I love my mother优秀作文

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I love my mother优秀作文(通用6篇)

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I love my mother优秀作文(通用6篇)

  I love my mother优秀作文 篇1

  There are many people around me,but I love my mother best.

  My mother is a teacher and she is also a great mother. She tries to do what he can to help me with my study and my life. She takes good take of me. Without her help, I can’t grow healthy.

  She is very busy, but every morning, she gets up early to make breakfast. One midnight, I had a fever. She was very worried and took me to the hospital at once. Two days later, I was well but she fell ill. I was truly sorry for that.

  I’ll do my best to be a good child of my mother. I’’ love her forever.

  I love my mother优秀作文 篇2

  My mother is medium build and medium height . And my mother has beautiful long curly brown hair . My mother is a teacher . She teaches students math .

  My mother likes reading books and playing sports . She often read books after dinner . My mother likes the 《Harry · Potter》very much . And I like the《Harry · Potter 》,too .

  My mother often play sports when she get up in the morning . She often play the Hulaquan .She thinks the Hulaquan can help her keep fit .

  My mother look after her health. She often have milk and egg for breakfast . She says the breakfast is very important.

  I love my mother!

  I love my mother优秀作文 篇3

  People say that a mother’s love is great, is selfless, is from you planned to. There is a song is so sing "regardless of wind and rain, my mother never holiday, work to home…" Yes, it is with my mother? Since the childhood, I always in the mother’s arms and selfless love to grow.

  Remember in the summer, mother is always with a stalk repel mosquitoes for me; In the winter, mother always put the heater on my side… Before you know it, I was thirteen years old. Over the years, mother to my care, just like the stars of heaven, and countless; As far the valley of the mountains, towering; Like the blue sky of the sea, and unfathomable. This kind of affection is I repay you.

  At this time, my mother slept soundly, I remembered that my mother yesterday to see grandpa, at home and do a lot of work, must be very tired. I didn’t like at ordinary times will she wake up, let her do breakfast for me. A whim, but I will do breakfast for her.

  I pour oil first, open the gas burner, wait until the oil boil, pour into the good eggs, spread on the pan, after a while, turned over, and then turn off the heat. Remove it, on the chopping block. I use a knife to carve out a love, put in the dish wash, and find out the cherry juice in the above write a long-simmering word – "mother, I love you!" Then carefully selected several similar size, color, red strawberry, around the "box" with a circle. Great!

  I carefully into the room and found mother already woke up. I hurried down the plate, sneak to the sitting room to do the homework.

  I secretly took a glance to the room, I found a few hongyun, smile appeared on the mother’s eyes were full of joy. Is gently calling me: "lae in, d. son, I love you, too!"

  Mother hug me, together we eat your love eggs, mom smiled in relief, I also smiled lafort.

  I love my mother优秀作文 篇4

  When we are very small, most of us have heard the song about the praise of the mother, we have been told that mother is the best people in the world. Indeed, our mothers are the persons who give birth to us, who will never abandon us whatever happens upon us. Sometimes we will argue with our mothers, because we think she doesn’t understand us, but after a little while, we always regret for the argument. Actually, she knows her babies, she just cares too much that she doesn’t expect that it will hurt her babies. As kids, we should understand our mothers, too, it is our duty to take care of her, when we are young, mothers take care our us, when they are old, it is our turn to take care of her. It is love that makes the world beautiful, let’s show our love to mothers.

  I love my mother优秀作文 篇5

  mother s love is the greatest in the world. one evening, it was raining hard and it was very dark outside. suddenly i got a bad headache. my mother felt my head and found that i had a high fever. she was so worried that shi took me on the back to thenearby hospital at once.

  at that time, it was about midnight and it was raining even harder. i looked down at my mother andfound that she was walking hard in the heavy rain. i couldn t keep back my tears. when she was too tired to walk on, she letme down. but when she found i could hardly stand, she took me on the back again and went on walking. when we got to the hospital, she was out of breath. the doctor looked me over carefully and let me take some hot water and some medicine.

  on the way home, i felt a little better. so i told my mother that could walk slowly by myself. but mother took me in the back without a word. when we got home, mother fell to the floor. she was too tired! the next day i felt much better, but mother got ill.

  what a great mother! how great mother s love is !

  I love my mother优秀作文 篇6

  It is easy to have conflicts between children and families, because they live together for a long time and feelings are always ignored by each other. But the mother’s love to their children will never change. Sometimes I say bad words to my mother and she will forgive me soon and love me all the time. I must be a good girl.

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