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  My intership report

  Company Description

  I was so lucky to practice inJinan Quanhua Packing Prodcuts Co., Ltd. And the compamy is located in the “Back Garden” of south of Jinan – Zhonggong Town,where has superior geographic location and convenient traffic, is the best place to produce the green and safe products. The company is specialized in producing and selling paper mulriple aseptic packing(Gable top carton), foodstuff, medicine, drinks etc environment-friendly packing products. The main producing equipment and raw materials are all imported from abroad, the processing technics is excellent, designing and detecting instruments are all ready and the controlling measures are self-contained. The producing plant has central

  air-conditions and air-purging system, and it is the standardized clean plant. The company put into production in due form since April, 2001, its products have covered more than 20 provinces, cities and municipalities, its fixed clients are more than 100, its variety is more than 350, its products are exported to Mongolia, Vietnam, South Korea, India, Middle East and Africa, and it recieved wide repute from the clients.

  济南泉华包装制品有限公司位于济南市南部的"后花园"仲宫镇,地理位置十分优越,交通方便快捷,是制造绿色环保产品的最佳境地。公司专业从事制造、销售纸复合无菌包装(屋顶包),食品、医药、饮料等绿色环保型包装制品。主要生产设备和原材料均由国外进口,制造工艺技术精湛,设计、检测仪器齐全,控制措施完备。加工车间有冷暖中央空调和空气净化系统,是标准化的洁净厂区。公司自2001年4月正式投产以来,产品遍布全国二十多个省、市、自治区,固定客户上百余家,品种350余种,并出口到蒙古,越南, 韩国,印度,以及中东和非洲等国家地区,广受客户好评。

  Enterprise Culture

  The company will seriously pursue the quality guideline – producing excellent products, providing excellent service. It would like to dedicate its sincere love for the strongness of the Chinese People and the growth of the motherland.

  The company will seriously abide the “Serving honestly, Clients paramount” managing tenet. High quality for survive, excellent service for credit standing, bigger market for development! It will make efforts with the clients to create a nicer tomorrow.

  The require of the clients is our standard, the satisfaction of the clients is our biggest wish




  What I learn here During these 3 months internship, I felt so lucky to work within this company, because the Workshop Director,Dianhe Yang, is willing to let me go through everything in the workshop. And I know that Only do i know well on the product we deal, can you be advantaged in negotiating with the customers of factory. This report will give a very brief overview of what I have done and learned during the internship

  In recent years, flexible printing in the world the rapid development of the developed countries in Europe and the United States is considered the "most excellent and most promising of printing." United States 95% of the flexo printing and 80% of the gravure ink used items. 1. A huge "green" advantages of water-based ink because of non-volatile organic solvents, thus greatly reducing volatile organic compounds一个巨大的“绿色”的优势,因为水性油墨非挥发性有机溶剂,从而大幅度地减少挥发性有机化合物





  To meet the customers’ configuration needs, EKOFA presses are available in:

  1. designed from 1-8 calours.





  MW series automatic die cutting machines

  1.The machine is mainly used to die cut paper box,

  2.Non-stop feeding and delivery, single sheet proof function available with the machine.

  3.Efficient and reliable stripping structure.

  4.Micro-processor composed of PLC and electronic cam positioner to monitor running of whole machine.

  5.Raised height of 250mm to the machine reduces sheet pile changeover times and labour intensity.

  6.More visual sketch plus word trouble indications in touch screen on the main unit to enable you to find trouble causes in shortest time to reduce machine down time.

  7.The machine is designed on the basis of human-machine engineering.

  automatic folder gluers automatic folder gluer









  6、采用变频调速电机,PLC控制系统,原装日本进口元 器件。





  The functions and character:

  For the paperboard carton with a four-fold hooking bottom or a special shape.

  1、It adopts the adjusted mechanism of fluctuated tooth-like lever, also it can be separated to micro-operate. Single panel operation is simple and fast-speed.

  2、At paper outgoing, there are many straps driving oscillated motor, which can ensure constant and accurate paper feeding.

  3、Two outer devices of left and right side of upper paste rolleris suitable for the use of bottom sticking and side sticking.

  4、Two outer devices of left and right side of bottom paste rollerare suitable forthe use of special-shape box.

  5、It is equipped with travel strap and small clasp knife for youralternative.

  6、It adopts frequency- conversion electric motor , PLC control system andoriginal units and components imported from Japan.

  7、Traveling wheels of belts are machined in digitally-controlled way to avoid vibration under high speed and extend service life.

  8、Spindle and connecting shaft are made of hard chromium rods to avoid cladding peel-off and assure durable appearance and stability.

  9、Main drive adopts imported belt and frequency conversion motor to make sure the equipment works stably and accurately at high speed.


  Through serving more than a month, I am less than its own, I will in future work to learn more from each other, take heart perhaps consult. I believe they will in the future work in a more handy, even more outstanding performance! No matter what is served to all!

  它使我们在实践中了解社会,让我们学到了很多在课堂上根本就学不到的知识,受益匪浅,也打开了视野,增长了见识,为我们以后进一步走向社会打下坚实的基础。Graduate students each practice is a must have experienced it in practice so that we understand the community, we have learned a lot in class attendance is not knowledge, benefit, also opened the horizons, increased exposure for our future further towards laying a solid foundation for the community.

  具体到挫折时,不妨从调整心态来舒解压力,面对挫折。古曰“天降大任于斯人也,必先苦其心志,劳其筋骨,饿其体肤,空乏其身,行拂乱其所为,增益其所不能。” 遇到挫折时应进行冷静分析,从客观、主观、目标、环境、条件等方面,找出受挫的原因,采取有效的补救措施。树立一个辩证的挫折观,经常保持自信和乐观的态度,要认识到正是挫折和教训才使我们变得聪明和成熟,正是失败本身才最终造就了成功。学会自我宽慰,能容忍挫折,要心怀坦荡,情绪乐观,发奋图强。善于化压力为动力,改变内心的压抑状态,以求身心的轻松,重新争取成功,从而让目光面向未来。may wish to adjust the attitude from the easing of the pressure, in the face of setbacks. Gu Yue "in the hands of the big man also, from its first Zhi, Dr

  their physique, their body skin hunger, hunger its body, it is OK fu chaos, not gain it." Setbacks should be calm analysis from the objective, subjective and objective, the environment, conditions, and to identify setback the reasons, and to take effective remedial measures. Establish a dialectical view the setbacks, maintain confidence and optimism, is to recognize that the setbacks and lessons that make us become smarter and more mature, is the failure itself created the ultimate success. Institute of self-comfort, can tolerate setbacks to Be forthright, optimistic mood, worked hard. Good pressure as a driving force to change the depressed state of mind, the mind easily to re successful, so that future-oriented vision.

  In addition, I must work hard and serious. I found everything is not easy. I can’t make any mistakes when I check the plane ticket or seting a fax, or I can make a worse consequence.

  if you are sincere to others, they can sincere to you too. Sincere is very important to communicate with others. And whatever you do, patience and obligation are so important, you should be calm down first and you can do it well

  But this experience also make me recognize a lot of shortcomings for myself.

  You not only should take hold of professional knowledge but also you should understand how to get along with different people. I find I’m lack of education and experience. It’s very different between school and social.

  In my point of view,

  5. New Skills and Information Gained

  Definitely, the over 10 days’ internship improves my translation skill greatly and familiarize me with the materials about the company’s association articles, regulations, etc. In addition, I get to know what documents shall be presented to the immigrant bureau.

  6. Difficulties Encountered

  During that period, I inevitably encountered a lot of difficulties but luckily within my management. For the technical terms, I always turn to the internet for help. For the figures, especially those over millions or billions, I ask myself to hold my breath and be patient. Many words are found hard to express although they are with highly frequent use in Chinese. Therefore I should often refer to the internet where it may give a clue.

  7. My Shortcomings

  Figures are always my headache. I will be at sea and lose my thought when facing a large number of figures. Sometime they wander my mind, daze me and even mess up if I am not careful enough. But numbers or figures does matter in every aspect which even a slight mistake will make a big difference and bring into great trouble.


  I. Internships profile

  Chengdu Bank, founded in December 30, 1996, the former Chengdu 44 urban credit cooperatives founded Chengdu Urban Cooperative Bank, Department of Sichuan Province, the first city commercial banks. October 28, 2008, approved by the China Banking Regulatory Commission, the Bank of Chengdu in the Chengdu City Commercial Bank officially changed its name to mark the beginning of the line development by local banks to regional banks, national bank. At the same time, Bank of Chengdu continuous joined this "2007 Global Commercial Banking 1000 ", " 2007 top 300 Asian banks ", "2007 China Banking 100 comprehensive strength rating of the authority of international commercial banks.

  II.Internship process

  The purpose of this internship is to master basic banking skills through internship in Chengdu Bank, familiar with the day-to-day banking business operating processes and work systems. The internship process includes the following phases:

  (A) for internships and institutional setup, staffing and so on.

  (B) learn the basic banking business processes , including the following areas: banking savings business , such as demand deposits , Lump fixed- two will be ; bank of public services, such as accepted cash a check issued by bank draft ; credit card business , such as credit card account opening an account, cash access , etc.; the business of LaSalle ; loan business .

  (C) Knowledge of bank accounting method, subjects set the account settings, accounting methods to determine.

  (D) Summary of internship after, and fill out the the internship identification table, write a practice report.

  General rules and regulations of the Chengdu Agricultural Bank of China is quite comprehensive. It explicitly provides for the operating specifications and codes of conduct of the staff.

  Followed left me with the most profound impression that the role of modern banking in the everyday lives of people is not limited to savings and lending at the same time, modern banking services related to all aspects of people's lives, pay the insurance charge the bill, pay the ticket , buy funds, stocks, foreign exchange , financial ... exaggerate the point is you cannot think , no bank cannot " .

  Below to talk about my work experience in Chengdu Bank, the first few days is mainly behind the instructor to read and the instructor how the specific operation, looked about three days to learn about the full set of processes of the bank counter service, the Agricultural Bank of China have : non-staff are not allowed to operate , and I am a non - Bank of Chengdu , is not exposed to cash . The beginning of my task is to guide customers to fill out a form similar to the lobby manager.

  Then, I began to learn the savings business. Now, the savings business of the Agricultural Bank of China to implement the teller is responsible for system is that each teller can handle all of the savings business , that is to open an account , cash access , report the loss , the solution linked , the size of the banknote exchange , accepted the intermediary business . The certificate is no longer as the public business sector as to pass between the accounting, but each teller a

  separate account processing, and accounting. However, documents of each teller system should be handed over to the person in charge of the relevant line first audit, and then passed to the higher life after the audit. Daily handover between learning teller reconciliation is essential to the reconciliation in addition to to check the cash accounts and are consistent with, but also view important blank vouchers are missing, subpoena, whether continuous and so on. Teller between reconciliation is also useful program generally will be counting the cash, and then an inventory of crucial gaps in credentials such as passbook, bank cards, certificates of deposit.

  After three days of learning, I started learning the business of the bank's accounting. That is for the company's business. The accounting department of accounting of public business (is referring to the bill business) is divided into three main steps, accounting, review and cashier. Said the bill business predominantly refers to the checks, including two kinds of note of transfer and cash checks. For cash check business is being audited, see the seal of the drawer seal in line with the bank set aside , is through the computer Yan Yin , or manually check ( my internship bank equipment is not quite keep up with advances in technology also uses a manual check ); look at the case are the same amount , whether the altered amount of the ticket , the ticket issue date , payee elements , check whether it has been more than prompt payment terms , check whether the overdraft , if the endorsement , the endorsement shall be signed are consistent , is worth noting that capital amounts to the whole , to the sub , you cannot remember the whole .

  Cash checks , accounting, bookkeeping , audit and correct accounting , and then passed to the Members of the accounting review , Members of the accounting review is recognized as correct , it is passed to the cashier , the cashier stamped cash paid , the payee can be the cashier's office to receive cash ( cashier reconciliation with the payee orally ) . Note on transfer of audio content is the constant cash checks, handling audited by the accounting bookkeeper accounting review of the members of the accounting review. Here is a recorded time. Cash checks and payment behavior Bank note of transfer (such as the internal dealings of the savings bank, cash the two sides units Bank account) are direct credit. Note of transfer is not the payee , the drawer with a line to open an account , as some commission collection , etc. , after clearing can be accounted for , the county-level sub-branches are not open an account in the local People's Bank of accounting loss reflected in the money " subject " stored within the system , while the provincial branches in direct contact with the central bank balances with central banks "subject . As a better understanding of learning in school is the latter. There are a number of subjects such as "internal transactions " refers to the accounting department and the transfer of funds of the savings department , such as generation of enterprise wages ; storage system money " refers to the lower line of the affiliation stored in a superior line of liquidation provision for allocation of funds , deposit reserve .

  We are familiar with the balances with central banks " is used by the provincial branch of the direct contacts with the central bank accounts. Relatively large amount of monies paid (generally greater than or equal to 5 million) to register a large amount in the registration form and a checksum should be paid by the accounting officer signing.

  Bank is the lending operations. Due to the actual current situation, the financing of SMEs, despite the central bank has repeatedly introduced a program to encourage bank lending to SMEs, however, are strictly controlled within each bank. Agricultural Bank of China is also true. Therefore, the bank besides invested the field of personal loans. Should be noted that the bank's personal loan business is not directly lend to individuals, but to enter into certain agreements

  with the business, in fact, is to lend to businesses, then businesses sell their goods to the individual, personal repayment to the bank. Bank signed an agreement with the business review business documents are complete. Individual provide the applicable proof of income, identity to the banks. Are generally as collateral to purchase the subject matter, the most common is the chattel mortgage (such as car loans) and real estate mortgages (such as housing loans). The credit department's is loan approval separation system, that is, loans to clients to develop specific loans to the audit staff of loan possibilities to carry out their duties.

  I think there should be a strong team of reform in the reform, the establishment of an effective incentive and restraint mechanisms, the mechanism of competition and pay assessment mechanism, able to mobilize the enthusiasm of people. Reform pay attention to the principle of cost-effective, and also pay attention to Zequan Li principle of combining.


  "The paper come says, must know that this practice is essential." In the short-term internship, I deeply feel their superficial knowledge and lack of expertise in the practical application of the beginning period of time, are unable to start some work, at a loss, it makes me feel extremely sad. At school always consider learning, once exposed to the actual, only to find that they know is how little, and then truly comprehend the meaning of “learning".

  " A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step " , which is more than a month short and eich the internship , I think that played a role of a bridge for me to society , the role of the transition , life experience , is also an important steps to go to work in the future also has a great help. Humbly ask for advice to others, to comply with the organizational discipline and the rules and regulations, and human civilization, exchanges and other life in society as the basic principle should be implemented, in real life use habits have to continuously train in real life.

  Internship, bitter and sweet, smooth road more than the threshold is a challenge and an opportunity, this threshold may be an obstacle may be the ticket leading to another world.

  When the end of my internship, and then look back to the time of the green ears of corn, to see the smiling faces when the ebullient. I know that the bank there are a lot a lot to learn!