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  Tourists friends:

  Everybody is good! I am the guide from guilin lijiang river, my last name is zhang, everyone call me xiao zhang. First of all, on behalf of our travel agency, I wish you all in this short day swim, can have fun, enjoy more beautiful scenery.

  First well go to lijiang, small sit played li river bamboo raft. When you sit on board, to see a lot of small bamboo raft, is our customs of zhuang sang folk songs, I led, you follow me, there will be a lot of people to sing together. You know what the mountain people less myopia? Because ah, mountain far and high, often see the distant scenery, eyes wont myopia. Believe that watching the film liu sanjie must have a lot of friends, that is taken here, the clear water of the blue, blue, green, can clearly see the bottom of the stone.

  The second stop: were going to the big banyan tree. The banyan tree it was said that there are hundreds of years old, and its wide spreading, tree a few dozen meters high, with dozens of meters long, roots and tree trunks were confused, with the title king of the banyan tree. On the way to the big banyan tree, and we are passing the moon mountain, distance, rain or shine of the moon waxing, nature is really amazing.

  In the big banyan tree scenic area, we all go to the village for dinner. At noon, after dinner we went to play the last leg of today, the famous scenic spot elephant trunk hill. Why that name? Because the mountains look like an elephant, in front of the rocks stretching down, bent into a hole, like the nose, so it is called elephant trunk hill. We sat on the bamboo raft, you can enter the elephants nose hole, the inside is decorated with famous of guilin - osmanthus wine!

  All nervous and happy one day will be over, dear dog, we see you next time. Oh, I forgot to tell you, in our here, dog is the meaning of a good friend!


  Hello! Dear passengers, my friends, I am you the tour guide. First to introduce myself. My name is guilin travel guide, hong-yu zhu, I will be with you through this journey together, thank you to give me this chance, I will service for you, let everybody have a good time in guilin and happy, hope everyone support to our work.

  Guilin, the famous tourist destination, as the saying goes: landscape jiatianxia guilin. Guilin with her mountain, water show, hole, Shi Xiu is famous for its beautiful scenery, every year attracts millions of tourists from home and abroad to guilin tourism.

  Guilin mountains in this area, the past high mountains towering, springing up, connect. Guilin water winds bend, on the bottom, in trip in the future I will take you on a boat to see guilin is the most beautiful one in the river, li river. The lijiang river water is eerily quiet, quiet we simply dont feel it in the flow; The water of the lijiang on the bottom, can see there are many beautiful fish swimming around.

  Guilin more mountain stone, famous with the hilt of crescent hill stone fish stone elephant trunk hill, fubo hill sword-power-test rock... Guilin hole is a special skill. Let me together with me, please go ashore to admire the mysterious rock.

  Rock cave of the area is big, can accommodate more than ten thousand people, look here, inside hole has a strange shape various scenery: a vast original forest, pagoda towering tall and straight, and fresh white bamboo... A palace of nature, said. Look at this way, for a variety of stalactites, under the lights, it is more fun? The stalactites has a beautiful name, what shiling toward, stone milk account, haeundae range and so on. Please free to enjoy, must pay attention to safety!

  Guilin stone beauty, green hills, water show, hole. The beautiful scenery of the singularly, won the praise of the landscape jiatianxia guilin. Compose a as long as more than 80 km of landscape picture scroll.


  桂林,著名的旅游胜地,俗话说:山水甲天下的桂林。桂林的山、水、洞、Shi Xiu以风景优美著称,每年吸引数以百万计的国内外游客到桂林旅游。






  Welcome to guilin! My name is xijingjing, and Im very glad to be your local guide for todays visition. Now , Id like to give you a brief introduction of the guilin, guilin is famous as tourist city in the world , attracting a great number of tourists who are from all over the word .With the increasing number of tourists ,the construction of tourist service facilities have been developed rapidly in GuiLin.Nowadeys ,there are over 20 air routes that can reach Hong Kong and the other major domestic tourist cities . 现在, 桂林已经成为一个世界的重点旅游城市, 每年都吸引大量的中外旅游者前来游览, 随着游客的不断增多, 桂林市的旅游服务设施建设也在迅速的发展。 现在已有 20 多条空中航线可直接飞香港和国内的各个主要的旅游城市。 Guilin is a renowned historical and cultural city with 2000 years of history and a famous tourist city.GuiLin have a great number of ancient cultural relics, for example ,the han tombs in yanshang mountains ,the ancient pagoda of the tang dynasty , sculptures on the precipices of west mountains in tang dynasty,the ruin of dahe kiln of the song dynasty ,huaqiao ,tombs of king jinjiang of the ming dynasty ,the city wall of the ming dynasty ,and so on . 桂林具有两千年的历史文化名城, 著名的旅游城市, 桂林有着众多的古文化遗迹,如雁山汉墓群、 唐代的木龙古塔、 唐代的西山摩崖造像、 宋代的大河窑址、 花桥、明代的靖江王墓群。 明代的王城等 GuiLin locate in the Limestone karst landscape ,therefor guilin is not only surrounded by the stone in the urban area ,but also is surrounded by the weird shaped stone in the center city .It is surprised to everyone . There are many famous scenic spots. For example ,Trunk mountain, Diecai mountain, Seven Star rocks, and Fubo mountain ,and so on . 桂林处在石灰岩岩溶地貌, 所以不仅城区周围峰石环绕, 即使市区也是奇峰耸立,令人称绝, 独秀峰。 象鼻山、 伏波山、 七星岩、 芦笛岩等都以成为特色的旅游景点。 There is much characteristic food in Guilin . Nowadays , Sichuan Food and Cantonese cuisine are vary popular . From splendid restaurants to local snacks, tourists who are from around the world can find that your need is met beyond your expectations. The most popular local snacks including Guilin rice noodles (mifen), nun noodles, chestnut glutinous rice dumplings (banli zong), stewed duck with gingko, lotus-leaf duck and stewed duck with ginger. 桂林包括许多地区特色食品。 近年来, 四川菜和广东成为最受欢迎的。 从华丽的餐厅, 小吃,来自世界各地的游客一定会发现, 你需要的是 遇到超出您的期望。 最受欢迎的地方小吃 包括桂林米粉(蜜粉), 尼姑面, 板栗粽子(半粒宗), 白果炖老鸭, 鸭和鸭烧生姜莲花叶。 米粉 Rice noodles 扣肉 Braised pork 啤酒鱼 Beer fish 桂林人口有 125 万, 其中包括汉、 壮、 苗、 瑶等 11 个民族, 在桂林我们可以体验各种民族风情。 Guilin has a population of 1250000, including the Han , Zhuang, Miao, Yao , and other 11 ethnic groups,.In Guilin we can experience a variety of folk customs. That is all.thank you .i hope everyone has a good trip.