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Dear teachers, dear classmates:

In this season, the school is awakening, and the school is coming to the next generation of six grade students. From me to the present, after two years, I have changed from a little girl to a good big sister.

The bamboo shoots from the young shoot sprouts to the tall bamboo, each of which is a beautiful picture book, recording the wonderful life and things in our school. An interesting picture came across my mind.

I remember when I was just in grade four, Yang led me into the 41 class classroom for the first time. What a warm family it is! In a burst of applause, I introduced myself and sang to everyone. Miss Yang is very kind to me, and especially arranges me on the side of the monitor, Sun Xiaotong. The smiling faces of students, Yang also encouraged, said: "you have to work hard to learn from Sun Xiaotong, will certainly progress!"

That was the happiest time of my life. I walked downstairs and looked at the bamboo forest. I thought it was only in my hometown that I could see such a green bamboo. Now, I see it at school, and this feeling is like returning to my home.

In the unwittingly opening of the sports meeting, Mr. Yang thought I had the strength to help me to report 800 meters, although that was not my strength, but I should do my best for the honor of the class. We sold our school gate and went to the Qian Tang foreign language school to take part in the sports meet. The sound of a sweet voice on the radio is my turn to play. My mind is like a little rabbit jumping. I heard my classmates try to clap their hands and cheer for me. I took a deep breath and made full preparations, and finally ran 800 meters. At this time, I found that Mr. Yang had already waited for me at the end of the line. She supported me and tried to let me walk slowly. Although I got the name, I realized the warmth of this big group.

I remember that when we were in grade six, we carried out the meaningful activities of greening campus. The classmates in the class took all kinds of plants, some brought a pot of plants, and some brought two pots. Huang Yizhe unexpectedly brought five or six pots. In this way, with the efforts of our whole class, the number of plants in the class is the largest. The bamboo outside the window was blown over by the wind and nodded. It should be praising me for doing well.

This one thing, like that one day bamboo stands erect.

Goodbye to my alma mater, you taught me, you let me find happiness and happiness. Goodbye, my teacher, is that you have given me knowledge, let my blank mind, add a lot of knowledge, I have grown a lot! Goodbye, my classmates, you have let me know for the first time the true meaning of friendship, the strength of unity and unity. I'll always remember you.


Dear teachers, dear classmates:

Good morning, everybody!

Teachers and classmates, we are leaving our alma mater, ending our primary school life and going to junior high school. We have not yet parted, we have to rely on it! My heart is trembling slightly, for the moment that is remembered for life is coming. The unforgettable moment, I once hoped, now is not willing to give up. Excitement, bewilderment, laughter, frustration, tone sandals, cheerful steps, and moving songs are all integrated into our hearts.

Do you really want to leave? The beautiful campus is so long and so clear, a picture of a teacher dedicated to us, the scene of the flow of students, these let us from yesterday's naive to the long road to today's sensible, how can I forget? Memories of the past, in the wide playground, in the warm classroom, I always look at the blue sky, white clouds, the beautiful campus in the sunshine, the pattern is so beautiful; the wind in the campus, how many times the soft lift our hair, the campus joyous laughter let our heart forever abundance. My beautiful campus, it is like this, such as a roll of good painting, the moon is empty, moonlight star, light, just like the silver lining, showing the dreamy and tempting color...

After six years of running water, the life of primary school is about to end, and we are about to lift the sails of middle school, soar in the deeper knowledge of the middle school, and explore in a more mysterious realm of life. Looking back at the long learning path, there are ups and downs, sweet, hope, loss, success, failure, joy and anger. But in the end, we have all gone through this period of learning. The rosy rose, falling from my head, is spinning in the air, and the shadow of the sun is gently passing through my eyes. Farewell, beautiful campus, farewell, beloved teacher; farewell, lovely classmates. Bit by bit, one minute and a second. Ah, there is a feeling of gratitude for my teacher in my heart. At that time, my red scarf, beating like a flame in my chest, read the book. The teacher came up and helped me on the shoulder. I spoke earnestly, pointing to the red flag flying and hunting, and earnestly told me. Endless words of endless love, stirring up the tide of emotion in my heart.

Do you really want to leave? The beautiful campus has given us endless joy, hope, song and fragrance. To become a middle school student, we must work hard for it.

It is only in order to get to the finish line that it is on the road; only to achieve the best success can we go on the most difficult and difficult road.