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  Every year, when the Spring Festival comes, every family will put on lights and decorations, paste beautiful window flowers, all kinds of big "Fu" characters and spring couplets, which are full of joy.


  However, the Spring Festival in 2020 is totally different. A war without smoke and guns has started, and the "new tubular virus" pneumonia has swept through. All departments have responded positively and fought against the epidemic together. Angels in white, armed police officers and soldiers, volunteers. Many brave men are fighting in the front line. As the life's reverser, they have opened a new chapter in 2020.


  As a young pioneer, I should also actively contribute my own strength to this year's new year's Eve, do not visit the door, do not have a dinner party, and urge my family to do a good job in health and epidemic prevention. I have to go to public places and wear masks in a standardized way. The used masks are thrown into the "hazardous waste" bin according to the regulations. Pay attention to personal hygiene, often ventilate, wash hands frequently, do not spit everywhere, and make correct shelter when sneezing and coughing. Study at home, strengthen exercise and protect wild animals.


  The bell of 2020 has been ringing, and the spring is not far away. I believe that with the joint efforts of the people of the whole country, we can win this "battle" and usher in a better 2020 in my heart!



  This Spring Festival is very quiet. Without the bustle of the past, people stay at home and dare not go out. It's better to have no one in the street than an empty city.

  是新型冠状病毒带来了这安静,它胜似2003年的非典,但比非典更残酷。至今日它无情的夺走了 国内812人的生命。整个中国沉浸在病毒带来的恐惧中。武汉市新型冠状病毒的起源地,也是当今疫情发展最严重的地区。全国人民每天都在关注着疫情的消息。虽然全国人民都足不出户,但他们希望感染的人们早日好起来的心早已散满全国。感染的人被隔离了,我们隔离了病毒但不隔离爱。这爱在大街小巷弥漫,这情凝聚在每个人心中。

  The novel coronavirus brought this quiet, which is better than SARS in 2003, but more brutal than SARS. Today, it has ruthlessly taken 812 lives in China. The whole of China is immersed in the fear of the virus. The origin of novel coronavirus in Wuhan is also the most serious area of epidemic development. People all over the country are watching the news of the epidemic every day. Although people all over the country do not leave home, their hope that the infected people will get better soon has already spread all over the country. Infected people are quarantined, we are quarantined from the virus but not from love. This love permeates the streets and lanes, and it condenses in everyone's heart.


  On New Year's Eve, everyone was reunited with his family at home, eating New Year's Eve dinner and smiling happily. But this year's new year, those angels in white did not go home, but fought in the front line. It was a war without smoke of gunpowder. They insisted on fighting in the front line, fearless of life and death. At that time, there were still many family members from other areas who went to Wuhan to support and fight against the epidemic with local medical staff. They are the husband and wife of the wife. They are the children of their parents and the parents of their children. They are part of the family. Parting, is full of reluctant, that tears contain as children, as parents of reluctant. But they are for the sake of the motherland, for the sake of the people, for the sake of unity, to fight against the epidemic, to contribute to the motherland, to fight against the epidemic, to contribute to a love. They don't know whether they are going to live or die. Just like soldiers in ancient times, there is a great difference between life and death. They leave their small home for everyone and set foot on the journey without hesitation and never regret it. I really hope that they can return safely, overcome the epidemic and protect the Chinese people.


  Many people, supporting Wuhan, have donated finance to Wuhan. Masks have become an urgent need of people. Those who make protective equipment work day and night, and never stop. I only hope that the epidemic will come to an end soon and the infected people will recover soon.


  We are together to prevent and control the epidemic. Today the wind and rain pass, tomorrow will still be very good.


  Those experts, who have been working hard, hope to work out anti-virus drugs as soon as possible. They work day and night to make a contribution to the war without smoke of gunpowder and to eliminate the harm brought by the epidemic situation to us as soon as possible. Everyone is acting, in order to be able to reproduce the prosperity of the motherland, I hope the blue sky is still blue.


  Unite as one, fight against the epidemic, you and I side by side, fight together, come on, Wuhan!


  Come on, Wuhan! Go China!



  Novel coronavirus is jittery in every city during the Spring Festival, which is supposed to be a festive day. When I came to the railway station, I saw that there was something more in the flow of people that was still like the tide - masks, a tense atmosphere, which filled the crowd. My parents and I went back home in a depressed atmosphere.


  On New Year's Eve, I turned on the TV as usual to watch the Spring Festival Gala, and watched it for more than half an hour. Suddenly, an unexpected program caught the whole family's eyes and deeply moved us. On the screen, there was the hospital background of Wuhan city. Doctors and nurses were wearing white protective clothing, and their faces were wearing plastic transparent covers integrated with clothing. They were fighting against the virus and life danger Time race. With the host reciting "love is a bridge", I felt a torrent in my heart. I kept bumping and bumping. I knew that the program was added temporarily because of the severe situation. Although it had not been rehearsed, it still made many people cry. No one in the hospital would want to hide, no one would be lazy, no one would want to make a phone call with his family They regard those suffering compatriots as their parents and children, and they are determined to save these patients just like their families. 


  Novel coronavirus was also seen in mobile phone. When I saw the news on the phone, I saw hundreds of excavators, which were being started at the same time. During the rest time, the workers were in the stars and the moon. They built a more than 20000 square meter hospital in six days. They were specially treated with new coronavirus patients. They gave up the rest, the relaxation, the reunion with their families. The weather was so cold that people were shivering. However, the construction site was so hot that everyone fought for work, time, fate and death


  This is my most unforgettable winter vacation, the most unforgettable new year and the most unforgettable spring festival. I salute the heroes who helped us pass the customs in our new year. It is the front line with them, happiness will closely follow us, relying on them will be able to defeat the virus, this will be my lifetime memories.