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  Dear friend,

  My name is Wang Lin . Now I live in Hangzhou , China. I want to find a pen pal in England. I’m now 14 years old . I speak Chinese .And I can speak a little English. I like sports ,swimming is my favorite . I also like playing the computer games . My favorite subject in school is math. I like to

  go to movies with my friends. My favorite movie is Beauty and Beast . Now I live with my parents .

  Can you write to me soon ?

  Wang Lin





  Protect Our Eyes

  Nowadays, there are more and more students becoming short-sighted. Some students get short-sightedness when they are little. There are fifteen students wearing glasses in my class. Being short-sighted is common among students, even in primary school. That is too serious. Therefore, we should protect our eyes carefully. When we are reading and writing, we should keep a standard posture. Besides, we should not watch TV or play computer for too long. They are bad for our eyes. And, we should do eyes exercises regularly. A good rest is also important to our eyes. In all, eyes are the windows of our mind. We should keep it healthy.






  My First Experience of Plane

  Today I was very excited, because I traveled plane for the first time. My parents and I traveled toBeijingtoday. When the plane took off, I felt it was shaking. But I was not nervous because of excitement. After a while, it stopped shaking and flied higher. I could see the buildings on the ground. They became smaller and smaller. And finally, I couldn't see them anymore. Through the window, I could see the blue sky. It was very clear. Clouds were under the plane. They looked so different from the ground. It was amazing. I like the view very much. It took only two hours to get toBeijing. TheBeijingairport is very large and wonderful. There are many planes and people. I think my trip will be funny.






  Plan for Winter Holiday

  The winter holiday is coming. I expect it very much, because the Spring Festival is the most important event in the holiday. First, I will relax myself. This term I work very hard, so during the holiday, I want to have fun. My families will go back to the hometown. We will get together to celebrate the Spring Festival. I like families getting together and organizing various activities. It’s funny and warm. Of course, study can’t be ignored. After the festival, I will spend some time on my study. There will be exercises for the holiday. And I will do some reviews for next term. Math is my weakness, so I must work hard to improve it. This is my plan for winter holiday.






  This Is Me

  My name is Li Xing, a boy in fourteen years old. I come from Dalian, Liaoning Province, which is a beautiful and energetic city. Every year, thousands of tourists visit there. There are three people in my family, my parents and I. My parents are doctors who work in a big hospital in my city. I have many interests. Swimming, reading and movie are my favorites, which bring color to my busy study life. In study, I am good at Chinese and English, while math is my weakness. I work very hard to improve it, but it doesn’t work very well. Besides, I am easygoing and likely to make friends with others. Friendship is an important part of my life.





  学习计划 Study Plan

  At the beginning of this term, I made a plan for my study. Now, I find that I carry it out well in the past month. I was poor in Chinese and English last semester. Therefore, I put the two subjects in the priority and I spent much time on them. Happily, I made progress in the two subjects this semester. Besides, math and physics is not so hard for me, but I must do many exercises to improve my knowledge. Half of an hour for each is necessary and I have always been doing so. The other subjects are easy for me. As long as I carefully listen to the teacher in the class and do some reviews, I can do well in them. While, it does not mean that I attach no importance to them. I make plan for my study to ensure the efficiency of my study.