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  "The good faith, the character of this also." The historic sayings handed down from generation to generation, is to tell people that we should be honest. Everyone has lied, I am no exception, but I have already corrected. We also have a look at my previous story.

  Language lesson that day, my deskmate bowen jiao to go to the toilet, but she didn't have paper towels, bad to the toilet, so, I'll help her to others borrow paper towels. I ask all the classmates around again, but none with paper towel. I asked Cao Qianrong at that time, but more far, she didn't hear. I'm try so hard, the, thrown to her, put his hand in the tape unbiased, it hit her. But the teacher saw, also ask who is smashed. I was afraid of the teacher training, so I didn't raise your hand. When the teacher asked students who hit, I reluctantly stood up. Class, the teacher for my communication once, I am ashamed of myself. I decided to later must do an honest boy. The teacher also cheer for me, hope I realize this desire.

  Another time, I finished writing homework in the afternoon, idle, just picked up the mother's cell phone to play for a while. After a while, the battery is low. I just picked up a charger, and suddenly a friend called me go out to play, regardless of the one I just ran out quickly, the charger fell to the ground, already falling apart. I didn't pay attention at first, but then returned home only to find that the charger broke. I was like a cat on hot bricks - around. What to do, my mother came back, will beat me. Sure enough, my mother will come back after a while. When mother saw the charger of the ground has been broken, angry and asked, "who broke?" Is I have to admit that I broke it. Mother did not blame me and say that after must be more careful, you also say I am an honest boy. I smiled happily.

  Honesty is so important, I must not lie again in the future. Like the season cloth, good.






  Everyone has a good faith, but each person has a lie, the good faith as a precious as the time for everyone, but a lie like water for everyone. Soon passed, if cherish integrity, like cherish the time, everyone will happy spend every minute of it.

  For example, some classmates, homework clearly did not do, but lie to the teacher said: I finished put at home, did not take. Teacher listened to, angry, and because you uneasy, lying on tenterhooks, if you are a honest child, you can use your honest heart to apologize to the teacher, I didn't do, the teacher will say, since you are a student, will have to do my homework, do not do homework, is not a good student. And you will want to finish it next time I must be at this moment, don't let the teacher down. So, the good faith will make you happy, confident of progress.

  Some classmates for exam, the teacher criticized him, he was afraid, returned home parents asked him, he is timid, said teachers received your papers, then parents may give you a little reward, buy delicious, as an honest boy he is dishonest, he has been lying, if this for a while, you immediately tell their parents, I didn't pass the exam, it's parents would say, as long as you can realize your mistake, is right, even though you didn't test good, this time I will do better on the next effort. The students honest and trustworthy, will become more aggressive. More vigorous upward, moment in your life will be happy, and documentary. Instead of lies can make the person becomes hypocrisy, no desire to do better, might lie it will make you on the road of a demerit cannot turn back. In this wonderful time, we should be more honest and trustworthy, we should proud of telling the honest code of honor, was not ashamed to tell a lie. Let us in this time, in good faith to make up a lie is not kind heart, to perfect a kind heart with honesty, all the students, please don't forget this, integrity and lies there is a big difference, remember, the good faith will lead you to success. Lying will make you always fail.


  比如,有的同学,作业明明没有做,却骗 老师说:我做完放家里了,没有带。老师听了,生气了,而你却因为说谎心神不安,心里七上八下,假如你是一个诚实守信的孩子,你就用自己的'诚实心 向 老师认错,我没有做,老师一定会说,你既然是学生,就一定得做作业,不做作业,就不个好学生。而你这时一定会想下次我一定要做完,不让老师失望。所以说,诚信会使自己充满快乐,自信进步。

  有的同学因考试不,老师批评了他,他却一时害怕,回家后父母问他,他却胆怯是说,卷子老师收了,这时父母也许会给你一个小小的奖励,买好吃的,做为一个诚实的孩子他却不诚实,他一直在说谎,假如这一会儿,,你立刻告诉父母,我并没有考及格,这是父母会说,只要你能意识到自己的错误,就是对的,虽说这一次你没有考好,下一次努力一定会考好的。同学们诚实守信,就会变得更有进取心。更加发奋向上,生活中的每时都会过的快乐,而记实。相反谎言会使人变得虚伪,没有上进心,也许谎言它会使你走上记过不可能回头的路。在这美好的时光中,我们应该更加诚实守信,我们要以讲诚实守信为荣,以说谎为耻。让我们在这美好 的时间,用诚信来弥补谎言的不善良的心,用诚实来完善一颗善良的心,请所有的同学不要忘记这一点,诚信和谎言是有很大的区别,记住了,诚信会使你成功,谎言会使你永远失败。