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  This semester, really feel a lot of harvest, to mature view grades of advance and retreat, calm in the face of learning on the ups and downs of grown up, sensible, no longer, because of the little things. I also understand that as the courses increase, the knowledge I need to master is also increasing. The knowledge I have learned in the past is far from enough. I am more serious than before, but the skill of problem solving is not very good, and should be strengthened in the future.

  Good grades are based on good learning methods. First, the learning attitude is quite correct. Can be able to attend class to listen carefully, do not talk with classmates, do not do small action, consciously observe classroom discipline; The homework assigned by the teacher can be completed seriously; Take the initiative to consult with your classmates or ask your teacher for advice on problems you don't understand. Second, improved learning methods. There are many differences between middle school and primary school. In elementary school, we were like teachers' servants, who were urged to go forward. And the middle school pays more attention to self-study, the teacher talks no longer satisfies our need. So, I made a study plan for myself :(1) insist on doing extracurricular exercises. (2) speak actively in class. If you don't understand the question, dare to raise your hand. (3) daily homework, let the parents check it once, and let the parents talk about what they did wrong and what they couldn't do. Make mistakes in the past, often take a look, review and review.

  Secondly, I can't do without preview, listening to lectures and reviewing these three links. I think listening is the most important thing, and only listening can achieve the result with half the effort. Preview, not only simple reading, for Chinese, should draw key words, concepts and some important knowledge points; In mathematics, we should focus on examples and theorems and concepts. English should understand basic sentence patterns and learn more words. Revision is very important. To use the weekend to review, after a month, to a general review, can be firmly remembered.

  And speech is also much less than the forward problem, as the teacher said to me: "as long as you don't speak, what all have", less so in the next semester to speak, speak last don't speak less, make teachers and students know me again.

  Through one semester of study, I came up with three inspirations:

  Learning must be gradual. Learning knowledge, must pay attention to basic training, step by step, from easy to difficult, solid training of basic skills.

  Study must be diligent in thinking. Develop the ability to think independently. Learn to ask a few more questions why, and use it flexibly.

  Study must be meticulous. Learn not to understand. For every step in the problem you can say the right reason, every step has to be based on it, and you can't take it for granted.

  There is no royal road to learning. In order to achieve success, I must persevere and redouble my efforts.











  I am a junior high school student who is about to graduate. In the three years of junior high school life, the moral and physical beauty has the essence of improvement. Three years of junior high school life, cultivated I love sports, love labor, unite classmates, respect teachers, honor parents of good quality.

  In study, I try to help the backward classmates. Help them understand the topic. In life, I actively help every student who has difficulty. Actively participate in every extracurricular activity in school, actively participate in the interest group, actively participate in labor.

  With the help of my classmates, I realized my shortcomings and corrected them actively. With the help of the teacher, the academic performance improved significantly. With the support of my parents, I developed a hobby. Three years of junior high school life not only improved performance, but also set up a correct outlook on life, values and world view.

  I have not only improved myself in my study, but also have many friends. Despite the setbacks, I have never given up. Despite the challenges, I have never flinched. Despite the failure, I am still working hard.

  I love my country, respect my teachers, unite my classmates and help others. I am a good helper and a good friend of my classmates. I am diligent, positive, and like to discuss and solve problems with my classmates. I often participate in various classes and extracurricular activities organized by the class school. At home, respect the old and love the young, often help father and mother to do housework is the parents' good children, neighbor's good example. Junior middle school three year I learned a lot of knowledge, ideas have greatly improved than before, hope I can do a have ideal, have ambition, a man of culture, make their own efforts to the construction of socialist China. Of course, I also have a deep understanding of my shortcomings. I don't write very well, sometimes I only have three minutes to do things. I believe that I can do better if I can overcome these problems. I can consciously abide by the code of conduct for middle school students, take an active part in various activities, respect teachers and get along well with your classmates, concerned about love the collective, ready to help others, labor, willingness, taking physical exercise consciously often take part in and organize the inside and outside school organization of all kinds of class activities. I am a good character, cheerful personality, love life, have strong practical ability and organization ability. After learning, I will go out of school. I cherish every opportunity to exercise and get along with different people, so that I can get close to the society, feel the life, and taste the sweet and sour of life.

  In the past three years, I have obeyed the discipline of the school, observed the public order, respected the teachers, loved the collectives, and united the students. I was polite to people, and did not scold or fight. Arrive on time, not late, not leave early. Take an active part in labor, cherish the fruits of labor, love sports, and get full marks in the sports examination. In learning, the purpose, the correct attitude, listening carefully, do a good job in all the subjects, but also has the insufficient place, do not keep improving, careless, not serious, but I believe, as long as strict requirements on their own, honesty, humility is wrong will change, will strive for greater progress in the future time.