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母爱英语作文 篇1

  A little boy invited his mother to attend his elementaryschool’sfirst teacher-parent conference. To the little boy sdismay, shesaid she would go. This would be the first time that hisclassmatesand teacher met his mother and he was embarrassed byherappearance. Although she was a beautiful woman, there was aseverescar that covered nearly the entire center side of her face.The boynever wanted to talk about why or how she got the scar.

  At the conference, the people were impressed by the kindnessandnatural beauty of his mother despite the scar, but the littleboywas still embarrassed and hid himself from everyone. Hedid,however, get within earshot of a conversation between hismotherand his teacher, and heard them speaking.

  How did you get the scar on your face? the teacher asked. The mother replied, When my son was a baby, he was in a roomthatcaught on fire . Everyone was too afraid to go in because thefirewas out of control, so I went in. As I was running toward hiscrib ,I saw a beam coming down and I placed myself over him tryingtoprotect him. I was knocked unconscious but fortunately, afiremancame in and saved both of us. She touched the burned sideof herface. This scar will be permanent 8, but to this day, Ihave neverregretted doing what I did.

  At this point, the little boy came out running towards hismotherwith tears in his eyes. He hugged her and felt anoverwhelmingsense of the sacrifice that his mother had made forhim. He heldher hand tightly for the rest of the day.






母爱英语作文 篇2

  time is running out for my friend. while we are sitting at lunch she casually mentions she and her husband are thinking of starting a family. "we're taking a survey,"she says, half-joking. "do you think i should have a baby?"

  "it will change your life," i say, carefully keeping my tone neutral. "i know,"she says, "no more sleeping in on weekends, no more spontaneous holidays..."

  but that's not what i mean at all. i look at my friend, trying to decide what to tell her. i want her to know what she will never learn in childbirth classes. i want to tell her that the physical wounds of child bearing will heal, but becoming a mother will leave her with an emotional wound so raw that she will be vulnerable forever.

  i consider warning her that she will never again read a newspaper without thinking: "what if that had been my child?" that every plane crash, every house fire will haunt her. that when she sees pictures of starving children, she will wonder if anything could be worse than watching your child die. i look at her carefully manicured nails and stylish suit and think that no matter how sophisticated she is, becoming a mother will reduce her to the primitive level of a bear protecting her cub.

  i feel i should warn her that no matter how many years she has invested in her career, she will be professionally derailed by motherhood. she might arrange for child care, but one day she will be going into an important business meeting, and she will think her baby's sweet smell. she will have to use every ounce of discipline to keep from running home, just to make sure her child is all right.

  i want my friend to know that every decision will no longer be routine. that a five-year-old boy's desire to go to the men's room rather than the women's at a restaurant will become a major dilemma. the issues of independence and gender identity will be weighed against the prospect that a child molester may be lurking in the lavatory. however decisive she may be at the office, she will second-guess herself constantly as a mother.

  looking at my attractive friend, i want to assure her that eventually she will shed the added weight of pregnancy, but she will never feel the same about herself. that her own life, now so important, will be of less value to her once she has a child. she would give it up in a moment to save her offspring, but will also begin to hope for more years—not to accomplish her own dreams—but to watch her children accomplish theirs.

  i want to describe to my friend the exhilaration of seeing your child learn to hit a ball. i want to capture for her the belly laugh of a baby who is touching the soft fur of a dog for the first time. i want her to taste the joy that is so real it hurts.

  my friend's look makes me realize that tears have formed in my eyes. "you'll never regret it," i say finally. then, squeezing my friend's hand, i offer a prayer for her and me and all of the mere mortal women who stumble their way into this holiest of callings.

母爱英语作文 篇3

  One day more than ten years ago, our mother greeted us with tears and a happy smile. But when we came to the world, you had a lot of work to do - take care of us. Although this is a heavy burden, but you have no complaints to raise me up. In order to give us a comfortable living environment, you are always so hard, so hard.


母爱英语作文 篇4

  There is a person who is very important in our life, who is that person? She is our mother.

  The other day, our school invited a famous man, a young speaker called Yang Qingsong, who gave us a speech on Mother’s love. I still remember the scene where many students were impressed by his words and a number of students were listening carefully with tears down their faces. I was also strict by his wonderful speech, which reminded me of my childhood. As a child, when I felt down, it seemed that the world was dark and empty. Then it was my mother who cheered me up and made the world suddenly bright and colorful; when I lost my way, my mother held my hand and told me that everything was going to be Ok. Because of her, I am always feeling happy and confident!

  I owe my thanks for my mother, Not only does she give me the greatest love in the world, but she also leads me down the road to success!

母爱英语作文 篇5

  Mother's Day is a celebration honoring mothers and celebrating motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in society. It's a day to show thanks to mothers. This festival first appeared in ancient Greece and modern Mother's Day originated in the United States which usually falls on the second Sunday of May each year. Mothers usually receive gifts on this day and carnation is regarded as the flower for mother. In China, the flower for mother is day lily, also known as Nepenthe. In addition, cleaning up the room, doing housework and a big dinner are considered to be the best Mother's Day gifts.