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  英语作文:网络的利与弊(The Advantage and Disadvantage of Internet)


  With the development of high technology, Internet is more and more popular. No matter children or the old know how to search the Internet. The emerging of the Internet bring a lot of benefit for people, while people also find it bring harm to them generally.

  First of all, Internet brings much convenience and a colorful world for people. With Internet, people can buy all the things at home, search various information, make friends with people from all the world and so on. Without Internet people can’t have those benefit. Moreover, as there are a lot of people shopping on line, the need for couriers is increasing. This bring employment opportunities to many people. However, Internet also bring disadvantages for peole. As the Internet is wonderful, many people are addicted to it. Some indulge in playing computer games and neglect study or job. Besides, because people can touch different kind of information online, they are easily learn some bad messages, which is bad for their growing.

  To sum up, everything has two sides. Internet also has advantages and disadvantages. But as far as I’m concerned, Internet has more advantages than disadvantages if people use it in a proper way.




  中考英语作文:网络的利与弊(Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet)

  Internet is now coming into our life. It brings us not only a lot of convenience ,happiness but also troubles. Some students use Internet as a too to study. They look up the meanings of the words, a translated form of a sentence,the background of an event or a story ,the information of a company or a famous person,etc.

  They also read news or send e-mails through it. Internet helps them learn more and study well.

  On the other hand,some students play games,chat with friends ,see the pictures or films even the unhealthy ones on the Internet the whole day. They are not interested in their subjects. It’s very dangerous for them!

  The Internet’s advantages and disadvantages are shown clearly to us. I think we should make good use of it and stay away from the unhealthy websites.

  考研英语作文:网络的利与弊(Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet)


  第一段:描述事情发展;第二段:网络的利 举例,网络的弊 举例;第三段:提出建议措施——取其精华,去其糟粕。




  a girl is asking a question online. Answers from different netizens differ so greatly that the girl is very confused about whom she should follow。 It is obvious that it is becoming a fashion for people to ask questions online when confronting a dilemma.

  The implication implicit in the matte can be elaborated as follows①. On the one hand, the Internet has provided us with great convenience. For example, we can get knowledge about nearly all aspects on the Internet with only several keyboard commands and a few clicks of the mouse through search engines such as Baidu and so on. On the other hand, with an explosive amount of information on the Internet②, it can be difficult to tell good information from bad③。 For example, teenagers and adolescents may mistake the bad information online as good, the result of which can be rather devastating. Some dirty information on the net may exert negative impacts on people.

  In conclusion, on the one hand, it is important for us to take full advantage of Internet to enhance our efficiency and save our time. On the other hand, effective steps should be taken to educate people to avoid and elude inappropriate and even wrong data online so as not to be misguided. Only in this way can the net better serve for our life, study and work④。





  ① so… that 句型:如此……以至于……。

  ② with an explosive amount of information on the Internet: 这是2004年真题阅读第一篇中的句型。

  ③ it can be difficult to tell good information from bad: 这是2003年真题阅读第一篇中的句型。可见,充分了解真题阅读,对于提高写作的帮助作用也很大。

  ④ Only in this way can the net better serve for our life, study and work:倒装句。


  原句:The net can better serve for our life, study and work only in this way.






4.网络的利与弊 英语作文