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  The up and down five thousand years of civilization, since without integrity, feng yuxiang said that "for a person with good faith, people don't cheat me; to the matter by the good faith, the thing is

  On one occasion, and borrow books to your classmates, very not easy have borrowed, returned home, I couldn't put it down, just like the fish swim in the sea. At lunch I devoured a few mouth went again with relish reading a book, have the time to forget. Is going to go to school, I haven't finished, quickly put down the book and went to school, just sit in the seat, suddenly reminded of my classmates let me return the book to her in the afternoon. But when the book was still quietly lying on the desk in my house! I'm sure she will be very angry. Later, I used up all the sweet words to persuade her, also vowed the tomorrow will bring. Day after day passed, and book is so quiet lie in the place of this should not lie, her face is becoming more and more ugly. I thought to myself: volca erupted! Finally she got angry, fire emit three zhangs, loudly shouted to me. At this time, I felt very upset, very afflictive, really want to have a disappear. Back home, the first thing I put the book in the bag, afraid to forget again. When I returned the book to her, with indescribable smile on his face. But, still, not letting her temper, and vowed never to borrow my book! At this point, I very embarrassed, carefully say: "thank you"! Just fly ran out, the in the mind really not the taste.

  Credit is a kind of benefit life savings. This kind of savings, is a friend of your trust. Credit is a thick wall, again big also can resist the damage; Credit is a pillar, it can hold up a piece of beautiful blue sky. With the classic, with sage, the good faith with me happy growth.


  有一次,向同学借书,好不容易借来了,回到家里,我爱不释手的看着,就像鱼儿畅游在海洋中一样。午饭的时候我狼吞虎咽的吃了几口就又津津有味的看书去了,早把时间忘在脑后。快要上学了,我还没有看完,急忙放下书,跑到学校,刚坐到座位上,突然间想起了同学让我下午把书就还给她。可是那本书这时正在我家里的书桌上安安静静的躺着呢!我想她一定会很生气的。后来,我用尽了甜言蜜语才说服她,还信誓旦旦的保证明天一定能带来。一天一天又一天过去了,书还是那样安静的躺在那本不应该躺的地方,她的脸色也越来越难看。我心想:“火山就要爆发了”!终于她生气了,火冒三丈,大声的向我吼着。此时,我心里忐忑不安,难受极了,真想有个地缝钻进去。回到家里,我第一件事情就是把书放在了书包里,生怕再忘记了。当我把书还给她里, 脸上堆满了难以形容的微笑。但是,她的火气还是没有消,还发誓说再也不借我书了!此时,我十分尴尬的、小心翼翼的说了声:“谢谢”!就飞似的跑了出去,心里真不是滋味。



  With a heart to push open the flower of honesty; A heart light point to look forward to sincere. If the sky is not blue shawl, might not be the bird's singing; If there is no honesty between people, the world will become desolate and barren.

  Maybe you are just one unknown grass, maybe is just a drop of water in the ocean, please don't upset, don't worry, your life and sincerity the friend, let it with you!

  When ice and snow, we need a fire to keep them warm. When the night boundless, we need starlight to lighting; In future the vast, we need a traffic lights to guide... Life is a long way, in the heart always has a few silk sorrow and loneliness, windy ridge ye, as some good faith give oneself!

  A man without letter not stand, countries no believe it or not. With integrity is our foundation, trust is the foundation of human interaction. Only to come to life, can foothold in society, without honesty is like a floating in the air dust, lonely and helpless. In the boundless huge crowd, lost the direction; Not trust's eyes, also do not know to where... Visible in the wealth of life, integrity cannot be abandoned. As long as have it, you are half the battle; As long as you have it, you have the ability to "fly". As long as have it, you have got a bosom friend.

  If the ideal is the tree, the good faith is the root. In a pot in life, knowledge is "fertile soil" such as "seed", sweat is "cultivation", but the most important thing is that it tastes _ integrity. Without it, the flowers will not bloom, dreams will not be able to fly! Let us now take the good faith as friend, believe that good faith will be gorgeous blossom in your life.

  捧一颗心去催开诚信之花;点一盏心灯去期待真诚 。如果天空没有蓝色的披肩,也许就不会鸟儿的漫天歌唱;如果人与人之间没有诚信,世界就会变得苍凉而荒芜。


  当冰雪覆盖的时候,我们需要一团火来取暖;当暗夜无边的时候,我们需要点点星光来照明;在前途茫茫时,我们需要一盏航灯来引导……人生漫漫长路 ,心中总有几丝忧愁与孤寂,迎风而立的你们 , 不如留些诚信给自己取暖吧!


  如果理想是大树,诚信便是根 。在人生的花盆中,知识是“沃土”希望如“种子”,汗水是“耕耘”,但最重要的是它的内质_诚信。若没有了它,花儿将无法绽放,梦想将无法飞翔!让我们现在就以诚信为友,相信诚信将会在你的人生中绚丽绽放。


  "The good faith, the character of this also." The historic sayings handed down from generation to generation, is to tell people that we should be honest. Everyone has lied, I am no exception, but I have already corrected. We also have a look at my previous story.

  Language lesson that day, my deskmate bowen jiao to go to the toilet, but she didn't have paper towels, bad to the toilet, so, I'll help her to others borrow paper towels. I ask all the classmates around again, but none with paper towel. I asked Cao Qianrong at that time, but more far, she didn't hear. I'm try so hard, the, thrown to her, put his hand in the tape unbiased, it hit her. But the teacher saw, also ask who is smashed. I was afraid of the teacher training, so I didn't raise your hand. When the teacher asked students who hit, I reluctantly stood up. Class, the teacher for my communication once, I am ashamed of myself. I decided to later must do an honest boy. The teacher also cheer for me, hope I realize this desire.

  Another time, I finished writing homework in the afternoon, idle, just picked up the mother's cell phone to play for a while. After a while, the battery is low. I just picked up a charger, and suddenly a friend called me go out to play, regardless of the one I just ran out quickly, the charger fell to the ground, already falling apart. I didn't pay attention at first, but then returned home only to find that the charger broke. I was like a cat on hot bricks - around. What to do, my mother came back, will beat me. Sure enough, my mother will come back after a while. When mother saw the charger of the ground has been broken, angry and asked, "who broke?" Is I have to admit that I broke it. Mother did not blame me and say that after must be more careful, you also say I am an honest boy. I smiled happily.

  Honesty is so important, I must not lie again in the future. Like the season cloth, good.