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春节英语作文 篇1

  New Year Mood

  When the new year is coming, everybody is so excited. The families get together and have fun. For me, as I was a little kid, Spring Festival was my biggest day. On the one hand, I could meet my parents, who worked in the city and were far away from me all the time. On the other hand, I could get the lucky money, which was enough for me to buy many toys. But as I grew up, the new year was less fun. I lived with my parents since I came to middle school, what’s more, I didn’t need money to buy the toys anymore. I could get what I want in the usually days. People said that the older, the less fun in new year. I knew the reason. If I adjusted my desire, then new year would be fun again.


春节英语作文 篇2

  Today is New Year, I wish my wish, very not easy to get this joyful holiday to come. New Year's day, is our country folk ceremonious, the most lively a traditional holiday. I like the New Year, because you can get a red envelope, gather the family livelily, how happy things. Although our house is my mother and I and my sister, but I'm still happy.

  Early in the morning, I was waken up by the "or" firecrackers, began my new plan. I happily to find mom, grinning ground to say: "mom, I wish you a happy New Year, more and more beautiful!" Mother to listen to and then said, "that also wish you academic progress, happy every day!" And then solemnly give red packets to me.

  In the afternoon, we went to bought a lot of gun, what the tortoise cannons, parachutes, fireworks anyway. By six o 'clock, we according to the convention on the balcony of the rope to hang a big bunch of firecrackers, exciting moment arrived, sister gently walked over, picked up in the hands of sweet braved Mars, carefully lit firecrackers, ran quickly. The gunshot deafening, we had to put his hand over his ears, look at the bright sparks, is very colorful. Then we went to dinner.

  The food is delicious, have dumplings, braise in soy sauce meat, green vegetables soup, etc., an appetite is big, I forgot drooling, picked up the chopsticks one breath a soup, with a full stomach I watch TV.

  New Year's party was really wonderful ah, have a nice compendium of materia medica, and eye-catching "ring into egg", and "not bad money" zhao4 ben3 shan, is really an eye-opener to me.The New Year is really makes me unforgettable, like the first the unforgettable tonight!







春节英语作文 篇3

  In the evening, every household began to light up the light, and the sound of the firecrackers began to ring. Finally it was the end of the year. Alas and old one year old.

  At eight o'clock in the evening, the sky became a world of fireworks, as if it was a good one, and each family had ignited the fireworks at the same time. In the night sky, it became a sea of fireworks. The night, so bleak.

  The Spring Festival Gala begins, well, it seems to be a custom for our family to sit around the table, wrap the dumplings, watch the Spring Festival evening, and the sense of harmony.

  This year's Spring Festival evening is really wonderful, my favorite cross - talk, laugh and connect, really did not let me down. If the time is longer, it is really great.

  Maybe there are still a lot of people who have not come home. Maybe the uncle of Taiwan is missing home. This is not important because, in such a festival, our hearts are all together. I face the lamps and candles of a myriad families smiled. We are all my life on our way home.

  "3, 2, 1. Happy New Year! "As the host countdown, the new year is still coming.

  The new year began again.

  A new year, set out.

春节英语作文 篇4

  Remembering what happened in the Spring Festival is hard for me to forget. These things are happy, sad, sad, and I can never forget dancing.

  It was a sunny day. I had an uncle's wedding. There was stage performance on the wedding. My grandparents asked me to dance and send a blessing to the new people on the stage. At that time I was a little nervous but excited, I was afraid to jump out of a mistake, and I felt disgraced, so I had beads of sweat on my head. Should I perform on stage, I nervously walked on stage, and with the little apple music jumped up, a contrast, fortunately, acting is good, performance is very successful, I am very happy for the two new blessing, Taiwan also sounded a thunderous applause. At the same time, many grandparents sent me a lot of big red packets. I was happy, but I really got a lot of gains today. I'll save them and do some meaningful things later.

春节英语作文 篇5

  The Spring Festival is the most important festival for the Chinese people and is when all family members get together, just like Christmas in the West. All people living away from home go back, becoming the busiest time for transportation systems of about half a month from the Spring Festival. Airports, railway stations and long-distance bus stations are crowded with home returnees.

  During Spring Festival, the most improtant days are Spring Festival Eve and the first three days.Many customs accompany the Spring Festival.

  During Spring Festival time, you can see kinds of decorations.you can go to temple fairs and enjoy superb performances of the dances, stilt-walking and amazing acrobatic shows.so i like it .







春节英语作文 篇6

  Chinese New Year, every family has its laughter, every family is hot and noisy, how happy, harmonious, New Year is really a year, the most joyful day!

  New Year's day, every family begins to prepare, how happy! My mother and I were getting ready for the couplet from our friends' home. My father and I had just finished the paste to paste the couplet. I held the stool and walked out of the door. My father had already taped the yellow letters to the red packets. Dad stood on the chair and started to stand on the side of the crosslink, paste on the paste and stick to it.

  Finally, in the evening, I can start to see the special program that I have for that year. My mother came to the living room with the materials she used to make dumplings, and made dumplings to watch the New Year's party. After a while, the Spring Festival evening party began, in the Spring Festival gala in the sketch, there are a variety of shows that have a talent show, and singing, the Spring Festival gala is different, use the stereo images to show.

  In the middle of the show, my father and I took off firecrackers to go down the stairs and set off firecrackers. I kept getting excited all the time. Father with a very loud traditional firecrackers to put, I stand on the side, saw dad ordered after the fire, immediately ran, I hasten to cover their ears, but the firecrackers is too big, even cover their ears, also can hear voices, but fireworks and firecrackers during Chinese New Year, can be lively, put finish off firecrackers, I and my father have fireworks, but sent not fireworks, but sent out without flying over the building burst of small spark.

  After put the firecrackers, my father and I go back home, finally can eat dumplings, so my mom and dad in a while we eat dumplings, watching the spring of the second half of the year party, after the play, I told mom and dad: "in television, advertising not only Spring Festival".

  The Spring Festival is really red hot, happy heart!