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  The meaning of travel is to find new things to me and the feeling of the pursuit of novelty. Is one of the great "engineers of human souls" - Anderson said: "only in the travel, you will feel that their life becomes full and vibrant." When we meet the expectations of our heart, naturally you will think this trip is very full, and life, with a new vitality.

  There used to be a teenager, he was President when he at the age of 25, the tradeoff for these achievements but he works day and night, now the young have wealth, instead, he thinks his strangers only work, it seems lack of a lot of important things! Young racking their brains thinking, how to also can't think of themselves exactly what's missing, until one day the young asked butler said: "now I have the achievement, but I always feel less what things, what do you think is missing?" Housekeeper smiled said: "since then want to know the answer, then go travel! I'm sure you can find the answer you want!" Butler say that finish turned to leave, leaving only a face of youth. Butler's words appear in my mind, the next couple of days and young also decided to take care of the home to travel, he want to anyway as it is to relax!

  So he play times the size of the place, to many famous travel scenic spot, see tomorrow will be over the trip, he sat in a chair watching the infinite sky that day, young closed his eyes and go back to the process of travel a few days, he suddenly thought that a few days he didn't upset, not confused; Instead, he is very happy, very full, then he truly comprehend what they lack is "full", young always work before, so just think what you're always missing, what now through this boy grasped the significance of travel "enrichment", will let the young in addition to work every day and outside to arrange entertainment.

  Teenagers, is a good example, young to travel to relax, and the pursuit of new things, but for them to solve the hidden in the heart for a long time! Every trip is confounded, in the process of travel can get a lot of daily life all have no novelty. The significance of travel there are one thousand species, but when you look at in this article, do you agree with my statement? Or, you are also thinking about the meaning of "travel"?






  Sometimes, suddenly between, just want to start a simple travel, not far, also need not how long, a person, a bag, a way, a journey, one kind of mood, without any bondage, without any fetter.

  Maybe the meaning of travel is not that you see how much scenery along the way, also is not whether you reach the desired destination, but the mood changes in your travel and rich experience.

  I want to travel to our eternal temptation is: can't stop, no end. And the places where we have reached, perhaps is the most beautiful scenery in our heart at that time, but deep down he was sometimes have another voice told himself, perhaps next place will make us be dead set to stop. Because the road ahead forever full of unknown and challenges.

  Life is a no end of travel. People born and keep running forward, racing against the clock, and their own race, will life in the unconscious sparse inside hua lost along the way, and time is like a necklace of off-line, lost along the way the feel of reality, these feelings only to the elderly can find they are a shining pearl. Then understand experience is true, is their own, adorn them empty heart, melting in life.

  As travel has become a rogue, we see life as a kind of real life. Remember once said: yu street is a kind of farewell, farewell, some put it into words, words can't describe others, real tramps mostly belongs to the latter, is forced to describe, just fobbed off. I thought, so had been simply wandering, this is also a way of life and state!!!! The quiet joy, enron to heart, can let a person is very comfortable.

  Sometimes we always aspire to the lines of travel hand in hand, bloom all the way, all the way singing, so in the course of the journey will not feel lonely. But perhaps a person's travel, can let us learn to grow up more. Some people say that loneliness is the self-supervision of mind, girl lonely, because of good boy excellent because of loneliness. When you are a person carrying luggage, stepping a solid pace, towards the unknown distance, maybe we'll want maybe we will feel dejected, but these perhaps is the necessity of life. When you had the so-called arduous journey. You may suddenly know: originally all already doomed, but inadvertently learn to grow up, learn to strong. Like tea, if there is no water soak, it can only be huddled in a corner. And if there is no fate we scour, life will only turgid. Then put a person's trip as a soul relief and self heart dialogue. Then we can accept on the wind and rain on the road.

  The meaning of travel is always from the heart. I don't want don't eager to see many places of interest in the journey of life, how many sites, can only hope that there is a under their feet. Even if the eyes are endless fields, I can still smile on the safety flower...












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