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  一年一度, 春风秋雨, 我们又迎来了教师节。下面小编为大家整理了教师节的英语演讲稿,供大家参考选择。



  There is a song called "when they grow up, I became you": a child I thought you were very beautiful, led a group of birds flying. Grow up you have become my only know that classrooms are flying the hope that the Shou are their own nests; piece of the blackboard to write the truth, remove the utilitarian; Flanagan chalk to draw the rainbow, teardrop shed is ... .. every time to hear it, sing it, my heart will be subjected to a baptism of love.

  Life on people from kindergarten to primary school, middle school, and even universities, there will be many teachers. Pouring of love, concern about the growth of students, one teacher per common pursuit. Which is one of, love of the female teachers in general are different teacher's love, she is a kind of put all the soul and intellect dedicated to children's sincere. Such love is selfless, it unreservedly dedicated to all students; this love is deep, its implication for all students at doing one thing in each.

  At kindergarten, we have the first teachers in life. When we are crying, it was your mother like open arms into the warm embrace of our arms; when we slept at a small bedwhen you are gently approached the bedside, as we wereangle; when We are not feeling well when you are hurriedly put our mind to the clinic.

  Gradually we grew up, into the school, to know more new teachers. For we grow up, your Teacher work day and night, but no regrets. How many quiet nights, in order to prepare each lesson, are you seriously study materials; the number of spare time, in order to transform backward students, but also you are braving the cold heat go home visits; the number of holidays, you give up leisure time with their families , devote themselves to learning, to use all available time to "self-charging."

  Teacher are candles for a bright and burning; Teacher are gardeners, homeland for tomorrow's flowers and hard work; Teacher dewdrop are constantly nourishing us this piece of green grass; Teacher trees are for our; Teacher are the sun, are matches, are chalk ... ... Teacher, what a noble and distinguished career ah!

  Leaves circled in the air, write a song wonderful music, it is a large tree at its nourish the earth for Thanksgiving; clouds at blue sky in the drift, painting pictures on TV drama series and pleasant pictures, that are white clouds in the Thanksgiving feeding it the blue sky. Since there is a teacher, we recognize the colorful world; because there is a teacher, to understand the true meaning of life, so we must know how to Teacher Zhien, Thanksgiving.

  Teachers are respected Thanksgiving. Since ancient times, people-wei of their teachers have a heart of Thanksgiving. Famous scientist Marie Curie, Nobel Prize-winning twice, but she saw my primary school teachers, the immediately presented a bouquet of flowers to express her gratitude; great man Mao Zedong at the festive season is also usually sent to a Teacher deeply grateful.

  Thanksgiving is on the teacher's heart. Grateful do not need earth-shattering, just say your call ray considerate enough. Class, the teacher sat exhausted on rostrum, students, and you can walk gently for Teacherback shoulder; after school, when you find a teacher for us to sit in the offices also meticulous whenstudents, you can quietly for a cup of warm water on Teacher inverted; recess, you discover that there is waste paper cuttings classroom, students, and you can easily pick it up, for teachers to create a clean teaching environment; holiday, the students , you can bring a flower for the teacher, a greeting card, it is the blessings of Teacher Forever ... ...

  Thanksgiving on the Teacher is to return the society. Teacher, you worked hard conscientious, quiet dedication of light and heat. Ordinary is not in this insipid post on, you not only taught us the knowledge and, more importantly, it educates us in how to behave. "decades, educating people for centuries," Does a society, the state and the nation a useful person, it is the best reward for teachers.

  Students, let us together wish the world is all happy Teacher Happiness Forever!

  有一首歌叫《长大后,我就成了你》:小时候我以为你很美丽,领着一群小鸟飞来飞去。长大后我就成了你,才知道那间教室,放飞的是希望,守巢的是自己; 那块黑板写下的是真理,擦去的是功利;那根粉笔画出的是彩虹,流下的是泪滴…..每次听到它,唱起它,我都会在内心经受一次爱的洗礼。

  人一生从上幼儿园到小学、初中,乃至大学,会有许许多多的老师。倾注爱心,关注学生的成长,是每一位老师共同的追求。而这其中,女老师的爱是不同于一 般老师的爱,她是一种把全部心灵和才智献给孩子的真诚。这种爱是无私的,它毫无保留地献给所有学生;这种爱是深沉的,它蕴涵在为所有学生所做的每一件事 中。










  good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. good afternoon, boys and girls. good afternoon, everybody. i ’m glad to make a speech here.

  as we all know, tomorrow is teachers’ day. many people say that teachers are not unusual at all. that’s true. but i want to say though teachers are common, their job is unusual. what they do is very very great. i am an english teacher. so i’ll make an english speech here. and my topic is “live with thankfulness”. do you know what “thankfulness” means in chinese? it means “gan’en”.

  we know that in the world, we are not living alone. from the day we were born, there have been many people around us. they take care of us. they help us. they teach us. they play with us and grow up together with us. they support us. they understand us. the most important is: they love us. who are they? can you give me your answer?

  yes, they are our parents, grandparents or family members; they may be your idmates, your friends even your neighbors. they are all important to us. we can’t live without them. we should thank them.

  we should thank the great world. because it gives us sunlight, air, water and everything we need to keep us alive healthily. we can’t live without them.

  we should thank our parents. they are the people who gave us the life. they look after us carefully and give all their love to us. i believe if necessary, they are willing to give everything to us. they stay with us, all the time.

  we should thank our teachers. it is they who teach us knowledge unselfishly. they let us know how to write, how to read, how to get on with others and so on. they are our guide in our life.

  we should thank our friends, our idmates. they are our partners. they understand us. they encourage us. they play with us. they grow up together with us. they make our life more colorful.

  my dear boys and girls, teachers’ day is coming. it’s a celebrating time. it’s also a thankful time. let’s take actions together. show our thanks to the world, learn to protect it. show our thanks to our parents, learn to look after them. show our thanks to our teachers, learn how to respect them. show our thanks to our idmates, learn to help and share with them.

  boys and girls, are you ready? live with thankfulness, from now on. let’s go!

  so much for my talk .thanks very much!