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  我最敬佩的人英语作文及翻译 篇1

  People often said: "The teacher is hard gardener, nurturing us; teachers like candles, burning their own, warm with us; teachers are spring, to the childrens minds into the knowledge of nectar." Think of this sentence, I think My class teacher Xue Mingqin teacher, she is my most admired a person.

  Xue is rich in knowledge, like an encyclopedia. In class, she asked us to read, browse, and lead us in the ocean of knowledge, looking for the correct answer. She took the trouble to explain to us how to sentence, sentence, modify the sentence …… She takes knowledge as a spring and water in our hearts. Some classes do not understand the students, Xue teacher always patiently explain to them, until the students gradually solved the mystery.

  Xue teacher lectures are very vivid, impressive, we often heard fascinated. In our fourth grade textbook, there is an article "July Tianshan", her voice that sounds, brought us into the beautiful Tianshan, we seem to see the towering snow peaks, melting snow, green primitive Forest, soft mountains, flowers……

  Xue teacher taught a very set of essays, she said: "The text seems to see mountains do not like flat." She let me know the composition comes from life is higher than life, she found a lot of good articles, or students good writing let us enjoy. My composition is not very good, see the composition of a headache. Once I wrote an essay "lazy revelation", she felt very good, told me to get the school newspaper up submission. In her encouragement, I gradually have confidence in writing.

  Suhomlinski said that a good teacher is a person who understands psychology and pedagogy. Xue teacher all things pass, I hit my heart to admire her.






  我最敬佩的人英语作文及翻译 篇2

  The people I respect the most is my father. He is a doctor. He always busy with work. Since I can remember, he never spent a whole weekend to stay with me. He goes to the hospital very early before I get up, and comes back home after I sleep. But I doesnt matter at all, he is hero to me. He devotes almost all the time to his patients, many lives are saved. He always said, a man should have dignity, integrity, honor, and most of all, be helpful to others. This affected me deeply, so I work hard so that someday I could be the man like my father.


  我最敬佩的人英语作文及翻译 篇3

  There are many admirable people around us, such as our parents, teachers, polices and so on. But the people I admire most are cleaners. Cleaners work hard silently very day to keep our city clean and beautiful.

  They get up early in host summer or cold winter when we are sleeping. They dont work for themselves only, but for us, for our city. Sometimes, we think they are dirty and we dont want to close to them.

  Its not right. They clean our environment by their hard work.




  我最敬佩的人英语作文及翻译 篇4

  Who have their own most respected people, respect for the mother, but also respect for my father, and respect for grandparents, and respect teachers, classmates, friends. Those who can not finish can respect.

  And my most respected person is my language teacher, my language teacher is very understanding, long not high nor short, the teachers hair is short, big eyes, nose high, dress style Very fashionable, what clothes to wear on her she can match with a good look.

  The teachers temper sometimes sometimes bad, remember the last semester on the language class, when we classmates in class when talking, disturb the teacher class, the teacher sent a thunder, the students to the table to throw Go out, was a great voice, the class teacher also heard, and came to the classmate called out scolded a meal.

  Language teacher also said in the class for a while, when I was almost scared to death by the teacher, I had to listen to the teacher lectures, class teacher does not speak what we say, but the class was suspended for a week.

  Although the teacher is a bit fierce, but we still respect her, because she is better for our study, but very harsh on us, I like the teacher on our harsh, those who are too gentle teacher, our study is also irresponsible.

  So my most respected person is my language teacher!







  我最敬佩的人英语作文及翻译 篇5

  I respect the people, he is very ordinary, he is cleaners. Cleaners, how ordinary ordinary names, and even a lot of people are reluctant to mention them. However, every corner of life has the footsteps of their step by step.

  The cleaners used his hands in exchange for the neatness and cleanliness of our city. Dawn dawn, when the black sky is also set with a few sparse residual stars, they will get up, holding the most simple tool broom, in every corner of the street busy open. In the humble position on the unknown work, in order to bring our home to a clean, a beautiful.

  Cleaners are not only industrious, but also selfless dedication. Whether in the hot sun or snow, 365 days a year, from the nonstop this simple and difficult task. But there are many people in life not only do not support them, but also with a contemptuous look to see, and some people do not talk about health, random littering, destruction of the city appearance, and these cleaners, do not feel ashamed?

  The cleaners are small, but how noble they are. Through the honeycomb, I saw a little bee, they are nervously brewing honey, it is not like a cleaner? They also use their hardworking hands to our life brewing sweet honey.

  Cleaners are the epitome of thousands of laborers, the years of the ring to witness their contribution to the community, face wrinkles crisscross, engraved with selfless dedication of the noble spirit, full of silver is thought With all this effort. They used the hands of labor to create a beautiful life.






  我最敬佩的人英语作文及翻译 篇6

  When I was in high school, there was a teacher who taught me more than that in class.He was a very kind boy, 4 or 5 years older than us and taught us geography. We all liked to take his class, though geography was not our major course.

  What impressed me a lot was his grace.You could see him always smiling.He got angry only when we were too noisy in class.After class,he often played soccer with us.He used to be a very believable defender and never fouled on any of us.

  We all liked to call him "Teacher Miao" and he was just like a friend, not a teacher.His sonsy personality inspired me to be kind to everyone I met.That was my well-beloved "Teacher Miao".

  我最敬佩的人英语作文及翻译 篇7

  the person i admire is my mum. she is an english teacher. she is very popular among the students because she spends lots of time on her lessons and has a good sense of humor. students all enjoy her class.

  my mum is not only a good teacher, but also a great mother. she is patient with me and always smiling while talking. my mum teaches me how to think independently and helps me to build up my confidence. when i have some difficulties in my studies, it is my mum who encourages me to work until i solve the problem. when im feeling sad or bad, it is also my mum who looks after me with care.

  i remember when i caught a fever at midnight last year, my mum took me to the hospital as fast as she could. when we got home after my injection, it was about 5 oclock in the early morning. my mum only slept 2 hours because she had to wake up at 7 oclock to prepare breakfast for me, and then she went to work. she must be very tired that day.

  my mum is not very beautiful, but i admire and love her.

  我最敬佩的人英语作文及翻译 篇8

  everybody has someone in his heart that he admires very much, who may be a scientist, a writer or a musical or a movie super star. as for the one i admire the most is my dear mother.

  my mother is an honorable policewoman. she is very busy with her job all the time. as mom often needs to work over-time, she goes to work very early in the morning, and doesnt come home till late at night. mother deeply loves her work; she treats it gingerly and conscientiously, and she is full of respected at work by her colleagues and leadership. for always being a responsible person for the work, my mother also therefore merited many awards.

  in my memory, from my childhood, my mom rarely took days off, not even for the public holidays. when my friends went out to play with her parents on weekends, i spent my time in moms office. whenever mom had a day-off, she would be busy with preparing a delicious meal for my dad and me. there was one time, when we were just about to start our lunch, an emergency telephone call rang up, mom hang up the call, got dressed to get ready to go out, she was even too busy to think of the meal, then rushed to her work. till my bedtime on that night, mom was still not home yet. my mother works extra almost everyday, she never seems to know when she should stop it.

  i admire my moms work spirit! i love my dearest mother!





  我最敬佩的人英语作文及翻译 篇9

  when i was in high school, there was a teacher who taught me more than that in was a very kind boy, 4 or 5 years older than us and taught us geography. we all liked to take his class, though geography was not our major course.

  what impressed me a lot was his could see him always got angry only when we were too noisy in class,he often played soccer with used to be a very believable defender and never fouled on any of us.

  we all liked to call him "teacher miao" and he was just like a friend, not a sonsy personality inspired me to be kind to everyone i was my well-beloved "teacher miao".




  我最敬佩的人英语作文及翻译 篇10

  my mother is the person i admire the most because she has the following good qualities. firstly, she is a tolerant person. she will be tolerant to other peoples mistakes including mine.

  when i make a mistake, she will let me know why i am wrong and how i am going to do to correct them, rather than simply punish me. secondly, she is such a talented person who not only has great achievements in her work, but also can cook delicious food for my dad and me. although she is very busy at her work, she still accompanies me see the film and go to parks on weekends.





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