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  Now the world is facing energy crisis, people all over the world in advocating low carbon life, low carbon life also quietly at my house.

  Since my family start a low carbon life, except on rainy days, average time are not allowed to drive private cars. Under this, we have a bitter to eat! I was in cram school, either walk or take a bus, foot "protest"; Mother, every time go to the supermarket to buy a lot of articles for daily use, the results came home, it is difficult; Father were not much better, work, work busy busy, on a bicycle in the end, legs or acid. Alas, for low carbon, really difficult! But after a while, our fuel is saved a lot! Then lets continue this activity of low carbon.

  Low carbon, literally, means less carbon emissions or use less as far as possible. Can human exhaled carbon dioxide? By the way, the plant! So, our home and raised a second wave of low carbon - carbon dioxide plant war. The mother of love flowers and plants first action, she bought a pot still do not know from which a market stall in the growth of evergreen, on the balcony, the sun, luxuriantly green; I also not to be outdone, from the flower shop to buy a small basin of celestial being, on the computer, absorb carbon dioxide, and radiation protection, is really kill two birds with one stone. Dad is worse, simply planted a tree in the neighbourhood, presumably next year at this time, the tree has grown up. Hey hey, in fact, low carbon life is interesting.

  My brother is also ready, want to experience a low carbon life, environmental protection knowledge vies to answer first game was held in his kindergarten recently, returned home began to perform, to remind us how to save electricity, save water and so on. Also imitate the teacher engaging in environmental protection knowledge vies to answer first game at home! What the harm of acid rain, the harm of automobile exhaust, and so on, I feel my younger brother really grew up!

  In fact, low carbon is not difficult, it always around us. Need to low carbon life, let us join hands and to lower carbon through to the end!







  Although the Copenhagen climate conference has been held, but many people still on the concept of "low carbon" is not very understanding. In fact, the "low carbon" in our midst. Now, I make a brief introduction I know a few tricks of the "low-carbon life".

  Low carbon, scientific means lower emissions of greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide). Its concrete embodiment for water saving, power saving, fuel-efficient, solar terms, this is what we advocate low carbon way of life. Each family to small home appliances to toys, books, and decoration, the production of each items as consumes resources and energy, will bring carbon emissions and save to use for each item, dont try to reduce the purchase of new articles for daily use, naturally reduce the consumption of resources and energy and reduce carbon emissions. To replace regular light bulbs with energy-saving lamps, can save electricity, try to walk, ride a bike or by bus travel, can save energy and reduce air pollution. Unplug electric plug and tighten the faucet, reduce the waste of paper... These seemingly small things, all is for the "carbon reduction". For example use washing machines wash his clothes, full-automatic washing machine is generally several cleaning standards such as large, soft, standard. If you are using standard washing will save time and save electricity, also to reach the effect of low carbon.

  In life, on the one hand, we will encourage to take low carbon way of life, reduce carbon emissions; On the other hand, by taking certain measures actively, to achieve the goal of reducing carbon, planting trees is a way of "carbon neutral", we all know trees can filter air reduce atmospheric pollution, and can wind sand prevention to reduce the harm of human nature, breaks the loss

  We need to take good care of our common earth, let us start from around things, cherish resources, reduce the energy consumption and make our environment more beautiful life. Let me strive for!






  With the development of science and technology, more and more rich, along with the people on the street also slowly up more private cars, people gradually away from the low carbon life. Continue like this, will also affect other creatures, the earth will disappear from the universe.

  That will not save the earth? No, as long as from now on, our action, and save the planet, save yourself - low carbon life!

  Speaking of low-carbon life, since I can remember, my grandfather would help me to develop a good habit - which would be some waste paper and the cartons are collected, and then get a junkyard to sell. I still dont understand what then, is to save, now think about, if everybody can do so, the less we human beings will be able to cut down many trees! Every time I went to the supermarket shopping with my family, I will remind adults take environmental protection bag, normally we buy drinks will try to buy carton, it can reduce the "white pollution". Remember once in the supermarket, I saw a mother can toothpaste, get down, can say something like that to squeeze toothpaste is very clean, that can save a point. I said, "you see, it is made of plastic". Mother dont understand what that means. I say again: "in order to save a little toothpaste and make the earth a few more white trash, have what good"? Mom suddenly enlighted, even said: "yeah, yeah! This invention is really not worth ah"!

  Low carbon living there are a lot of tips! Such as water washing a face can be used to flush the toilet, watering the flowers. Washing machine wash clothes of water can be rigged up with small basin, which can be used to clean the floor, wipe furniture... These are all we can do some things at ordinary times.

  You see, low carbon life is so simple! Let us act together: everyone is to do with me!



  说起低碳生活,从我记事起,外公就帮我养成了一个很好的习惯——将一些废纸和纸箱都收集起来,然后拿到废品收购站去卖。那时我还不懂什么,只当是节约,现在想想,要是每个人都能这样做的话,那我们人类将可以少砍多少树呀!每次我和家人去超市购物,我都会提醒大人带上环保袋,平时我们买饮料会尽量买纸盒装的,那样可以减少“白色污染”。 记得有一回在超市,我妈妈看见一个可以挤牙膏的东西,就要买下来,说那样的话可以把牙膏挤的很干净,那可以节省点。我却说:“你看,这是用是塑料做的”。妈妈不明白是什么意思。我又说:“为了节省点一点牙膏而使地球上又多了一些白色垃圾,有什么好的'”?妈妈恍然大悟,连说:“是呀,是呀!看来这个发明的确是得不偿失呀”!




  As we all know,the environment around us is getting worse and worse.In some places we cant see fish swimming in the river or trees on the hills.Some people even have no clean water to drink.We should live a low-carbon life in order to protect the environnment . we can go to school on foot or by bike instead of taking a car.We had better use shopping basketbets instead of plastic bags when we go shopping.We should use both sides of the paper when we write.Dot use paper cups

  .At our school dinning room,use our own bowls and chopsticks instead of disposable ones.We can reuse the water and save the electricity.In a word,if everyone pays more attention to our environment,there will be less pollution and our life will be better.



  "There is only one earth",I hope everyone will protect our environment well.



  Now, the world is in advocate a theme, that is: "low-carbon life".

  Why should advocate low carbon life? Thats because in recent years, as people on waste, caused a sharp reduction in the earths energy, is now left, to the development of new energy sources, certainly too late.

  Behavior, therefore, we should resist these waste, save energy use as much as possible in the life, and thus reduce carbon dioxide emissions. In this way, can achieve the "low-carbon life".

  Now, more and more people begin to join the advocate low carbon life, then make a contribution to build a low carbon life. But there are some people, just enjoy yourself, dont for the sake of the future, the waste of the earth have very little energy at random, this kind of behavior is wrong, if everyone like they, themselves, low energy on the earth before long, will be used up, by this time, no matter how much people have the regret, also of no help.

  Low carbon life in this moment now, appears especially important, I hope everyone should consciously create a low carbon life, starts from his side. Create a low carbon life, starts from me!







  A recent period, I heard the word "low-carbon life". By reading a book, is a kind of low consumption, low carbon life low energy, low costs, thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions way of life. In the process of access to information, I know the baoding is the pilot city of small and medium-sized cities in China, as a primary school student, what can I do for low carbon life?

  Before, I will turn the water every day, wash, wash a face USES 10 tons every month, now, the teacher told us to prepare two pails, used to store waste water. Waste water can be used to flush the toilet, mopping, watering the flowers. Also want to save electricity, after watching the computer or TV, to turn off the little red light on the outlet, in order to save power, as far as possible when the holiday homework during the day and night to turn off the lights for one hour early, use that one hour of time to go for a walk with my family. Both the power saving, and have played an important role in reducing weight, also enhance the feelings, is fully staffed! To use less disposable items (chopsticks, lunch boxes, etc.) to use less plastic bags, use environmental protection bags. Best travel on foot, private cars less, do less, do more buses. Thus do the "low consumption, low energy, low cost".

  Low carbon life, everybody is responsible for, let me first, protect the environment.





  I always thought that only the car tail gas,the coal burning these emit carbon dioxide,thought that life is full of weak power in violation of the "carbon" to the survival of all of us and our home — the earth.

  Now our school is in promoting low—carbon life,I gradually learned how to reduce carbon pollution.Beginning of the "low—carbon life" learning website.Before I always open the door the lights last night,the water drops from evening to morning,refrigerator clutter everywhere,so that waste water and electricity,and increased the production of carbon dioxide.Improvements can be achieved for the sake of our survival environment,low carbon life starts from me.

  First,low—carbon life way is in the details in the life on energy conservation and consumption reduction,in addition to homework reading be sure to turn on the light,other time no need to open the cant open lamp is as short as possible,so that it can reduce the electric discharge of carbon dioxide.Electrical appliances in the house open can emit carbon dioxide,even small cell phone battery socket terrible can discharge of carbon dioxide,as long as the charger to charge the power take off immediately can reduce carbon dioxide emissions.The refrigerator can neatly as far as possible,so you can reduce the number of the refrigerator,so as to achieve lower carbon dioxide emissions.Can bring us in the summer air conditioning is cold,but its outdoor can emit large amounts of carbon dioxide,so wed better can rarely use as far as possible,dont let our earth breathe too much carbon dioxide.

  In the later days we must esteem "carbon emissions",dont let it harm to our life,let us act together,to protect our pretty environment.






  Nowadays, environmental pollution is very common. Resource waste is also seen everywhere. In order to protect the environment, to protect our earth, we need to live a low-carbon life. I usually go to school on foot, sometimes by bike. If I need to go to the other city, I will choose the public transportation and not ask my parents drive me there. If I am the last one to leave classroom or home, I will make sure all the lights are off. I always will save the water after washing clothes. And then use it to wash the toilet. Our earth is in our own hands.



  The environmental pollution is worse and worse today. Many trees are cut down, and water and air are polluted. As a student I try to have a low-carbon life to save energy and reduce pollution.

  Firstly, I often walk to school. It can reduce air pollution. Secondly, I always turn off the lights and fans when leaving the classroom. Thirdly, I always make full use of paper and other school things and never waste water.

  I wish more students to join me and make the earth more and more beautiful.





  This time I came to my hometown, guizhou. The day there more lovely than elsewhere, the sky is so blue, the earth is green. Makes me want to sing a song, said filled me with pleasure.

  One day morning, I washing a face, just want to pour out the water. Big jiu is stopped, he said, "this water will not pour out, because other people also can wash a face, only when the water is dirty, can pour out." Said, "he told the big aunt come out to wash a face, big aunt quickly washed clean your face. In the evening, I and others had finished washing face, just wanted to pour out the water, big jiu, said: "the water washing a face can also stem what?" I say: "can water the flowers." Big jiu said: "no, you missed, is wash feet." "I know." I quickly wash feet clean, then put the water used to flush the toilet.

  On one occasion, my grandfather out a piece of land over the land. I am very happy, I said to my grandfather, "we can build a playground here." Grandpa said: "we want to kind of fruits and vegetables on the land." Grandpa hurriedly put Chinese cabbage seeds in the ground. My grandfather gave them fertilization, watering every day. Now, with every piece of land has green Chinese cabbage, delicious fruit, tall trees, formation of the woods. Every day we breathe the fresh air in here. Most of the people here is very healthy, because there are many green.

  The classmates, every one of us to do to save water, protect the environment. Together, let us do the basic conditions of saving water.






  The Nowadays,with more and moresuch as the increasing global temperture,the and the sea-levering,people are recognizing the important of developing the low-carbon economic now.

  There are many ways we can do to reach the low-carbon economic.Fristly,others fuels which is more clean and more green to instead of the using of carbon.Secondly, we should have the conscious and do something which we can make,for instance, ranther thanwhen you go out, the thing that can be recycle used, the use of.Last but not least,we shouldor other ,in which way we can not only improve the environment,but also can make our home more beauty.

  In my opnion, the most important thing to reach the low-carbon economic is everyone must try their best do what they can do for it.Once everyone have the sence of low-carbon economic and have the action by themselves ,it will be earlier to reach it.


  Recently,it is very popular to live a low-carbon life. It not only results from the promotion of the government but also rises out of the peoples internal heart.


  Living a low-carbon life is of great importance to everyone. First of all,it can protect the environment to a great extent. Second,it can save the limited natural resources and energy,and will leave a better world for our offspring. Third,it is a healthy lifestyle and will help mould a harmonious social atmosphere.


  Therefore,how to create a low-carbon life is necessary for us to consider. To begin with,we should save the energy,such as the electricity,water and domestic gas. Second,when we go out we can walk or ride a bike instead of by car. Third,we should not use the plastic bags which are hard to break down. If so,we can live a low-carbon life and gain the happiness of it. (158 words)



  The earth is our biggest home,we have only one earth,if not protect the earth. The earth will be destroy. All of us to do environmental small guards together!

  This weekend,we invite good classmates to pick up garbage on the hill. Picking up litter is a kind of learning lei fengs spirit,is also a kind of protection of the environment. When we picking up litter,picked up a lot of rubbish,plastic bags,toilet paper,waste battery and so on. Also see someone spit sputum. First take plastic bags to say! The wind blows,the blowing plastic bags into the sky and fell into the sea,in a variety of Marine life accidentally eat plastic bags into the belly,will face the death. So we should reduce use of plastic bags when shopping,use cloth bag. Also,when we were going out to reduce your driving,can reduce vehicle exhaust emissions,we can use to walk or ride a bicycle,or take a bus to go out. And we must not use one-off chopsticks,otherwise,our trees will soon be cut down by people. And we must protect the water and soil,so we can kind of many trees and flowers. Plants and trees is to protect the earth,we should protect the plants and trees.

  Our heads with a piece of blue sky,feet with a piece of land. Common destiny brought us together tightly,protect the earth. Let us join hands to actively carry out publicity activities,and take action to try to make our earth mother to restore youthful energy,make our earth mother appearance glows forever!

  Protect the environment,everyone duty.


  With the spread of the consciousness of environmental protection,the word “low-carbon” has been very popular in life. We can find it in many aspects,such as low-carbon products,low-carbon consumption,and low-carbon travel and so on. Generally speaking,more and more people are advocating “low-carbon” lifestyle.


  As implied in the name,“low-carbon” lifestyle is a kind of new pattern of lifestyle which aims to lowering the carbon dioxide emission in living as much as possible. For example,some office workers are not proud of driving private cars from work to home any more but pride themselves on riding or taking public transportation. In addition,they advocate recycling water and saving energy as much as they can.


  As college students,we also make some contribution in our daily life to reduce the emission of the carbon dioxide. For example,switch off the light when leaving and save water. In addition,we should use our knowledge and action to arouse others’ concern about the importance of lowering emission of carbon dioxide and lead them to lead a “low-carbon” life.



  Now we are facing two problems of global warming and a shortage of natural resources,both of which are getting more and more serious day by day. Thus,it is important for us to promote a low-carbon lifestyle.


  Low-carbon lifestyle covers many aspect of our life like transportation,traveling,home-heating,and so on. In order to promote a low-carbon life,some plans must be carried out as follows. Firstly,don’t waste any electricity and water. Remember to turn off the lights and water taps unless we use them. Secondly,we had better take the subways or bus to work,so as to reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide. Thirdly,we should use cloth bags for shopping instead of plastic bags,and use recyclable bowls and chopsticks instead of disposable ones,for it can not only save resources,but also reduce pollution. What’s more,it is of great significance to plant more trees,since trees can balance the carbon dioxide emissions.


  In a word,if we live a low-carbon life from now on,we will have a better environment and more resources left for our descendants.



  "Low carbon" start small,since the sixth grade,as long as I dont save,mom and dad will speak of the words in my ear. To this end,I decided that I really want to be a low-carbon life. Remember once,mom after using the mask,just ready to throw away,just let me see,I hurriedly shouts to prevent a mother: "mom,cant throw away!" Mother heard after,immediately stop. I ran over and took the mother in the hands of the mask. Then said to his mother: "mom you have finished using the mask cant throw,said on television the mask after use can wipe furniture,not only a bright shine,and its fragrance.

  "After listening to his mother,smiled and patted my head say:" my daughter really understand low carbon life. "I cant agree in front of dad,in a few days ago,because our wardrobe very damp,mom and dad are there,then I thought of my grandma often use newspaper mat in the wardrobe,she told the newspaper can be moistureproof,still can absorb peculiar smell,so I went to the newspaper,but used the newspaper all let me away,now also really didnt have the newspaper in the home,the somebody else all say" books to time square hate less "but I want to say today" newspaper when hate nothing ". Well,by the way,today I thought I saw daddy came home from work with a newspaper,I hurriedly found the father,"dad you back a newspaper today? "Dad puzzled nodded,I cant wait to say:" quick contribution out,I have an idea. "

  When dad see me the paper pad in the wardrobe,harm my dad cant find newspapers and buy one. Now,I walk to school every day,no longer let father motorcycle send me; Every time I go shopping bring your own bag... I want to live a low-carbon life. Low carbon starts from me,lets construction of a new civilization,happiness,charm,donggang.





  Dear Jack,Thank you for your letter asking about our discussion on low carbon lifestyle. Here is something about it.

  We can do a lot in our daily life to achieve the goal of living low carbon life. First, we’d better turn off lights if possible and spend less time watching TV or surfing the Internet. Saving water also matters much. Besides, we should sort out.

  the rubbish, hoping that we might recycle some, which will surely benefit us a great deal. In addition, we suggest using handkerchiefs instead of tissues so that we can prevent more trees from being cut down. More importantly, when we go out, walking, riding bikes or taking buses should be our first choice, which contributes to a cleaner world.


  An increasing number of people are asking for a low-carbon lifestyle. They long for a cleaner and more environmental-friendly world.

  People’s lifestyle is closed related to our living environment. However, the excessive carbon dioxide emitted into the air has seriously damaged our living environment. The tsunamis, floods and severe droughts caused by the global warming are the biggest threat to people all over the world. The earth seems to be angry with human beings.

  The only way to solve the problem is to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide sent into the air. Many measures can be taken. First, people can ride bicycles or walk instead of driving cars to work. Second, less plastic shopping bags should be used. Most important of all, people should be fully aware that we should start now to protect our world before it is too late.


  It’s our duty to save the environment.

  On June 5th, I will go to school by bike or on foot instead of taking the bus. And I will also ask my parents to ride bikes to work that day. At home, we will use energy-saving lamps and spend less time when we are taking a shower. Don’t throw away the used textbooks and leave them to the students of lower grades. At the same time, I will tell my parents to take bags when they go shopping. And I will turn off the lights before leaving the room.

  Lower carbon, happier life. Let’s take actions.






  The earth is only home for human being, and it has now become scarred.

  The earth, is to forgive a herd of negative WangYi guy, they are - human beings! Humans throw broken glass bottle at the beach, a few years later found the original waste, was water into color stones! Why? Why? Why? The earth so forgive mankind, human beings cannot pass the earth?

  , earth is limited, so we cant think of it like infinite, humans, one day, these deposits are you out in one hundred million, at that time, you can regret in time?

  The answer must be: too late.

  From now on, may be too late.

  Do you know? When shopping, we always take things that a plastic bag, and the plastic bags thrown into the sea by the sea turtles eating, put in the forest, the inside of the oil residue will attract animals, burning can cause gas, buried in the earth 200 years not degradation, did you ever think of? Inadvertently, for the sake of convenience, what you caused! Although it is only 5 cents, but it is the pollution caused by far more than 5 cents!

  In order to the earth, and to ourselves. Best when go out to walk, ride a bike, by bus, anyhow is to reduce the emissions to a minimum. Also, its summer, air conditioning had better not less than 24 °, recycling waste paper, scrap metal, plastic, etc. Wash a face to wash feet, water can also be used to flush the toilet. We were using the computer now, as long as the dim the screen, you can save electricity. Once electricity saving, a drop of water is for the sake of our own!

  For what we do, for the earth, but also for us, from now on, plant a tree!


  There are still many problems of environmental protection in recent years. One of the most serious problems is the serious pollution of air, water and soil. the polluted air does great harm to peoples health. The polluted water causes diseases and death. What is more, vegetation had been greatly reduced with the rapid growth of modern cities.

  To protect the environment, governments of many countries have done a lot. Legislative steps have been introduced to control air pollution, to protect the forest and sea resources and to stop any environmental pollution. Therefore, governments are playing the most important role in the environmental protection today.

  In my opinion, to protect environment, the government must take even more concrete measures. First, it should let people fully realize the importance of environmental protection through education. Second, much more efforts should be made to put the population planning policy into practice, because more people means more people means more pollution. Finally, those who destroy the environment intentionally should be severely punished. We should let them know that destroying environment means destroying mankind themselves.






  Due to the rapid development of economy and science, our living environment is getting worse and worse.

  Currently,my school is launching an activity whose theme is that actions change the world to advocate the low carbon living.

  In the activity,we are required to go to school or some other place by bike or by foot as much as possible instead of by bus.And when the Christmas comes,sending e-greeting cards instead of tridional cards of which are made of wood as we know.Besides,we should use both sides of every piece of paper and we should save water as well as electricity.

  I believe that only we do thus can we have a better living environment.

  Come on our school!