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  A novel coronavirus occurred in Wuhan during the Spring Festival of 2020. Everyone dare not go out and stay at home, but grandpa Zhong Nanshan is desperate to rush from Beijing to Wuhan to understand the condition.


  Listen to my father, Grandpa Zhong Nanshan is 84 years old this year. At this age, he should have retired. But he was ordered in time of danger. Looking at his back, we can't help sighing, what a dear grandfather he is!


  17 years ago, Grandpa Zhong led the medical staff to fight for the first position in the infectious disease called SARS. After countless days and nights, he finally defeated the virus.


  Today, 17 years later, we respect grandpa Zhong because he is professional, brave and responsible!



  On December 8, 2019, Wuhan pneumonia appeared in our sight, the epidemic broke out, and the war without gunpowder started.


  When they first heard of the occurrence of the unidentified pneumonia epidemic, most people were dismissive of it. They thought it was just a skirmish and could not lift the storm. But to everyone's surprise, it was a natural disaster no less than that of SARS 17 years ago.


  On December 31, 2019, Wuhan Municipal Health Committee officially issued a notice to determine the cause of pneumonia in Wuhan is related to the consumption of wild animals.


  On January 18, 2020, Professor Zhong Nanshan, an 84 year old academician, took the lead and went to the front line without hesitation. After Professor Zhong Nanshan's sleepless struggle, he finally determined the characteristics of people to people transmission of pneumonia. Only when the departments at all levels formally enter the first level of martial law can the condition not get worse. At the same time, medical staff from all over the country resolutely gave up the chance to be reunited with their families on New Year's Eve, and came from all over the country to contribute their strength to the control of the disease. They are retrograde heroes. They rush to the city through the night, unite as one, race against time, and bear the backbone of safeguarding social stability.


  On New Year's Eve, when people all over the country are immersed in the atmosphere of reunion, Hubei is silent. Countless doctors and nurses go on the battlefield all night long, and countless people watch their homes and mourn the death of a living creature with every long trumpet. Determined to write, lonely in the cold night, never dare to forget the country, a handful of dedication, willing to report to China, even though there are thorns ahead, also willing to lift the pen in hand, hold the heart knife, which can not stop my desire to become a doctor, in the future, anyway, I hope I am in the front line.


  Doctors, this profession, undoubtedly carries countless glories. Behind these glories, all of them come from the bloody battle in the forefront. Every glory needs doctors to maintain with the cost of their lives.

  在前线的医生都在拼命和死神抢人,而我们每一个还未出现症状的人都应该保护好自己,尽量不出门,出门戴口罩,不要让新型肺炎继续传播,做到不信谣不传谣,这不单单是关乎个人的健康,还关乎着社会安定,国家安全 。我们要众志成城,抗击肺炎。

  Doctors on the front line are fighting for people with death. Everyone who hasn't had symptoms should protect himself, try not to go out, wear masks, and let the new pneumonia continue to spread. It's not only about personal health, but also about social stability and national security. We need to unite to fight against pneumonia.


  Come on, Wuhan, and wish the people of Wuhan a safe passage; come on, China a smooth passage! Our hearts have been together, we are with you! Come on, Wuhan, and when you win, we will have a bowl of hot and dry noodles!



  At the end of 2019, a kind of pneumonia caused by unknown causes suddenly broke out in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China, and quickly spread to the whole province, the whole country and even abroad. Soon, scientists proved novel coronavirus infection caused by pneumonia, because it is highly contagious, and the number of infected people is increasing. The situation is very serious.


  A war without gunpowder has started in China, and Wuhan has become the most serious epidemic area! The number of people infected in Wuhan accounts for nearly half of the total number of people infected in the country. Wuhan is in a hurry! At this most critical moment, many medical workers across the country came forward to support Wuhan at the first time. There is the most dangerous place, but they go against the trend regardless of their own life safety. They take the life safety and health of the people as the first priority, and their greatest commitment and responsibility is to save the dead and help the wounded. They are soldiers in white, warriors fighting against the virus, the great wall of steel to protect our health, and the most lovely people in the world!


  Thanks to the aunts and uncles fighting in the front line, because of your fearlessness and hard work, we have peace and health. I hope you can come back safely as soon as possible. We are waiting for you here!


  Come on, Wuhan! Come on, China!



  Spring Festival, a day I'm looking forward to for a long time, should be full of happiness, bustle and laughter. But this year's novel coronavirus is so rampant that I can only stay at home and wear masks when I go out, and my parents remind me to keep warm and pay attention to personal hygiene every day. The novel coronavirus seemed to have no intention of retreat, but doctors struggled for many days and nights. In these days, I don't know how many people have been killed by the virus, and how many doctors are still fighting against the virus in order to fight the epidemic.


  What novel coronavirus, what do you choose to do with humans? What makes such a date come to earth? Why do we want to harm human beings?


  One night, novel coronavirus boldly appeared before me. Chin lifted up and smiled scornfully. "You only look at the results, but do not see the passage. Do you know how I came? I was living on animal, but you humans killed them, ate them, and someone else was eating live bats." So it's not me that causes the disease, it's you humans. And I want to tell you that the most terrible thing in the world is not the lion or the tiger, but you human beings. Your human mouth is a bottomless hole, which is filled with discontent forever. You human beings are greedy, cruel, and constantly hurting animals. Aren't you ashamed? "After saying it, turn around and walk away. I shouted at the virus, "but human beings have a good side. There must be more good people than bad people in this world." The novel coronavirus turned around and said, "the cruelty of human beings is unthinkable. You have broken the ecological balance. Until now, there are still no repentance!" I shouted, "go away!" the human race has already known that it is wrong. If you do not go again, mankind will one day destroy you. The novel coronavirus said, "I can go, but if the human beings do not know repentance, my brothers will come again."


  Suddenly, novel coronavirus came back, but I still woke up in my ear. Animal and novel coronavirus, I hope that people can learn from this lesson, treat the earth well, refuse to eat wild animals, and hope that those who are infected with new coronavirus will get better soon.