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夏天英语作文 篇1

  The spring girl walked in the light of the pace, the summer girl rushed to the rush.

  July, August, hot days with the crazy like to see, blue sky blue and far-reaching, the fireball-like sun like the cloud baked, the road spit dry bamboo tongue, listless, willow like a sick Like a dejected, small fish can only be in the stone sewn channeling to channeling, and even the dragonfly had no choice but in the lotus leaves cool, it may also be afraid of the sun put its wings roast it! The farmer's uncle's dog spit out his long tongue, and the chicken will not stay up in the water!

  When it rains, it will be cool and comfortable. Look, the willow is big mouth to drink rain, dragonflies happy to fly in the rain, the fish are also swim in the water to swim it.

  But there are special benefits in summer. That is, girls can wear beautiful skirts, beautiful sandals in the water to fight water, picking up stones, laughing and joking, happy.





夏天英语作文 篇2

  Once, I remember, only gray white. Those seem sound and temperature on the arrival here of the disappeared le. So I began to sleep, the memory of the summer back, has retreated piece of green sea, white shirt you start looming.

  What is not clear from the beginning, my room was isolated from reality. I looked dazed in the world, to see it in advance, the destruction, the collapse, totally unknown. Suddenly a burst of waves flock to me, not too far top moment. I gradually sinking in the sea. Surrounded by Bitou blue. Originally, the sea so deep, the water so blue, even past the tears are really put me drown.

  The temperature is a few degrees of the sun? I do not know. But I have been pursuing the kind of unknown temperature. Where is the sun? I lean down the red walls covered with ivy has to go, there is scattered light shot down, I was pleasantly surprised the hand, there is no temperature. So I move on, Phoenix flowers in the sea, off the memory of all the gorgeous color of the season. Suddenly those pictures began to clear a little.

  You wearing a white shirt standing in the shade and a little bit of green to climb up your face, a moment bright colors, that touch of the sun through the rest faint smile on the leaves, you quietly held out his hand, home bar.


  Fish grown in water shortage in oxygen, struggling a little bit, a little bit of suffocation. You use the kind of faint breath surrounded me. Since then, the association lost all about temperature. I am in the mist began to forget the past, those memories do not fade picture. All shadows left behind in the distant past time becomes foam, disappear in the sun.







夏天英语作文 篇3

  It is true that summer is hot, very hot. But the wicked summer sun is nothing to me, for I don't usually go out. What I like to do best during the long summer vacation is to stay in my own little room and read. I love to read, but during the school year I could hardly find a free moment for reading. Endless assignments press down upon me like a mountain. I feel confined and imprisoned. Once the summer es, however, I have all the time in the world to read and read and read. I read everything I want to read. I read to my heart's content. My room maybe small, and the sun maybe hot, but I'm free, I'm happy, I'm really living! Oh, how I love summer!

夏天英语作文 篇4

  Beginning this summer, even here the next several days of rain, the sun's anger at once extinguished, and the weather has become very cool that people are feeling refreshed.

  When it rains, foam has been of coffee, sitting in his study playing online games, but can not help, but be attracted to the rain outside. Rain on the leaves, issued dull sound; rain hit the road, splashes of white foam; rain hit the racks, the issue sounds sweet tinkle.

  Lie in the window sill and see rain, dense rain such as pearl curtains, hammer down from the sky, grab a hand, her lack of playfully escape, leaving only a trace of cool in the palm of the hand.

  After the rain, my friends and barefoot, to play in the water puddles in the area. Walk through the rain, my little feet very comfortable, I splash a small partner, and made each other who are wet, and we really enjoyed ourselves.

  Rain, you give us a cool, but also brought me happiness.







夏天英语作文 篇5

  Another summer, the wind becomes warmer and warmer, village pond also don't have a summer flavor.

  And I came to the pond, is a piece of red and white cross lotus, green lotus leaves a piece next to a more set off the beauty of the lotus. Like chopsticks and bowls, the tacit understanding. All of a sudden, lotus leaf slightly shaking, close to a look, turned out to be the fish who can move back and forth under the lotus leaf. On the surface of the lotus also couldn't help shaking with lotus leaf "swan dance", see, lotus petals how charming, delicate and bright petals in front of me shaking, like a beautiful fairy, wearing a pink and white dress, lovely fish and lotus in dance together, pool of willow is littered with beautiful long hair. The wind gently blowing, lotus pose more charming, more beautiful willow branches, and fish swimming more cheerful. The beauty of the scene makes me reluctant to go, but I want to eat dinner!

  After supper, I again came to the pond for two years, the shore lit the lamp, the wind became much more cool. Suddenly heard a "cicada" tree singing this song: "know - -" don't know, this bug "know" what? The pond at night, always so quiet, no beautiful lotus pond moonlight, lotus also can't see clearly. But zen call and frogs left in the quiet.

  You listen to, the pond at night is so beautiful!

  Summer has a beautiful pond, pond also have a beautiful summer!

夏天英语作文 篇6

  Spring just to the summer atmosphere is overwhelming to flutter.

  Summer has a strange character, it is fiery, mature, with a different charm, while a while sunny, while the rain, like a naughty child.

  Summer is the season of flowers. A variety of flowers here a, there a cluster, large tracts of out of the infinite beauty. Red, yellow, blue, pink, white ... ... the summer dress up colorful; summer rain just over will be able to see the rain splashing water spray, colorful umbrella ... ... the summer dressed vitality. Can not last long.

  The The sun is like a grilled sweet potatoes, the earth hot red, hot, and even a variety of small creatures are not let go: people sweat like a rain, the dog every day spit tongue heat, issued Haha's voice, the flowers are tan thin bones. Everyone is wearing short-sleeved shorts, holding a fan in the hands of fans fan, or can not resist the power of the sun. At this time: air conditioning, swimming, eating ice, it became the most desirable.

  I like summer.