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旅行英语作文 篇1

  Thanks to the deepening of reform and opening-up, citizens of the middle kingdom enjoy a sharp improvement in their living standards. “The world is so big that I want to see it more” has become their slogan. And getting tired of visiting scenic spots at home, an increasing number of them choose foreign countries as their tour destinations.

  Tourism enables Chinese people to know more about the outside world. They meet people with different interests and see strange and awesome things during the travel. They can get ideas of the conditions and customs of other people, taste different foods and local flavors if they like. In this way, knowledge of geography and history will gain and a healthy body will be strengthened.

  With all these advantages of travel,it would give a huge boost to tour industry both at home and abroad, and of course, a much better and brighter future awaits us.

旅行英语作文 篇2

  One day, my mother and I said goodbye and went on a trip. I walked, walked and walked far and far. I went to a place with a waterfall. It was so beautiful there! I was fascinated by the scenery there, where the picturesque scenery, luxuriant trees, is really beautiful. I stayed here quietly for a day.

  I walked along again and came to a wide and wide river. I saw the clear water in the river. In the end, there were small fish, shrimps, crabs, starfish, seaweed and luminous fish...... I spent the night here again.

  In the morning, I walked on, walked and walked, go to a beautiful place than anywhere in the world, there are many small animal many, really like a big zoo, I saw there are birds, deer, geese, squirrels, rabbits and monkeys fox, lions and tigers, we play together was really happy ah!

  The second day, I started walking, walking about 10 kilometers, to the playground, there are a lot of good play, a Ferris wheel, swing, seesaw, horizontal bar, parallel bars, slide, pony, jumping bed, bumper cars, water guns, water ring and boat...... I played there for a long time and said, "it's fun. It's fun."!"

  I set off for home, and when I got home, I told my mother about it, but my mother smiled.

  This is the dream in my heart! I hope there will be flowers, grass, small animals for company in our home, an amusement park public square for us to rest and play, and if my dreams can come true, that would be great!

旅行英语作文 篇3

  My Unforgettable Trip

  When I was a primary school student, my family and I took a trip to five cities which were in the south of China.

  First, we came to Nanjing by plane. That was the first time I had taken the plane and it took us an hour and a half to get there. We arrived in Nanjing in the morning. At 11:30 we went to a restaurant to have lunch. The food tasted delicious. In the afternoon we went to “Zhongshanling”. It was the place that preserve the tomb of Mr. Sugshan.

  The next day, we came to Wuxi and then Suzhou where we visited the region of rivers and lakes of “周庄”. It was a beautiful and old place. The house there were along the river and the women always washed clothes at the bank.The fourth day, we came to Hangzhou where We visited “The West Lake. It was very beautiful and the water was clear .

  As we all know, Hangzhou is famous for silk and tea, so we bought some beautiful silk and famous tea of “龙井”.The last place that we visited was Shanghai. It was one of the biggest city is China. The night view in Shanghai was more beautiful than Beijing. We visited the TV tower of “东方明珠”. It was the third tallest tower in the world. Standing in the tower you could see the whole city. In the evening, we lived in a hotel with 25 floors. I was very excited that evening.

  This trip took us seven days and we went back to Beijing by plane. The plane was very very big. There were three engine rooms. I felt happy and I would never forget the trip.

  If I were to leave my home for a year, there is one thing I definitely would take with me: my cell phone. With my cell phone, I could call my friends or family if I ever was lonely, needed advice, or just wanted to talk.

  If I were away from home for a year, I would be very lonely, especially in the beginning before I made friends. If I could call my mother and father, I would hear their familiar voices and I would not feel so lonely. Hearing my friends’ voices would also help me overcome my sadness.

  I’ve never been on my own so there are many things I am not familiar with. I’ve never opened a bank account, got a driver’s license, or made my own food. If I had to cook chicken or something, I could call up my mother and she could tell me how to make dinner.

  Sometimes, I may just want to talk in my own language. With my cell phone, I could call my friends and tell them about my new life. This would make them jealous of me

  . I would call them a lot so they could hear all the wonderful things I am doing.

  For me a cell phone is a necessity. I would need it anytime I was lonely, anytime I needed to do something I didn’t know how to do, and anytime I just wanted to talk. Of course, the phone bill will be sent to my parents.

旅行英语作文 篇4

  Last summer vacation,my family and I went to Qingdao by train。There wasalways sunshine and fresh air,which made us so comfortable。We went to theseaside,the sea was as blue as the sky,and bathing in the sunshine on the beach,was really an enjoyable thing。

  I also picked up a lot of colorful shells with mylittle sister。

  There we bought many interesting souvenirs,I was planing to sendthem to my friends。We ate many tings there,such as fish,prawn,and so on。They arevery delicious。Then we lived in a clean and tidy hotel,and the price was not soexpensive。

  I like Qingdao very much,and if I got a chance,I hope to come hereagain,it is such a beautiful and interesting place。

旅行英语作文 篇5

  Last summer holiday, our family went to the shangri-la la wood cuo national forest park to play, also picked some mushrooms!

  We got there on the first day of the evening sleep a big in), but we'll be on the way. There are acres of forest on the mountain, in addition to tourists, trees, grass, and wild mushrooms.

  We sat on the low fuel consumption of touring, began to travel, where clockwise is auspicious, so our itinerary is clockwise. Love saying that exaggerated metaphor on the car, so the car people always be amused laughter.

  I'm not really active in the car, so don't lack of oxygen, but one off activity, is a lack of oxygen to dizziness, vertigo, fortunately, next to a store, where I bought a bottle of oxygen, took a few mouth, is good for you to come over.

  Later, to change the plan, we are going to go by boat, on his way to the place by boat, I saw the "little umbrella" of handfuls of white, I have a look, turned out to be a mushroom, I secretly picked some flowers. On the ship, I down the ladder to climb on the top of the ship took many beautiful landscapes.

  A total of three days to make the trip, though very tired, but we are very happy.





  后来,要改变方案了,我们打算去坐船,在去坐船的地方的路上,我看见了一把把白色的“小伞”,我仔细一看,原来是蘑菇,我偷偷地采了几朵。在船 上,我顺着梯子爬上了船顶,拍了许多漂亮的风景照。


旅行英语作文 篇6

  Today, I and the daddy, mother, sister go to jiuzhaigou.

  My favourite place is the "sea of panda." Hear people say: "the panda sea" before the giant pandas live in there, when they are thirsty, would come here to drink. The sea of bamboo, hungry to eat bamboo.

  The inside of the "panda" sea water like sapphire blue, small fish swimming in the water. The trunk fell into the water will not rot.

  Jiuzhaigou is beautiful!





旅行英语作文 篇7

  With the general standard of living improvingand the working week becoming shorter,more andmore people are able to make a holiday trip toplaces of interest. While many like to joinpackage tours fro convenience,I prefer to travel on my own.

  I like travelling on may own not only because it costs much less but because it gives a great degree of independence and freedom. Travelling on my own,I’m my own boss;and can decide when to start on my way,where to linger a little longer and which spot can be skipped over to save energy or time for another spot. I can always adjust my plan. On the contrary,in a package tour you’re deprived of as much freedom as in a military base. At the sound of the whistle,you have to jump up from a sound sleep and,with heavy-lidded eyes,hurry to the gathering place where you are collected and counted to board a coach. At the sight of the little flag waving,you must immediately take yourself away from the scenes you are marveling at and follow the guide whose sole interest is to cover all spots according to him strict schedule,regardless of the weather or your health condition.

  True,you may encounter inconveniences if you travel individually,for instance,getting accommodations for the night and finding a place for meals. But nothing can be compared with the freedom which is vital to a person who takes a holiday trip mainly to escape from constraints of his routine life.




旅行英语作文 篇8

  the past ages of man have all ben carefully labeled by anthropologists. descriptions like ‘palaeolithic man’, ‘neolithic man’, etc., neatly sum up whole periods. when the time comes for anthropologists to turn their attention to the twentieth century, they will surely choose the label ‘legless man’. histories of the time will go something like this: ‘in the twentieth century, people forgot how to use their legs. men and women moved about in cars, buses and trains from a very early age. there were lifts and escalators in all large buildings to prevent people from walking. this situation was forced upon earth-dwellers of that time because of their extraordinary way of life. in those days, people thought nothing of traveling hundreds of miles each day. but the surprising thing is that they didn’t use their legs even when they went on holiday. they built cable railways, ski-lifts and roads to the top of every huge mountain. all the beauty spots on earth were marred by the presence of large car parks.’

  the future history books might also record that we were deprived of the use of our eyes. in our hurry to get from one place to another, we failed to see anything on the way. air travel gives you a bird’s-eye view of the world- or even less if the wing of the aircraft happens to get in your way. when you travel by car or train a blurred image of the countryside constantly smears with the urge to go on and on: they never want to stop. it is the lure of the great motorways, or what? and as for sea travel, it hardly deserves mention. it is perfectly summed up in the words of the old song: ‘i joined the navy to see the world, and what did i see? i saw the sea.’ the typical twentieth-century traveler is the man who always say ‘i’ve been there,’ you mention the remotest, most evocative place-names in the world like el dorado, kabul, irkutsk and someone is bound to say ‘i’ve been there’—meaning, ‘i drove through it at 100 miles an hour on the way to somewhere else.’

  when you travel at high speeds, the present means nothing: you live mainly in the future because you spend most of your time looking forward to arriving at some other place. but actual arrival, when it is achieved, is meaningless. you want to move on again. by traveling like this, you suspend all experience; the present ceases to be a reality: you might just as well be dead. the traveler on foot, on the other hand, lives constantly in the present. for him traveling and arrving are one and the same thing: he arrives somewhere with every step he makes. he experiences the present moment with his eyes, his ears and the whole of his body. at the end of his journey he feels a delicious physical weariness. he knows that sound, satisfying sleep will be his: the just reward of all true travelers.

旅行英语作文 篇9

  Sometimes, suddenly between, just want to start a simple travel, not far, also need not how long, a person, a bag, a way, a journey, one kind of mood, without any bondage, without any fetter.

  Maybe the meaning of travel is not that you see how much scenery along the way, also is not whether you reach the desired destination, but the mood changes in your travel and rich experience.

  I want to travel to our eternal temptation is: can't stop, no end. And the places where we have reached, perhaps is the most beautiful scenery in our heart at that time, but deep down he was sometimes have another voice told himself, perhaps next place will make us be dead set to stop. Because the road ahead forever full of unknown and challenges.

  Life is a no end of travel. People born and keep running forward, racing against the clock, and their own race, will life in the unconscious sparse inside hua lost along the way, and time is like a necklace of off-line, lost along the way the feel of reality, these feelings only to the elderly can find they are a shining pearl. Then understand experience is true, is their own, adorn them empty heart, melting in life.

  As travel has become a rogue, we see life as a kind of real life. Remember once said: yu street is a kind of farewell, farewell, some put it into words, words can't describe others, real tramps mostly belongs to the latter, is forced to describe, just fobbed off. I thought, so had been simply wandering, this is also a way of life and state!!!! The quiet joy, enron to heart, can let a person is very comfortable.

  Sometimes we always aspire to the lines of travel hand in hand, bloom all the way, all the way singing, so in the course of the journey will not feel lonely. But perhaps a person's travel, can let us learn to grow up more. Some people say that loneliness is the self-supervision of mind, girl lonely, because of good boy excellent because of loneliness. When you are a person carrying luggage, stepping a solid pace, towards the unknown distance, maybe we'll want maybe we will feel dejected, but these perhaps is the necessity of life. When you had the so-called arduous journey. You may suddenly know: originally all already doomed, but inadvertently learn to grow up, learn to strong. Like tea, if there is no water soak, it can only be huddled in a corner. And if there is no fate we scour, life will only turgid. Then put a person's trip as a soul relief and self heart dialogue. Then we can accept on the wind and rain on the road.

  The meaning of travel is always from the heart. I don't want don't eager to see many places of interest in the journey of life, how many sites, can only hope that there is a under their feet. Even if the eyes are endless fields, I can still smile on the safety flower...