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  垃圾分类的英语作文 篇1

  The resources of the earth are limited. We should cherish and cherish these resources. So were going to do garbage sorting, and reuse the available resources again.


  At home, remind everybody garbage classification, water bottles, cans, such as waste paper packed together to sell, resources recycling, and made money, the waste batteries, cartridges, etc in the recycling bins. In school, you can reuse and reuse garbage, put in two different trash cans, one is recyclable and one is unrecyclable. Learn from your classmates and discuss ways to classify rubbish. In the suburbs, we will use two bags to classify garbage, pick up the garbage that we see and classify it, so that it is the best young pioneers. This allows you to easily categorize.


  Everyone is sorting garbage, and the earth is beautiful. We will see the thick wood, the clear water, the blue sky and the blue sea, everyone has a sweet smile.


  垃圾分类的英语作文 篇2


  With the development of economy and the improvement of peoples living standard, the problem of "garbage besieged city" has become increasingly prominent. Everyone will throw out a lot of garbage every day, but there are few cases of garbage classification. Last Sunday, I came to a nearby village to do a small survey of garbage classification.


  As soon as I entered the village, I found that there were many health dead spots in the village. The back streets and alleys were full of garbage, and the garbage cans were stinking. "How do you deal with the garbage in your house?" I visited several families randomly and got the same answer: "lets throw the garbage together and let the garbage truck take it away."


  There are many rubbish in our daily life. They come from different places and pass by different peoples hands. Many people throw some recyclable things into the garbage can no matter what they are, which is very wasteful. In addition, garbage piles up to destroy our living environment, even affect human health, which is very harmful


  Therefore, I think each department can go to some public places or communities for publicity and education. Through holding some garbage classification knowledge competitions, we encourage everyone to actively participate in and really attach importance to it, so that people can fully understand the methods and significance of garbage classification.

  垃圾分类的英语作文 篇3

  To promote garbage classification, we must start from me!

  We make a lot of garbage every day. How do we deal with it? After reading the publicity materials given to us by the teacher, I know that the garbage will be transported to the garbage dump first, and then sent to other places for treatment. There are two ways of treatment, one is landfill, the other is incineration. The cost of landfilling is very expensive, and a large amount of land is occupied. It costs 200 to 300 yuan to process a ton of garbage. The most commonly used is incineration. Although incineration does not occupy the land, a large number of highly toxic carcinogens will be discharged from the incineration waste, which can cause bronchitis, asthma and other diseases.

  In order to reduce the harm of garbage disposal to human beings, we now advocate garbage classification and less production of domestic garbage. Now, there are many wastes that can be recovered from incineration and landfill. Good waste classification can not only reduce the pollution of incineration, but also save land. It can also turn the cost into a treasure. The benefits of waste classification are endless.

  There are four kinds of garbage classification, one is recyclable garbage, the other is kitchen waste, the other is harmful garbage, and the other is other garbage. Recyclable waste is recyclable, such as waste plastic, waste paper, waste metal, waste glass. Kitchen waste is rice, pasta expired food, fruits, bones and so on. Hazardous waste is paint, batteries, pesticides, etc. Other rubbish is quilts, schoolbags, clothes, etc. To classify garbage, remember that blue is recyclable garbage, green is kitchen waste, red is harmful garbage, and gray is other garbage. Waste classification can reduce the consumption of resources, avoid the pollution caused by landfill and incineration, and turn waste into treasure. Making recyclable waste into something else is a good renewable resource.

  A lot of things can be recycled to make another thing. For example, the lunch box can be made into artificial wood, and the glass can be made into new glass Garbage classification should start from me and turn garbage into treasure!


  我们每天都会制造大量的垃圾,这些垃圾是如何处理的呢?看过老师给我们的宣传资料,我知道这些垃圾先运到垃圾堆放场,才送去别处进行处理。处理的方式有两种,一种是填埋,另一种是焚烧。填埋的费用很昂贵, 还要占用大量的土地,处理一吨垃圾要用人民币200元至300元。用得最多的是焚烧,焚烧虽然不占据土地,但焚化后的垃圾会排出大量的剧毒致癌物质,能让人导致支气管炎,哮喘等疾病。




  垃圾分类的英语作文 篇4

  As is encouraged to protecting the environment,Waste sorting is very necessary.It can save the money and the time for a country to deal with rubbish and it also can enhance the quality of people.Concerning the benefits of waste sorting,China has done something really wisely.Now we can see all kinds of rubbish bin in the street,in the park,in the community and so on.And waste sorting is now deeply rooted in peoples mind.Im really appreciate that.


  垃圾分类的英语作文 篇5

  Society produces a lot of rubbish, such as leftover food, waste paper, plastic bottles and batteries every day. It has become a big headache in every city. How to solve this problem? I think rubbish classification is a good way of dealing with it.

  Firstly, rubbish classification can reduce the amount of rubbish and the rubbish pollution to the environment. What is more, it can recycle resources, which will do good to our environmental protection.

  Since rubbish classification has so many advantages, our government should take effective measures and immediate actions. Different dustbins should be placed in public places so that residents can leave their sorted rubbish in them.