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  Around me, 90% of my classmates like to eat snacks. Most of the snacks they often eat are "junk food" such as puffed small food, carbonated drinks, and most of these "junk food" are three no products. I watched it on TV on the eve of a student snack survey results, I know that Sanwu products have great harm to the body, I call on students to say goodbye to unhealthy eating habits.

  Because in this activity, we mainly focus on children's favorite snacks. Ninety percent of the students in the school like to eat snacks. Only one of the 60 people interviewed chose vegetables and fruits as their favorite snacks, while the others chose expanded foods such as drinks and shrimps. From this survey, I know that most of these foods come from the canteens and individual vendors around the school. Most of the snacks purchased by students don't look at whether there are production date, address and other marks on the package of the food. However, in some of the "three no" foods inspected by the canteen beside the school, the pigments and additives are generally over standard, and some of them are seriously over standard in E.coli Some small foods also contain nitrite. Because of their bright appearance and low price, they attract children's attention. But they have seriously damaged the health of children.

  As a leader of the school's young pioneers, I appeal to the industrial and commercial departments to clean up such "junk food" as well as those small black workshops. I decided to do a series of propaganda with my team members on "junk food", so that the students of the whole school would not patronize the street flow stalls and the canteen at the school gate to buy food. It is necessary to form the habit of checking commodity labels when purcha food, and eat all kinds of safe food correctly.

  I appeal to the whole school to say goodbye to "junk food".









  It's really interesting to think back to the little things that I went through during the winter vacation. In trance, I will recall the eternal fame and death, pray for the people of Wuhan in my heart, and fight against the disease in the fingertip friction.

  Sitting in front of the bed, I opened my Chinese textbook by chance and quietly tasted a little poem again. Li Bai's pursuit of ideals and broad-minded and optimistic heroism can be seen from "breaking through the long wind and waves sometimes, hanging up the clouds and sails to help the sea"; Su Shi's desire to do his best to resist invaders and make contributions to the country can be seen from "holding the bow like the full moon, looking to the northwest, shooting the Sirius"; from "singing all around, breaking through the Chu, thinking of Zhejiang for eight years, painstakingly making nongqiang a moth eyebrow More aftertaste, more ideas, more chewing

  On this special day, we pay attention to the current affairs and news. We all know that the people of Wuhan are in the mud and the situation is grim, so many people are far away from the people of Wuhan. Yes, this is the right way to do it. To protect ourselves is to contribute to our country. But we must understand novel coronavirus, not Wuhan people, is our common enemy. Since then, I wish the people of Wuhan and all the patients get rid of the disease as soon as possible, the whole family happy, happy and healthy.

  It's not far from the beginning of school. I was going to have a reunion with my relatives and friends. Who knows Alas, the plan is in vain, so we have to stay at home and fight against the disease - wash our hands before meals, try not to go out, drink more water and eat more, and all the bacteria of the disease will run away. I believe that as long as the people of the country unite as one, do not fear difficulties, tomorrow will be better, blue sky and white clouds waiting for you

  One side has difficulties, eight sides support, the people of the whole country are united in fighting the disease and building a brilliant future. We believe that although the road is far, the way will come; though things are difficult, the way will come!

  It's like a fleeting gap - time, reminiscent of the past years, in these four epidemic days, although at home, but you and I meet and build together, only waiting for tomorrow's sun.








  Spring Festival is a festival that everyone is looking forward to. Not only can I wear new clothes, but also I can play with my parents. From the first day of winter vacation, I count the days and look forward to the Spring Festival. But when the real spring festival arrived, an unexpected guest called "new coronavirus" came to join the party. It gives us a flustered Spring Festival, but in the flustered days, it also has a unique Spring Festival, a spring festival accompanied by difficulties and love.

  The power of this uninvited guest is very huge. The virus is everywhere, and it is infected unconsciously. Everyone has played a twelve point spirit. Wuhan, the city with the most severe transmission of the virus, has been continuously increasing the number of new infections and deaths. In Hangzhou, where I live, there are more and more cases of infection. Every night after dinner, I would watch the situation reported on TV, and deeply felt that the disaster was really serious. I admire the selfless spirit of medical staff on the front line who are fighting against the virus at the risk of being infected. As an ordinary primary school student, at this moment, I have no way to do anything for this epidemic. I can only stay at home quietly, stay with my parents, not go out, not party, not gather in a crowded place, so I will not give the virus a chance. It's also the biggest support for doctors.

  When I stay at home, I don't have time. Usually my parents are very busy at work. Now, they can accompany me and spend a spring festival with only three of us. In our spare time, the three of us will go to a small park to play badminton, jump rope in the corridor and sweat to exercise. So I have more power to fight against the virus. At the risk of being infected, the aunts and uncles of the neighborhood committee put up notices door-to-door, which are worthy of our admiration and learning. When I grow up, I also want to be a useful person for society. Now I can only study hard. Although the holiday has been extended, I will read books and review work lessons on time every day. I will set a learning goal by myself and hope to learn more knowledge.

  Our beautiful Fuyang is also striving to win the epidemic war. From the streets to the countryside, it's bound to be a tough battle to take the temperature of everyone in and out, conduct door-to-door surveys and register the migrants. Let's see that everyone around us is contributing to the battle. In the face of difficulties, everyone stands up regardless of their own safety. There are beautiful medical staff and community security staff. This is not only a battle in Wuhan, but also a battle for everyone. This Spring Festival is not ordinary, but we all believe that we will win the epidemic prevention and control with everyone's efforts War.