高二英语必修5 Unit 1 SectionIII训练题

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关于高二英语必修5 Unit 1 SectionIII训练题


关于高二英语必修5 Unit 1 SectionIII训练题

  1.The origins of the ________(宇宙)are still a mystery.


  2.The May 4th ________(运动) of 1919 is very important in the history of China.


  3.Our teacher tells us that exercise ________(有助于)to good health.


  4.Several ________(热情的) young teachers have just started working at the school.


  5.She’s got a really ________(积极的)attitude to life.


  6.When her husband left home she felt ________(抛弃)and useless.



  reject;be strict with;enthusiastic;make sense of;make sense;cautious

  1.I can’t ____________________this poem,but perhaps I will if I read it again.

  答案:make sense of

  2.Although I ____________________ by the university, I didn’t lose heart.

  答案:had been rejected

  3.As she ____________ very __________________ her children, they developed a good studying habit.

  答案:was;strict with

  4.Only after finishing reading the passage can you find it ____________________.

  答案:makes sense

  5.With so many people watching him, Jim was very ________________.


  6. He doesn’t sound ________________ about the place, in which his parents have ever worked.



  1.(2011年福州三中检测)I don’t think his reason for being late makes ________.

  A.use B.sense

  C.value D.cause

  解析:选B。考查make构成的短语的区别。句意:我认为他迟到的理由没有道理。make sense在这里是“有道理,讲得通”。

  2.(2011年青岛高二检测)The teacher didn’t explain the problem clearly,so many students were ________.

  A.confusing B.mixing

  C.confused D.mixed


  3.(2011年石家庄高二检测)Firemen said the fire was under control,but they warned that the change in weather might ________ a new fire.

  A.bring in B.break out

  C.result from D.lead to

  解析:选D。break out爆发,相当于不及物动词;result from后接原因,意为“由……引起”;lead to意为“导致,造成(后果)”符合题意,故选D。

  4.(2011年湖州高二检测)The power station ________last year is a big one.

  A.having been built B.built

  C.being built D.to be built

  解析:选B。考查过去分词作定语。The power station与build之间为被动关系,句中时间状语也暗示了应用过去分词形式作定语。注意having been built不用作定语。

  5.(2011年河南实验高二检测)Only in this way ________to get there ahead of time.

  A.you can hope B.you did hope

  C.can you hope D.did you hope


  6.A small but ________ crowd cheered as the players ran onto the field.

  A.energetic B.enthusiastic

  C.enjoyable D.encouraged


  7.I cared for none of the presents ________the wonderful bag you bought for my 12th birthday.

  A.in addition to B.as well as

  C.in addition D.apart from

  解析:选D。本题考查介词短语的意义和用法。根据题干语境意义,尤其是wonderful一词,可以推断讲话者只喜欢这件生日礼物,in addition to和as well as一样,表示并列关系,不符合题干意义;而in addition意为“另外”,后不接宾语,且不符合题意;apart from意为“除……之外”。

  8.Franklin’s ability to learn from observations and experience________greatly to his success in public life.

  A.owed B.contributed

  C.attached D.related

  解析:选B。句意:富兰克林通过观察和经验的有助于他的。“owe...to...”表示“把……归于……”,应该是“Franklin owed his success in public life to his ability to learn from observations and experience.”;attach...to...表示“把……附属在……”;related是形容词,而句中缺少谓语动词,因此不恰当。

  9.—How do you________we go to Beijing for our holidays?

  —I think we’d better fly there.It’s much more comfortable.

  A.insist B.want

  C.suppose D.suggest


  10.Our students ought to ________our share to the coming college students’ sports meeting in our city.

  A.contribute B.construct

  C.instruct D.introduce



  Every morning my friend would stop on the way to work to have a quick breakfast with her 8yearold son.Then she__1__him off at school.They ate the same thing every morning:an egg sandwich,juice,coffee for her,and milk for him.

  One day she ordered a(n)__2__breakfast.Once they finished eating and were heading out of the door,she__3__,said good morning to a homeless man sitting outside of the__4__,and gave him the breakfast she had ordered for him.He__5__her,telling her it was his first meal during the last several__6__.She couldn’t help but feel__7__and was glad she finally took__8__.

  She told her son that she had seen the man every day that week there and that__9__,herself included,had offered him__10__,support,food,or drink.She__11__explained that homelessness could happen to anyone and that it was important to__12__needy people.

  So her “Tradition of Kindness” __13__.Each day she and her son went on to__14__the homeless man breakfast.The__15__was kept until they moved away several years later,__16__the experience was firmly put into her son’s mind.

  My friend__17__every time she tells me 高二 that this “Tradition of Kindness” goes on with her son,who remembers this__18__tradition.Now working in a company,her son stops every morning at Starbucks for a coffee and offers a homeless person a breakfast before going to the__19__.

  What a great tradition that he can__20__to his children as well!

  【解题导语】 一个偶然的.机会,作者的朋友把一份早餐给了一个流浪者,从此她和儿子开始了给流浪者买早餐的行动,这也成了他们的一个传统,她的儿子参加后依然继续着这种行动。

  1.A.sent B.dropped

  C.called D.drove

  解析:选B。根据句中at school可知,作者的朋友开车把儿子送到学校。drop sb.off让……下车。

  2.A.light B.expensive

  C.ordinary D.extra


  3.A.stopped B.escaped

  C.backed D.hid


  4.A.shop B.market

  C.hotel D.restaurant


  5.A.recognized B.refused

  C.thanked D.found


  6.A.days B.minutes

  C.months D.weeks

  解析:选A。根据下一段every day that week可知,这个流浪者已经好几天没有吃东西了。

  7.A.cold B.good

  C.strange D.nervous

  解析:选B。根据后半句中was glad可知,作者感到很开心。

  8.A.action B.time

  C.care D.effect

  解析:选A。这里用短语take action,指的是她帮助了那个流浪者买早饭。作者的朋友每天早晨都在这里吃饭,今天是第一次给那个流浪者买早餐,所以是终于采取了行动。

  9.A.everyone B.someone

  C.no one D.anyone

  解析:选C。根据第二段it was his first meal可知,那个星期里,在她给那个流浪者早餐前,没有人帮助他,包括她自己在内。

  10.A.education B.information

  C.comfort D.safety


  11.A.again B.further

  C.once D.first


  12.A.contact B.encourage

  C.follow D.help


  13.A.began B.existed

  C.failed D.changed


  14.A.win B.buy

  C.show D.award


  15.A.promise B.agreement

  C.order D.practice


  16.A.although B.so

  C.but D.because


  17.A.cries B.jumps

  C.jokes D.smiles


  18.A.school B.childhood

  C.youth D.adulthood

  解析:选B。根据第一段her 8yearold son可推断,为流浪者提供早餐的传统从她儿子童年时就开始了。

  19.A.office B.cinema

  C.store D.library

  解析:选A。根据working in a company可知,她儿子给一个无家可归的人提供早餐后再去上班。

  20.A.connect B.relate

  C.pass D.move

  解析:选C。根据to his children可知,作者希望他能够把这个传统也传给他的孩子们。


  Researchers at Oregon State University(OSU)have made important progress in work that should lead toward robots that can not only walk and run very well,but use little energy at the same time.

  Studies are moving closer to designing robots that could do dangerous work,create prosthetic limbs(假肢)for humans that work much better than in the past,or even help some people who use wheelchairs to get“walking”abilities.

  “Researchers have been working toward robot movement for a long time,”said Jonathan Hurst,a professor at OSU.“What we’ve done is to study what behavior is really possible for a robot.”

  The movement of humans and other animals is difficult to copy.Using little energy,they can move easily over hard areas,and enjoy balance from muscles(肌肉).They have different ways to deal with forces,such as holding something hard in place rigidly(牢牢地),like the act of holding a cup of coffee level during a car ride.In their recent studies,the OSU researchers proved that these two_abilities are mutually exclusive(相互排斥的).Humans deal with this problem by using pairs of muscles.For a robot,the more it’s able to do one of these tasks,the less able it is to do the other.

  Presently,robots that can walk and run must be as rigid as possible while walking.But this way uses a lot of energy.The OSU researchers are working toward something that has similar or better performance,but uses far less energy,and is closer to the abilities of animals.

  “So there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be able to build robots with good movement ability,”Hurst said.“Clearly this might be useful in highly dangerous situations.But I could also see great improvements possible with prosthetic limbs that work much better than present technology.”

  【解题导语】 如何使机器人不但能够走得好跑得好,而且还消耗较少的能量,这是摆在科学家面前的一个大问题。Oregon State University的研究者们正对此进行研究。

  1.The robots being studied by researchers at OSU________.

  A.are successful now

  B.use little energy

  C.do better than before

  D.can run faster than humans

  解析:选C。细节理解题。文章第一段指出,Oregon State University的研究者们所研究的机器人仍然处于研究阶段,文章只是表明取得了很大的进步。因此,对于其性能怎么样还很难确定。故答案选C。

  2.Which of the following have researchers been studying all the time?

  A.The robots’ movement.

  B.The robots’ weight.

  C.The robots’ sizes.

  D.The robots’ walking speed.

  解析:选A。细节理解题。根据文章第三段的What we’ve done is to study what behavior is really possible for a robot可知,研究者们一直在研究机器人可以做哪些动作。故答案选A。

  3.The underlined words“two abilities”in Para.4 refer to________.

  A.walking and running

  B.walking and holding

  C.moving and using little energy

  D.moving and balancing

  解析:选D。词义猜测题。根据文章第四段的Using little energy,they can move easily over hard areas,and enjoy balance from muscles.可知,人类和动物在运动时能够保持身体平衡,因此,后面提到的这两项能力就是指的这两项。故答案选D。

  4.According to Jonathan Hurst,we know that robots with good movement ability________.

  A.can be used in medical science

  B.are only used in highly dangerous situations

  C.will hardly be created in the future

  D.will have a bad influence on man

  解析:选A。推理判断题。根据文章最后一段Jonathan Hurst所说的话,很长时间以来,制造出这样的机器人不是不可能,它们将有助于高危险区作业,也可用于假肢方面(医学)。故答案选A。

  5.Which section of a newspaper is this passage probably taken from?

  A.Business. B.Science.

  C.Environment. D.Advertisement.

  解析:选B。文章出处题。该文介绍了Oregon State University的研究者们对机器人的最新研究,因此该文最有可能从与科学相关的栏目中摘选,故选B。

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