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  Lijiang is a very ethnic characteristics. Even the airport antique. Lijiang ancient city construction are all local naxi style. And modern city. And the city can't driving, only line of the horse.


  Only the ancient city inn no hotel, we stayed at a place great inn. Neighbour to the lively square street, inside inn is very quiet, style is a bit like Beijing courtyard house, this is the building of the naxi nationality.

  The first day we went to the mu's residence.

  Mu's residence, also called wood palace. Is a local tusi (local highest officials) office and living place. Impressive, really a little emperor's taste.

  Into a big family, is the place that toast in the office, there is a chair. Covered with a real tiger skins, toast will accept minister worship here, in front of the chair there is a carpet, by the minister.

  The second is to collect books pavilion, called Wan Juanlou. This building was the tallest building, there are three layers. The first layer is toast the place of study. Only a few tables and chairs, there is a display case, demonstrates the toast studying buddhist scriptures. On the second floor is the place of books, put the two rows of big bookcase, but no books in it. The display case in front of the several modern book. From the third floor can see jade dragon snow mountain, the mountain is the second mountain in yunnan province. There is also a toast rest place.

  After we went to the HuFaDian. Here is the place of our ancestors. A statue standing in front, before the gods have a tablet, it read: emperor division, it means: to worship the first day, and then, next is the emperor, relatives, teachers.

  "Local tyrant" worthy. This toast mu's residence built well. But why call "mu's residence? Because before, in lijiang, a few name of wood, ordinary people are first and last, now or so. So a person, if the name is wood, his house is a few before, first and last, it is people. Neither without last name and surname wood, that is not local.

  The next day we went to the jade dragon snow mountain.

  From the bottom up, has been can feel cold. Although not all covered with snow on the mountain, but also can see a glacier. We take little bolts in the mountain. Unfortunately, cableway in maintenance. Small cableway only up to the sea dials 3000 while large cableway to 4506 m.

  Can see the snow on the mountain peaks. This mountain is not high, but it has never been conquered. Because of the mountains, rocks have been weathered couldn't climb up.

  Then we rode to the spruce meadow. Here are all spruce trees, has a long history. Like a guard, protected the snow mountain. Snow mountain is like a old man, take care of the spruce. The land of wild flowers, spruce, snow-capped mountains and rainbow, formed a unique landscape.

  On the third day, we come to city sea horse. One to the racecourse, first heard a few clear and crisp scream. I was the first time in close contact and horses. These horses are all brown and black, there is no "prince charming".

  Our road right away. Ride a horse don't like to ride a bike, how to ride it. Ride a horse to put straight to the bottom, otherwise will uncomfortable, will run wild. I would have felt before. The body forward, up/down the body leaned back, this also should pay attention to.

  Along the way, although invisible stream but also can hear the sound stream. Made of green barrier, there are still those dots of light. The owner told us that this is the tea horse road site. Caravan is go here before. Caravan carrying the goods such as tea, silk with horses to groups of other countries. So here is the tea horse road.

  At noon, we ate a caravan of rice. Actually is also a plate hoosh with rice, but also quite tasty. Finished we'll ride down the hill.

  One to the foot, kaka (I) the name of the horse will gallop. The reason. But really not the kui is kaka, run very fast. My head turned 360 degrees, but I'm not dizzy, don't be left out.

  The fourth day, we came to da cuo national park.

  First of all, we came to belong to all. The scenery is too beautiful. Mountain by water, water, surrounded by mountains; Mountain water, mountain water. Still can see the green lake, as if returned to the development of science and technology haven't before. From any Angle, a lake with pictures of any kind of camera, can when the computer desktop.

  Then another unnamed lake. Go for a short time under the sudden hail! The first time I saw the hail, bean big grains of ice fall down, it's beautiful. The lake at the air after the rain, as if to fairyland. Mist, real or imagined.

  To lijiang, it was worthwhile!


  Many times, see words about lijiang in travel magazine. In the article, and can only be drifted off the outline of lijiang is roughly a shape. Finally unbearable curious and decided to look at himself.

  What is real, just discover the charm of lijiang cannot hide.

  Though lijiang experienced an earthquake hit, however, the ancient city of presented today in good condition, really impressive.

  Although many visitors, but still not impede the perfection of its quiet beautiful.

  If say the west lake calm without a billow of intrinsic lucrative ci, such as wide charm of the taihu lake and graceful belle, that in my eyes, the lijiang, more like a girl, not yet married in purdah with ignorance of limpid eyes looked at the tourists from all over the world. While her ignorance, not because of stupid and isolation, but inherent trust in the world, the pursuit of human nature is the most pure nature.

  Walk alone along the green flag of the ancient city of lijiang road, despite the hustle and bustle around, but when listening to the baseboard and bluestone knocking sound, the heart is very quiet. Just want to live the rest of my life here, the sunrise, whether. More like the ancient way of life. Even if difficult, even without the neon of prosperous, but as long as you can with the stone road, stone bridge, clear water, the breeze stroke face everyday, wicker flying, is already enough.

  With Ruth mood walk here, where a worry should step to the next, so long as accompanies with this beautiful have don't have to speak. Are not afraid to get lost, anyway, no matter when, the ancient city of of primitive simplicity of folk will refer to led me where is the way home. Now, only need to take daily life very precious hours to calm, will be enough.

  After numerous small store on the way, what's inside, cheap delicate, fondle admiringly. Have no such impulse, want to buy many things, even if back also is useless, but now came in hand, no matter how to don't want to put down.

  Manage to make do it is not possible. Repeatedly to weigh the pros and cons, bought a belt with the hand catenary of style restoring ancient ways. Put on the arm of the slender, have bigger, sliding up and down on the forearm. Small pieces of the chain OO rustling ringing off the hook, but how also won't feel upset. As the ancient town, always quiet and not anxious. So I think about it, no matter how impatient and calculating the daily, here, is inevitably stop stop to enjoy! What bargaining skill, here, with really will feel ashamed.

  Clear water, without pollution. The young fish in the river, clever swinging tail, gently artful artful pick a spray to swim around. When looking at their corners of the mouth is can't help laughing. Like watching newborn children, with the changes have not experienced the vicissitudes of ethereal lively glides across the heart, provoking heart trembled, shake up a wave of tender.

  Can't help but think of the very lovely to make a sentence: "fish swim, water is very lively."

  I want to, and only the heart of a child will have such a special imagination! Similarly, only with a childlike have tarnished heart silently watching, can find the beauty of the ancient city of lijiang.

  I have some things in life, is always help themselves. But I am glad, lijiang is also such a place, can let me calm down, and even content with life here, every day, as long as can look at the ancient city of every inch of land, every plant, every stone bridge, it is good.

  So even if leave, as long as, in here, I return to the nature of innocence. Like a child, what to do, don't have to care about the consequences, as long as happy, as long as the feel this world purity, horse, would not regret.

  Small bridge, flowing water, somebody else, in the heart very clear, I will never miss.


  Dear visitors:

  Today we are going to visit lijiang. China's two major ancient city was UNESCO world cultural heritage list, they took a south north, each has its own characteristics, northern shanxi pingyao ancient city, is the south is the ancient city of lijiang in yunnan province. Lijiang dayan, baisha, beam river three relatively independent urban construction units, dayan ancient city is the concentration of their representatives, so people are often called dayan ancient city of lijiang. From the geographical terms, the dayan ancient city of lijiang is a famous Chinese and foreign ancient city of ethnic minorities plateau.

  Formed in the early yuan dynasty of ancient city, has been a northwest yunnan commercial center since the Ming and qing dynasties and the connection of yunnan sichuan-tibet tea ma gu town, has been 800 years of history. Ancient city covers an area of 3.8 square kilometers, the elevation 2400 meters, inhabited by more than 6200 households, the resident population, about 25000 people, including naxi nationality population accounts for about 67%. Lijiang in December 8, 1986 was released by the state council as national famous historical and cultural city, December 4, 1997, is a UNESCO world heritage site.

  Beneath our feet is a "map", and frogs, eight diagrams is the naxi ancestors create divination tools according to the theory of five elements. Design is crawling in the middle of a frog, back like a divination texts, abdominal across the arrow, symbol of the party five lines of colored eight. Now facing east, symbol "wood", color green; South frog mouth, mouth spit "fire", heat color red; Frog abdomen center, into a "soil", ochre yellow; Arrow pointing towards the west, the symbol "iron", iron color white; Frog end toward the north, and out of the "water", water color and black. In addition, the frog left limb pointing to the southeast, right limb pointing to the southwest, the left foot to the northeast, right foot to the northwest, and south, east, west, north, symbol of eight side sticks. Design with twelve animals around the image, since due east of order is, ox, tiger, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog, pig, rat, things to make. So, wood, fire, earth, iron, water five lines of each match male female and ten, then 60 cycle with 12 kinds of animals and ordinal number. Bargh figure of the naxi ancestors primitive cosmology, and even to the study of the origin of gossip, has important reference value.

  Visitors, now we are at the square street. Sifang street is the center of the city square, it is a pavement linked together by rows of an approximate rectangle square street, street, covers an area of about 6 acres. Why call square street, there are two main types: one theory is that the shape of a square is the magistrate printing, like square by tusi named sifang street, from the meaning of "town square". Some will say, because the road leading to all directions of stream of people is in all directions, the logistics distribution center, so call square street. Southern China also has a trade channel called "tea ma gu", it is the Tibetan and lijiang horse, fur, medicinal herbs and other specialty and southern goods such as tea, silk, jewelry, a trade channel, old town of lijiang is the town in the tea-horse ancient road, the square street is the trade center of the town.

  Maybe you have noticed the square street is not level, but slightly tilted east, is this why? Square street as the naxi proverb says, is a what are sold in addition to chicken bridle busy bazaars, a few days will have a lot of garbage, the old city and has no fixed cleaner, the ancient city of the people according to the topography, skillfully use of west river natural flushing street field. Way is: market are scattered in the afternoon, people with three pieces of ceiling a brake on the streets of river, west river, flood on river flow to the street, surrounded by the owner of the shop with a stick in the water drive, sewage flows into the east river, to thousands of hectares of farmland irrigation. Their street, the water in the river is clean, and free the law of sweeping the floor, this is afraid is in our city.

  This is gong fang. Lijiang in the first year of yongzheng of the qing dynasty, namely "gai-tu-gui-liu policy", in 1723 AD by the original toast rule changes by the central government appointed officer has a certain term of flow rule, lijiang has just entered the society by the feudal lords feudal landlords and the society. The change of the social system inspired folk children study enthusiasm, from "gai-tu-gui-liu policy" to the abolition of the imperial qing dynasty 180 years, lijiang has a s a juren and seven jinshi. "Three for" a door in the developed areas of the central plains culture is not surprising that, in lijiang can be such a long ruled by toast frontier minority areas, it is a sensational joyous event, so the government and people donated here built a two layer of gong fang. Late qing dynasty, the alleys and out of the lijiang finally a jinshi and heptyl ji, so the villagers in the site after burn reconstruction gong fang, and up to three layers. In fact, from the "gai-tu-gui-liu policy" to cancel the imperial qing dynasty, the ancient city alone has two "three for a door". Now, population is more than 30 of the naxi nationality, but has hundreds of experts and professors; The annual college entrance examination enrollment, per capita in the province has been leading the way. Naxi nationality is, as it were, a people advocating culture, good at learning.

  Visitors, thank you for your cooperation. Here, visitors can free activities for 1 hour. Activity was over here to set. Pay attention to safety!