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  Today, my brother took me to Hangzhou West Lake. The water of the lake is green, and the golden light on the water is very moving. As soon as the wind blows, there are layers of ripples on the water.

  There are also small carp in the lake. Some children are feeding them with bread crumbs. Two mandarin ducks are swaying towards us. The willows on both sides are green. Willow twists and turns, a breeze blows, willow branches dance with the wind, as if many little girls are dancing. Not far away, round dragonflies rest on the water lotus, just like their airport.

  I saw ships, big and small, sailing in the lake. I excitedly said to my brother, "I also want to take a boat.". Brother nodded and agreed. First we went to the wharf to buy tickets, and then we went on board again and again.

  When they were full, the captain sailed in the lake. I carefully looked at the scenery in the distance and suddenly found a bridge in the distance. I think it must be a broken bridge. I asked my brother, "is that a broken bridge?" he said, "yes, the legendary white lady and Xu Xian met on the broken bridge." When I looked towards the broken bridge, I found a very high tower, that is Leifeng Tower.

  We got under the boat quickly. I can't wait to run to Santan Yinyue. I heard that there are 33 moons in Santan Yinyue. The blink of an eye time, we reluctantly left.




  等人满了,船长开着船在湖中行驶。我仔细地看着远处的风景,突然发现远处有一座桥,我想那一定是断桥。我问哥哥:“那是不是断桥?” 哥哥说:“是的,传说中的白娘子和许仙就是在断桥上相遇的。”我朝断桥的方向看去发现有一个很高的塔,那就是雷峰塔。



  Today, my mother and I wandered around the West Lake. We were ashamed. We have been in Hangzhou for two years, but we haven't visited the West Lake very much. So I don't know what kind of car I'll take all the way.

  The first thing to visit is Zhejiang Museum. It's good to revisit the history of Zhejiang for thousands of years. Especially worth mentioning is the furniture museum, where we Ningbo sedan. If you are interested, you can also go to Xikou, Fenghua, Ningbo to have a look. That "Wangong sedan" is really luxurious and exquisite. There are also some interesting things, such as dressers, toilets and so on, which have become antiques.

  There is a Pinghu Autumn Moon near the museum. Its name is so poetic and picturesque. It's really nothing. I had the feeling of being fooled at that time. As expected, I heard that this was one of the four stupid spots in Hangzhou.

  Later, it seemed that it was going to rain, and I was going for a ride. I was cheated to go to the Silk Fair and the Pearl of the West Lake, but I didn't stay for long. After that, I went to the 704 project. This is a building that can't be destroyed even by the atomic duster. It was built by Lin Biao in the past for the purpose of power shifting. Many special functions are still very advanced. For example, the echo effect of the wall is very good, and the footsteps can be heard far away. The glass windows of the house are three-story, so it's needless to say that the anti ultraviolet effect, as well as the activities in the outside can't be seen clearly, but the functions outside can be observed clearly in the inside. I'm afraid there are not many modern windows. It's better to wear long sleeves when entering the air raid shelter, so it's also a big summer resort. Unfortunately, the traffic there is not very convenient, and there is no car to take. If you don't want to take a taxi, you can go to Huagang to watch fish.

  Later, I went to Lei Feng tower, flower harbor to watch fish, willow waves to smell warblers. I felt that these scenic spots need to be quiet to taste slowly. It's impossible to appreciate their artistic conception.

  In this way, I spent more than half a day strolling down the West Lake and finally took my mother to the antique street. Fortunately, she was quite satisfied with my guide and found that my mother's sense of direction was even stronger than me.


  先去的是浙江博物馆,重温一下浙江几千年的历史还是很不错的。特别值得一提的是家具馆,那里有我们宁波的花轿。有兴趣的话也可以去宁波奉化溪口看,那张 “万工轿”真的是极尽豪华精致了。还有些很有意思的东东,像梳妆盘啊,马桶啊什么的现在都已成为了古董。






  The West Lake is a treasure. It always exudes its charming colors. Such beauty makes people intoxicated and infatuated. I've always been longing to see it. Today, the wish of a family to travel to the West Lake in summer vacation has finally come true!

  I got on the bus to Hangzhou with surging mood. I drove by the window in a flash along the way. I wish I could go to the West Lake to play. After a long journey of 2 or 3 hours, we finally arrived at the desired West Lake

  We had a light rain in the sky then. But I didn't care, because the West Lake in the rain is more beautiful, the air is humid, it smells so fresh and natural, and the drizzle is more poetic. Crystal raindrops rolling on lotus leaves, each drop is a story , we strolled on the West Lake Trail, the beautiful Yufeng girl and Leifeng Tower covered with a layer of mysterious veil, looking at the far lake makes me relaxed and happy!

  In the afternoon, the rain stopped, and we came to the Su Shi dike built by sushi in the legend. The sunny West Lake was in the air, and the willow branches were blown by the breeze, and the flowers were blooming one after another! On both sides of the embankment are lush trees. The water of the lake is rippling with waves, and a circle of rippling lacquer is twinkling with sunlight. "The green water has no worries, but it's wrinkled by the wind." I'm intoxicated with the sparkling water. This is worthy of human: Heaven!

  Just so there is such a beautiful scenery, let's pick up the camera and keep it. We walk and play, the good time is always passing quickly, it's time to look at the watch and go home, but the heart is so reluctant!

  West Lake, ah! You are really so beautiful, no wonder there will be: "to compare the West Lake with the west, light makeup is always appropriate" to praise you! As for me, it's not in vain.