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  1、BecauseSince we read the book,we have learned a lot.

  2、If we read the book,we would learn a lot.

  3、As a result of Because ofDue toOwing to reading the book,weve learned a lot.

  4、Eating too much causesresults inleads to overweight.

  5、The effectconsequenceresult of eating too much is overweight.

  6、The cause ofreason foroverweight is eating too much.

  7、Overweight is caused bydue tobecause of eating too much.

  8、We read the book; as a result therefore thus hence consequently for this reason because of this,weve learned a lot.


  1、For years,… has been seen as …,but things are quite different now.

  2、I believe the title statement is valid because…

  3、It is monlygenerallywidely believed heldacceptedrecognized that…

  4、As far as I am concerned,I pletely agree with the former the latter.

  5、Before giving my opinion,I think it is essential to look at the argument of both sides.

  6、Along with the development of…,more and more…

  7、Some people think that …To be frank,I can not agree with their opinion for the reasons below.

  8、I cannot entirely agree with the idea that …

  9、My argument for this view goes as follows.

  10、There is a long-running debate as to whether…


  1、Wisdom in the mind is better than money in the hand.脑中有知识,胜过手中有金钱。

  2、While there is life, there is hope.有生命就有希望。

  3、When it comes to education, the majority of people believe that education is a lifetime study.说到教育,大部分人认为其是一个终生的学习。

  4、The world does not leak beacuse death is not a crack. 世界不会溢漏,因为死亡并不是一道裂纹。

  5、The burning log bursts in flame and cries,"This is my flower, my death." 燃烧的木料发出熊熊火焰,喊着:"这是我的花,我的死亡。"

  6、Put out the lamp when thou wishest,I shall know thy darkness and shall love it. 如果你愿意,就熄了灯,我将了解你的黑暗,并且将爱上它

  7、Other man live to eat, while I eat to live.别人为食而生存,我为生存而食。

  8、NOpains,no gains.没有付出,就没有收获。 经典语句大全.

  9、Many experts point out that physical exercise contributes directly to a person’’ s physical fitness.许多专家指出体育锻炼直接有助于身体健康。

  10、Life is the art of drawing sufficient conclusions from insufficient premises.生活是一种艺术,要在不充足的前提下得出充足的结论。

  11、Learn wisdom by the follies of others.从旁人的愚行中学到聪明。

  12、Knowledge advances by steps and not by leaps.知识只能循序渐进,不能跃进。

  13、It is indisputable that there are millions of people who still have a miserable life and have to face the dangers of starvation and exposure.无可争辩,现在有成千上万的人仍过着挨饿受冻的痛苦生活。

  14、It is good to learn at another man’s cost.前车可鉴。

  15、In the last decades, advances in medical technology have made it possible for people to live longer than in the past.在过去的几十年,先进的医疗技术已经使得人们比过去活的时间更长成为可能。

  16、In fact, we have to admit the fact that the quality of life is as important as life itself.事实上,我们必须承认生命的质量和生命本身一样重要。

  17、An increasing number of people are beginning to realize that education is not complete with graduation.越来越多的人开始意识到教育不能随着毕业而结束。

  18、Although this view is wildly held, this is little evidence that education can be obtained at any age and at any place.尽管这一观点被广泛接受,很少有证据表明教育能够在任何地点、任何年龄进行。


  1.It has to be noticed that... 必须注意到,......

  2.Its generally recognized that... 普遍认为......

  3.What calls for special attention is that... 需要特别注意的是......

  4.Theres no denying the fact that... 不可否认......

  5.As far as...is concerned 就……而言

  6.It goes without saying that... 不言而喻,......

  7.It can be said with certainty that... 可以肯定地说......

  8.As the proverb says, 正如谚语所说的,

  9.As has been mentioned above, 正如上面所提到的,

  10.But its a pity that... 但遗憾的是…...

  11.For all that... 对于这一切......

  12.In spite of the fact that... 尽管事实......

  13.Further, we hold opinion that... 此外,我们坚持认为......

  14.However , the difficulty lies in... 然而,困难在于...…

  15.Similarly, we should pay attention to... 同样,我们要注意......

  16.Nothing is more important than the fact that... 没有什么比......更重要

  17.In this respect, we may as well say... 从这个角度上我们可以说......

  18.A case in point is ... 一个典型的例子是......

  19.As is often the case,... 正如通常情况下,......

  20.As stated in the previous paragraph, 如前段所述,


  1.Love me, love my dog.爱屋及乌。

  2.All rivers run into sea.海纳百川。

  3.Like father, like son.有其父必有其子。

  4.A bad workman always blames his tools.无能的工人常抱怨自己的工具。

  5.A body without knowledge is like a house without a foundation. 人无知犹如房屋无基。

  6.A book is like a garden carried in the pocket. 书是随时携带的花园。

  7.Knowledge is power.知识就是力量。

  8.Time and tide wait for no man.岁月不待人。

  9.A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. 一知半解,害已误人。

  10.A man is never too old to learn. 活到老,学到老。

  11.A thousand mile trip begins with one step. 千里之行,始于足下。

  12.Dont put off till tomorrow what should be done today.今日事今日毕。

  13.Easier said than done.说得容易,做得难。

  14.Every man has his faults.金无足赤,人无完人。

  15.He knows most who speaks least.大智若愚。

  16.Actions speak louder than words.事实胜于雄辩。

  17.Adversity makes a man wise, not rich.逆境出人才。

  18.A good beginning is half done.良好的开端是成功的一半。

  19.A good book is a good friend.好书如挚友。

  20.Look before you leap.三思而后行。

  21.All that glitters is not gold.闪闪发光的并不一定都是金子。

  22.An apple a day keeps the doctor away. 一天一个苹果,医生不来找我。

  23.An hour in the morning is worth two in the evening. 一日之计在于晨。

  24.As a man sows, so shall he reap. 种瓜得瓜,种豆得豆。

  25.Be swift to hear, slow to speak. 多听少说。

  26.Better late than never. 迟到总比不到强。

  27.Birds of a feather flock together. 物以类聚,人以群分。

  28.Blood is thicker than water. 血浓于水。

  29.Business before pleasure. 先工作,后娱乐。

  30.By learning you will teach, by teaching you will learn. 教学相长。

  31.Diligence is the mother of success. 成功来自勤奋。

  32.Do as the Romans do. 入乡随俗。

  33.All roads lead to Rome.条条大路通罗马。

  34.Where there is a will,there is a way.有志者事竟成.

  35.While there is life, there is hope.有生命就有希望/留得青山在,不怕没柴烧。

  36.Two heads are better than one.三个臭皮匠,顶个诸葛亮。

  37.Knowing something of everything and everything of something.通百艺而专一长。

  38.Misfortunes never come alone/single.祸不单行。

  39.Misfortunes tell us what fortune is.不经灾祸不知福。

  40.From small beginning come great things.伟大始于渺小。

  41.One today is worth two tomorrows.一个今天胜似两个明天。

  42.Diligence result in success.成功源于勤奋。

  43.Storms make trees take deeper roots.风暴使树木深深扎根。

  44.Nothing is impossible for a willing heart.心之所愿,无所不成。

  45.A stitch in time saves nine.小洞不补,大洞吃苦。

  46.A straight foot is not afraid of a crooked shoe.身正不怕影子斜。

  47.Let bygones be bygones.过去的就让它过去吧。

  48.Diamond cuts diamond.强中自有强中手。

  49.Every man has his weak side.人人都有弱点。

  50.Every potter praises his pot.王婆卖瓜,自卖自夸。

  51.Failure is the mother of success.失败是成功之母。

  52.Kill two birds with one stone.一箭双雕,一石二鸟。

  53.First come, first served.先来后到。

  54.More haste, less speed.欲速则不达。

  55.Keep good men company and you shall be of the number.近朱者赤近墨者黑。

  56.God helps those who help themselves.自助者天助。

  57.Gold will not buy anything.黄金并非万能。

  58.Great minds think alike.英雄所见略同。

  59.Knowledge makes humble, ignorance makes proud.博学使人谦逊,无知使人骄傲。

  60.A bird in the hand is worth two bird in the bush.双鸟在林不如一鸟在手。


  1. 随着经济的繁荣 with the booming of the economy

  2. 随着人民生活水平的显著提高 with the remarkable improvement of peoples living standard

  3. 先进的科学技术 advanced science and technology

  4. 为我们日常生活增添了情趣 add much spice / flavor to our daily life

  5. 人们普遍认为 It is commonly believed that…

  6. 我同意前者(后者)观点 I give my vote to the former / latter opinion.

  7. 引起了广泛的`公众关注 Sth. has aroused wide public concern. / Sth has drawn great public attention.

  8. 不可否认 It is undeniable that…

  9. 热烈的讨论/ 争论 a heated discussion / debate

  10. 有争议性的问题 a controversial issue

  11. 就我而言/ 就个人而言 As far as I am concerned, / Personally,

  12. 有充分的理由支持 be supported by sound reasons

  13. 双方的论点 argument on both sides

  14. 发挥日益重要作用 play an increasingly important role in…

  15. 对…必不可少 be indispensable to …

  16. 正如谚语所说 As the proverb goes:

  17. 对…产生有利/不利的影响 exert positive / negative effects on…

  18. 利远远大于弊 The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

  19. 导致,引起 lead to / give rise to / contribute to / result in

  20. 复杂的社会现象 a complicated social phenomenon

  21. 责任感 / 成就感 sense of responsibility / achievement

  22. 竞争与合作精神sense of competition and cooperation

  23. 开阔眼界 widen ones horizon / broaden ones vision

  24. 学习知识和技能 acquire knowledge and skills

  25. 经济/心理负担 financial burden / psychological burden

  26. 考虑到诸多因素 take many factors into consideration

  27. 从另一个角度 from another perspective

  28. 做出共同努力 make joint efforts

  29. 对…有益 be beneficial to / be conducive to…

  30. 为社会做贡献 make contributions to the society

  31. 打下坚实的基础 lay a solid foundation for…

  32. 综合素质 comprehensive quality

  33. 致力于/ 投身于 be committed / devoted to…

  34. 应当承认 Admittedly,

  35. 不可推卸的'义务 unshakable duty

  36. 满足需求 satisfy / meet the needs of...

  37. 可靠的信息源 a reliable source of information

  38. 宝贵的自然资源 valuable natural resources

  39. 因特网 the Internet (一定要由冠词,字母I 大写)


  40. 方便快捷 convenient and efficient

  41. 在人类生活的方方面面 in all aspects of human life

  42. 环保的材料 environmentally friendly materials

  43. 社会进步的体现 a symbol of society progress

  44. 大大方便了人们的生活 Sth has greatly facilitated peoples lives.

  45. 对这一问题持有不同态度 hold different attitudes towards this issue

  46. 在一定程度上 to some extent


  1.Wisdom is to the mind what health is to the body.知识之于精神,一如健康之于肉体

  2.Wisdom in the mind is better than money in the hand.脑中有知识,胜过手中有金钱。

  3.While there is life, there is hope.有生命就有希望。

  4.When it comes to education, the majority of people believe that education is a lifetime study.说到教育,大部分人认为其是一个终生的学习。

  5.The world does not leak beacuse death is not a crack. 世界不会溢漏,因为死亡并不是一道裂纹。

  6.The burning log bursts in flame and cries,"This is my flower, my death." 燃烧的木料发出熊熊火焰,喊着:"这是我的花,我的死亡。"

  7.Put out the lamp when thou wishest,I shall know thy darkness and shall love it. 如果你愿意,就熄了灯,我将了解你的黑暗,并且将爱上它

  8.Other man live to eat, while I eat to live.别人为食而生存,我为生存而食。

  NOpains,no gains.没有付出,就没有收获。


  1. 经济的快速发展。 the rapiddevelopment of economy.

  2.人民生活水平的显著提高/稳步增长theremarkableimprovement/ steady growth ofpeople’s livingstandard

  3.先进的科学技术advanced science and technology

  4.面临新的机遇和挑战 be faced with new opportunities and challenges

  5.人们普遍认为 It is commonly believed/ recognized that…

  6.社会发展的必然结果 the inevitable result of social development

  7.引起了广泛的公众关注 arouse wide public concern/ draw publicattention

  8.不可否认 Itis undeniable that…/ There is no denying that…

  9.热烈的讨论/争论 a heated discussion/ debate

  10.有争议性的问题 a controversialissue

  11.完全不同的观点 a totally different argument

  12.一些人 …而另外一些人 … Some people… while others…

  13. 就我而言/ 就个人而言 As far as I am concerned, / Personally,

  14.就…达到绝对的一致 reach an absolute consensus on…

  15.有充分的理由支持 be supported by sound reasons

  16.双方的论点 argument on both sides

  17.发挥着日益重要的作用 play an increasingly important role in…

  18.对…必不可少 be indispensableto …

  19.正如谚语所说 As the proverb goes:

  20.也不例外 …be no exception