СѧӢݽ壺America people

Ӣݽ ʱ䣺2018-07-05 ҪͶ
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Good morning! My name is Cary. Today my topic is America people.

America is a wonderful and great country. It is the most powerful country in the world.America has many famous people. Such as Abraham Lincoln, Mark Twain, Steve Jobs, Bill Gaze and Brack Obama. These people are very important in America, even in the world.

Abraham Lincoln was a president. He was the greatest leader in the history of America. He freed the black people.

Mark Twain was the father of American Literature. He began to publish some of his own writing when he was 16 years old. He was the one of the best-known public figures in the United States.

Many people love Steves Jobs. He made the iphone, ipod and ipad. He also made lots of wonderful cartoon movies. He was great. People love these things very much. He changed our life.

These people are very famous and important. I learnt lots of things from them. I hope I can be a better man just like them. Thats all. Thank you!