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  responsibilities & achievements:

  event team manager of innovation society

  responsible for organizing the societys xx-xx social programme ; managed team to meet strict deadline and goals,managed events with in budget and preparatioin,recruited membership through freshers fair,liaise with students union and departments across the college.

  volunteer of the young volunteer in guangzhou,

  organised to visit the children in orphanage who has speaking difficulties and mental handicap and soci activities with elderly and people who have hansens disease and moving difficulties;responsible for planning routes,appointment booking,scheduling activities.


  technical skills

  my degree course is both technically demanding and rewarding,involving high levels of training in numeracy computing and engineering skills. my third year project, flowsheeting,was to design a chemical plant to meet specific requirements,which involved considerations of a whole range of issues,such as separation processes economic potential and environmental considerations .i have dealt with huge quantity of data and have managed to turn them into meaningful information in the project. the project also provides me a considerable experience of using professional software to solve problems.

  comunication skills:

  through all academic projects, i have developed strong communication skills and enjoyed working with people with diverse backgrounds. in additon,i am a good listener in a team and i am able to coordinate all the arguments to produce constructive decision. in my spare time, i have taken a part-time job in the student union shop in imperial college london and my interpersonal skills are further improved.

  organisational skills

  currently as a fourth year undergraduate student, i have a demanding schedule of elective lectures coursework ,job huntinng and part-time job. under such tremendous pressure, i am well-organized and manage to excel in all the different tasks. in addition, i love travelling in europe and all the previous trip were planned properly by myself.

  information technology

  i am a frequent user of two operation systems,microsoft windows and mac os. during my academic years, i have been extensively trained to perform technical modeling and data analysis with professional softwares such as maple, matlab and aspen. moreover , i am very familiar with the commercial software package microsoft office and i am proficient in using the advanced model drawing software , solid works.

  language skills

  i am fluent in english and i am a native speaker of chinese, including mandarin,cantonese and taiwanese. in addition, i have mastered junior-level japanese in both conversation as well as writing, and i am currently taking courses to improve it.



  负责组织社会xx - xx社会方案;管理团队完成严格的期限和目标,在预算和准备工作中管理活动,通过新生组织招募成员,与学院的学生会和部门保持联系。











  我经常使用两个操作系统,microsoft windows和mac os。在我的学术生涯中,我一直被广泛的训练,用专业的软件进行技术建模和数据分析,比如枫叶、matlab和aspen。另外,我非常熟悉微软office的商业软件包,熟练使用先进的模型绘图软件,扎实的工作。