply and demand for ethylene, the basic building block of petrochemicals ,is about 2.8m tones of ethylene and is set to deteriorate further this year.

  A massive 700,000-tonne-a-year ethylene complex owned by Maruzen ,Mitsui Petrochemical and Sumitomo Chemical comes on stream later this year and Mitsubishi Petrochemical is also commissioning a new 300,000-tonne-a -year plant this year.