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  Time flies like an arrow. After a happy winter vacation, I'm going to start to work hard again. In the new semester, I will meet all the new challenges with full spirit. In order to have a better development in the new term, I decided to make a study plan for the new term.

  1. Preview the new materials to be learned the next day in advance.

  2. Review and consolidate what you learned on that day, and read and remember more important points.

  3. Listen to and read 1-3 modules of English every day.

  4. Finish the work of the day on time and in quality and quantity every day.

  5. Read more meaningful extracurricular books in your spare time, record 1-3 good words and sentences, and strive to score more than 95 points in each composition exercise.

  6. Do more deep and precise exercises after class to expand thinking.

  7. Correct learning attitude.

  8. Get rid of carelessness.

  9. No matter the examination or homework, the paper surface shall be clean and tidy, the font shall be standard, and the wrong words shall not be written.

  10. At least 97 points in each Chinese test and 98 points in mathematics test. This is my study plan for the new term.











  10.语文每次考试达到97分以上,数学98分以上。 这就是我的新学期学习计划。


  Walking into our campus, looking at a new classroom, looking at a new face, I can't help but feel excited and nervous. In the first year of junior high school, compared with primary school, there are very big changes. The increase of subjects reduces our breathing time. The speed of class is very fast. Shorthand is a challenge. Learning is not as easy as primary school. For the sake of my future first year's life, to improve my achievements, and for the all-round development of all disciplines and industries, I have made a plan for all disciplines and learning habits based on my current achievements and personality:

  1、 Study habits

  1. School: ① take notes in class. Shorthand, doubt, key points. ② Listen carefully and observe discipline.

  2. Family: ① check the missing and make up for the missing. Don't pretend to understand what you don't understand in class. ② Work carefully and orderly.

  3. Weekend: ① one week summary. Sort out what you can't, make a collection of wrong questions for easy review. ② Review old knowledge (Preview). Review what you have learned before and related to this preview, so as not to learn new knowledge and forget old knowledge.

  2、 Major study

  1. Chinese: preview the text, read the text, understand the genre of the article, understand the author of the article, the background of the times, and remove the barriers of words. Intensive reading of the text, overall perception, grasp the main content of the text. Actively participate in all kinds of Chinese activities and exercise yourself. Read a lot and improve your writing. Record your life in time for writing.

  2. Mathematics: pay attention to listening in class and review in time after class. High learning efficiency, focus and precise concept. Do more exercises properly and form a good habit of doing exercises. Find out the mistakes and correct them in time. Adjust the mentality and treat the examination correctly.

  3. English: listen, read, speak and write more. Easy before hard, short before long. First of all, master the basic sentence pattern, that is, the five basic types of rough sentences must be familiar with the mind and skillfully use, because all long and difficult sentences are based on these five types. Good at comparing the differences between English and Chinese. Often compare the similarities and differences between English and Chinese grammar, summarize. Carry out a large number of phrasing practices, and correctly control these grammar rules.

  4. History: have a certain interest in history, have been told by the teacher and then pick up the history book when have want to read his desire. Read more books about history, grasp the time point of events, and establish a time network and system.

  5. Biology: cultivate interest and set up correct learning attitude. Ask frequently. Many places in the textbook have set up questions, so we need to use our brains to think about them. For textbook knowledge, don't "point to the end", ask more why. Combine theory with practice. More observation of life, more practical, using the knowledge learned to solve problems in real life.

  6. Geography: learn how to use textbooks, read texts carefully, often read and ponder, grasp key points, write down problems, pay special attention to illustrations and tables, and understand the problems illustrated by charts. Learn to use maps, analyze maps, understand geographical features, principles, causes, and find ways to use and transform them. Pay attention to geographical observation, observation is to think while watching. He is good at using his brain and often asks questions to himself. Diligent in hands, often with handwriting, strokes, hands-on production of learning tools.

  7. Politics: understand the basic principles and theories and integrate them with practice. Master the basic knowledge and main knowledge in the textbook. Pass every knowledge point, be honest and lay a solid foundation and train ability. Check out the deficiencies and improve the ability of examination.

  Having made a plan, everything is waiting for me to act. I believe that as long as I am strict with myself and carry out according to the plan, I will definitely become a good youth with all-round development, my first year of junior high school life will be wonderful and my achievements will go up to a higher level!
















  May day is coming. This is my last May Day holiday in primary school. In order to make the whole seven days of long vacation more fulfilling and happy than the previous years, I will try my best to keep my study and entertainment in order to say goodbye to my alma mater who has trained me for six years with excellent results and step into the junior high school that I have always been yearning for. Therefore, I decided to visit my relatives and friends with my father and mother in the first two days of the May day long holiday. In the next five days, I will settle down and devote myself to my study. Now I have a special study plan.

  1、 Finish the homework assigned by the school.

  2、 Read three extracurricular books.

  3、 Write and read 50 English words every day.

  4、 Watch TV or play computer for no more than 1 hour every day.

  5、 Practice hard pen calligraphy for half an hour every day.

  6、 Keep the good habit of getting up early and going to bed early.

  7、 Take advantage of the opportunity of "May Day" to experience housework and help mom clean up.

  8、 Read a classic article every day.

  9、 Write ten good words and ten good words every day.

  10、 Recite the important calculation formula in mathematics, and read some key paragraphs in the text in Chinese.

  11、 Finish the homework assigned by the school teacher carefully.

  12、 We should sort out all the knowledge we have learned, remember it and do it.

  13、 The teacher in this semester's new knowledge through doing, reading, reciting really into their true ability.

  14、 Review all the knowledge you have learned before, practice and consolidate it.

  15、 When reviewing, if there is something that you don't understand, first analyze and understand. If there is something that you can't understand, ask your father.

  16、 Combine work with rest, relax, review carefully when you need to review, and take a good rest when you need to rest. All things are done in advance, but not in advance. I believe that with this plan, this May Day holiday will be more fulfilling and happy than the previous years.