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  1 pieces of 8 hair 7, just a bit of money, which is 60 Fen minutes of the coin, a penny a penny in the grocery store owner, the vendors and the butcher Lailai hard, every time a hair with the smell of urine, the transaction is a deeply argue about little details. Della counted it three times, one dollar and seven cents, and the second day was christmas.

  In addition to flop down on the shabby little couch crying, obviously there is no other way.

  D do, but spiritual feeling arise spontaneously, life is cry sniffles and smiles withsniffles predominating.

  As the housewife gradually calmed down, let's take a look at the house. A furnished apartment house, rent eight dollars a week. Although it is difficult to describe, but it is really enough to help the word beggar.

  There is a mailbox downstairs in the doorway, which no letter, and an electric button from no one finger ring. Moreover, there is a name card, write "James di - Han Lin yang".

  "Dillingham" this name is the owner of previous brilliance as a whim added, when he earned thirty dollars a week. Now, his income has shrunk to $twenty, "Dillingham" letters appear blurred, as though they were thinking seriously of a modest and unassuming practical letters D. However, when Mr. James Dillingham Jan, go upstairs, walked into the room upstairs, James de Han Lin - Mrs. Yang is just introduced to you as della is always called him "Kim", and warmly embraced him. Of course, that's the best. Yes, Jim is so lucky!

  Della finished her cry to her cheeks with the powder rag. She stood by the window and looked out dully at a backyard in a gray cat walking a gray fence in. Tomorrow is Christmas. She has only one dollar and seven cents to buy a gift for Jim. She spent several months, and worked her way through the effort, and got the result.  Twenty dollars a week is not long, so always spending more than budget. Only one yuan and seven gifts for Jim. Her Jim. She spent many a happy hour planning to send him a gift Kexin, a fine and rare and precious gift -- at least some match on all things just to Jim.

  There is a wall mirror between the two windows of the room. Maybe you've seen a wall mirror that costs eight dollars a week. A very small and dexterous person who, by observing himself in a series of longitudinal images, may have an approximate concept of his own appearance. Della slim, had mastered the art.

  Suddenly, she whirled round the window and stood in front of the wall mirror. Her eyes were sparkling, but in twenty seconds her face lost its luster. She split her hair so fast that she completely scattered it.

  Now, James Dillingham young couple each have a special pride. One is Jim's gold watch, which was handed down by his grandfather to his father, and his father passed it on to Jiabao, while the other was Della's hair. If the queen of Sheba lived in the flat across the courtyard, one day Della would have let her hair hang down, dry out the window, to be cast into the shade of the Queen's jewels; if his treasures piled up in the basement, Solomon Wang is the gatekeeper, when Jim walked in there, will touch the gold watch. Let the Solomon Wang beard from envy.

  At this moment, Della's hair rippled around her, microwave and downs, shine, like the brown waterfall. Her hair is long and, like a piece of her robe. And then she nervously nervously combed her hair. Hesitated for a minute and stood still while splashed on the worn red carpet one or two drops of tears.

  She put on her old brown jacket, wearing old brown hat, eyes remain with tears, the skirt is placed, then out of the door, down the stairs to the street.

  She stopped before a sign, and said, "Mrs. Alfonso F Roni, specializing in all kinds of hair."". Della ran up the stairs panting after a pause. The mast, the lady body is too pale, with Sofro's stern manner, "the title is irrelevant.

  "Are you going to buy my hair?"" Della asked.

  "I buy my hair," said madame. "Take off your hat, and let me see the hair."."

  The brown falls down rippled.

  "Twenty dollars," said Madame, grabbing her hair as she was.

  "Give me the money quickly," della said.

  Ah, the next two hours, like wings, flew happily past. Forget the hashed metaphor.  She was rummaging through the shops to buy gifts for Jim.

  She finally found it. It must have been made for Jim. It was never meant for anybody else. She has searched the stores, where there is no such thing, a simple white gold bracelet with a carved. Just like all good things, it is only a matter of length, not a display of decoration. And it's worthy of the gold watch. As soon as she saw it she knew that it must belong to all of Jim. It is like Jim himself, quiet and value -- the description applied to both. She bought it for twenty-one dollars, hurried home, leaving only seven cents. The gold watch, the chain, whether on any occasion, Jim can no kuise to look at the time.

  Even though the watch was gorgeous, because it used the old belt to represent the chain, he sometimes glanced furtively.

  After della came home, her ecstasy became a little cautious and sensible. She lit the gas and the hair pincers to repair for love and generosity to the destruction, it is always a very difficult task, dear friends -- a mammoth task.

  Within forty minutes her head was covered with close lying curls that made her look like a schoolboy. She stared at herself in the mirror the old look, carefully and critically according to.

  "If Jim looked at me not to kill my words," she automatic speaking, "he'll say I look like a Coney Island chorus girl. But what can I do? - well, only one yuan and seven cents. What can I do?"

  Seven o'clock, she made the coffee, the pan on the hot stove, always do steak.

  Jim always goes home on time. Della held the silver chain in her hand and sat near the door on the corner of the table. Then she heard his footsteps on the stairs below, and she lost his face for a moment. She had a habit for the simplest everyday things and pray silently, at the moment, she whispered: "please God, make him think I am still pretty."

  The door opened, and Jim stepped in and closed the door. He looked thin and very serious. Poor man, he was only twenty-two years old, and he was burdened with a family! He needs to buy a new coat, not even a glove.

  Jim stopped inside the door, as immovable as a setter at the scent of quail. His eyes were fixed on della, and his face made her unable to understand and make her hair stand on end. It was not anger, nor surprise, nor disapproval, nor horror, is not an expression of any she had expected. He just stared at della with his face in his face.

  Della wriggled, jumped down from the table and went over to him.

  "Jim, dear," she cried, "don't stare at me like that.". I cut off my hair and sold it. Because I didn't give you a present, I couldn't spend christmas. Hair will grow again - you don't mind, do you? I'm not going to do that. My hair grows very fast.  Say 'Merry Christmas'! Jim, let's be happy. You can't guess what a nice gift I bought you - what a beautiful and delicate gift!"

  "Have you cut off your hair?"" Asked Jim slowly, he racked his brains did not seem to realize this obvious fact.

  "Cut it off," della said. "Anyway, don't you like me too?" Without long hair, I'm still me, right?"

  Jim looked at the room curiously four times.

  "Did you say your hair was gone?"" He asked, almost idiotic.

  "Don't look for it," said della. "Tell you, I sold it - sold it, no!". It's Christmas Eve, nice guy. Treat me well, it's for you. "Maybe my hair counts," she said, very softly, "but nobody knows how much I love you.". I do steak, Jim?"

  Jim seemed to wake up from a trance and put della in his arms. Now, don't worry, let's take ten seconds to think carefully about something unimportant from another angle. The rent is $eight a week, or $one million - what's the difference? A mathematician or a wit will give you the wrong answer. Maggie brings precious gifts, but it's missing that thing. This obscure statement will be explained later.

  Jim took a small bag out of his coat pocket and threw it on the table.

  "Don't make any mistake for me, Del," he said, "no matter Haircut or a shave or a shampoo, I think there what can reduce a little bit of love for my wife. However, as long as you open the package you will see why you had me reckless."

  The white fingers cleverly untied the rope and opened the paper bag. And then there was a scream of rapture, oops! Suddenly became a female neurotic tears and crying, in urgent need of the owner of all the way to comfort.

  Or because the combs -- the set of combs on the table, side and back, everything. It was a long time ago that Della had seen and envied something in a window in broadway. These beautiful combs, pure tortoiseshell, xiangzhuo jewelry -- just the color of her lost hair match. She knew that the comb was too expensive, and she only admired it, but never thought of it. Now, all this belongs to her, but the beautiful long hair that has the qualifications to wear this coveted ornament has disappeared.

  However, she still hairbrush to her chest, took a moment to look up with dim eyes and a smile and say: "my hair grows so fast, Jim!"

  Then, she looked like a scalded cat jumped up and cried, "oh! Oh!"

  Jim hasn't seen his beautiful gift yet. She can scarcely wait to open palm, stretched out in front of him, the dull precious metal seemed so bright.

  Is it beautiful, Jim? I searched all over the city to find it. Now, you can watch it one hundred times a day. Give me the watch, and I'll see what it looks like on the watch."

  Kim instead of obeying, but fell on the couch, his hands under his head and smiled.

  "Del," he said, "let's put aside the Christmas gifts and save it for a while. They are so good that they are not suitable for use at present. I sold the watch to get the money to buy your combs. Now, you do steak."

  As you all know, Maggie is a clever, intelligent person who brings gifts to Jesus who is born in a manger. They invented the art of giving Christmas gifts. Because they are smart people, there is no doubt that their gifts are smart gifts, and if you meet two things exactly the same, you may also have the right to exchange. Here, I have clumsily introduced you to two silly children living in an apartment suite, not surprisingly, they have unwisely sacrificed their most precious things for each other. But let's say the last word to the wise today, among all the gifts, the two are the wisest. Among all the gifts and gifts received, the two of them are the wisest. Wherever they are, they're the smartest people.

  They are sages. .







  “迪林厄姆”这个名号是主人先前春风得意之际,一时兴起加上去的,那时候他每星期挣三十美元。现在,他的收入缩减到二十美元,“迪林厄姆”的字母也显得模糊不清,似乎它们正严肃地思忖着是否缩写成谦逊而又讲求实际的字母D。不过,每当杰姆斯·狄林汉·杨先生,回家上楼,走进楼上的房间时,杰姆斯·狄林汉·杨太太,就是刚介绍给诸位的德拉,总是把他称作“吉姆”,而且热烈地拥抱他。那当然是再好不过的了。是呀,吉姆是多好的运气呀 !