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  planting trees day comes on march 12th every year. do you know whatcan we do to help on the day?


  in china, planting trees day is on march 12th. this special day began in 1979. on that day, people can plant many trees. and if we plant trees more, we must also take care of the trees by watering them until they grow upto be strong. in different countries, planting trees days are on different days. like in india, planting trees day is on july 1st.


  why do the people plant trees? it is very easy. because they want to protect the environment. there are many people who want to earn the money formonly cutting down trees. so more and more trees are cut by them. but kind people want to protect the environment and make the air clean. so they plant trees as many as they can.


  all these actions show that people should pay more attention to theenvironment. we want to make it better, don”t we? so we must plant more trees to protect the environment.


  so, everyone, if you want to make the air clean, please try your best to protect the environment and plant more trees.



  Dear teachers, students:

  Today is the annual tree planting day, in which the rapid development of science today, the pursuit of material has become the primary objective of the people. In order to have the so-called "high quality" of life, many people in the material, before this one desires a foolish thing??

  Deforestation, broken water, waste oil, people almost predatory exploitation, destruction of the ecological balance, so that some places a long drought, no rain, some places are flooding. Acid rain, mud and rain, red tide, tornado, sandstorm...... More and more frequent, time and time again sounded the alarm for us.

  I can't stop people from cutting down a few forests. But we can save every piece of paper; can restrain their desire to change the furniture; can save the use of disposable chopsticks...... This is a trivial point of contribution, can be exchanged for the living environment of harmony, harmony between man and nature. 2014 Arbor Day speech by the fine information network finishing!

  Until now, there are a lot of people don't know Arbor Day this important festival exactly where a day, this is not on the environment of a do not pay attention to it?! why there are so many people and then arbitrarily felling trees, our environment is a serious threat. If the environment is not the most important, then why almost all the countries have set tree planting day?. The home of man is not a man of you, but of all living things! Are all human beings cold? Do we have to deprive animals and plants of their right to live?. Protect the environment by everyone, if people give more, believe that nature will give us a good return.

  First, goodness, I believe, everyone had a pure heart, but is confused by material desires. As long as dare to take open hypocritical veil, remove the evil desires heart, then a really perfect life, truly a perfect world, away from us is far?








  March 12 is the Arbor Day every year. This year's Arbor Day has become a primary school student, I school brigade department organization we go outside to participate in planting trees activities to improve the students to love nature should be understood as a child. The consciousness of environment protection.

  The day it's sunny in the morning, the sun shines on the ground. After we arrived at the outskirts of a clearing off, I will and classmates with a shovel, bucket, carried the saplings. To start in planting trees. I was the first team, it is our task to water trees. If the girl is the second team, their mission is to fertilize the young trees. Yu Dongli is a third team, their task is to give young trees dig a hole. Vehicle is planted saplings. Everyone busy doing their own thing to do, do it. Aflame. Everyone is happy smile on their faces. When they put the tree after the us team to water the saplings, we went to the river to a bucket of water to water the saplings. As if looking at certain clear bright they shoveled the water cups of the saplings mouth to drink very happy also drink while said: "thank the students work hard under your care, we must grow to be a useful workers make clothing in the future human" after I listened to very happy more proud, thought after many years here my classmates and I planted saplings will become individual grow up into the thick of the shadow of a large green shade trees when we come here again what a feeling! It is because of this love and care about the nature of people to us. Our world will become more beautiful and more green environmental protection.

  The Arbor Day activity for me is really increased a lot of knowledge, understand the human only love nature flowers and plants trees with their peace with our world will be more beautiful and rich.