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  "Area" strategic goal is to establish a mutual political trust, economic integration and cultural tolerance, fate community and community responsibility, the interests of the community, in many countries, including Eurasia, to build a mutual benefit community of interests, fate and responsibility.

  "Area" is in the era of financial crisis, as the world's economic growth engine of China, its production capacity, technology and capital advantages, experience and patterns into the market and the cooperation advantages, implement a great innovation of all-around opening up. Through the "One Belt And One Road", we will share the experience and lessons of China's reform and development and China's development. China will strive to push along to cooperation and dialogue between countries, establish a more equal and balanced new global development partnership, strengthen the basis of long-term and stable development of world economy.




  The Silk Road, regarded as the greatest East-West trade route, was first traveled by Zhang Qian when he was sent on a diplomatic1 task to the Western Regions in the Han dynasty2 (206 BC~AD 220).

  The Silk Road is not only the name of a number of roads of international trade between ancient China and other parts of the world, but also a bridge of culture between China and many other countries in history. It was named because of the Chinese silk, which was one of the most important goods in the trade.

  Usually, it can be divided into three roads. The Northern Silk Road on the land started from Chang’an (now Xi’an), an ancient capital of China, and went west to Europe. It is the most famous and we know it very well. The Southern Silk Road on the land usually started from Sichuan Province and went south to India. The Silk Road on the sea mainly started from Guangzhou, Quanzhou, Dengzhou, and then it went east to Korea, Japan and west to Europe and Africa.





  Watching the news today, heard the news, xi jinping, the general secretary is put forward to build the Chinese dream "" area, all the way, I don't understand, ran to ask dad, dad wanted to think, said to me:" in the tang dynasty in China, there is a road, starting from the tang dynasty, the capital chang 'an, through central Asia, west Asia to Europe, he is a famous "silk road", businessmen through the silk road to China along the silk, porcelain, etc) to sell to people of the country, let them put on beautiful clothes, with exquisite tableware, at the same time also brought all kinds of treasures in other countries. This way is the path of trade, and is also a cultural exchange ".

  I wanted to mean to say: "that can put the 'neighbourhood' understanding all the way into the modern silk road, our China all kinds of household appliances, articles for daily use, to other countries, even to the laying of countries along the high-speed rail, build power plants, can also go to support African development of poor countries, such as construction, and then the rest of the oil, minerals, food etc. We need supplies home", the father nodded with a smile.

  President xi's "One Belt And One Road" is a major strategic vision proposed by the Chinese dream of national prosperity, national rejuvenation and the people's happiness. The promotion of One Belt And One Road will surely create new opportunities for the realization of the Chinese dream and will bring more new strength and new vitality to the world.

  I am Chinese, I have the "Chinese dream"!






  Now, China is planning an“One Belt and One Road” program―the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime3 Silk Road.

  It will connect China with Europe through Central and Western Asia, and connect China with Southeast Asian countries, Africa and Europe. It’s welcomed by the Silk Road countries. In the past year, over 50 countries have joined in the program. We believe that it will help to realize the peace and development of this area.

  “One Belt” refers to the Silk Road Economic Belt, which extends into central Asian nations. “One Road” refers to the 21st century Maritime Silk Road, which seeks to extend China’s trading power and infrastructure4 investment5 into Southeast Asian nations and to south Asia and Africa.

  Great changes are taking place in the world. The world economy is recovering slowly and countries still have the hard time of their development. Building the Belt and Road is to help the poor countries along the road develop economy. It will improve world peace and development.











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