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  Im very sad these days, because we were going to travel to Guangzhou. Because of the outbreak of this new coronavirus in Wuhan, we cant play anymore.


  Last night, my mother told me about the picture book of the new coronavirus. I learned from it that the virus was originally grown on wild animals, but because some people eat wild animals and kill wild animals, the new coronavirus ran to our human beings and settled down. Although the virus is very dangerous, there are still ways to deal with it, especially those doctors who are working hard to treat the infected patients, some of whom have recovered and left the hospital. I stay at home with my grandfather, grandmother, father, mother and brother. I dare not go out. If someone wants to go out to buy food, I will remind him: "dont forget to put on the mask!"


  The virus has brought great disaster to human beings. I want to say to you, "come on! We have a way to deal with this virus, we will win! "



  A few days ago, I got to know something through the picture book of coronavirus sent by my teacher. Its a kind of virus transferred from animals to human body! This virus has infected many people now, most of the infected people will have fever, cough, dyspnea, serious life-threatening!


  Now there are many doctors and nurses who are risking their lives to treat patients every day. They are very, very hard! So if we want to help them, we can only fight against the virus if we protect ourselves. You must remember that you must wear masks and wash your hands frequently when you go out. Do not go to crowded places! After the Spring Festival, we can go to school and play happily!


  I know that only by doing it myself can I do no harm to others! Also hope that the sick uncles and aunts can recover soon!



  Patriotism is a kind of nostalgic feeling formed through practice.


  Novel coronavirus infection is coming quietly at the beginning of the year, just as people are ready to celebrate the Spring Festival. A battle against the virus has also started. At the time of outbreak and prevention and control, there are always some unknown heroes who build a solid "protective wall" for us in a "retrograde" attitude. They are fighting an epidemic war without smoke of gunpowder, which is a never-ending and inevitable resistance war. They are the most beautiful rebels of this era.


  To fight against the epidemic, he is our "Dinghaishenzhen needle"


  On January 18, academician Zhong Nanshan rushed to Wuhan from Guangzhou. From Wuhan to Beijing on January 19, I went to bed at two oclock in the morning. On January 20, at the national teleconference press conference, the live media connection was busy late into the night. In fact, academician Zhong Nanshan has been active in the front line of science. Before he came to Wuhan, he didnt retire and have no comfort. He once said: "the hospital is the battlefield, as soldiers, who dont we rush to?" he is the unparalleled national, but also the sea god needle! There is no time to be quiet, but he and his comrades risked the risk of sacrifice to carry forward for us.


  To fight the epidemic, she is our "Iron Lady"


  Yan Li, she is the "Iron Lady" in the eyes of the emergency department medical team. After the discovery of new pneumonia in Wuhan, the number of patients increased dramatically. After the night shift in the emergency department, Yan Li had to go to the fever clinic to support the fever clinic. She worked day and night. " On January 20, Yan Li arrived at the airport with her husband and children. She changed her mind and decided to go back to the hospital to fight against the new pneumonia with her colleagues The child didnt understand, hugged me and cried, saying that I had never fulfilled my promise. Yan Li said, "I dont think Im noble. I just feel that there is a shortage of front-line medical staff. I havent been a deserter in my life. I cant leave this time. " There is no angel in white, but a group of children changed their clothes and learned how to rob people with death.


  "For the sake of the countrys life and death, do you avoid it because of misfortunes and blessings?". On the battlefield of epidemic prevention, the doctors letter of invitation printed with red fingers; the plain language of the female nurse with a shy smile in the news: "as long as you put on the white coat, you will not be afraid..." Wuhan doctors are separated from their families, and the tears of the old mother with white hair when she is told by the door; on New Years Eve, medical staff from all over the world gather to Wuhan to say goodbye to their families; those who return to work on the 30th of the new year to produce masks Workers; love is a bridge, the program of Spring Festival Gala changes for Wuhan


  Every time I see those white soldiers in military uniform fighting in the front line of epidemic prevention on TV, I am full of piety. They regard the epidemic situation as the enemy, regard the hospital as the battlefield, and forget to die in the fight without gunpowder smoke. With the spirit of fearlessness and the will of steel, they compose a glorious and magnificent hymn of life.


  There is no time to be quiet, but someone is carrying the weight for you. As long as all people are united, there will be no mountains that cannot be turned over; as long as all people are united, there will be no barriers that cannot be crossed. We need to be confident and start with ourselves. After growing up, we will continue to move forward for you! Come on, Wuhan!


  Please believe that when spring comes, we can all go to the streets, without masks, and share the bright spring!



  The Spring Festival in 2020, in the hearts of all Chinese people, is destined to be a memorable memory forever. The novel coronaviruss raging force makes the bell ring for the old and new year more heavy, and the mask on peoples faces makes the Spring Festival feel cold.


  This winter, the plum blossom is still quietly open; this winter, the blue sky is still bright and clean; this winter, Wuhan is very difficult, but the people of the whole country are very difficult. On this special day, we would like to follow the doctor s advice and stay at home quietly. We are worried about Wuhan, we are happy with the increase of cured cases, and we are worried about people in Wuhan.


  At the same time, there are a group of people, they are rushing forward, using their ordinary bodies to build a fortress for the hundreds of millions of Chinese people behind them. They leave their small homes for everyone, sleepless, fighting in the forefront of this battlefield without smoke of gunpowder. They are the most beautiful rebels from all over the country. They are the most beautiful pioneers in the new era. They are amiable and respectable angels in white.


  Among these people, there is an 84 year old academician named Zhong Nanshan. 17 years ago, the old academician fought in the forefront of anti Africa and made great contributions to the fight against SARS. 17 years later, he was ordered to take the high-speed railway to Wuhan and go to the front line of fighting the epidemic again. Professor Dong zongqi, 86, sat in a wheelchair and saw more than 30 patients in the morning. He said, "my life is to save people"; Professor Li Lanjuan, 73, knew that the country was in trouble. She did not hesitate to go to Wuhan and firmly said her oath: "I intend to stay in Wuhan for a long time and fight with the medical staff there!"


  There is no time in this world that is quiet, just because someone is carrying the weight for us. There is no natural hero in this world. Only because people need, can someone be willing to sacrifice themselves to become a hero.


  Although I dont know who they are, I know who they are for. They may not be rich, or even poor; they may not be tall, or even thin; they may not be bright, or even a little humble, their image in my heart is so fuzzy, but their spirit in my heart is so bright; regardless of life and death, do not ask for return, they stick to silently, guard health, protect life.


  Ordinary we cant reach the front battlefield to fight against the virus. We can only do our logistical work well, not going out, not going out, washing hands frequently, wearing masks, so as not to give them trouble, and wish them a safe and early victory.


  Rainbow as evidence, eternal, I want to sing. For the joy of life, all things sing of your love, and the earth speaks of your kindness.


  Salute the angel in white!


  Salute the most beautiful rebel!


  Pay homage to everyone fighting the epidemic!



  Today is my 13th day at home with mom and dad and my brother. Im very happy because mom and dad havent been with me for a long time. I think all the children are like this, but my aunts brother is not as happy as me. He hasnt seen his mother for a long time. I asked my mother why she wasnt at home. My mother told me that because she was going to work, more people needed her than my brother.


  From childhood, I was most afraid of my aunt, because my parents sometimes took me to the hospital for injection, which was very painful. Aunt and they wear the same white coat, sometimes very fierce. Whenever I dont obey, my mother will say let my aunt stab me. So I always dare not provoke her. Sometimes I would secretly speak ill of my aunt with my mother.


  But this time, my mother was very serious. She told me that my aunt was very powerful and powerful. There are many people in our country who are ill. Those who are ill may die. Death means never to see their parents again. And if healthy people have contact with sick people, they will get sick. Aunt is helping the sick people to get better. Also in the protection of healthy people, let them happy life. I asked my mother, "will aunt get sick?" my mother said she didnt know, but she would take good care of herself. Mother also said that the world is big, there are many people like aunts, they left their families and children, and fight against the virus. They are all great angels in white. They are the same angels in fairy tales. Angels can solve the worlds pain and bring happiness to people.


  My mother also said that there was an archangel among the angels, a kind grandfather, Grandpa Zhong Nanshan, who was leading all the angels to fight together. Grandpa Zhong said that as long as I stayed at home and washed my hands frequently, I was making contributions to the motherland. I will do well!


  Although aunt is very fierce sometimes, I dont want her to be sick. I want to grow up quickly and become an angel like aunt and grandpa Zhong. I want to cure the illness and save people and give them happiness. I have learned a new idiom - "unite as one". That is to say, if we work together, our country will not get sick! Lets unite as one and fight against the virus!



  There are big and small back, there are sad and reluctant. What moved me most is the back of the angels in white in 2020.


  The new year is coming In the past, the Spring Festival was full of bustle, streets and alleys were full of people, supermarkets and vegetable farms were even more crowded, people could hear peoples laughter in every corner.


  Novel coronavirus came to our side light of heart from care and the carefree holiday.


  The novel coronavirus is named after a crown. He was like a proud and ignorant king who locked people in his home and could not go out.


  The wind knows the grass, the waves show the hero. Grandpa Zhong Nanshan led the medical team to study drugs, and Grandma Li Lanjuan also made a great contribution to the epidemic. If one side is in trouble, support from all sides. Countless medical staff rushed to Wuhan from all directions to support when they heard the news.


  Whenever I see angels in white wearing 7 thick protective clothing in the news, I want to say to them: Thank you, youve worked hard! In the airtight protective clothing, the doctors are sweating profusely. They have little rest time because they have to fight against the clock to take the patients life back from death.


  I hope the war will be over as soon as possible. Angels in white, you work hard!



  When we are enjoying the comfortable Spring Festival holiday, they give up the reunion with their relatives and resolutely return to their posts; when we are afraid of avoiding it and not in time, they are determined to go retrograde and rush to Wuhan; when we are worried about the growing number of cases, they fight against the disease and give us confidence. They have a common name, an angel in white.


  Fighting against novel coronavirus pneumonia 17 years ago and fighting the new crown pneumonia today, they treat their patients as their bounden duty, or take the initiative to fight, or take the initiative to work overtime or rush to rush to help. Each fearless figure perfectly interprets the great love feelings of seeing the world and being compassionate to others. A medical staff member of Tongji Hospital of Huazhong University of science and technology wrote in the voluntary application: "regardless of pay, regardless of life or death!" academician Zhong Nanshan, 84, rushed to the forefront of epidemic prevention in Wuhan without hesitation. The picture of him resting on the high-speed railway dining car is considered to be the most touching picture since the start of the year 2020. In the face of the epidemic, they know their situation better than anyone else, but they choose to "not retreat". There are many other medical workers who work selflessly under masks, protective clothing and goggles. Although we dont know who they are, I know who they are for. At this moment, they are soldiers and heroes.


  Similarly, in the face of this national campaign, we need to work together. Dont complain pessimistically, dont believe rumors, dont panic. What we have to do is to protect ourselves, build up the momentum and prepare for tomorrows run.


  "Winter is coming. Can spring be far behind? "No matter how cool it is, spring will come as scheduled. Lets learn from the most beautiful rebels, lets all become a "hero", unite as one, form a strong joint force, and win the war without gunpowder.



  Its winter vacation. I went to Grandpas house with my mother and sister for the new year.


  Pay New Years call people are hurrying to and fro. Novel coronavirus will buddy this year. In order to prevent the virus, I can only stay at home obediently. Although I cant go out, I can listen to my grandfathers stories at home, and listen to his stories about the interesting things that happened when I was a child, so that I can understand that I should cherish my life now and study hard to realize my dream.


  Through the TV broadcast, I learned that the virus was transmitted to human beings by wild animals, so I hope that everyone will take good care of the wild animals and not prey on them. Everyone should stay at home, wash hands frequently, drink more water and try not to go out. Wear a mask when you go out. Hope the angel in white can control the virus as soon as possible and return to normal. Come on, Wuhan. Come on, mother China.



  Pay New Years call to novel coronavirus, or NCP, which is cancelled in the year of the rat. The new years Eve is different from usual. Mom and dad cancelled the new years Eve dinner and dinner, cancelled the holiday travel and cancelled all outdoor activities, because there is a new virus that is called a new coronavirus, or NCP. The virus comes from wild animals. Due to accidental reasons, when people contact with wild animals, the virus is transmitted to humans.


  It is difficult for human beings to resist this new virus, so when they are ill, they will have fever, dry cough, dyspnea and other emergency symptoms. The most serious place of this virus is that it can be transmitted to people. Therefore, in order to prevent the virus, we should go out less, wash our hands frequently, wear masks when going out, and do not go to densely populated places. Not getting sick is the best contribution to this campaign.


  Now there are many brave and professional doctors, aunts and nurses in the hospital. They are diagnosing, treating and caring for the infected patients day and night, regardless of the risk of infection. We want to thank these angels in white, because of them, we have a comfortable life.


  I believe that as long as we all stick to it, one day, mom and dad will tell us, "we finally won the battle of the virus!"



  The epidemic, like a big quagmire, people fell in one by one. This new year is an unusual one. Every day, we are fighting against the virus. In normal times, we may be strangers or friends, but in the battle field against the virus, we are all comrades in arms!


  Look at the bravest and loveliest people on the battlefield - Angels in white. In spite of the danger, they perform their duties as doctors and stick to their posts all the time. They infect everyone in the battlefield with fearless courage, firm belief and amazing perseverance. When we enter their hearts, we will know that the angels in white are not easy, they also have family members, they will also have concerns about home, and there will be a flash of worry in their hearts: in case I am infected, what should my children do But more importantly, as a white angel, their sense of mission and responsibility made them sacrifice too much and insisted on the belief of saving lives. They rush to the forefront of the battlefield and fight directly against the virus. Lets salute the angels in white!


  Although we ordinary people can not go to the front line, no matter where we come from, no matter where we go to the ends of the world, we are all family, we can use a heart full of love to refuel each other. So, lets take care of each other with warm eyes, optimistic smile and beautiful encouragement, and rush forward with firm steps, and work together to win the virus eradication war. As long as we are heart to heart, hand in hand, United, let the virus taste the power of unity, we will be able to win!


  This winter must be tough, but spring always comes. Even if the night is long, the day will come. When the spring is bright, you guys go out together, play together, compare hearts together, and then shout "we win!"