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  Huanglong Cave is located in the north foot of the Qixia ridge, and south of the dawn. According to legend, the Southern Song Dynasty junsuke years Jiangxi Huanglongshan monk Hui from this temple, later renamed the temple, is the capital of the Southern Song of dragon worship rain.


  Huanglong Cave is a unique temple garden. It Beiyi mountains, clever use of natural cave scenery Xi Quan, pools, caves, temples, pavilion, trees, stones and other - harmony together and the formation, as an ancient wooden cross Ke, Huanglong tucui, clean elegant resort. The park cross emerald square Huang Cong, bamboo, bamboo, bamboo Qin turtle etc. several rare species, the reward is a good bamboo, "Huanglong tucui" as one of the ten new West Lake. In recent years, Huanglong Cave is added to the "edge" culture as the theme of "Folk Park", the new "matchmaker Temple", "Yuan Yuan", "edge pool"


  Huanglong Cave is located in the Qixia mountains after the foothills, from the side of a mountain, about two thousand bamboo pole with Jiazhi, roadside scenery is beautiful, the Jianmen Pass, Ziyun cave, white sands springs, the whole line is about l km to Huanglong Cave. Huanglong Cave aka no door, dragon cave. It is rumored that the monk name Hui Kai is here to build a monastery. One day, a Thunder Mountain crack, spring stone, legend open to Huanglong with wisdom, because the name of Huanglong Cave.


  Huanglong Cave is very old-fashioned, but see the door cross Chui Shoko trails, and. The main pool, pool with mountain, water blending. The mountain is for the people, but like the opening day, the cliff with a tap, spring by mouth pours in the pool, neutral stone, engraved on the "long Zeling" hole rock engraved with "water is not deep, this is a physical water rockery stack well. The pavilion Gallery, visitors can meet the" lean on curved bar viewing water "mentality. Check crane Pavilion, pavilion at Hornsey, well-proportioned. There is a group of small courtyards on the opposite side of the pool. There are various kinds of bamboos, among which square bamboo is the most famous. It is a kind of precious ornamental bamboo. Half a right lumbar rockery artificial cave is Huanglong Kwu Tung, there was a stone cave Huanglong was like, is open monk hui. On the trails along to the horizontal holes, caves and spacious, often foggy, as a result of horizontal hole.


  In recent years, the Huanglong Cave reception staff all costume dress, poolside Pavilion eaves hanging slantingly "Taibai legacy" flag of wine, visitors can enter a Pinglan watch in front of the pavilion ". Is listening to country music in the Huanglong ancient cave, the reflection is very loud sound cave in, Qu Bi The tune lingered in the room. feeling. Huanglong Cave has become the modern people to find a good place for exploring the ancient. Here is a quiet wonderful caves, exquisite pavilions; and an agreeable environment, Rock Springs, the whole garden covered by dense thick adorable, showing a "talented men still remained in concealment" God. Enter the gate, along the road slowly rising, the road cross Chui Shoko, head of wall blocking the road. Through the nine carved dragon shaped flower window to empty peep, visible in the wall are bamboo pavilions, vaguely, has aroused people's interest in a bit of exploring.


  Turn into the two door, front wall, click into place sees the song around the gallery, sill, Han hides a jade like qingci. Poolside rockery stone hanging in the vine, overlapping, mottled moss yellow with a brilliant, powerful and vigorous leader, mouth in spring as the bead curtain hanging upside down down, clang clang, sound like a lyre. Falls on both sides of the rocks, were engraved with "little in depth", "long Zeling" of the eight nest split cursive, point out the attractions.


  The faucet is based on a solemn and stirring folktale. It is said that the ancient Ziyun cave, not far away from this, lived in two yellow dragons, one old and one little. One day, the old Huang dragon suddenly did evil, burning fire to Hangzhou city. The little dragon severing, leading people to put the water into the West Lake Ziyun cave, drowned old Huanglong, put out the fire; and the little dragon also in this fight. People in tears to Huang Long was buried, tears into Huang Long's heart, and from its mouth to spill out, so Huang Long's grave is out of a small waterfall. In remembrance of the small yellow dragon, the yellow dragon was built in the place where the waterfall was outflowed, and the place was named "Huanglong Cave".