Unit 6 Enjoying Cycling Topic 3 Bicycle riding is good exercise .Section C 教学设计(仁爱版英语八年级)

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Unit 6 Enjoying Cycling

Topic 3 Bicycle riding is good exercise .

Section C



Ⅰ. Teaching aims

1. Knowledge aims:

学习并掌握新词汇:safety, truck, notice, injury, signal, pay attention to, in case of , first aid, in a word, look out

2. Skill aims:




3. Emotional aims:


Ⅱ. The key points and difficult points

1. Key points:


2. Difficult points:


Ⅲ. Teaching aids


Ⅳ. Teaching procedures

Stage 1: warm up

Discuss a question to lead in today’s topic.

Stage 2:Pre-reading

1. Find out and learn the new words in 1a with the given pictures. The teacher shows the words on the screen: safety, truck, notice, injury, signal

2. Before the text there is a task for studentds to do. Tick the rules that bicycle riders should know.

Stage 3: While-reading

1. The teacher asks the students to read 1a and match the topic sentence with each paragraph. Then write a title for the passage in the box above.

2. Read and understand. The teacher plays a flash about the text. After watching it, the students should find the answers to the questions in 1c.

(1)What do people use bicycles for?

(2)Why is bicycle riding good exercise?

(3)How do bicycle riders protect their heads?

(4) What must bicycle riders do when riding at night?

(5)If a bicycle rider is badly hurt in a traffic accident, what should he / she do?

3.Do some listening. Listen to 1a and find out safety rules for bicycle riders.

4.Retell 1a according to the key words.

one of, use … for…

exercise, fit, strong, pollution

share… with…, notice, pay attention to, signals, safety rules, helmets, light-colored, reflectors, in case of, first aid, call 120

Stage 4: Post-reading

Finish Ex.2 and a translation task.

Stage 5:Project

How can we be safe on the road? Write a passage according to the information in 3, add your own ideas. The following words may help you.

should (not)/must (not)/had better (not)

play on the road; listen to music;

look left/right; pay attention to;

obey traffic rules; first aid;

Stage 5:Summary and homework

1. Summary:

New words and phrases:

truck, notice, safety,in a word, look out, pay attention to

Useful expressions:

Bicycle riding is good exercise.

In a word, the best way to be safe is to be careful.

Safety rules for bike riders:

They must wear helmets to protect their heads.

…, bicycle riders should know how to give first aid.

2. Homework:

a) Review the key point in Section C.

(2) Complete the passage of Project.

(3) Preview Section D. Collect information about bicycle races.

V. Blackboard design

Section C

Words and expressions

safety, truck, notice, injury, signal, pay attention to, in case of