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my weekend英语作文(精选24篇)

  在平日的学习、工作和生活里,大家都写过作文吧,作文是经过人的思想考虑和语言组织,通过文字来表达一个主题意义的记叙方法。你知道作文怎样写才规范吗?以下是小编为大家整理的my weekend英语作文,希望能够帮助到大家。

my weekend英语作文(精选24篇)

  my weekend英语作文 1

  I think everyone will have a busy and interesting weekend. Now, let me introduce my busy weekend to you.

  On Saturday morning, I am going to the bookstore. I’m going to buy some story-books and a Chinese-English and English-Chinese dictionary. I like reading story-books. I find them very interesting. Then I am going home. My home is near the bookstore. So I am going by bike. I like riding my bike. In the evening, I am going to play piano. Playing piano is my hobby.

  On Sunday morning, I am going to do my homework. Now I am in Grade Six. I want to enter a good middle school next year. So I must study hard. In the afternoon, I am going shopping with my parents and my little brother. My mom says she is going to buy a pair of sneakers for me. I love going shopping. I think all of the girls like going shopping. Am I right.

  On Sunday evening, I am going back to school by school bus. I love my weekend, how about you? Tell me something about your weekend.

  my weekend英语作文 2

  Hi!This is Moon .I'm going to have a busy weekend! On saturday,I'm going to visit my grandparents by bus.I'm going to buy a new book.Ten,I'm going to go home and read the new books.On sanday,I'mgoing to the supermark with my moyher.We're going eveing lunch.Ten, in the evening,I'm going to visit my aunt.That will be fun!

  What are you going to do on the weekend?

  my weekend英语作文 3

  I have happy weekend.

  On Saturday morning,I always have English classes at school. I study hard in the classroom. In the afternoon,I often play computer games. On Sunday morning I often draw pictures. Sometimes I visit my grandmother and grandfather. Sometimes I listen to music. On Sunday afternoon I often do housework or go shopping.

  So I love weekends.

  my weekend英语作文 4

  I think everyone likes weekend. Because it’s time for relax and fun. Now I want to talk about my weekend.

  I often spend Saturday for fun. Such as playing basketball with my friends, watching movies and TV shows, having a trip with family and so on.

  And I always spend Sunday for homework and have some rest. Sometimes I visit my grandparents with my parents. It’s very interesting to visit them.

  my weekend英语作文 5

  The weekend is coming.I am going to have a happy weekend.

  I want to have a good sleep weekend.In the morning,I am going to do my homework.In the afternoon,I am going to review my homework.And I am going to do lots of exercise.My favorite exercise is ping-pong.

  At night,I am going to clean my bedroom.And I am going to see the movies and read the newspapers.It will be a happy weekend.

  my weekend英语作文 6

  I have happy weekends.I am busy with my lessons during weekdays,so I usually do something at the weekend to relax myselve.Sometimes I go shopping with my mother.

  I buy something to eat and some school things.Sometimes I go to the park to have fun with my classmates.We often dance and play games there.And I also play chess at home with my father from time to time.I often beat my father in the game.

  Moreover,I go back to school to do some exercises,such as running and playing football together with my classmates.

  my weekend英语作文 7

  I had a busy weekend.On Saturday morning,I cleaned my room.It was tired,but my room very clean.In the afternoon,I play sports with my mother.

  In the evening,I did my homework.On Sunday morning,I went to the library.

  I read a book about Chinese.I like went to the library.

  On sunday afternoon,I went to the farm to helped the farmers pick apples.

  Then I went to the home. In the evening.I went to the supermarket with my mother.It was interesting.

  I really love this weekend.I hope every weekend happy.

  my weekend英语作文 8

  Hi!My name is SunShi.I have a busy weekend!On Saturday.I m going to visit my grandparents by bus.After.I m going to buy a new book.

  I m going to go home and read the new books.In the evening.I m going to the shop with my mother.

  On sunday!I am at home.I am get up at 7:30 then I wash my face and teeth.After breakfast,I am watching TV at 10;30.I am eating my lunch.then I go to bed for lunch.When I am wake up the time is 2:30,So I am going to do homework when I finsin my homework.

  The time is 4:30.I am going to have supper!

  my weekend英语作文 9

  Hi,boys and girls,Do you want to know my last weekend? Let me tell you.

  On Saturday morning,I got up at 10:00,Then I ate breakfast,I did my homework.In the afternoon,I had to go to school to study.In the evering,I watched TV and played with my little dog. It’s white and lovely.

  On Sunday morning, I got up early and went to the school to study.

  After school, I helped my mother to do housework, She was happy. In the afternoon, I played a ball with my friends and washed my clothes. At night, I went to bed at 9:00.

  This is my last weekend.what a busy one!

  my weekend英语作文 10

  My dream weekend is colourful.On Saturday, I’mgoing to Hainan. I am going to the sea. I will seemany tall trees. There will be many boys and grils.They are going to run and jump. I am going to swimin the sea too. At noon, I’m going to the KFC withmy mom and dad. In the afternoon, I’m going to thezoo. In the zoo, I am going to see mang animals.Maybe the monkeys will eat banans . Because theylike eating bananas.The kangaroos will jump. Oh, itwill be fun.Two tigers will fight. In the evening, we aregoing to watch TV together.

  What about you?

  What are you going to do on the dream weekend?

  my weekend英语作文 11

  I am Mike, a Chinese boy. I have a plan about next weekend. First I am going to read magazine on Saturday morning. It’s my favorite. And then I will go to the zoo with my parents because they have promised me. On Sunday, I will go to the book store and buy an English book. After that, I have to do some homework.

  It’s my weekend plan. And I think it will be wonderful days.

  my weekend英语作文 12

  It was a Sunday morning in the autumn and the clock rang early eight, I got up to absently. My mother would have rushed out to handle affairs, my father and I was left at home. According to the plan of the day before yesterday we will go to the science museum.

  When we are ready to go out after the meal, dad said: "look, your hair look like to nest, do not comb quickly." I go to took a look in the mirror, ah! Hair what a mess. "But mother wasn't at home, I'm not his braid, how can it do?" I rushed straight stamp.

  my weekend英语作文 13

  Guangtai park on Sunday, my father and I came to floor, people are in a hurry to go mountain climbing, but I do not wait to the zoo.

  Ah!There were so many animals at the zoo.

  Says the world rare precious animal panda first, individual is smaller than the bear, it has beautiful fur, Mao Mi and luster, around the eyes, ears, arms and legs, and shoulders are black, the rest part is white, black and white and phase contrast, beautiful and lovely. Its gentle temperament, body fat and start to sven erya, shaky, like a great scholar. Innocence, darling, very cute.

  Alive and precious golden monkeys, it faces shamrock, golden color, a small nose, "Monkey King" is that people give it's nickname.

  my weekend英语作文 14

  I love my weekend.They are very happy.

  On Saturday, I go painting in the morning. The pictures are very beautiful. Then, I eat lunch at 12:00 at noon. In the afternoon, I usually go to the park, climb mountains or play with my friends. I can see beautiful flowers, green grass in the park. Wow! It’s very very happy times! In the evening, I do homework and watch TV. Sometimes I play computer games.

  On Sunday, I usually get up at 7:30 in the morning. I do homework after breakfast. I usually watch TV at 10:00. Then I play flute in the school. I go home at 2:50, play computer games and eat dinner. In the evening, I make my schoolbag. Tomorrow I have to go to school.

  They are my weekend. They are very happy and funny!

  my weekend英语作文 15

  My sister and I had to get up, wash gargle finished, we began to a day of work.

  Must assign the respective work first, I sweep the floor. Clean Windows, sister sweep the floor, someone will think: this is a big deceit small? You guess wrong, after all, the mop the floor live more tired? So I chose the dusting and cleaning Windows.

  Work assignment well, I'll wipe a window to the sitting room, singing while clean Windows, interesting! For a moment, I saw the window railing parked a stare big eyes. Dead flies with the bulging belly. Then saw a spider, the spider extraordinary eyes, is really scary, I yelled: la la la, la la la, sister go down, and quickly said: "what's wrong?" I pointed to the spider was spinning a web, window: "this have what good afraid of." Sister said as he pulled the spider hook down, step on one foot, ah, this poor spider is really short life! I'm so sorry for it. We began cleaning, soon find out.

  This is really happy. A happy day, I like this day!

  my weekend英语作文 16

  My weekend life rich and colorful.

  On Friday night to Saturday morning to complete the teacher leave homework, homework is a little bit more, a little simple, I just don't want to do. I practice skip rope, every day is a minute of less than 100. Sometimes I practice martial arts, swimming, drawing, playing the piano, running, long jump, turning somersault, play chess, etc.

  I also want to long time some more over the weekend, so I can do the experiment, play, the research question and invent things, can also help my mother do a lot of work, the mother would not be so tired.

  my weekend英语作文 17

  My weekend is very interesting. On Saturday morning, we have lesson from eight o'clock to ten to twelve in the school.

  We have chinese, Maths and English on this day,On saturday afternoon, I play computers and listen to music, sometimes I do my homework when the homework is too much, on sunday I play guitar at XinJieKou.

  I can take No.27 bus there, And I usually study TOFEL in the evening.

  my weekend英语作文 18

  I have a busy weekend,On Satursday,I cleaned my room.

  In the afteroon,I did my homework,It was a little diffcult,In the night,I visit my aunt,my aunt cooked dinner for me.

  On Sunday ,I went to the library I read a book about geography,Then in the afternoon,I played soccer with my friend,in the night,I wathed TV.

  my weekend英语作文 19

  Yesterday, Yao Xiaohan asked me to go to play, but as I get there, and what the characteristics of the teacher to lead team. Alas! Only to help them.

  We are divided into several teams, I, YuGuKun, Chen Tianjian is a group of three people, what the teacher said matters needing attention, everyone is dispersed in a hubbub. Originally very characteristics snacks, the teacher asked us to survey changsha and we are in a fog came to ace than shwe ice cream shop. After investigation, the original is a ice cream shop Wang Han.

  Finished investigation, ace, than shwe, we went to McDonald's. The waiter aunt took us to visit McDonald's there inside the equipment, the original McDonald's for us is the most fresh and delicious, over a period of time will not fresh food to lose.

  my weekend英语作文 20

  Dr's next to the mother to work, have a pet store, is a favorite haunt of my weekend. There are many lively and lovely puppies and kittens in the shop. They name a special good, some name is lulu, some call cow, also called millet and small white expensive. Lulu is a poodle, her whole body white, a pair of long ears. Sitting in a cage, like an elegant lady. My favorite dog called cc, his fur of tan, he is especially like sneezing, with an open mouth, very funny.

  Every time I walked in the door, they welcomed me alive and kicking. I turn and they say "hello", "hello, I come to see you again, did you want to me?" They shouted, as if to say: "miss you, miss you!"

  Today the weather is very good, warm in the sun. My uncle and aunt give dog a hot bath together, give them 'hair, and then go out beautiful sunshine.

  my weekend英语作文 21

  Today is the weekend, I stay at home, I get up at seven fifty-five, then I brush my teeth and clean my face. At eight o'clock, I have my breakfast, they are some bread, an egg and a glass of milk. After the breakfast ,it's eight twenty. I often read my favourite books. At eleven o'clock, I often cook for my family. Then we have lunch together . After lunch, I often do my homework and watch TV.

  At about three twenty , I often play the piano for two hours. Then I do my homework.At seven o'clock, we have supper. After supper, I often go for a walk with my father and mother. I often play computer games at eight fifty. I go to bed at nine fifty at night4.I had busy weekend! On Saturday morning I cleaned my room. In the afternoon, I did my homework. On Saturday night I watched TV. On Sunday morning I visited my aunt. My aunt cooked dinner for me. Then in the afternoon, I played computer and I did some reading. On sunday night I stayed at home and I studied for the English test.

  my weekend英语作文 22

  Today is sunday . I am in hainan with my friends is a sunny day,I got up early at Seven thirty,I watched a movie with my brother in the morning,it was a interesting film.

  And in the afternoon,I went swimming with my best friends .

  I was tired.But I was happy ,too.Uh...What a wonderful day it is!

  my weekend英语作文 23

  On Sunday morning, I can not go out, but there will be a tutor the door, is a college student, teach me mathematics her math is really bad, haven't met her seems to be able to solve the problem. She sometimes in addition to tutoring, I also will tell about her high school life, "she said as long as can survive this three years, take an examination of a good school, in college in the future, you can do what you want to do. Every time we will be completed ahead of schedule tutoring, she will accompany me to play some inspire intelligence game, my favorite is "24" and her game, of course, needless to say I'm a lose to win more less, but this morning is pass quickly.

  On Sunday afternoon, mom finally allowed myself to arrange, are often in the afternoon, I will spirit, mind put aside all of the books, intent on their favorite things, the first thing is to play a game, the second is to eat snacks, most of the time, I will arrange the time, rare self is eating snacks while playing a game. Maybe your mom I didn't let her down, all aspects of performance that won't say I'm a long time, I will also be appropriate to grasp the discretion.

  Feel my weekend, every week is repeating, so don't know which genius can end, really want to hurry to self more time!

  my weekend英语作文 24

  This week I am very busy, because I have many things to do. On Monday morning, I have English. I think it’s interesting. Then on Tuesday afternoon I have science. Next on Wednesday morning I have geography.

  It’s boring, but on Thursday afternoon I have music. On Friday afternoon, I have English .On Saturday morning I go shopping with my mother. On Saturday afternoon I play football with my friends. What a busy week I have!

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