my summer holiday英语作文带翻译

【 - 高二年级英语作文】

  My summer holiday was very exciting ,My mum took me to GuiLin last month. We had a good time there .I took a lot of photographs during my trip .


  I also enjoy every day when I stayed at home. In the morning I usually wake up at half past seven , at eight o'clock ,I had my breakfast . Then I went to English school or Maths school ,and so on . I had my lunch at twelve o"clock ,Then I can enjoy watching TV and playing computer games .My mum said I must go to sleep at half past one ,Because more sleep can help me grow taller .In the afternoon ,I often read books or go swimming ,swimming is my favourite sport. After supper I liked to watch children 's programme . In the evening I did my homework , I must go to bed at nine o'clock ,Because I should get up early next morning .


  I had a very good time in my holiday ,what about you?