The Best Gift 最好的礼物

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The Best Gift 最好的礼物

  The Best Gift

  Today was my father’s birthday. Early in the morning, he went out to work as usually. But I felt nervous and I wanted to give him a surprise. I asked my mother to teach me to cook, so I could make the dinner for my father. After class, I rushed home and my mother had prepared the stuff for me. I washed them first and then did as my mother told me. She always wanted to cook and I refused because I needed to make sure I could finish it by myself. It was really hard to cook, but I insisted and finally made it. When my father came home, he smiled and said this was the best gift.



  The Present My Father Gave Me

  When I was young, my father, who always taught me how to be a true man, told me that it is essential to be tolerant in your life whatever happens.

  And that remains the most valuable present he gave me, I think. To be tolerant, I need to keep calm when great trouble lies in front of me, however difficult it is to overcome it; To be tolerant, I need to resist the temptation of all kinds of the outside world, even if it is so attractive; To be torlerant, I need to pull myself(控制自己情绪) in times of extreme sorrows and joys, no matter how they affect me.




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