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  ladies and gentlemen,

  good morning.

  today my topic is the 2015 youth olympic games. we all know that nanjing was selected to hold the 2015 youth olympic games in feb 11th XX . as a native citizen of nanjing, i felt extremely excitied and prouded when i first heard this great event. by the mean time, i began to ask myself, as a host of this city, what shall we do to welcome young friends from all over the world?

  in my opinion. firstly, spoken english is far more important than all other difficulties. learning a language takes a long time and a lot of hardship, it's not easy. so can we get most of nanjing people to speak english before 2015? it needs us to try and practice very hard.

  secondly, as a citizen of nanjing, i will use my enthusiasm and smile to greet every foreign friends from all over the world, and to show off our nanjingers’ friendly and hospitable spirit so that every foreign friends will know the city by the faces. and do my best to help them, for example, to be a little translator and to help foreigners when they ask the way. let them know china by the behaviors of us.

  lastly, i would like to learn more about nanjing's olympic and for the future to our foreign friends knowing more about our beautiful nanjing, as well as the long history and splendid culture, i would like to encourage my classmates to study together and promote environmental awareness for the nanjing youth olympic games.

  in a word, with the slogan that “grow with yog!” ,we should do anything we can to hold the great game.

  that’s all, thank you.

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