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  Everyone has his own little world, I'm from five years old have their own niche.

  My little world, the area is not very big, but I put it to clean every day.

  Push open the door, you'll see the metope is pale blue color. A double bed, that is mother afraid I fall sleep, specially bought me this big bed. Bed sheet color is white, the color of the quilt is also white, like in the snow. The white is also my favorite color. Although feeling a little cold in the house, but I have a lot of plush toys, dog, cat, chicken... .. They accompany me to spend every happy moments. The left side of the bed there are two big bookcase, inside put a lot of books: a dream of red mansions, romance of The Three Kingdoms, journey to the west, water margin, buy a match girl, Snow White and the seven dwarfs... The end of the bed stood a writing desk, there is my little above desk lamp, it light up my room every day, with I read, write, and let me no longer afraid and lonely.

  This is my house, I like it very much - a clean world, happy and comfortable. Welcome the arrival of!





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