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  My father is 38 years old, tall, square face, small eyes, but very God, he dressed very neatly. He looks very smart and handsome, but his heart is more beautiful. He is a doctor, he is very enthusiastic about work, a day to night and never complaining called tired.


  Once, my uncle from the same floor came home from work for dinner, but I couldn't even see my father's shadow. My mother's cooking was already cold. I'll just go and see him in his office. No one knew I came next to him, nor did he find out. Oh, the original father is looked intently at the data in the computer, my dad told me, these are the inspection data of the patient, if not timely analysis, treatment and operation, will affect the patient I heard, immediately to the father to worship in their eyes.


  My father loves working in the unit and goes back to his home and often helps his mother do housework and tutor me to study. Dad has a warm heart, too. One day, we are a family of three from the street back, cloudy, rain began to fall, my mother and I immediately on the floor, but my father has gone upstairs, my mother and I looked out of the window from small to big rain, anxiously grilled window downstairs to see Dad downstairs to help grandma received Liangshai beans...


  Dad is really a good example to me. I love my father.



  A square face, a pair of bright eyes under thick eyebrows. Fingers thick and short, rough look as if less than others. This is my father, my father is a brain.


  On one occasion, the superior came to inspect the work in his father's factory. It happened that something like a pipe on a part was broken and that there was no place to buy it at the moment. What should I do? The people in the factory were as anxious as ants in the hot pan, and dad was no exception. Suddenly, Dad had a brainwave and said to himself, "yes."!" He gave his opinion to the leader, and the leader agreed, so he started the experiment. It turned out that he wanted to cool the thermometer and then bend it into the broken part. Done once, again, again, three times in succession, without success. For the last time, he was more careful and careful, and finally succeeded.


  Although my father's appearance is not outstanding, but I like him, because he likes to use his head.


  My father is a man of devotion. Every morning he gets up the earliest to make breakfast for us. In the evening, he is always the late to come back home. At weekends, he always takes us to go outing in his car. He is a man of few words, but he often says to me "A little learning is a dangerous thing". I will always remember these words.

  I love my father very much.

  我父亲是一名男子的献身精神。每天早上他起床最早,使我们的早餐。在晚上,他总是晚回来的家。在周末,他总是需要我们去郊游,在他的车。他是一名男子的几句话,但他常说,给我“有点学习是一个危险的事” 。我将永远记得这些话。




  My father, thirty-four years old, tall, thin lips, tall nose, wearing a pair of gold glasses, black hair, looks cool. My father has a strong endurance. He not only loves his work, but also has a cheerful personality. He never loses his temper.


  My father is a workaholic, a day evening, he was at home is also an unshakable stand, sit at the computer room is not drawing is to look at the computer. Because he is a two computer division! Only one day off - Sunday, he also computer half a day to find information on the computer.


  Once, I was doing my maths homework, suddenly there is a star question stumped me, I left to right want, with two pieces of papers, or do not come out. I went to ask my father, and dad saw it. I took a piece of paper and drew a picture for me. He spoke three times, and my mind was still blank. I thought my father was going to scold me and thought, "Oh, no!""! My father said: "the father, to tell you again". I was very happy, this time I understand, I do my homework properly and logically arranged. On the second day, the teacher praised my question. "It was all my dad's credit," I thought".


  I am proud of having such a father.



  My father had a thin yellow face, dark hair and dark eyes, and with a smile, his white teeth came out, not to mention how handsome he was. Besides, he is very busy and gets up early to go to work every day.


  Although he is very busy, but he still take leave of coaching I study, whenever I write not neat, he would help me wipe rewrite. Once, I was practicing, but I can't write as carefully, dad was off, so I can only re write, was torn. I wrote it many times, but it was torn...... Then I kept writing very late and began to lose patience. At this time, my father said, "perseverance is the only way to win."!" As soon as I heard this, I began to write confidently, when my mother said to her father, "it's getting late, so you'd better go to bed."." Dad said, "no, I'm going to wait for my son to sleep together."." I was so moved that I could not speak.


  Daddy, I love you forever!