模块6 Unit 2 教学案(学生版)(译林牛津版高二英语选修六学案设计)

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M6 unit 2 (Part I )

Welcome to the unit

1. make sb/sth + adj (P17)

He has a strange way of_making_his classes lively and interesting.

make 后面还可以跟名词/do/done 及介词短语作宾语补足语

He made him_captain_of the football team.(队长)


Bush was made President of the USA again in 2004.

We don’t need to make him learn.

The waste put into the river makes the river __polluted_(污染)

He was made at a loss at the question.

Words from Reading to Word power

1. search sb/sp 在…搜查, 在…搜索 (P18标题)

The guard searched every corner of the room.


He was afraid that he might be searched because he had the letter to the Party.

search for sth /sb

They searched for the lost child everywhere.

The police searched everyone for anything banned.


The enemy _ searched_ the mountain for the wounded.


search n. 搜查,搜索

in search of/ in one’s search for/ in the search for

They went out in search of a cheap hotel.

A search _for_ the missing aircraft is already going on.


The police made repeated searches for cancelled (暗藏的) weapons.


Volunteers joined the search for the lost child.


2. struggle (P18 Line4) 争斗,搏斗,打斗

struggle with/to do 挣扎 vi n. 打斗,搏斗,斗争,努力

The two boys are struggling with each other.

The thief struggled _to _ _run_ _away_(逃跑), but failed.

After _a long struggle , she gained control of the business.


a power struggle 权利斗争 the class struggle 阶级斗争

3. disability (P18 Line4) n. 残疾,无能,无力

people with disability 残疾人

_Physical_ disability causes mental anxiety.


He swims well _despite/in spite of her disabilities.


Lacking experience is a severe disability for her.


disabled adj. 残疾的

a disabled child in a wheelchair

the disabled 残疾人

The disabled __are_ well looked after in the country.

be able to do

enable sb to do

The pass enables me to travel half-price on trains.


A rabbit’s large ears enable it to hear the slightest sound.


4.join + 党派、团体、组织(P18 Line8)

join the Party/ the League/ the club/ the organization/the Students’ Union/ the army

join A to B 把… 和 … 连接起来

South America is joined_ to North America with only a narrow strait separating North America from Asia.


join up 将…连接起来

To keep the enemy out of his empire, Emperor Qinshihuang had the walls joined up.


join sb in sth / doing 和… 一起做

join in 参加活动

Join us in the debate. 和我们一起辩论。

At this time her husband left his own work, in which he has been very successful and joined her _in_ her research for this unknown radiation.


5. injure vt 伤害,损害(P18 Line16)


用于物指损坏、损害。 e.g.:

He injured his left leg while playing football.

Dishonesty injures a business. 欺骗有损生意。

the injured 指受伤的人

The injured _were_ taken to the nearest hospital.

get injured

He got slightly/seriously/badly injured in the fight.




hurt 尤其指肉体,精神或心灵上的伤害,含较强烈的“疼痛”之意

harm 指对生物的伤害,也指对抽象事物的伤害

wound 常指在战争、暴力或灾害中受伤,(也可指精神的创伤)


damage 指伤害人或物使之失去价值、功能或正常的外观,用作名词常指在自然灾害中的损害


He got his finger injured . 他手指受了点轻伤

He fell and hurt his arm. 他摔了一跤,伤了胳膊。

He was rather hurt by their criticism. 他被他们的批评所伤害。

Smoking a lot of cigarettes can _harm_ health. 吸烟过量会危害身体健康。

The fire badly damaged the city hall. 大火使市政厅遭到严重破坏。

注意:wound sb +介词+the+ 人体部位


He was badly wounded __in_ the_ leg in the battle.


6. in hospital (P18 Line16) 生病住院/ in bed卧床/ at school在学校/ go to town进城/in town在城里/ go to school去上学/go to church去做礼拜


7. in case (P18 Line20) 假设,万一,以防

in that case 如果那样 in case of + 名词

in any case 无论如何 such being the case 情况如此

in no case 在句首要用倒装句

Bring your dictionary with you in case you will use it.


In _any case, you must not tell a lie.


In this case, you wouldn’t have a pan on fire.


In no case should we be the first to use nuclear weapons, as was claimed by Chairman Mao.


Such being the case, I’ll have to quit the job.


8. junior (P18 Line25) 地位或身份低的 (通常无比较级)

be junior to sb

He is several years junior to Mr. Cooper.


用于父子同名时,指儿子在姓名之后用Jur/ Jr/ Jun

如:Sammy Davies Jr 小萨米戴维斯


be senior to 比某人年长

He is 10 years_ junior to me. 他比我大十岁。

He is senior to me, since he joined the firm before me.


子女和父母同名时,用于父母名字前 John Brown Senior 老约翰布朗

9. describe (P18 Line28) 描绘,描写

describe sb/sth

+ 从句

The police asked the witnesses to describe the two suspects.


It’s difficult to describe how I feel.


describe…as 把…称为,描绘为,形容为…

She _is_ described as an angel.


Don’t describe him as_ hard and cruel.


description n. 描绘 beyond description 难以形容

10. energetic (P18 Line28) adj → energy n.

full of energy 精力充沛

11. apart from(P18 Line29) 除了…之外,若不是


Apart from his nose, he is quite good-looking.


Apart from (Besides/ In addition to) the injuries to his face and hands, he broke both legs.


12. oneself 自己

One’s life 生命

devote one’s time to sth/ doing sth 向某人/某事奉献了 时间 等

one’s energy 精力

one’s money 金钱

The doctor is determined to devote his whole life to _researching_(研究)Aids virus.

He devotes all his efforts to the task..

devoted adj. 热爱的,忠实的,全心全意的

a devoted son/ friend/ supporter


Her son, to whom she was so devoted, went abroad 10 years ago.

Devoted (深爱) to their children, the parents work day and night for their education.

Madam Curie was devoted to the study of science.

devotion n. one’s children 对子女深爱

the Party 对党忠诚

devotion to one’s task 全心全意的工作

duty 忠于职守

13. rush vi. (P19Line36) 冲,匆忙的做某事

Don’t rush, take your time. 别着急,慢慢来。

The children rushed out of the school. 孩子们冲出学校。

People rushed to buy the shares. 人们抢着买股份。

vi. rush sb/sth to sp

Ambulances rushed the injured to hospital.


Relief supplies were _rushed_ in. 救济品已急速送到。

rush sb into doing sth 催促某人做某事

I’m not going to be_ rushed into anything.


I’m sorry to rush you, but we need a decision by Friday.


14. cheer n. (P19 Line42) 欢呼,喝彩,高兴,振奋

reply with cheers 报以喝彩声

She accepted the gift with good cheers. 她欣然接受了那份礼物。

vt. 欢呼,喝彩,使…振奋

The audience cheered for the fine performances.

Cheer up, Frank, it’s not the end of the world.

He cheered me up when I was in trouble.

I’m talking Jane out to cheer her up(使…振作)

. cheerful adj. 快乐的,使人振奋的

a cheerful smile 快乐的微笑 cheerful news 让人高兴的消息

cheerful colors 悦目的色彩 a cheerful room 使人感到愉快的房间

15. spirit (P19 Line43) 精神,心灵

He is troubled in spirit. 他内心苦恼。

in poor/ low spirits 心情低落,精神不振 in high spirits 情绪高昂

16. adapt (P19 Line56) 使…适应,使.. 适合

adapt sth for /to do

Most of the tools have been especially adapted for use by disabled people.


These styles can _be_ _adapted_ to suit individual tastes.


adapt (oneself ) to 适应

We had to adapt quickly _to_ the new system. 我们不得不尽快适应新制度。

A large organization can be slow to adapt to change.大机构可能应变迟缓。

The organisms were forced to adapt in order to survive. 生物被迫适应,以求生存。

It took him a while to _adapt___ _himself_ __to_ his new surroundings.


adaptable adj. 有适应能力的, 能适应的

Successful business are highly adaptable to economic change.


adaptation n.

the adaptation of desert species to the hot conditions


17. stay + adj./adv./prep (P19Line61) 停留,保持(某种状态)

She stayed awake the whole night at the thought of being sent to the West.


The door stayed open all night long.

Put the meat in the fridge. It will _stay_ _fresh_for several days.


Why did you stay away from school? 你为何不上学?

That evening he stayed behind in the office to finish some work.


18. inspire (P19 Line63) 激励,鼓舞

inspire sb to do sth

The actor’s enthusiasm inspired the kids.


The speech inspired the players to greater success.


By visiting schools, the actors hope to inspire children _to _put_ on_ their own productions.


inspire 原义表示“ 赋予某人灵感(尤指写作,绘画,作曲等)”

The beautiful scenery inspired the poet to write his greatest poem.

inspired adj. 有创造力的,有雄心壮志的,得到灵感的,常修饰人

e.g an inspired poet/ a young man inspired

有创造力的诗人/ 有雄心壮志的的青年

inspiring adj. 鼓舞人心的, 使人感兴趣的

an inspiring thought/ a book on an inspiring subject

鼓舞人心的想法/ 一本题材令人感兴趣的书

inspiration n. 灵感

I sat down to write an essay (文章),but found I was completely without inspiration.

19. admire v. (P19 Line64)钦佩 → admirable adj. 令人钦佩的,令人羡慕的,值得羡慕的

admiration . n . 钦佩,羡慕,赞美

admire sb for sth 因…而羡慕,赞美,钦佩某人

They admire our neat garden.


I admire him _for__ his courage in reform.


admirable adj. 令人钦佩的,极好的

an admirable performance 优美的表演

admiration n.

Her handling of the crisis fills me with admiration.


I have great admiration for his courage.


20. sympathy n. (P21) 同情心 (不可数)

show/feel great sympathy for / towards sb

She has never showed any sympathy for the poor.


Out of sympathy for the homeless child, she gave him shelter for the night.


sympathize v. sympathize with sb/sth 同情,支持

21. relate (P22) vt. “讲述,叙述”

He related his trouble to his teacher and asked for his advice.

vi. 涉及,关系到,与…有关

To what events did your remarks relate_?


This paragraph relates to the October Revolution.


This plant is said to be related to that one.


be related to 与… 有关

relating to 关于

relations 关系,联系,亲戚

relative n./ adj. 亲戚,相对的,相关的

relationship n. 关系

The relationship of these two neighbors has long been difficult.

We’ll discuss the paragraph related/relating to (涉及) the October Revolution.

Words(word power, grammar and project)

1. obey vt. 服从,听从,执行

obey orders 服从命令 obey the law 遵守法律

Solders are trained to obey without question.士兵们训练得绝对服从命令。

2. arrange vt,/vi 安排

①arrange sth 安排。。。 整理好。。。

She arranged all her business affairs before going on holiday.


②arrange for sb/sth to do sth 使某人或某物做某事

I’ve arranged for a car to meet you at the airport.


③arrange with sb about sth/to do sth 与某人约定,商定

I’ve arranged with the neighbours about feeding the cats.


I arranged with my parents to borrow some money.


3. coach vt 辅导,训练

coach sb for /in sth

coach a swimmer for the Olympics


coach sb in maths 辅导某人数学

n.教练 a football ,tennis, swimming coach

4. believe in

(1)believe in sb 相信某人

(2)believe in sb/ sth 相信某物的存在

(3)believe in sth /sb /doing 相信某物是对的

You can believe in him. He is reliable.你可以信任他。他是可靠的。

Do you believe in God?你信上帝吗?

He believes in getting plenty of exercise.他认为进行大量的锻炼是对的。

而 believe 相信某人所说的话

I don’t believe you.我不相信你(的话)。

5. allocate vt. 分配

allocate sth to sb/sth 分配某物给某人

He allocated tasks to each of us.


allocate sth for doing 划出(时间,金钱)做。。。。

A large sum of money has been allocated for buying books for the library.


allocation n.分配,拨出

We’ve only been given a small allocation of seats this year.


6. adequate adj. 足够的,充分的

adequate time / money

adequate for/to sth

Their earnings are adequate to their needs.


adequately adv.

adequacy n.

7.quit v. (quitted, quitted)停止,推出

quit sth I heard that he quitted his job.我听说他辞去了工作。

quit doing You should quit making fun of people on these occasions.你不要在这种场合捉弄别人

adj. 摆脱,了结 be quit of sth

She is glad to be quit of him.她为摆脱他而高兴。

8. be tired of 厌倦,厌烦

be tired of sth/doing sth

He is tired of this kind of life without love.他厌倦这种没有爱的生活。

She has been tired of listening to classical music.她听厌了古典音乐。

be tired from 由于。。。而累了

I’m tired from the long journey , so I don’t want to walk.


9. encouragement n. 鼓励,激励,支持

encourage v.鼓励,鼓舞

encourage sb to do sth

encouraging adj.令人鼓舞的,

encouraged adj.受到鼓舞的


The teacher’s words were a great encouragement to him.教师的话对他是极大的鼓舞。

His friends encouraged him to lose weight.他朋友鼓励他减肥。

He felt encouraged by the progress he’d made.他因取得成绩而欢欣鼓舞。

We were encouraged by the encouraging news.我们对这个令人鼓舞的消息所鼓励。

10. ahead of…在…之前,领先,其前面可用well,far,等修饰

ahead of time 提前

He is well ahead of me in maths.她的数学比我好得多。

His education theory was far ahead of their time.他的教育理念远远走在时代前面。

There were six other people ahead of him in the waiting room.在等候室里,他前面还有六个人。

11. at the point 在那时,在那个阶段

At the point, he was a naughty boy.

At that point, we led a hard life.

on the point of 将近…的时候

She was on the point of leaving when I arrived.她正要离开的时候我到了。

12. rush n.(身体)一阵感觉,(感情)()一阵激动

a rush of excitement/happiness/pain….

I felt a rush of excitement as she walked by.她走过时,我感到一阵激动。

They made a rush for the door. 他们冲向门口。

I always try to get to work before the rush hour starts.我总是力图在交通高峰之前上班。

13. accomplishment n.完成,成功

accomplish v. 完成,实现

celebrate your accomplishment 庆祝你的成功

accomplish one’s aim/task 达到目的,完成任务

He is a man who will never accomplish anything.他是一个永远一事无成的人。

14. guarantee vt. 保证,保障

guarantee sth

There is no doubt that our government can guarantee our basic human rights.毫无疑问我们的政府能够保障我们的基本人权。

guarantee to do sth

We guarantee to look into the case at once.我们保证马上调查此案。

n. 保证,保单,抵押品

a guarantee of quality质量的保证

It was still under quality.这.还在保修期内

I offer my house as a guarantee.我拿房子作抵押。

15. assist vt. –help 帮助

assist sb to do sth

assist sb with sth/ in doing sth

Good books will assist you to get more knowledge.好书会帮助你获得更多知识。

He assisted me with good ideas and encouragement.他帮助我出好主意并加以鼓励。

The police will assist you in finding your daughter’s address.警察会帮你找到你女儿的地址的。

用assist, help, aid填空

(1)They aided the people in the floored area with money.

(2)Would ten dollars help you out?

(3)I did my best to comfort her, but it didn’t seem to help.

(4)I was employed to assist the manager with his duties.

16. instant adj. 立即的,速食的

instantly adv.

instance n.

instant noodles 方便面 instant coffee 速溶咖啡

The telegram asked for an instant reply.这封电报要求立即回复。

He will be back in an instant.他一会儿就回来。

the instant =the moment=instantly 作连词,意为“一… 就”

The instant you press the switch, the light comes on.你一按开关,灯就亮。

Instantly I saw him, I knew he was the man the police were looking for.我一看这人,就知道他是警察要找的人。

17. company n. 陪伴

I enjoy his company.我喜欢他的陪伴。

for company 作伴,一起

I hate going out alone, so I take my daughter for company.我不喜欢单独出去,所以待女儿作伴。

in company 当着别人的面

It’s bad manners to whisper in company.当着别人的面窃窃私语是不礼貌的。

Language points(Grammar and usage, Task, Project)

1.. I knew I wanted to go for it.(P23L2)

go for 争取,试图得到

John is going for his second gold medal.约翰正在争取他的第二块金牌。

It sounds a great idea . Go for it! 这听起来是个好主意。努力实现吧.

2. feel caught 左右为难(P26L2)

I felt caught between further study and work when I graduated


My bike was caught between two buses.我的自行车夹在了两辆公共汽车之间。

He got caught in a rainstorm on the way home.在回家的路上他遇到了暴风雨。

3. work on 从事于,致力于(P26L11)

He began working on the book in 1998.他是1998年开始写这本书的。

The scientists are still working on inventing new methods of reaching outer spaces.


Some pills work on the nerves and make people more relaxed.


work out 算出,解决,锻炼

4.Whichever way I look at it, I’ll never be really good at anything unless I quit doing everything else.(P26 17)

Whichever ①any that

Take whichever seat you like.坐你喜欢的位子。

②no matter which

It has the same result, whichever way you do it.无论你用哪种方法做,结果都是一样的。

( D )_________ team wins on Saturday will go through to the national championships.

A. No matter what B. No matter which C. Whatever D. Whichever

5. I wish I knew what to do.我希望我知道该怎么做。(P26L20)


I wish I were rich _..我希望我很富有。

He wished he hadn’t gone to the party last night..他希望昨天晚上没有去晚会。

wish to do

We wish to go to the island.我们希望去那个岛。

wish sb to do sth

I wish you to inform the manager at once.我希望你马上告诉经理。

wish sb+adj.

I wish him safe at home.我希望他安全到家。

6. look back on 回顾(P30L1)

look back on one’s childhood, one’s old days回顾小时候/过去的日子

They like to look back on those unforgettable years in the army.


As we look back on the month we spent there, our hearts are filled with gratitude.


look back向后看(用于否定句)

After he won the first game, he never looked back..


look on 观看,旁观

Many people looked on as a man was fighting with a young woman.


look on …as 把…看作…。

She is looked on as a servant in his home.在他家里她被看作是仆人。

7. All I had to do was go to school.(P30L11)


All I had to do was enjoy my adolescence.我要做的就是享受我的青少年生活。

What I want to do is return the books to the library.我想做的是把书还给图书馆。

但All I wanted was to help him.

8. No one will be sad because humans will have learned to fix many of the problems that affect us now.(P31L38)

fix ①此处为“解决”“处理”

It’s not too late to fix the problem , although time is clearly getting short.



Have you fixed a place for the meeting?你确定了开会的地点没有?

Don’t fix all the blame on other people.不要将一切错误都归罪于别人。

We fixed on you to break the news to him.我们决定由你去把这个消息告诉他。

③fix sth on sb 注视,吸引

He fixed his eyes on me as I began to answer his questions.