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  "No matter you or I have known each other, no matter in front of you, I sincerely wish you happiness and peace..." Use this song to pray for the people of Wuhan.


  Wuhan, the city that people all over the world pay attention to, the city that makes me cry, moved and proud. Wuhan, you are not alone, we are here! The virus is merciless, there is love in the world. All over the country, there are doctors and nurses like angels, soldiers who protect the country and public security soldiers who protect the safety of one side. They go in the opposite direction, admirable and admirable.


  Since the outbreak, support materials from all parties have been pouring into Wuhan.


  "Mountains and rivers are different, wind and moon are the same day" is the eight words written on Japanese aid materials to China. Friendly countries all over the world are supporting each other, either financially or physically. This is to make the world full of love, which is called boundless love.


  "Child, can you recover the scar on your face?" "Mom, don't worry, I will give you an angel like daughter." This is a dialogue between a woman doctor and her mother. The lovely woman doctor is Liu Li. "Wang Yuehua, I love you, I love you!" this is a husband's cry from the heart. He just finished his year's work in the AIDS room, and his wife Wang Yuehua signed up for Wuhan without telling her family; Another respectable husband, hiding from his wife, signed his name on the letter of request for assistance to Hubei Province! When his son was born, he had gone to Wuhan and met his son for the first time, but he was connected by mobile phone; At huoshenshan hospital, a group of medical staff stopped a truck that was about to leave to deliver materials. It turned out that the driver refused the freight. He said, "this is what I can do as an ordinary person." Zhong Nanshan, academician of the Academy of Engineering


  "Don't go out," he said, but he came to Wuhan. He is 83 years old. He and their arrival brought love and hope to the people of Wuhan.


  As of February 5, donations from all over the country have reached 6.3 billion yuan. Love flows to Wuhan continuously. The Chinese people are confident and able to work together with the people of Wuhan to overcome difficulties and overcome the epidemic.


  Come on, Wuhan, China!


  We sincerely pray: God bless Wuhan, God bless China



  A few days ago, I got to know something through the picture book of coronavirus sent by my teacher. It's a kind of virus transferred from animals to human body! This virus has infected many people now, most of the infected people will have fever, cough, dyspnea, serious life-threatening!


  Now there are many doctors and nurses who are risking their lives to treat patients every day. They are very, very hard! So if we want to help them, we can only fight against the virus if we protect ourselves. You must remember that you must wear masks and wash your hands frequently when you go out. Do not go to crowded places! After the Spring Festival, we can go to school and play happily!


  I know that only by doing it myself can I do no harm to others! Also hope that the sick uncles and aunts can recover soon!



  When we are enjoying the comfortable Spring Festival holiday, they give up the reunion with their relatives and resolutely return to their posts; when we are afraid of avoiding it and not in time, they are determined to go retrograde and rush to Wuhan; when we are worried about the growing number of cases, they fight against the disease and give us confidence. They have a common name, an angel in white.


  Fighting against novel coronavirus pneumonia 17 years ago and fighting the new crown pneumonia today, they treat their patients as their bounden duty, or take the initiative to fight, or take the initiative to work overtime or rush to rush to help. Each fearless figure perfectly interprets the great love feelings of seeing the world and being compassionate to others. A medical staff member of Tongji Hospital of Huazhong University of science and technology wrote in the voluntary application: "regardless of pay, regardless of life or death!" academician Zhong Nanshan, 84, rushed to the forefront of epidemic prevention in Wuhan without hesitation. The picture of him resting on the high-speed railway dining car is considered to be the most touching picture since the start of the year 2020. In the face of the epidemic, they know their situation better than anyone else, but they choose to "not retreat". There are many other medical workers who work selflessly under masks, protective clothing and goggles. Although we don't know who they are, I know who they are for. At this moment, they are soldiers and heroes.


  Similarly, in the face of this national campaign, we need to work together. Don't complain pessimistically, don't believe rumors, don't panic. What we have to do is to protect ourselves, build up the momentum and prepare for tomorrow's run.


  "Winter is coming. Can spring be far behind? "No matter how cool it is, spring will come as scheduled. Let's learn from the most beautiful rebels, let's all become a "hero", unite as one, form a strong joint force, and win the war without gunpowder.