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  保护环境英语作文 篇1

  Although the world develops much faster and better,the resources on the earth get fewer and fewer.In order to protect them,something must be done.

  Save water. Water is the source of life. No water,no life. So it's very important for us to do so.Not only should we protect drinking water and stop polluting it,but also make full use of it.

  Save electricity. It is crucial. We can't imagine what the life will be like without it.Everyone should do his best to save electricity. Don't forget to turn off lights or other electric machines when we finish working.

  Save forests. They are useful .Please stop cutting them down and use recycled paper instead. Make our world a green one to live in.

  Recycle useful rubbish. Plenty of rubbish can be recycled like cans,paper,bottles,and so on.

  We can save resources in this way. I believe we can make the world a better place to live in.







  保护环境英语作文 篇2

  With the improvement of our living standard, more and more people can afford a car. As a result, our roads are more often than not crammed with cars. However, with more and more waste gas being discharged by the cars, the problem of air pollution becomes even more serious. So nowadays we advocate to lead a low-carbon life.


  My suggestion is we should ride bikes more often instead of driving cars.By riding a bike, we can not only exercise our body but also protect our environment. Why not have a try, my dear friends?


  保护环境英语作文 篇3

  Now, people advocate low carbon life, our class also launched a "green low carbon knowledge contest" activities.

  Attending this activity, I just know, originally did not use electrical appliances, but don't pull the plug, or will power. I also have a little ashamed, because I think of my old things: once, when I was over the computer, but forgot to turn off the computer, went to bed until I remembered that the computer didn't shut, but I dare not to turn off the computer, because I was afraid of scold by mom and dad, how to do? I had to go in only when mom and dad sleep off. But it also takes up a lot of electricity. There are a few minor is don't forget to turn off the electric fan, or forget to turn off the lights, then I don't think is electricity that takes up a little? But now I know, this is not the environmental protection.

  Hence, under my advocacy, our family began to low carbon life action, I posted a warm prompt: on television watching TV unplug; On a computer with a tip: over the computer to shut down in a timely manner. Mother specially is guarding the light has not related, if caught, who pay the electricity bills this month. Dad is responsible for checking the electrical plugs. I think: if we always stick to it, so can save a lot of electricity, really can realize low carbon life.

  Here, I would also like to remind you that want to low carbon life, is about to take a bus, private cars less, smoke less, a variety of trees, to reduce the carbon dioxide, make our air more pure and fresh, the water cleaner, more green trees, sky more blue!

  保护环境英语作文 篇4

  Not long ago, I see from the television news in Shanghai Zoo a giraffe suffering from the disease, finally died. Anatomy and found the giraffe intestinal tract actually there are many colorful bubble plastic bag! These plastic bags are original caused it to die of stomach ulcers, my heart trembles. What a poor giraffe!

  Where is so many plastic bags? From the constant stream of visitors every day! We human beings every day in the call for protection of rare animals in the wild, but unknowingly destroyed killing them. This is what a contradiction! However, this is reality.

  In fact, this kind of paradox is abound in life. On one hand we are complaining about the environment polluted, but it is with our own in environmental pollution! On the one hand, for example, as in Shouting smoking harmful to health, on the other hand, in the mass production and sales of cigarettes. We strongly advocated don't litter on the one hand, on the other hand, when we eat popsicles often casually throwing paper on the ground. Again, for example, some factory, the boss of the factory building decorated beautiful luxury, but secretly secretly put the sewage, waste water continuously emissions into the river... So, although we every day in the propaganda environment consciousness, but environmental pollution, harm of biological phenomena in the prohibition still.

  保护环境英语作文 篇5

  As you all know, due to excessive for mankind to nature, has led to a merciless retaliatory nature: hurricanes, rain, storms, floods, drought, pests, heat, forest fires, earthquakes and other disasters enters the room, all over the world due to reasons such as drought the migration of refugees is expected to reach 100 million people by 20xx.

  Bitter ecological lesson, has cause the attention of the world and all mankind, the ioc evaluation commission visited the Olympic bid cities, the ecological environment improving listed as one of important content. Our country attaches great importance to environmental protection work table, has introduced many policies and regulations to protect the environment, to carry out a lot of work to protect the environment and activities.

  Also attaches great importance to the education of environmental protection in our country, to create "green schools" is one of important content, environmental protection and greening in our school has achieved fruitful results.

  We often see many students on the campus every corner of the collecting of debris-brick; With their own hands to protect the beautiful campus environment. However, we still exist some deficiencies: still wish someone throw the paper scraps, Those who trample on the lawn. Green school, found that have a deep footprints, from time to time in some places even gone a trail.

  保护环境英语作文 篇6

  Twenty years later, I have been working adult, one day, when I was at work, all of a sudden, one smells like disgusting in the not far from the "waste collection".

  I insist on for a while, but eventually can't bear the blow of the smelly smell. Wanted to know, I went "garbage collection". I see, the environment here makes me dumbfounded. "Day!" I shouted. The environment here is worse than I expected: the garbage cans, lunch box, the land of mountains. All sorts of color plastic bags flying, branches, grass everywhere, it can be seen to be seen. See this scene, I was surprised, for the environmental pollution and disappointment for those who litter at random.

  The human damage to the Marine world also, faint suddenly became dark deep blue sea water. Sea fish, shrimp are also quietly disappeared. And the pain of sounds from a distance of "fish kill factory" gushed out. Atop the, I saw several young man armed with a sword, there are several person of great strength with tenacity matchless sword. Asked a blue whale to head weighs one hundred and eighty thousand kg. The blue whale struggled desperately, want to get rid of the clutches of the human race. Although it again how to swing his big frame, also hard to escape the clutches. For a moment, the blue whale head, slowly and in a pool of blood, it forever left the world.

  保护环境英语作文 篇7

  The earth is our beautiful home, but now there are people who constantly hurt it. Here are the grass. Let's listen!

  On Sunday, I and friends to finish the homework, meets at small area on the grass to play, we play is excited, suddenly heard a tiny voice Shouting: "little brother, pity me."

  I look westward, not even a single person. Where is the voice? When I was puzzled, I heard the small voice again: "I am at your right foot!" I quickly raised my right foot and was shocked. "why, how could it be grass?"

  For me to see it with a sigh said: "a few days ago, a group of children on the ground to play a football in the afternoon, I trample all over like a scattered the rack, bouncing around you and to me today, is really unbearable. We plant was friend of mankind, we used to live in harmony, but now a lot of arbitrary trees are cut down, take the grass were children picked at random, trample, alas...... the grass says, tears.

  I looked at it sympathetically. The grass to dry the tears, continue to said sadly: "now, I not only absorb carbon dioxide every day, are sucked into a lot of waste gas, the harmful gas physical harm is too big for us!"

  I comfort it and say, "you can rest assured that I will promote the people in the campus to protect nature." "Thank you so much," the grass said excitedly. "thank you so much."

  I ran home quickly, with a basin of water on the grass, which was almost dry

  "You can rest assured that I will not come and trample you any more, and I will not let the other children spoil you," she said.

  From then on, the grass became a happy life again, with its own green meaning to bring a beautiful scenery to the city

  保护环境英语作文 篇8

  I came to the neighbor's house to find my friends and dreams, and tao, told them we'd go to pick up trash. They were happy. Huan said, "how can we pick up litter without tools?" I took four plastic bags and gave them one.

  The team of the environmental protection team opened, and our team acted, and I came to my backyard and found a piece of paper in the bamboo forest, and then bent down and picked up the piece of paper and put it in a plastic bag. As I went on, I found another piece of paper, which I had not always noticed, and was blown into the bamboo forest by the wind. Good I regret it, I'm in class's and grade's labor committee member, in charge of my class to each district health inspection, against some students throw rubbish, whom he thought himself also... Today I can personally pick up the rubbish I threw down in my heart at last a little comfort! I remind myself privately: you must remember, Juan, never again make this kind of silly, ironic illness!

  I continue to pick up trash. After more than 20 minutes, the garbage picks up the light, we come to the place of the collection, I see, each each hand is full of a plastic bag, really "full of return" ah! "Even if we pick up all the rubbish on the ground, the garbage in the river can't stop it. Huan difficult to say, towers take ever said: "if we use wood to make billboards, write the slogan of protecting the environment, it may cause people's attention." We looked for boards and wrote, "please don't forget the river!" "Everyone is responsible for protecting the environment!" ... We wrote five pieces of wood, and we put them in the most prominent place on the river, and we went home happily.

  Every time I see the garbage on the ground, I will say a lot: protect the environment, everyone is responsible! But the key is to raise awareness. Now our government, the majority of citizens have certain environmental protection consciousness, also can pay attention to protecting the environment, but also damage the environment behavior in some people. I hope everyone can start from me, starts from the minor matter, develop good health habits, don't throw rubbish everywhere, see the garbage can turn one down and pick up a pick up, so, our environment will be more beautiful!

  保护环境英语作文 篇9

  Since we bought the car, dad often open it take me to go for a ride, usually is ok also to dad took me out to sneak a circle, enjoying the beautiful scenery along the way, the feeling is really good. But while I was enjoying the moment of happiness, I was unknowingly blackening the environment, and our green home became a black home.

  The harm of vehicle emissions to the atmosphere I had heard, but no too care about, the school environment protection class, also talked about the content, the car tail gas main component is carbon dioxide, ozone layer destruction is that it did...

  Today, I'm going to tell my father, from now on, that I'm going to be an environmentalist. Everyone is responsible for protecting our beautiful homeland, and it is our duty to keep clean and beautiful. As soon as I did, I announced to my father that I would go to school by bus, and I wouldn't have to drive a car to school.

  In the early morning, when I was carrying the school bus in my backpack, my father's eyes were genuinely satisfied with a smile... I think it's a little incredible. It's so easy to do a green thing! Don't need a grandiloquence, what also do not need earth-shattering, need only in daily life, as long as quietly changing our habits in our daily life, can greatly contribute to environmental protection. My father is driving less than a day. I'm taking the bus to school. Is it not for the environment?

  After a period of experience, I found it's not difficult to contribute to environmental protection, the method also has many: mom buy food need not or less plastic bags, you use environmental protection bag, laundry, wash dishes of water can be used to irrigate fields, to use less disposable supplies, multi-purpose repeatable, renewable resources, the environment and advocating thrift of good habit...

  Start small, start from oneself, we primary school also want to make contribution to environmental protection!

  保护环境英语作文 篇10

  Good environment can make people feel happy and fit . To improve the environment means to improve our life. We should plant more trees and flowers around us . We shouldn’t cut them down . We should stop factories from pouring waste water into the river and waste gas into the air. Whenever we see litter on the ground , we should pick it up and throw it into dusbins. Never spit in public. Don’t draw on public walls. It’s our duty to protect the environment.


  保护环境英语作文 篇11

  With the improvement of our living standard, more and more people can afford a car. As a result, our roads are more often than crammed with cars. However, with more and more waste gas being discharged by the cars, the problem of air pollution becomes even more serious. So nowadays we advocate to lead a low-carbon life.

  My suggestion is we should ride bikes more often instead of driving cars.By riding a bike, we can not only exercise our body but also protect our environment. Why not have a try, my dear friends?



  保护环境英语作文 篇12

  There are still many problems of environmental protection in recent years. One o the most serious problems is the serious pollution of air, water and soil. The polluted air does great harm to people’s health. The polluted water causes diseases and death. What’s more, vegetation has been greatly reduced with rapid growth of modern cities.

  To protect the environment, governments of many countries have done a lot. Legislative steps have been introduced to control air pollution, to protect the forest and sea resources and to stop any environmental pollution. Therefore, governments are playing the most important role in the environment protection today.

  In my opinion, to protect environment, the government must take even more concrete measures. First, it should let people fully realize the importance of environment protection through education. Second, much more efforts should be made to put the population. Finally’ those who destroy the environment intentionally should be severely punished. We should let them know that destroying environment means destroying mankind themselves.

  保护环境英语作文 篇13

  Earth is our home, we should protect the earth. Now there are areas of debris flow, typhoons, forest fires, river pollution, ozone damage, air pollution ... ... we have been suffering from the punishment of nature.

  How can we protect our homes? We want a variety of trees, do not cut down trees, do not litter, pay attention to health, keep the campus clean. A variety of flowers, save water, protect animals, do not destroy the water ... ... we have to say to do. We want to make life into a rich water, tree-lined, no desert, no natural disasters, more seafloor products, lawn area larger ... ... let our environment change the United States, change the net, green, the environment more beautiful.

  Protect the environment, everyone is responsible! Only one of us is dedicated to their own little bit of environmental protection, will be able to make tomorrow's home more beautiful.




  保护环境英语作文 篇14

  The responsibility for preventing the environment damage should be assumed by

  government,corporations and individuals alike.More specifically,the primary obligation lies in individuals.

  Gone are the days when we saw greenery once walking on the street.It is high time

  we gave priority to environmental protection.It is indisputable that government plays a significant role in preserving the environment.However,to be more exact,the government is just the one who makes strategic decisions while the ones who practice it are the individuals.For instance,the government has been committed to protecting the animals and therefore launched a policy to protect endangered animals.To prevent the hunters from hunting endangered animals,the government’s main responsibility is to supervise the process whereas it is everyone’s compelling obligation not to hunt the endangered animals.

  Additionally,the definition of government is rather abstract while the individuals’ is

  practical. A question has arisen:who is the governmentThe answer is obscure.So we cannot depend on the government to share our duty of protecting our surroundings.Truly,the government serve us people,they surely are accountable to the environmental protection.But let us keep in mind that the environment belongs to every individuals.The responsibility and effort of individuals matter a lot to the success of every single measure.

  In conclusion,individuals are obliged to preserve the environment.Undoubtedly,the

  ones who act in positions of authority on behalf of the government are supposed to assume greater shares of responsibility for the environment.

  保护环境英语作文 篇15

  Chirp... "The two swallows cried in sadness," the environment is so bad, the white clouds in the sky are replaced by black smoke. The crystal-clear river is covered with garbage; The green and lush trees were cut down and the forest grew smaller and smaller... ""

  The two swallows flew about, trying to find a fresh air. Suddenly, the swallow saw a small fish floating on the surface of the water. A swallow flew over and asked, "what is wrong with you, little sister?" "I am ill," said the little fish weakly. "it is too difficult to find the secret recipe for my illness!" "Why are you ill?" asked the little swallow curiously. Fish with a sigh, helpless, said: "people don't care for the environment, causing water pollution, air pollution, such as environmental pollution, bring the harm to our plants and animals, also threatens the survival of mankind." The swallow nodded. "What is the" secret sauce "? The swallow is at the bottom of the plane. "The secret recipe is to protect the environment," said the little fish. "I'll be fine. But it's too hard to do it." "Let me try! "Said the little swallow. Say that finish, then fly to the city, to shout loudly: "protect the environment, is good for your human! Don't you imagine dinosaur extinction?..."

  People listened to the little swallow and finally understood the importance of protecting the environment. People began to plant trees and pick up litter...

  Before long, white clouds were flying over the earth, tall and tall trees...

  保护环境英语作文 篇16

  One day later, when I saw the river again, I was shocked. The water was not clear, the water was cloudy, and there was some dirty, bare bed, and the water was running dry and reeking. Where did these stinking water come from? As I looked, several factories were spraying smoke into the sky, the smoke polluted the clouds, and then the acid rain fell down and poisoned the earth. At the same time, the factory kept draining the waste water from the river, turning the qingqing river into muddy water. Coal is hundreds of millions of years nature of solar energy, and in a few hundred years a large number of development and utilization, a large number of coal combustion generates CO2, causing the earth's greenhouse effect. In the meantime, a small amount of sulfur burning in coal generates SO2 gas, which falls down to the ground and forms acid rain. Acid rain destroys large Numbers of forests and becomes an "airborne killer" of ecosystems.

  The water from the drainage area continued to drain the river and the plants along the river died. Isn't that the dump? The clean water is no longer clean, the river is no longer flowing and the air is no longer fresh. What kind of attitude do people have about this old river that has been around for years? Will it continue to pollute the environment or protect the river? Is it a destroyer or an environmentalist?

  With water pollution and groundwater overproduction, human fresh water resources have begun to take off. The problems of grazing, soil erosion and desertification are increasing due to deforestation and overreclamation. Due to earth's destruction, 23,000 plants and more than 1, 000 vertebrates were extinct in the year 2000, and one species is now disappearing from the earth every hour. Land pollution, people chopping down trees, rocks falling, floods destroyed houses and flooded crops; People throw rubbish into the river, causing water pollution and throwing away plastic bags everywhere, creating white pollution. People kill animals and cause animal extinctions; People are picking flowers and trees, so that we lose our beauty. Mankind has only one earth, we live on the earth, we must protect the earth, protect our homeland.

  For our own sake, for our own sake, for the benefit of our children and future generations, let us join hands to protect the natural environment, and create new heaven and earth with our efforts. We believe that tomorrow will be better!

  保护环境英语作文 篇17

  In a city, there is a pretty little girl, beautiful yan. Her top grade three, had just learned about the protection of the environment of the text, know the importance of protecting the environment, want to let people to stop cutting trees in the world, but she could not, she should I do?

  She thought and thought, she thought, and she thought of a good idea, but she will try again when she grows up.

  The time passed quickly, and then, in the past 11 years, the beautiful girl grew up, her dream can be realized, please read on:

  Actually her way is to make a 3 g film, ahem, I said 3 g film is not those dinosaur, the cemetery, I said is to protect the environment of the movie, hear the movie: to protect the environment ", to protect the environment have what good-looking of movie, than I have ever seen?" It's not so dangerous, but it's a great help in our lives. Let me explain the content of the film for you: in the past, when the sky is blue, green and underground wild flower clusters, and the birds sing cheerful, how beautiful the scene. But since the human, all this has changed: all the blue of the sky turned dark, especially those developed place, be malodorous, grass also did not have the past life, some are yellow, birds also'll flip fly away from this place, to find their own "xanadu". After some years, landscape and in this way, more and more factories, automobile exhaust, spitting, litter everywhere, humans developed, lived a happy life, but does anyone ever thought about nurturing mother earth is so difficult to endure the pain, you think? How many people died because of the separation? Have you ever thought about your own happiness, and what a blow to others? Have you thought about that?

  In the end, I urge you to say, "protect your environment, protect your environment, and be happy every day!"

  保护环境英语作文 篇18

  Now, patches of forest became less factories. Endless grassland into desert, limpid streams into a muddy gutter, beautiful grassland into a barren desert. Why? Why is this? This is because people caused by deforestation.

  The earth is home to the survival of people, and the human is continues to destroy it, people cut trees have purify air, reduce noise and adjust the temperature, and other functions; Being pulled out of the grass and people to remove the flowers to beautify the environment. You imagine, if it were not for the plant, our living environment?

  These days, many wild animals has become the plate of food, fine furniture, gorgeous dress. You think about these wild animals to buy me a life brought a lot of fun, without these lovely animals, our life will become special boring. Rose up in the morning, can't hear the birds chirping and crisp sound, can't see the kitten doggie smile to you, can only see the strange and hard faces, that is bad!

  Let us join hands together to create a beautiful home! Let us see the mountains again, flowers everywhere, singing birds, vibrant scene! Let our life more beautiful environment, more interesting. Let the flower and grass fragrance our lives "to protect the environment, everyone duty", believe in the near future will be a new world, we create a beautiful earth. Everyone must do "protect the environment, everyone duty."





  保护环境英语作文 篇19

  verybody knows waste paper and used coke cans are discarded everywhere.You might have seen plastic bags flying in the sky and getting caught in the trees when the wind blows or maybe you have seen old cans floating in the rivers and polluting the water.Our environment is the place in which we live,but it is being ruined by us.

  There is a story about house and trees.It is said that a man's house was surrounded by a lot of trees.Though the wind was strong,the man could have a good rest under the trees.How comfortable the life was.One day,the man wanted to enlarge his house,so he cut down all the trees.Then the autumn came without the protection.the strong wind blew the roof of the house into the sky.The house was gone with the wind.What a pity!But that is the price people have to pay for destroying in the ecology balance.People shouldn't be short-sighted,Protecting the environment is everyone's task.

  保护环境英语作文 篇20

  It’s very important for us to protect the environment .

  Good environment can make people feel happy and fit . To improve the environment means to improve our life. We should plant more trees and flowers around us . We shouldn’t cut them down . We should stop factories from pouring waste water into the river and waste gas into the air. Whenever we see litter on the ground , we should pick it up and throw it into dusbins. Never spit in public. Don’t draw on public walls. We can also use shopping bags instead of plastic bags. After all, It’s our duty to protect the environment. We hope our world will become more and more beautiful.

  保护环境英语作文 篇21

  The problems of the environment are more and more important for us.

  In this drawing, a family are having a panic on the grass.

  They don't really realize they make a serious mistake that they walk on the grass is damage the environment. The small boy is talking photos with his parents, he wears smile on his face.

  However, he has been forgetting his study. Look, the sign says"Please don't walk on the grass." Are you not seeing this sign?

  The drawing indicates that many people are not concerned about the environment. They don't have a thought that we should protect environment. It is our duty to do something to protect the environment.

  I think we can by the way turn off the lights when we want to go outside. And we also can urge anyone not to drop the garbage everywhere.

  Let's try our best to product to protect our environment.








  保护环境英语作文 篇22

  Some people do not cherish the earth gives us all, for example, people cut down many trees, the extensive use of disposable chopsticks and throw plastic bags, producing white garbage has to nature brought many environmental problems, a serious impact on our lives. There are air pollution, acid rain and the ozone layer damage caused is human nature to bring disaster, people cut down many trees, throw plastic bags and disposable chopsticks, which is that people do not respect the nature and cause, no nature, no human beings. This is a big world, plain truth, people just blindly grab the nature, conquer nature, will only bring trouble to oneself, the destruction of the ecological system, human's dilemma. Remember, Protect environment is to protect our own living environment.

  We want to protect this fragile earth, don't let the dense forests, vast grasslands and boundless ocean has become our memories.

  Now, we should Protect environment, to defend our homeland.

  保护环境英语作文 篇23

  Over 70% of the Earth’s surface is water; water is obviously the most precious natural resource that exists on our planet. Without water, life on Earth would be non-existent.

  Water is the lifeblood of the environment, essential to the survival of all living things-plants, animals, and human. Although we recognize this fact, we disregard it by polluting our rivers, lakes, and streams. Afterward, we are slowly but surely harming our planet to the point where organisms are dying at a very alarming rate, and our drinking water has become greatly affected. In order to fight against water pollution, we must understand the problems and become part of the solution; we also need to do everything possible to maintain its quality for today and the future.The government alone cannot solve the entire problem; it’s up to us when it comes to the problems we face with our water. In your home, correctly dispose dangerous household products. Keep paints, used oil, cleaning solvents, pool chemicals, and other dangerous household chemicals out of drains, sinks, and toilets because many of these products contain harmful substances. In your yard, recycle used motor oil. Avoid pouring waste oil and resist the temptation to dump wastes onto the ground.These are just a few of the many ways in which we, as human have the ability to combat water pollution.

  If these measures are not taken and water pollution continues, life on Earth will suffer severely.

  保护环境英语作文 篇24

  I was 7 years old that year, my family around was beautiful flowers, the grass grow lush and tender, some grass eager leaned out from the ground, trees stronger is every day, every day is high, the river is very clear, clear enough to see the bottom of the river, clear enough to see small fish shrimp swimming.

  A year later, floret grass withered, the tree also gradually disappeared, even the river green and blackened, far can smell a foul smell, is a stench to the passing from there to suppress a sigh of relief. I've been looking for clues since then.

  I found I was 10 years old, have been looking for, to find the three clues, the first clue is: people think that car in the underground parking lot is very trouble, stop in the flower of grass, time grew, flowers and grass and killed by a car.

  The second clue is that there is a huge amount of deforestation that destroys the growth of trees.

  The third clue is that people throw litter in the stream and pollute the river, and the water becomes dark and stinky.

  I made a sign with my friends that said, "please don't throw rubbish into the river." After a while the river was much better than before. The brand worked.

  Please bear in mind how we treat nature and nature will treat us.

  保护环境英语作文 篇25

  Look out, there are only concave ground skin, large swaths of forest are cut down, become people's life wood products. People have been displaced by herds of animals for their own sake. It's not a false fantasy, it's a bloody fact.

  Once upon a time, many animals and plants in the world were destroyed, and so many animals and plants were endangered. Why? This is all because human beings are cutting trees and destroying the ecological environment, which is the root cause.

  Land resource is one of the three major geological resources (mineral resources, water resources, land resources) and is the most basic resource and labor object of human production activities. Human land use degree reflects the development of human civilization, but also cause direct damage to the land resources, the main show is unreasonable reclamation plant caused by soil erosion, land desertification, soil secondary salinization and soil pollution, soil and water loss is particularly serious, but facing the world today and a serious crisis. It is estimated that the amount of topsoil in the world's arable land is about 23 billion tons per year.

  Some argue that acid rain is a silent crisis, and the worst environmental threat we've ever seen, an invisible enemy. This is not alarmist. As industrialisation and energy consumption increase, acid emissions are also increasing, and they enter the air, forming acid rain through a series of functions.

  Although the red tide has been around since ancient times, with the rapid development of industrial and agricultural production, water pollution is becoming more and more serious, and the red tide is becoming more and more serious. Since the first report in 1933, there have been 194 large-scale red tides since 1994, including only four in the 1960s and 157 in 1990. Oil pollution is very harmful to water quality and aquatic life. The oil that floats on the surface of the water can quickly spread, forming an oil film, which prevents the surface from contacting with air, and reduces the dissolved oxygen in water. Oil contains polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which can be harmful to human health after the accumulation of aquatic organisms. Sulfur dioxide is mainly produced by burning fuels such as coal and fuel, followed by nature, such as volcanic eruptions and forest fires. Sulfur dioxide is strongly irritant to the conjunctiva and upper respiratory tract of the human body, but can be damaged by inhalation tube and can cause bronchitis, pneumonia and even pulmonary edema respiratory paralysis. In the short term, the mortality rate of the elderly or chronic patients with the concentration of 0.5mg/m3 air is higher and the concentration is higher than 0.25 mg/m3, which can aggravate the condition of the respiratory diseases. The number of people with prolonged exposure to 0.1 mg/m3 of air was increased. In addition, sulfur dioxide can cause corrosion, peeling, fading and damage to metal materials, housing construction, cotton spinning fabrics, leather paper and other products. It can also turn yellow or even die.

  Protecting the environment is everyone's responsibility.

  保护环境英语作文 篇26

  It's just green.

  In life, environmental protection is everywhere, such as saving water, using plastic bags less, using solar power and hydropower. There are also a lot of people who say that the earth is crying, please protect the environment. There are also a variety of ways to protect the environment. But there are others who do not love the earth, and still do what we do: waste paper, waste water, drive cars.

  One time, I saw a man smoking in the street, and when he finished, he didn't die. He threw it on the ground. Then he began to eat the melon seeds again, and then he ate his shell. When I could not see it, I said to him, "how can this be?" He said: "a child, understand what ah, go away. I have no fear, for he said:" I though small, but I also know that this is wrong, go abroad to study network besides you Lord! And you throw your cigarette butt directly on the ground. What if it's dry and causing a fire? "Stopped," said, "and the seeds of the melon, and what they thought, you are affecting the environment." "The man looked down and did not speak, and I thought he would correct it.

  Another time, I was a guest at my cousin's house and saw him washing his hands with water as he washed his hands. He then wiped his hands with a lot of paper. I looked at him and said, "why are you so wasteful?" When he heard it, he said to me with a pout, "that's all!" I said angrily: "this has nothing to do how? Do you know those impoverished mountainous area children how much water one day only drink? Know not to know how much they only paper?" But my poor cousin replied, "I don't know!" I sighed and said, "we are much happier than they are. How can you not know enough?" Then the cousin knew the "importance" of the matter and said, "I know it is wrong. I will correct it."

  Let's start with me and protect our only big home.

  保护环境英语作文 篇27

  When it es to the environment, most people believe that now is in the shake head to sigh: water pollution, dust storm raids, white garbage everywhere... However, more and more people just sigh, but no action. Only when the sky is no longer clear our heads, remembered that should protect our environment? When we were at the foot of the land into desert, just regret not cherish the nature? I want to say, no, we can all start from to protect our school environment, from the small start bit by bit.

  Go to school that day, I and several classmates said and laughed to sit into the corridor, see at a distance a cordial and familiar figure, when we miss zhao. Suddenly, she paused, with his head down as if found any. All of a sudden, she crouched down... Strange, she do? Is to tie his shoes? Or a sprained foot? We haven't stepped forward, but she from his pocket a piece of facial tissue, hand a pinch, picked a piece of chewing gum on the ground up, wrapped up, and then threw it into the dustbin. She turned around and saw us strange eyes, smiled and said: "not surprisingly, don't say the whole school, even if let's class, if a person a piece of gum, we will be glued here. If everyone take good care of our environment, we can live in fort."

  Miss zhao said good, do better. I think I did pretty good also. For example, our class classroom environment, there are flower, grass, helped my contribution! Since as health group leader, I work hard, meticulous work. If I was in this respect "xiao-he only expenses furore," then I class "plant corner" career for me, but made great contributions

  保护环境英语作文 篇28

  Is a source of atmospheric pollution, automobile exhaust emissions. The original day is blue sky thousands of miles, but now in some big cities, dark clouds, days groggy, and smelling the automobile exhaust, will be very unfortable, will also cause cancer. Car brought convenience to people, but also give a person e trouble exhaust. So I want to invent a kind of environmental protection car perfume exhaust.

  This car far and general, approach can find the car without the exhaust pipe, only several honeyb holes in the rear. People can't help but question, then the tail gas is how to deal with? What about the few at the back of the hole? The original automobile exhaust has been through in the car of a tube to trunk of a big box. The first small box of exhaust gas into the first big box, box spews disinfection powder, after disinfection of exhaust gas after a filter paper wall in the second small box, this small box also jet air disinfection, second after disinfection of exhaust gas through a filter paper wall e Chinese medicine steaming box. The box is full of Chinese traditional medicine powder, 4 walls exudes a of the heat and boil Chinese medicine Chinese traditional medicine. Three times after disinfection of exhaust gas after the thickest wall filter paper box to the perfume. Exhaust immediately into non-toxic harmless aroma, the aroma and then through the small hole at the back of the scattered outside the car, a series of disinfection purification is done.

  保护环境英语作文 篇29

  Today, China's economy has made the great achievement. More and more foreign people come to China to seek for cooperation. It is true that people's life standard has been improved a lot during the last decades, but the environment has been polluted badly. When I was very small, I could see the green trees and clean water around my hometown, but now, the river becomes smaller and the rubbish can be seen everywhere. I feel so sad about it. We have sacrificed so much to chase the profit. If we can't save the environment, we won't live the comfortable life. For us, we should not throw away the rubbish and plant more trees. The little things we do will make a great difference.


  保护环境英语作文 篇30

  What can I do for our environment?

  Everyone can do something for our environment. For me, I should try to save electricity in my daily life. For example, if I am the last person leave the classroom in the evening, I will always remember to turn off the lights. In order to protect our forests, I will use paper wisely. I should try to use both sides of paper whenever it is possible. I will not use things like paper cups and disposable chopsticks because they are made of wood. I believe that doing all these small things will improve our environment and help make our world a better place to live in.



  保护环境英语作文 篇31

  Cherish resources, protecting the environment, only a few words, this is very important, for example, we go out to play, etc. The words will be held.

  Earth's resources are limited, could have uninterrupted growth, but because of the excessive development of people, these resources can hardly continue to regeneration. Water is indispensable to mankind, it gave birth to all life, he is our mother, but water has always been some don't know to cherish, will only waste, wasted a lot of water on earth, but only very little for us to drink the water, the other is the water of the sea, so we should protect water resources. Biological resources is very important also, he can let us survive, so we can't destroy any creature in the food chain, if damaged, will be big disaster, there are always some damn poachers, the capture of wild animals, such as elephants, rhinos, etc., so we need to protect any type of resource, let him not be damaged.

  Protect the environment, cherish resources, from small start.




  保护环境英语作文 篇32

  Environmental problems are becoming more and more serious all over the world. For example, cars have made the air unhealthy for people to breathe and poisonous gas is given off by factories. Trees on the hills have been cut down and waste water is being poured continuously into rivers.Furthermore, wherever we go today, we can find rubbish carelessly disposed. Pollution is, in fact, threatening our existence. The earth is our home and we have the duty to take care of it for ourselves and for our later generations. Fortunately, more and more people have realized these problems. Measures have been taken to cope with these problems by the government. Laws have been passed to stop pollution. I hope the problem will be solved in the near future and our home will become better and better.

  保护环境英语作文 篇33

  Sun exposure, river dry, ground crack. A strong dandelion in order to let their children can go to a better place than this life, is fighting with the sun. Wind girl came lightly, the small dandelion took away.

  Small dandelion eyes wide open curious eyes, carefully watched the mother had said the beautiful world. A section of "colorful" criss-cross the river, tens of thousands of stumps barely standing on the wasteland, a tall steel frame tall and crowded crowded on the earth ... ... small dandelion rubbed his eyes, once again looked at this world. That clear river, green trees, mountains and plains of flowers and where the soft land?

  The wind girl holding a small dandelion flew to the beach side, said: "child, you are here to settle down!" Small dandelion look at this piece of land, the beach side of several reeds hanging head, listlessly crawling on the ground. A dark piece of the sea, floating a lot of dead little fish, a small gull effort to clean up their own oil stains. "I want to live here," said the little seagull. "The little seagull said sadly:" I want to have a friend, but here it is polluted by oil, and the fish are dead, and you are still somewhere else. Place to go! "Little Dandelion shook his head to the wind girl, so they left the beach.

  "I'll take you to the forest and there will be a way for you to settle down." The wind girl said softly. Mother said that the big forest lived in many small animals, there are many tall trees, they can cover their shelter, small dandelion looking forward to. They flew over the beach, crossed the ocean and came to the big forest. Little dandelion heard a burst of piercing screams, he shivering, bow down to see. The great forest was filled with bloody animal bodies, their bodies were baked by the sun, but the heart was soaked in the icy blood pool; the hunters were aiming for small animals with a shotgun; not far away, the loggers were busy A small sparrow is from a fallen tree flew to another tree, it whines ... ...

  Little dandelion helplessly looking at the direction of her mother, lowered his head. "Mom, where is my home?" The wind girl gently stroked the little dandelion, was trying to take it away. Little dandelion suddenly broke the wind girl's hand, it wants to find their own home. Small dandelion flew to the mountains, high mountains on the high-voltage cable, with nuclear power plants, where filled with a variety of rays; small dandelion flying to a small river, where the factory polluted the river, a mad cat is crazy to dance; The little dandelion flew to the desert side ... ... small dandelion finally in a building on the balcony to find a place to settle, where there is a handful of soil can be settled for it, there is no killing without pollution, small dandelion quietly waiting, waiting for a The arrival of heavy rain, and then grow vigorously. It waits, and so on, but the rain has never arrived, so it began to desire even a drop of water Ye Hao. One day, the little dandelion was delighted to see that there was a drop of water on it, it hurriedly opened his eyes, and then closed his eyes sadly. It was a child to face this high-rise city in the cry!

  Little dandelion quietly waiting, until now, it still quietly waiting for ..

  保护环境英语作文 篇34

  Shanqingshuixiu, cultural blend, has a profound cultural heritage of the national historical and cultural city - Changshu, is my hometown. She is like a bright pearl, mosaic in the south of the earth.

  With the reform and opening up, people's living standards continue to improve, but the hometown environment is deteriorating. The turbulent river is bursts of stench, the fish is dead and the birds are rarely patronized. The terrible white pollution is like putting a layer of "white carpet" on the home. People free to destroy natural resources, so that the rapid deterioration of the home environment, to our survival has brought a serious threat.

  In order to protect the environment, we should advocate green life, turning waste into treasure. You see, the park is full of green grass, green trees, faint fragrance. There are a variety of fruit on both sides of the road for visitors to enjoy. Park door, there are two glittering dragon, approached a look, oh! The original is made with the old CD. Far away a vivid marshmallow sculpture, the original is made of plastic bags. And the use of dye bucket made of strange trash cans; useful easy to pull the tank from the Paris Tower; there are abandoned with broken iron scraps into the lifelike "defenders" ... ... especially with a variety of waste paper box made of Robots, it is surprising. Look at them all flexible and comfortable, wearing a hats, one hand holding the old broom, one hand holding the dustpan, seriously clean up. As long as you touch it the button, it will say to you: "Please with us to protect the environment, trouble you one, clean ten million!" If you litter, it will automatically remind you. Look at these waste things not only do not pollute the environment, but beautify the nature, but also always remind people of environmental awareness.

  This is the green life I want !, Do you like it? I propose that we act, let us start from their own, from now on, make the ideal into reality, let the home into heaven!

  保护环境英语作文 篇35

  Now, "to protect the environment" has become the focus of the global topic. However, to truly realize the protection of the environment, we must start from our own, from the little things around us to start.

  One day, I went to the little river in the park to play. A little boy should throw a freshly baked bottle into the river. I saw, if nothing had happened to play and said: "No matter he, I have to play it.If I go to control him, I certainly can not play." At this time, a fishing grandfather saw a small The boy's behavior quickly stretched out his hand to stop the little boy, and the little boy said: "The child do not go to the small river to throw garbage." The little boy listened, put down the bottle indifferent to the grandfather said: "What's the big deal? This is a bottle, not rubbish. "Grandpa listened, and not angry. Smiled and said to the little boy, "Child, you do not understand.You do not look like it is a bottle, but it also pollutes the water like other rubbish, so that we can not drink clean tap water and say that the trash can , Take a few steps to the. "The little boy heard the words of the grandfather speechless. He said to the grandfather "thank you", ran toward the trash.

  I was listening, thinking: "Yes, when we want to throw fruit dander, often these garbage will be thrown into the trash outside, and ignored. In fact, as long as you reach out, they will be thrown into the trash Sometimes you will be able to find the trash can not be found. "In fact, the trash can be in a few steps." These little things can reflect a The moral character of the person and whether he loves the environment around him.

  To protect the environment, is all of us things, everyone should do a force. So that we will make our home more colorful!

  保护环境英语作文 篇36

  Recently we have held a class meeting to discuss what is considered to be honorable behavior and what is shameful. (最近我们班开了个班会讨论什么是光荣和耻辱。)It is really a pity to see all this in our school.(很遗憾在学校看到这些现象)Some students don’t respect their teachers or parents. (不尊敬老是和父母)Some don’t take their studies seriously and cheat in exams. (作业不认真,考试作弊)Some throw wastes everywhere and pollute the environment . (到处乱扔垃圾污染环境。)It is honorable to obey the law and rules , care much about our class and study hard.(关心班级、努力学习、遵纪守法是光荣)It is shameful to break school rules, to be selfish or to make little effort to achieve success.(违反学校纪律、自私 骄傲是可耻的)We should respect others and think more of them than of ourselves.(我们应该尊敬别人经常关心别人)We should work hard and make much more progress to repay the society.(我们应该努力学习取得更大进步从而回报社会。)We should try our best to keep the environment clean。(我们应该想方设法保持干净的环境。)

  保护环境英语作文 篇37

  But in real life, some people still do not pay much attention, that insignificant, in my opinion, environmental protection from the pieces of small things to start. I have experienced such a small two things: one day, I went to the supermarket to buy things, approaching the supermarket door, saw a few distributed leaflets, see people give, see the car to put, but some people do not, readily I throw the paper in the trash. And see two people with glue will be posted on the wall alone, from afar, like a block of "psoriasis" while they do not pay attention, I took out my unique skills "tear paper", ha ha, "psoriasis" by me Get rid of a large piece. Another time, I play in the floor and found a distant grass on the smoke of smoke white smoke, approached a look, the original is a group of children in our group where the fire burning grass, grass a large, I big brother The identity of the quickly stopped, and talked about the risk of fire and the importance of environmental protection. They are ashamed, quickly from the nearby end of the water to extinguish the fire, the end of the burning action.

  We humans all live on a planet, that is the earth. Earth, there is oxygen for us to breathe, as well as dense forests, vast grasslands, boundless oceans, all kinds of animals, constitute a beautiful nature.

  But some people do not cherish the earth gave us everything, destruction of nature, a large number of hunting wild animals. Coupled with a variety of damage to the practice of the environment, to our nature brought more and more disasters, long yellow sand instead of the green Linhai, the surging river into a dry river bed, the beautiful scenic area into a wilderness. There are air pollution, the ozone layer has holes and so on these phenomena are people do not protect the environment brought about the consequences. Once upon a time, my hometown air is fresh, the sky is blue, really like a colorful painting, so beautiful! But now, the car it drained the smoke of the smoke, more than the factory, the discharge of sewage, the water into a black odor, causing serious pollution. There was a trash in my hometown, and people put the rubbish here, and some even threw the trash out of the trash. Every summer, here has become a habitat like flies mosquitoes, the wind blowing, hateful white pollution to join in the fun. In the trash next to a pond, the water floating some of the bubble rubbish, water and black and dirty, inside the fish are dead, pond water death in general silence.

  I want to loudly call on people: the earth belongs to us human beings, belong to all of us, as long as we use our hands, start from me, from everyone to start to protect the environment, love the natural resources on the earth, so that the pond is still flowing in the clear Home, so that flowers are still so full of flowers in full bloom.

  Human, ah, it is time to awaken, and opened his eyes to see our surroundings, this is our home ah, let us wash hands from the gold basin, with their own hands, with their own wisdom, with their own conscience Our children and grandchildren left a harmonious, beautiful home, let us for our generations of life to make an effort to survive it!

  保护环境英语作文 篇38

  A long time ago, the stars in the sky were like a small lamp, illuminating the beautiful blue earth.

  Earth did not know how many years to turn, one day there is a monkey like animals. At the beginning, they are very friendly to the creatures on earth. But later, their intellectual development, greedy is also growing, and what to eat what to eat, what to wear what to wear, open hands to plunder everywhere.

  They cut the forest uncle's hair and beard, do their favorite greeting cards, and disposable chopsticks, paper cups, often in the earth's belly dig their favorite oil, coal, all kinds of minerals and precious stones.

  In this way, they polished the earth's hair, leaving a piece of bare world. They also invented a thing called air conditioning, the sky aunt's skirt drilled one after another big hole, broken the sun's mysterious palace beam like a knife like the light pouring to the earth. They threw things into the sea every day, and the mothers of the sea mother were poisoned by those dirty things.

  "We can not wait for this, to find a way to save yourself." Uncle forest said to the sky aunt.

  "But what should we do?" The ocean mother frowned, and sometimes could not think of any good idea.

  "We went to see the great universal goddess of nature, she will have a way." Sky aunt made his own proposal.

  They came to the goddess of nature in front of tears with their own suffering. "We have to destroy them, otherwise we can not live!" The forest uncle teeth, clenched his fist, gas said fiercely.

  "It's still too early to destroy them, and you can give them a look at the colors and show them a yellow card, and if they do not repent, they will not destroy them anymore." The goddess of nature shines with kindness The

  "Well, let them know that we have a great deal!" Said the ocean mother and the sky aunt.

  Ocean mother first angry, blowing the ten typhoons, the roof was opened, the crops were scraped. The sky aunt's tears pool into a downpour, floods skyrocketed, the earth quickly became a vast ocean. Those tall trees, buildings blink of an eye was drowned. Run the cattle and sheep in the twinkling of an eye was washed away by the flood.

  Flies, mosquitoes run rampant, happy to spread the plague. All kinds of bacteria are running out, competing for the performance of their own ability to see who's the most lethal, to see who destroyed the largest!

  From the sky aunt skirt loopholes, emitting a terrible light, that light with toxins, standing on the skin, the skin rot.

  The forest uncle said to the children: "Our hair is pulled out, the earth into a desert, so that they will never see flowers and grass.

  The air was dirty, the water was dirty, the fish died in droves, the eagle disappeared in the sky, and the bare land was left with only a group of animals like monkeys - monkeys!

  So, one day they asked myself, "How can we live now?"

  保护环境英语作文 篇39

  Today is June 5 - Human World Environment Day. In this day people will convene an environmental conference to discuss measures to protect the environment. At the same time, the natural environmental protection conference is also quietly carried out.

  Everybody came to the meeting early. Suddenly, a disgusting smell came, so that everyone could not help but cover his nose.

  "What is it?"

  "This is really unpleasant."

  "Who is so smelly?"

  "It's me, I'm water!" A little voice replied. We see, ah, this is the water? Is that clear water? Appear in front of everyone is a beach of black hair stinky things.

  As the uncle asked with care: "Who made you this pair of looks?"

  "What is it?" Said the deer, "how did you become that?"

  Water listened to the concern of everyone asked, could not help but shed tears. "I was clear and transparent, but that human beings never love me, they put the factory waste to my body row, the garbage to me down, and even the toxic substances are also thrown to me, my pollution is beyond recognition , The result of serious human water shortage, and I also seriously ill, even a small animal stained I will be sick, I ... ... "

  Water cry did not finish, I saw a mass of black gas floated into the venue, no other people ask, it is the first to open the mouth: "Everyone saw me now look like it? Can anyone think of I was so clean the air!

  Everyone was very surprised to hear.

  The air coughs twice and goes on to say, "Is clean air not a necessity for life? But mankind has discharged all of the exhaust gas and gas in the chimney of the factory, but fortunately there are trees to help mankind and everything purify the air, otherwise , We inhale the contaminated air will get sick.

  "Unfortunately, we can not do anything." A voice came from the corner.

  It was standing next to a small tree talking, "because my companions are getting less and less. Our tree family has a great contribution to mankind, we breathe carbon dioxide through photosynthesis, exhale fresh oxygen, and our But the human not only do not know the gratitude, but also wantonly cut down us, so that our family members less and less, and harm the birds are homeless. ".

  "We are already homeless." A Tigers stood out and said, "As the forest is getting less and less, coupled with human hunting, and now my family members are numbered, the national wild tiger left only Under less than 20. "

  Finally, everyone is silent. They are thinking: Today, human pollution of the environment, destruction of nature, so that we are homeless; tomorrow, they will lose the survival of their homes, the same will be homeless!

  保护环境英语作文 篇40

  保护环境英语作文 篇41

  One possible version:

  The problem of “white pollution” caused by used plastic is becoming increasingly serious, in which plastic shopping bags play an important role. In China about three billion plastic shopping bags are consumed every day, which results in a great waste of resources and heavy environmental pollution. Luckily, The government has put a nationwide ban on the use of free plastic bags, demanding that all stores and supermarkets not provide customers with free plastic bags after June 1. The rule will undoubtedly reduce the use of plastic bags and enhance the awareness of environmental protection. It is highly advocated that we should turn to cloth bags and shopping baskets from now on.

  保护环境英语作文 篇42

  Water pollution on the impact of industrial and agricultural production of industrial and agricultural production not only need to have enough water, but also have some requirements for water quality. Otherwise, the industrial and agricultural industry will cause great losses, especially in the industrial and agricultural production process using contaminated water, the human has a great harm. First, the destruction of industrial equipment, a serious impact on product quality. Second, the chemical position of the soil changes, fertility decreased, leading to crop reduction and serious pollution. Third, the city to increase domestic water and industrial water treatment costs.

  Clean air is the necessary material the basis for people to survive, an adult to breathe an average of 15 cubic meters of air a day, if people breathe heavily polluted air, no doubt harmful to health. Therefore, the study of the impact of air pollution, awareness of the value of clean air is a very plex frontier research project. And children in the growth and development stage, is the most sensitive to the outside world air pollution, the study of air pollution on children more likely to obtain valuable results. Based on this, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, China Environmental Monitoring Station Chief Engineer Wei Fusheng for the Chinese chief scientist of the Sino-US scientific and technological cooperation the projects one by one air pollution on the impact of human respiratory health research, in Guangzhou, Wuhan, Lanzhou, Chongqing and other cities and suburbs The results showed that 8196 questionnaires were used to investigate the pulmonary function of children in the air, including environmental monitoring data, and about 3 million data were obtained. After statistical analysis, Air pollution has a quantitative understanding of the effects of human respiratory health (especially children). The results confirmed that the impact on human health to the fine particles of air pollution is most serious (China has 2/3 of the city exceeded), followed by sulfur dioxide pollution (1/3 of our city exceeded), the impact of nitrogen oxide pollution relative Weak. It can be said that fine particles (respirable particulate matter) is the first killer of human health. According to experts, particulate matter attached to the toxic heavy metals, acidic oxides pared with the soil enrichment hundreds of times, thousands of times, or even tens of thousands of times, and can float in the air up to several days, harmful substances with the inhalation Particles into the human lungs, and may through the alveolar into the blood, directly endanger human health.

  Recently, the eight-year research results in Beijing adopted by the State Environmental Protection Administration presided over the expert appraisal. Experts believe that this research results for our understanding of the importance of clean air, improve the public and the leadership of environmental awareness is of great significance. The data of the research results provide a scientific basis for the national air environment legislation, the development and revision of air quality standards, emission standards and air pollution control policies.

  保护环境英语作文 篇43

  Now, people's environmental awareness is not very strong. We have serious environmental pollution now, and if we do that, the consequences will be terrible.

  By that time, plastic bags, beverage bottles, waste paper and sewage were all over the place. The forest was cut down and the bird's home was gone. Herds of cattle and horses, green grass and green hills become "volcanoes". The junk station was gone, and it was transformed into a tall building. There are too many cars, the sky is overcast, it doesn't rain, the desert is more, people live in less...

  We need to start from every little thing around us, not just in the mouth, but in action. First, be aware that you must first make the habit of not littering, and you will pick up the trash and throw it in the trash. And then you have to get the parents into the habit; Finally, call on everyone around you to protect the environment.

  In addition to littering, reforestation is the key. To organize class students, participate in tree-planting activities. Call on those around you not to cut down trees, to love every little sapling around you, to grow up and grow into a big, green tree.

  Protect the environment, from I start! Protect the environment, everyone is responsible! Please save the water from the river.






  保护环境英语作文 篇44

  Protecting the environment is not a temporary thing. It requires us to stick to it every day and take action whenever and wherever we want. As long as each of us ACTS, it will save the earth, our home.

  Save electricity, protect resources, reduce pollution.

  Electricity is what every primary school student is exposed to every day, which is what we need to learn every day, but now it's amazing. Therefore, every move in the use of electricity should start from economy.

  In our country, power generation mainly relies on coal, and the coal on earth is limited. At current consumption rates, global coal will be consumed in 250 years. After that, we will leave no coal for our children.

  Saving electricity means saving coal and contributing directly to reducing air pollution. Because the acid rain is caused by coal burning, it can corrode buildings strongly and acidify the soil and water, resulting in reduced food production and the death of grass and fish and shrimp. According to the calculation, the economic loss caused by acid rain in south China is 140,000,000 yuan per year.

  Saving electricity can slow down the warming of the earth. Due to large amounts of coal combustion emissions of carbon dioxide, as a cover to block the heat of the ground outside sends out to the sky, and the greenhouse effect, if the earth's temperature rise, will cause drought or flood, will cause the melting ice. If all the icebergs on earth melt, countries and islands at lower altitudes will disappear.

  We, who live today, are sure to enter the next century, and many of them are vulnerable to global warming. A total of 135,000 children in Germany's 192 schools have vowed to cut the greenhouse effect of their communities by 10 percent. They changed into energy-saving lamps, refused air conditioning, abandoned cars, and chose bicycles. After seven months of effort, they have reached their goal.

  Twinkling of an eye, we have run into beautiful June again, it's tree planting and afforestation opportunity of the country, in order to create a good green home, protect the ecological environment, I suggest the students:

  Love nature, love flowers and trees, protect and cherish animals, and carry out tree-planting activities.

  Promote environmental protection and bring environmental awareness to thousands of households

  保护环境英语作文 篇45


  After school on Friday, my mother and I went for a walk in the park.


  The flowers in the park exudes a touch of fragrance, the grass from the underground drilling, willow shook his green long braids. But I found someone with a dog run on the grass, some of the dog in the grass on the grassland is defecate, get dirty, dog feces pollution of the environment of the park.


  I think every one of us went to the park to the people should be small animal, do not pollute the environment freely, so that our earth will be more beautiful.